Successes - Accidents, Injuries

Accidents, Injuries

I was seriously injured from a 40 foot fall in the mountains and was hospitalized with a collapsed lung, 4 broken ribs, a broken elbow, and a broken shoulder blade. I was envisioning another week or more in the hospital recovering from these injuries. Dr. Pepi visited me in the hospital and treated me and gave me supplements. I took a dramatic turn for the better. My overall health was so much better I was discharged from the hospital within 2 days of her visit.        J.C.M.


One month ago, I was involved in an extraordinary incident/accident that left my body very bruised, quite traumatized, and with fractures.

I came to see Dr. Pepi as soon as I was able. She totally understood my body’s condition and that, in itself, was such a tremendous relief!  I felt truly acknowledged for what I had gone through. I have no doubt this helped the healing process tremendously. Thank you!        E.P.


I brought Olin, my sixteen year old son, to Dr. Pepi at Christmas time. He’d hurt his back in a sledding accident several months previously and was bothered by chronic pain which hampered his participation in sports. Not only did Dr. Pepi fix his back in the single visit that he had time for while here, but he has since called to say that he currently holds the school record for the fastest one and a half mile run: 8 minutes, 9 seconds!       AT for        O.C.


Two years ago I badly pulled ligaments in my leg while skiing. After spending a week on crutches I went to a chiropractor. After two visits I really didn’t notice as much change as I thought there would be. Some months went by and I needed to really handle this problem as skiing season was approaching. I had maybe two visits with Dr. Pepi and I was off skiing and playing tennis. To this day my knee is totally fine!        K.P.


I was in a car accident on January 3rd. For a little more than two months I was going to another health center for whiplash. Nothing was happening so I came here and within a week and a half I was 90% better.        M.S.


I was involved in a car accident this Saturday. I experienced neck, shoulder and lower back pain over the weekend. Dr. Pepi treated me for a damaged disc on Monday and by Tuesday most of the pain was gone. I have remained calm, cool and collected during this ordeal (my car was totaled) so I guess I’m doing very well at handling stress, which was one of my major complaints upon coming here 3 months ago. Not only did Dr. Pepi clear up nagging symptoms from a car accident 6 years ago, she got me through this one in four days.        D.K.


I had for many months a pain in my neck which came as the result of a heavy car crash. I carried the pain (which could range from stiffness to almost complete immobility) for many months. It was further aggravated by another car crash. For a few months it seemed there was nothing that would give me any relief.

Dr. Pepi treated me and also gave me Relevamine GS to use, twice per day. The pain and stiffness disappeared completely in a matter of 3-4 weeks. I now have full mobility in my neck and have not been troubled by any pain or stiffness since.        L.V.


Three months ago I had a whiplash accident. I had chiropractic care elsewhere. It was okay, but I still had pain and stiffness. After ONE treatment with Dr. Pepi, my neck relaxed fully and now after the second treatment my back is relaxing.        M.G.


After one office visit with Dr. Pepi, my overall health is tremendously improved. When I saw Dr. Pepi, I was still suffering from a severe ankle sprain due to a bike accident four months earlier. After one month on her program, I am happy to say my ankle is 98% back to normal. As I become more energetic, I am increasing walking time from one mile to two miles per day.

I was experiencing a problem of skin discoloration in the face, which is much improved over that past month. At the time of the bike accident, I also received a very bad bruise on one arm. This area of the arm continues to heal nicely and the color is returning remarkably well.

I am truly happy to be involved in a real health improvement environment!        M.W.


My son, J.C. McKinley, was hospitalized after a fall while in the mountains. In addition to the obvious – broken bones, contusions, concussion – he received crushing injuries to most of his major organs. After receiving treatment for the obvious, he was admitted to a floor of the hospital which is one stage out of intensive care – allowing for closer care than could be given in the general floor. He was expected to be there for as long as it took to get well enough to be moved to the next level.

His recovery was slow, especially getting his punctured and deflated lung to re-inflate. Dr. Pepi was asked by my daughter to treat J.C. Within an hour of Dr. Pepi’s treatment, he said that he heard and felt his lung re-inflate. His recovery then proceeded so rapidly that instead of graduating to the next floor, he was able to return home a few days later.

Dr. Pepi’s treatment was of dramatic benefit – obvious not only to J.C. but to all of those close to him. Many thanks.        B.M.


