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Absorption Problems

Before I came to see Dr. Pepi, I had problems with digestion for at least 10 years. About 6 months ago, I was in the hospital for 1 week, because of excruciating pain across the abdomen.

 A surgeon insisted on removing the gall bladder, although he admitted there was no reason for it. He just wanted to do it because they couldn’t find out why I was in so much pain. He thought the surgery might handle the pain. I refused the surgery.

After I left the hospital, a bit better but nothing handled, I wasn’t able to eat the normal food I usually ate. As the months went by, I could eat fewer and fewer types of food. I was slowly dying of starvation. When I came to Dr. Pepi I wasn’t able to eat any food at all anymore. My stomach was rejecting all of it (by throwing it up). Only a few treatments with her and things were on their way back to normal. I’ve been seeing her for 6 weeks now and the difference is “out of this world”.

I need to mention that for more than the last 10 years, I went to see every doctor, every specialist, and every nutrition expert I could put my hands on. I saw every allergy specialist, chiropractor, and alternative medicine expert I’d heard of. I tried almost every nutrient and “miracle supplement” advertised to handle the stomach, the digestive tract and the absorption. Nothing ever handled it!

Dr. Pepi where have you been all those years? I am so happy I survived to find Dr. Pepi and her amazing technology.        S.L.


During the last year, I was gradually losing weight even though I ate well and had a good appetite. Then I went to see Dr. Pepi. I am happy to say she fixed my weight loss problem. I take a capsule before I eat which enables the nutrients in my food to enter my blood. I am gradually regaining the weight I lost and am now able to eat many foods that did not agree with me because the supplement also contains digestive enzymes.        H.C.


I have had good results from Dr. Pepi’s working on my ability to absorb the food I’m eating. After just a few adjustments, I started to lose weight which I have been trying to do for a long time. Thanks.        C.B.


I was having great difficulty sleeping. Dr. Pepi said it was from lack of calcium absorption and proceeded to fix this. My sleep improved remarkably right away and my whole life is doing much better. Thanks.        D.S.


I came to Dr. Pepi with auto immune problems, chemical and food sensitivities, and a low energy level.

I’ve been sick for almost 20 years.  In the last 3 years I’ve spent about $10,000.00 with no results (this is above what insurance covered).  I saw 2 naturopaths, a holistic chiropractor, a couple of medical doctors and an energy medical nurse.  I’ve also tried using a sauna, essential oils, many brands of supplements (that I wasn’t absorbing!), and a special cushion for circulation.  Nothing was really giving me results.

I did a phone consultation with Dr. Pepi and by following some of her recommendations I already started feeling a little bit better.  She recommended that I see her in person, so I flew out to L.A. from Illinois.

Since getting treatment in person, I feel very cheerful, I’m younger looking and happier!  My sensitivities are 20% better so far, and so is my energy.  My absorption is also improved.

I wish I’d known about Dr. Pepi before!  She educated me so much on things that were going on with my body that make sense about why what I was trying hadn’t been effective.  I could have saved so much money if I’d known about her in the first place!        H.D.


I came to Dr. Pepi in April ’08 for symptoms I was gradually having for several years without realizing it.  I’m in my late forties and it turned out it was a hormonal imbalance.  Actually, Dr. Pepi discovered that my progesterone was severely low and my absorption of essential fatty oils was low.  I was feeling depressed, suicidal and had a low drive and low energy.  I was on the verge of tears regularly but more so before my menstrual cycle.  I also had heavy flows, terrible cramps, and hot flashes.  It’s Oct. ’08 and all those symptoms are gone!  After 2 months of her program, treatment, diet suggestions and supplements, I have begun to feel like a brand new person with great energy and an optimistic attitude toward my health and life!  Thank you Dr. Pepi!        J.S.


I was taking supplements with niacin and was expecting a niacin flush, but never got one. Until the week that Dr. Pepi treated me for absorption of vitamins. In a couple days twenty minutes after taking supplements with niacin, my earlobes got hot and red and my hands got red. All this time my body must not have been absorbing the niacin until the treatment. That means I am absorbing things after the treatment that I wasn't absorbing before. Thank you Dr. Pepi. I feel a lot better.        M.O.


When I came here, my body wasn’t absorbing food well at all. I was sluggish a lot and gained weight steadily. Since being on this treatment, I have had tons more energy and my weight has stabilized. I am less tired and my body feels like it’s starting to work better than it has in a long time.        A.T.


