Successes - Aging Issues, Looking Younger

Aging Issues, Looking Younger

Since my first treatment with Dr. Pepi people have been commenting on how great my skin looks. I have noticed it as well. The oils that she recommended have given my skin a milky smoothness. I usually wear make-up everyday. I no longer have to or want to. I work as a commercial actress and model in advertisements and casting people and photographers have been calling me for roles 10 years younger than I am! That has really boosted my confidence! My overall well being has improved also!        S.M.


"I am a mother with 2 children living a crazy life in NYC.  I was exhausted, over-stressed, and rundown.

After one visit with Doc Pepi, I have more energy than I have had since I was a child.  I am happy.  I feel alive.

I am thankful to Doctor Pepi for giving me back a clearer outlook on life.”        C.L.


I brought my 84 year old Dad in to see Dr. Pepi. He has always been very health conscious and he is in great shape for his age. Bet he has been having trouble with his hearing and his equilibrium for about 6 years. He came to Dr. Pepi mostly out of curiosity and a general interest in staying health. When Dr. Pepi said she could heal or cure his equilibrium and help his hearing and memory with her cranial therapy he was very interested and went for the 4 treatments.

He was pretty pleased with the results right after they were finished but he was not really ready to admit he was better 100%. But I noticed major change in him from the second treatment. He looks younger. By that I mean his carriage is that of a younger man. He is shed of that old person slump – and his walking is younger too. No more of that old person shuffle-stumble in his walk – now it’s just clickety-click. I also noticed his hearing was better because I tested it by carrying on a conversation with him and then going into another room without raising my voice. He didn’t even notice it – but his hearing is improved.

But the real test came when my Dad returned to Denver. My sister picked him up at the airport and after studying him for some time she asked him what was different about him. Did he lose weight? No—well, he just looks younger. My sister had no idea he as receiving this treatment but she sure saw the results. I’ve thought for sometime that my Dad could live into the 100’s. With Dr. Pepi’s care, now I’m sure of it.        D.M.


          Dr. Pepi has been after me to start eating more raw veggies for a while now. I just “didn’t have time” to shop and I thought I didn’t like vegetables. I never really got much better. I was drinking and smoking and eating fast food. I figured Dr. Pepi would be able to keep my body in shape just with treatments and supplements. She insisted that it would be a lot cheaper to change the diet. Well, Dr. Pepi’s right again. I started eating raw about 3 months ago. I quit alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, and cooked fat and I feel great!!! I can almost keep up with my 16 year old twin boys in energy and sometimes they wear down before I do. I lost about 25 pounds and I’m looking physically like I did 25 years ago (maybe even better). And it is cheaper. It is such a win to go to the doctor for a tune-up instead of needing an overhaul every time I’m here. Thanks doc. You’re the best body mechanic around!!!        W.M.


I brought my son in to see Dr. Pepi. Although I didn’t get a visit that day, Dr. Pepi took one look at me and said that I needed supplements. I have always felt better whenever I take her supplements, so on my way home I thought I’d try a few.

Dr. Pepi was so right—my body liked them so much that I ended up eating half the bottle (30 tablets). It made an amazing difference. I felt great after taking them! Two days later I looked in the mirror and I swear I’m five years younger. My eyes are brighter and my wrinkles are fading. What a startling difference! This stuff is amazing.        D.H.


          I have been using the special oil Dr. Pepi recommended on my face for about a year now. I have had plastic surgery on a scar on my right side – it was very pronounced. The oil is helping the scar to fade – get this… I am 49 and I got asked for a date by 2 (33 & 32 year old) guys! Thank you Dr. Pepi.        S.Q.


Wow! I came crawling in here on Tuesday in terrible shape. Today, Friday, I spent about 3 hours feeling like a 20 year old (I’m 54). Outrageous! Thanks.        L.J.


I came to Dr. Pepi with auto immune problems, chemical and food sensitivities, and a low energy level.

I’ve been sick for almost 20 years.  In the last 3 years I’ve spent about $10,000.00 with no results (this is above what insurance covered).  I saw 2 naturopaths, a holistic chiropractor, a couple of medical doctors and an energy medical nurse.  I’ve also tried using a sauna, essential oils, many brands of supplements (that I wasn’t absorbing!), and a special cushion for circulation.  Nothing was really giving me results.