I came to Dr. Pepi in severe crisis. For over 10 years I’ve had neck and back problems due to a car accident. This particular time it acted up I was carrying heavy photography equipment over my shoulder and heard something click in my neck. For 3 weeks my neck felt like it was in a vice grip and simply moving created severe muscle spasms. During those 3 weeks I saw my regular chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist and neurologist. They all agreed that it was time for surgery because none of their techniques relieved the pain. I was referred to Dr. Pepi. One treatment from Dr. Pepi and I significantly improved without pain. Ongoing visits allowed healing and I’m back to being a photographer for a career. Yeah!        J.S.


I came to Dr. Pepi in Sep 2009 with lots of problems (health). I was having problems sleeping for only 3 or 4 hrs so I was always tired and moody.

With the treatment of my hormones and the supplements Dr. Pepi had me taking, in a matter of a week I was sleeping 7 to 9 hrs every night and felt more energetic.  I’m more active now, going to the gym 2 to 3 times per week.

I’ve also had a chronic pain in my shoulder for years which was aggravated by an accident I had about 1 ½ yr ago.  [After being treated by Dr. Pepi] I am now able to sleep without pain.  Sometimes [when I went] to the regular chiropractor they handled the pain temporarily but it would come back again.  With Dr. Pepi’s treatments and care I can say my health has improved dramatically.  The point here is to keep doing her treatments, following her advice and the rest falls into place.  Thank you Dr. Pepi for your knowledge and care.        A.M.


Dr. Pepi tried to convince me that her cranial therapy would help eliminate my back pain. After one sneeze, a disk that was almost blown, and 3 ½ months of continual improvement (due to standard Dr. Pepi treatments and many supplements), my back felt much better until . . . I was in a car accident. It didn’t take long for me to ask for the cranial therapy after that. After the first treatment, I was pretty dazed, a little uncomfortable and sure that I never wanted to do it again. By the fourth treatment, my hearing was better (it was good to begin with!), my breathing was clearer, posture had improved, back pain minimized, energy level up and memory better! It was incredible. I still greatly dislike the process, my friends and colleagues think I’m nuts, but I don’t care – since I feel better and I’m signing up for another round of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy! Thanks Dr. Pepi!        C.D.


In July of this year I suffered an injury to my shoulder in a mountain biking accident. Nothing was broken, but I twisted my ribcage and it hurt to do anything. It hurt to breathe. I sought other chiropractic and massage therapy before being referred to Dr. Pepi by a friend. After three sessions with Dr. Pepi, my shoulder and ribcage are better. Thank you.        L.F.G.


It has been four months since I’ve had to see Dr. Pepi. The treatment she has done on me has been worth its weight in gold. She has handled my body so much so that I have my original use of my body before I got into a car accident. Thanks        B.C.


When I came to Dr. Pepi I had been in pain for two months and it was worsening. The chiropractor I had been seeing was trying to prepare me for an extended disability as my damaged disc was not repairing. So, I was rather depressed, scared and a bit crazy from having been in pain for so long when I turned up at Dr. Pepi’s door.

The type of treatment I have received here was different from what I had experienced at other chiropractors, but I was most impressed by the strong feeling I got from the doctor and her staff that all was under control and that they were able to handle anything that was needed in treating my injury. This is very reassuring when you’re in a weakened state and in fact I soon came to realize that just about every factor that could have a bearing on my back problem was being evaluated and taken into consideration in my treatment plan.

Within a couple of days I was out of pain and had a routine in place for diet, supplements, chiropractic adjustments and some retraining about how to move, bend and do daily activities that has allowed me to progress steadily to recovery. With the regimen in place I returned to work after five weeks in Dr. Pepi’s care. So I would recommend the doctor to anyone with either a long-range or immediate health problems.        C.J.B.


My car was rear ended on the freeway. I suffered from severe neck and back pain. It was very painful to stand up straight and when I turned my head, even the slightest bit, it felt like someone was chopping at my neck with Paul Bunyan’s Axe. Under Dr. Pepi’s care I now have absolutely no back or neck pain. Thanks ever so much.        B.M.


When I was fifteen months old I had an accident which resulted in severe injuries to my right knee. For the next fifteen years that poor misunderstood joint went through trauma after trauma as one medical doctor after another tried to help. Frequent, very painful “tests” showed nothing. X-rays showed bone and tissue malformation, but no one knew what to do. From the age of 11 to 14 my body was put into a brace (a sort of walking cast) that fit around the waist, was hinged at the hip and covered the whole leg to the ankle. The result was atrophied muscles, frozen knee joint and curvature of the spine (which took lots of physical therapy to fix) and the knee still had its original problems. A few years later there was an operation which helped some, but the area was weak, unstable and easily hurt.