In 2 weeks, my energy has really increased.  2 weeks ago, to fix food was such an effort that I really had an "if it's easy, I'd eat it" attitude, because I knew I had to eat.  This was a 10 month existence.  Now, I just prepare what I need and balance my food intake to what's good, not easy, and I'm feeling much better. Thanks Dr. Pepi.        J.R.


After getting treated for the inability to absorb vitamin C, I could eat oranges and other citrus fruits I had not been able to eat before without feeling badly after I ate them.        L.T.


When I came to Dr. Pepi, about 2 weeks ago, I was skeptical about chiropractors and supplements and all the claims made for them. But, I am not skeptical anymore. Dr. Pepi was able, practically over night to work her “magic” so that I am sleeping better than I have slept in a full year and I am generally feeling better. I can now tell that my body is absorbing the foods and nutrients I give it instead of passing all the nutrition through. Thereby not wasting my food, supplements and money, but starving my body. Now I feel like I am getting benefit from my foods and supplements that I haven’t gotten in a long, long time. Thanks to Dr. Pepi.        S.W.


I had been having a terrible time with sleep. I came to see Dr. Pepi and she corrected my assimilation of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. I am now easily sleeping and I feel so much better. It’s nice not to have to worry about such a simple part of my day.        S.D.


I have had good results from Dr. Pepi’s working on my ability to absorb the food I’m eating. After just a few adjustments I’ve started to lose weight, finally, which has been a real sticking point for a long time. Thanks.        C.J.B.


Since my first series of cranial adjustments, I have noticed the following dramatic results:

  1. Greatly increased energy and intention. I get twice as much done on a daily basis without trying. Activities at work and home require much less effort without the mental effort to “get things done”.
  2. Greater absorption of supplements – seem to need less for much better results.
  3. Physical health dramatically improved. I have much less attention on my body and more on doing things.
  4. Dark circles under my eyes are considerably lighter.
  5. A general feeling of well-being. I just feel “peppy” (no pun intended, Anita) and have a greater zest for living. Before I felt tired and dragged out on a regular basis.        L.W. 

Dr. Pepi’s cranial treatment is the most efficacious treatment I have ever run into in my 47 years. It is logical & seems to be addressing the major problem area I’ve wanted handled for more than 25 years. Thanks to Anita & staff. Love        L.W.


Dear Anita,

I came to you with so many problem areas – some not yet identified. . . I hardly knew where to begin! Bottom line: for the first time I’ve glimpsed a new and reliable system of knowledge for diagnosing and correcting physical problems, even chronic and degenerative problems that most of us have learned to live with and give up on! The orthotics (podiatry supports that she cast for my feet) are improving my aching feet and steadying my gait. Your work on food and a host of other allergies, particularly the ability to assimilate vitamin B has brought a new pleasure and joy in daily life and work. Headaches are MUCH better! I could go on and on. . . .        D.R.


I finished a series of 4 treatments a week ago. I used to have constant sinus pressure that turned frequently into sinus headaches and hay fever. Since the treatment I have no sinus pressure, have had no headache and no sign of any hay fever symptoms, or any other symptoms for that matter! I just feel great and like I am continuing to improve, overall! I used to always have brown spots in the green of my eyes. This week I noticed the brown is gone and they’re all green now! I’m also needing 1/3 the supplements!        J.C.


From my first two appointments with Dr. Pepi, my digestion and my sleep have improved tremendously! Instead of not being able to fall asleep until after midnight, I now naturally get sleepy around 10:00pm. It feels great! My sleep is deeper too. I am also assimilating my food better now.        J.M.


I had a win on being able to take magnesium. I was never able to take magnesium pills without stomach distress. Now I can! Thank you Dr. Pepi.        K.D.


Dr. Pepi really got my body running so much better with very little effort. Mainly it was proper nutrition that my body could absorb and use! All week I just felt happy – spring in my step, smile on my face, song in my heart – fun!        J.K.


I had a kind of an emotional shock hit me about a week ago. I was feeling awful – not my usual energetic self all week. I was waking up from a full 8 ½ hours sleep feeling more and more exhausted. I just couldn’t stand the supplements any more and my body just didn’t want to eat. I was getting weaker and weaker.

