Successes - Acne


I have a very bad type of cystic acne, Rosacea. When Dr. Pepi told me to ditch all my acne and face care products, I was very skeptical. Fearing the worst type of breakout, I started using the products and supplements that she recommended. I noticed immediate results. My skin cleared within a week and was the softest I had felt it in a long time.        J.B.


“I had the worst skin I had ever seen anywhere.  Other than my eyelids and under my eyes, my face was COVERED in huge red acne to the point you could barely see my skin underneath all the bumps.  No matter how long I spent trying to cover it with the best products and techniques, it still looked so horrid, I didn't even want to go out in public.

  When Dr. Pepi started working on my skin, it was true MAGIC.  It immediately started to clear!  As time progressed, it got better and better.  Now my skin is 100% acne-free!
  I have kept on her program and my skin is STILL improving every day.  It gets more glowy and lush with time.  Now, I actually get lots of COMPLEMENTS on my skin.  I couldn't be more grateful.  I would highly recommend her!  Thank you Dr. Pepi!!  E.L."


Being on this program truly is magnificent. It has helped me alot. The acne on my face has almost disappeared. My energy level has shot right up. My stomach doesn’t get bloated as it used to . I’m feeling great. L.L.


I came to see Dr. Pepi with no energy, a weight problem and acne. After just 3 weeks my skin cleared up beautifully. My energy has also increased enormously and made my disposition far more pleasant. I have lost 5 lbs. so far, and all this in just three weeks. I cannot wait to see my results after another three weeks. Thank you so much. A.P.


Hi. I came to Dr. Pepi due to early menopause symptoms three months ago. I was a hard-core athlete, underweight, unstable, angry and aggressive. Much to my surprise, when asked, I realized the mainstays of my diet were sugar, caffeine, chocolate and sometimes cigarettes. I gave all of those up and started eating healthy per Dr. Pepi’s suggestion. The lines around my mouth have decreased, my acne has begun to clear up and I am calmer and happier. Thank you Dr. Pepi! S.F.


I came to see Dr. Pepi about several non-optimum conditions. One of them was adult acne. By following the program Dr. Pepi gave me, my skin is almost normal and my allergies are under control!!! D.F.


I ingested the supplements that Dr. Pepi recommended and used a special mixture on my face like a mask.

Each morning I woke up, my facial skin looked definitely less enraged, there was less inflammation and it feels to me that it’s healthier. I want to do this each night for the next few days at least! P.C.

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