Three decades later, my knee and I met Dr. Pepi. Within one month the knee was stable. It is starting to heal itself. Two months and it was strong and still healing like mad. One year later, it is strong, stable and as resistant to injury as any other part of my body. How about that?!        A.F.


After my first visit to Dr. Pepi, my back injury that two other chiropractors couldn’t handle is 80% handled. Thanks. Dr. Pepi. My co-workers are asking for your cards.        L.P. 


After suffering a back injury that left me getting around on all fours, Dr. Pepi had me up and walking in a day!        L.L.


I broke my ankle about a month ago and it really hurt. I went to Dr. Pepi and she gave me all of these vitamins to take. They really worked. Now my ankle is great and I can go on my soccer trip without any worries. The treatment is so great!!        T.W.


In July I suffered an injury to my neck while at work. It was covered by Worker’s Comp. The injury was tricky as, only four months earlier I had had another injury, also to my neck. For that earlier one, I had had seven weeks of three times a week physical therapy and had taken lots of Motrin. But, Dr. Pepi treated my neck for about four weeks and, of course I took no medications. It now appears to be fine. In fact she took care of remnants of the first injury as well, which had not yet fully healed.         L.W.


Dr. Pepi helped me with my sprained ankle. I’m grateful to her.        L.S.


Some six months ago I hurt my self badly, falling forward on my jaw and ribs. I was unable to open my mouth and eat, and was in severe pain for days and weeks. It is amazing what a slip on a puddle can do to you and for what a long time!

It’ll really take pages to describe in detail Dr. Pepi’s dedication, excellent expertise,  friendliness and superb professionalism as a wonderful chiropractic physician. She persisted to help me get my body not only back in shape, but into a far better condition! Each touch, each hit with her activator was always exactly right. She definitely is a spot on physician and honestly I have no words to thank her enough.        Y.H.


I had a disc problem last summer which immobilized me for a while. I went to a chiropractor and got adjustments, but it seemed to take forever to heal. I was still seeing signs of it 2½ months later. Several weeks ago I played tennis and stressed the same disc. This time I went to Dr. Pepi. And in a week and a half my back was in better shape than it was last summer in 2½ months! Now we are working on making sure it doesn’t happen again. Those are some results! Thank you.        B.C.


My shoulder had been aching for almost a week. It was a constant, bothering ache that restricted motion and activity. I was losing sleep due to the pain. I injured it in sports. Dr. Pepi adjusted me and I mean to say THAT HANDLED IT FULLY!        K.B.


I injured my coccyx about twenty-five years ago and have had considerable pain in the area ever since. It reached a point where every time I sat I had pain getting up. After one appointment with Dr. Pepi, it was totally handled, pain free!!        A.D.


Dr. Pepi’s treatments have been great; with the results I needed as well as some I didn’t even suspect, though I was quite happily surprised.  I had back pain and neck stiffness from an auto accident that she is currently treating me for. Since the treatments, my energy level has skyrocketed, my face isn’t flakey or dry anymore and the bone and muscle pains have gone away! I am  well on my way to recovery from the auto accident injuries. I got all this in just six to eight weeks of treatments and following her dietary and nutritional supplement instructions. Great results and Oy! So much fun.        K.D.


The day after my first dose of the supplements I woke up feeling alive for the first time in months. The diagnostic procedure used by Dr. Pepi is incredible. It spotted the exact source of my problem, (which had remained hidden from normal medical doctors for years) and opened the door to a correct handling. In five days I have definitely shown incredible improvement.        F.U.


After an accident hitting my chin my jaw and teeth were very painful. Dr. Pepi helped me remarkably by: 1) Suggesting I use no drugs, only ice packs as much as this was not comfortable (day and night) it helped me to confront the pain. 2) I used the recommended supplements to help handle the pain. I used half a dozen of these over the weekend. I had a wonderful nights sleep and got up with no pain at all! I was better able to chew my food. The relief is outstanding.        Y.H.


In May 1958 I fell nine feet down into the hatch of a ship, landing right with my spine against a hard edge. For years I have been suffering not only pain, but the after effects of that accident! Today on a routine visit, Dr. Pepi adjusted me to create a space between two compressed vertebrae in my spine. It felt almost like being twenty years younger! Thanks, so much.        Y.H.


Yesterday I had a sprained ankle. I could hardly walk. I spent a half hour with Dr. Pepi. Today I can walk with very little pain. Incredible!        T.S.


Dr. Pepi fixed my wrist in five days. She handled the torn ligament, did and adjustment and kept it wrapped up. Not too shabby after suffering for five or six weeks.        R.T.


I fractured my thumb playing volley ball and Dr. Pepi is helping me heal it.        M.W.

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