Dr. Pepi treated me and found out that my absorption had “switched off”! She turned it back “on” and suddenly I was craving a chicken dinner. Today I got a niacin reaction from my supplements and I realized I hadn’t gotten one all week. My absorption was that low! I feel much better too! Thanks!        M.E.


I was three months pregnant and my skin was stretching and itching so bad that I was very uncomfortable. I had seen Dr. Pepi for this once before and she put me on specific supplements. The itching stopped. After 2 days I tried taking one tablet. It didn’t bother me so I took another. I worked-up to six a day with no problem. The itching has been 90% better. What a relief!        J.E.


I was having a terrible time trying to sleep for quite some time. I couldn’t fall asleep and when I did I would wake up after a few hours and not be able to get back to sleep. It was grueling. I came in to see Dr. Pepi and in one visit she handled it completely. She found that I was not absorbing potassium at all. My entire body was rejecting it. She corrected that problem and to my amazement, that night I went right to sleep and stayed asleep! It’s been three weeks now and I’m still sleeping very well. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        N.M.


I have always beaten myself up emotionally over my drinking coffee and no one else ever took me seriously on this. I have always considered it bad for me physically, but somehow could not stop.

Dr. Pepi’s body program changed something that has been unchanged for twenty years and more. First of all she didn’t insist I stop – she worked over my body’s ability to absorb it better – so I could drink caffeine without allergic reactions. This was a major reversal for me – not to fight it but win with it. What has happened is the compulsion has all but disappeared.        M.T.


With the new technology Dr. Pepi researched and is now utilizing on cancer and parasites, I have made some profound changes in my body.

  1. I have eliminated a pre-cancerous condition in my ovaries due to the parasite program.
  2. My skin tone is now pink, as opposed to yellowish, after only one liver handling.
  3. I now have two regular bowel movements – morning and night – per day. As long as I can remember I had either one bowel movement or diarrhea. This win occurred after just two liver handlings!
  4. After one session with her new techology, I am absorbing calcium and, even with stress and cigarettes, I am sleeping seven hours a night.

I feel better than ever – even better than before – as I am getting better absorption of Dr. Pepi’s recommended vitamins. Thank you, Doctor, and keep up the research!        J.R.


I used to have sweet and sugar cravings so bad that I would actually buy a box of sugar cubes (the one pound size) and eat them – the whole thing in about four hours.

Well, two weeks ago I go a treatment from Dr. Pepi. She checked me out on my calcium metabolizing and fixed me up. Those big bad sugar cravings have totally disappeared!! That is totally amazing. I know the cravings are completely gone because a friend of mine gave me a box of Mystic Mint cookies (my all time favorite) and I actually turned them down. What a major turn around for me.        D.D.


Since starting my program with Dr. Pepi, my body is making a complete turnaround. I am 54 years old and have been feeling like I was 70. I have a good view of what old age is and I don’t like it. The basic reality I have about old age is starvation. I have been very good about eating healthy foods for the last 30 years. Eating and using food are two different things.

Dr. Pepi has been correcting my body so that when you use the food you eat! My head is getting clearer. My actual brain cells seem clearer. I am feeling like my body is taking on a wholeness that I haven’t experienced in years, maybe never. Today I was writing and I felt all my different body parts were communicating. I have been feeling like doing cart wheels. Now, this I haven’t done since I was 8 or 9 years old. I am not about to try these yet, but give me another month, maybe I will!!!

One more thing, I have been very thin all my life and I’m much thinner now than I should be. Recently, Dr. Pepi adjusted my body so that it could utilize vegetable oils that I eat. I feel like my joints are being oiled and I have started to gain weight on a daily basis, a little more each day!!!

My overall feeling regarding my health is excitement. I feel like something is being addressed here that has been with me for a very long time.        J.K.


Recently Dr. Pepi handled a problem I had with not metabolizing calcium. I used to toss and turn from side to side dozens of times while trying to get to sleep. Now I lay there calm and relaxed and drift off to sleep right away. I’ve lost a lot of stress and tension in my body and I feel a nice pleasant sense of well being that I don’t ever recall feeling before. Thanks a million Dr. Pepi.        S.H.


I had started getting swelling and pain in a joint on my big toe. I had some handling on my body absorbing calcium and two weeks later the pain and swelling were gone. I like it!        B.P.


I have had a bunch of IVs over the years for building up the immune system. I had a very few wins from them. Dr. Pepi treated me for vitamin C absorption. A few days later I received a vitamin C IV and had big successes from this. Thank you.        L.R.


The seven day colon cleanse is the best way to feel better physically. I felt I had more energy. It was the most relaxing process. Afterwards, I could immediately feel food absorb and could truly tell how a certain food made me feel. I HIGHLY recommend this!        B.C.


In the last 4-5 weeks I have lost about 2 dress sizes since I started handling my ability to metabolize the food I’m eating. This is in addition to the weight I have lost during my treatments with Dr. Pepi (about 20—25 pounds all told). So, I’m very pleased with this and want to make continual progress toward my ideal healthy weight for this body.        C.B.


Dr. Pepi saved me for the second time!!! (The first time was last year).

I was doing well for a long time but then slowly, imperceptibly slowly, I was feeling worse and worse. My body was turning into wood. I got a low gradient exercise video and tried aerobics 3-4 times a week. But my body was still stiff all over. My neck was particularly painful off and on. I couldn’t lift my head when I was lying down without propping it up. Once time I work in the middle of the night with the joints in my arms aching. All the while I’m trying to exercise to loosening things up. And my diet was getting more and more perfect! Still nothing – so I called Dr. Pepi.

Within a few minutes she had discovered that I am allergic to the blue-green algae that I had been diligently taking daily for three months! I had been poisoning my body while making all these efforts to keep it fit! She also suggested that I take another type of vitamin and suggested I take more of one that I was already taking. The next morning I woke up feeling like new. The following day I felt positively energetic! My whole life has changed since I saw Dr. Pepi.

I thank you so-so-so much, Dr. Pepi! You’re my hero! I’ve given several of my friends and acquaintances your name too. It’s nice to have my body work with me and not against me to get what I want done. Thanks again, Dr. Pepi. You’re tops.        J.P.R.


Three weeks ago Dr. Pepi gave me an adjustment due to a calcium deficiency. Per the doctor’s recommendations I changed some eating habits, but not that much. I’ve lost 15-17 pounds in three weeks and the weight is gradually and continuously coming off. What a great diet plan: Get my body to operate correctly. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        B.M.


Dr. Pepi recommended that I take certain supplements before I ate to assist in the absorption of my food. I noticed immediately that I no longer had to eat large amounts of food to feel satisfied. And I have noticed that I have very little intestinal gas, which is always a welcome relief!        M.G.


I’ve been getting treatments from Dr. Anita Pepi since October ’86. At that time I had several things that I wanted handled. I had an infection in my eye which was giving me a lot of discomfort and creating an upset due to its progressed condition. I had been on steroids to try and correct it, which was actually making it worse. Each time I would try and go off of the steroids, my eye would flare up again. Since working with Dr. Pepi, I’ve successfully been taken off the steroids and it seems to be under control. It still needs work, but at least I’m off the steroids and have a definite program to help build it back up.

Also, I had been extremely tired and lacking in energy. That has been completely handled. In fact, my schedule is so booked with things to do, that I have to force myself to go to bed at night.

There have been many other things that have improved such as my back pain or aches, protein absorption, no longer having pinched nerves in the foot area, a kink in my neck is gone, gas problems reduced 75% and basically I feel I’m in much better communication with my body and am more able to differentiate what happening with it. Thanks.        J.W.


Since I’ve been doing liver handlings my body is able to absorb all vitamins and even progesterone cream much better.        P.C.


After having finished chemotherapy for lymphoma in January, my body was slow to build up my immune system and my energy level. After Dr. Pepi put me on specific supplements, and a treatment to absorb minerals, my body bounced back dramatically. My energy level shot up and I was able to shake off an upper respiratory infection in just three days with vitamin C only.

A year ago I was cautioned not to contract a cold or flu bug as it would likely land me in the hospital with pneumonia. No worries now, mate!!        J.M.


Dear Dr. Pepi,

I wanted to tell you that your treatment of one of our students completely debugged her sauna program, and she has completed it with fully expected good results.

As you may remember, she was not seeing anything happen, no matter the dosage of niacin given. Other doctors estimated a B-vitamin deficiency and went past the lower dosages. We tried handling both, but to no result. Then when you worked specifically on her body’s ability to absorb and assimilate (specifically niacin) she began to have immediate niacin reaction, and… we got a result.

This is valuable technology you have. Thank you.

Respectfully, C.C. Executive Director Narconon Professional Center Sun Valley

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