I did a phone consultation with Dr. Pepi and by following some of her recommendations I already started feeling a little bit better.  She recommended that I see her in person, so I flew out to L.A. from Illinois.

Since getting treatment in person, I feel very cheerful, I’m younger looking and happier!  My sensitivities are 20% better so far, and so is my energy.  My absorption is also improved.

I wish I’d known about Dr. Pepi before!  She educated me so much on things that were going on with my body that make sense about why what I was trying hadn’t been effective.  I could have saved so much money if I’d known about her in the first place!        H.D.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi now for about 5 or 6 years and am doing great.  I see her to keep me in shape and handle occasional acute problems.  She has been telling me about the problems created by too much cooked food, not enough veggies, taking caffeine and so on—but I never went “all the way” for some reason.  Well, I did change my diet recently and the effects were “miraculous”—tons of energy, tons of alertness, weight loss, I feel great and my wife tells me I’m good looking.        K.G.


I came to Dr. Pepi with many unresolved health problems: I went to many naturopathic doctors, MD’s, specialists, etc. for the past 3 years. I had my first cranial treatment with Dr. Pepi and when I left her office I felt a resurgence of energy. People who knew me said I looked like I was glowing. My eyes were off alignment by ¼ inch and now are aligned. My cheekbones are higher. I look younger. In the morning I feel like bouncing through my house and I do, without pain. My ability to memorize lines has gone up considerably. My thinking capacity and memory have increased at least 40%.        A.M.


After my first visit, it’s fantastic. After one month of the program, my sleeping is 80% better, my digestive system has improved 75%, and my energy level is 80% better. The aches and pains in my neck, shoulders, and lower back are almost gone. The most amazing of all is my eyesight which has almost completely cleared after taking the recommended supplements. I look and feel years younger and have hardly any symptoms going through menopause. I can’t wait to tell everyone about these fabulous results. Dr. Anita Mary Pepi is my best ally.        M.O.


My father (85 years old) is now doing a lot better after seeing Dr. Pepi. Before he had no energy to get up in the morning and he would go to bed early. Now he is getting up early and staying up later. He is doing things again and his short term memory is now improving after Dr. Pepi’s treatment & supplements.

He also had a burning sensation on the bottom of his feet and taking steps made it worse and he used a wheelchair. Two days after seeing Dr. Pepi and taking the supplements, the burning sensation was gone and he could walk. He now has much more energy; his mind is clearer and is sleeping well. He is doing much better.        C.H.


Dr. Pepi’s liver handling was so easy.  I got up early, took one of the drinks, went back to bed.  Got up a little later, took the other drink, went back to bed and slept for an hour or so.  Pretty soon the stones were passing.  I felt a lot more relaxed and less stressed right away.  Later that afternoon I went out to do my shopping.  The day after the liver handling one of my daughters said I looked really good and my skin tone was pink instead of yellow.  My co-workers noticed as well.

My husband and I did a liver handling about 7 years ago that was so time and energy consuming we never wanted to do one again.  Dr. Pepi’s liver handling is so easy and the results are immediate.  I feel younger.  All three of my daughters are coming over for a liver handling party.        M.E.


I just went for a bone density test at UCLA and it showed that my bone density has increased since last year. The technician was so excited for me and asked what was I doing and I told him that I was just doing the progesterone cream. He said to continue with what I am doing because it’s working.        P.C.


When I started Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy I was having constant headaches, especially in the front of my head and face. After the first treatment the headaches subsided and with every successive treatment I have felt better and stronger. An added benefit is that I look younger too! My energy and balance improve each day. While the treatments are not painful they are uncomfortable. But I do look forward to the next series. I’m continuing to shift.        S.M.


I have been taking supplements since mid February. Last weekend I went to a party and one person didn’t even recognize me because I looked so good and another said “Wow, you look great! Not to offend you, but the last time I saw you, you looked depressed.” I had not seen him since I started my treatment.        L.A.M.


        After a couple of week of taking the recommended supplements, I noticed changes in my skin. It was softer, less dull and my wrinkles began to disappear! When I had the stitches from two falls removed, each doctor commented on how well I had healed. In fact, the plastic surgeon couldn’t believe how quickly I had healed. He said that my healing time was that of someone in their late teens or early 20’s rather than their early 50’s.        S.M.


A doctor told me that my skin was pinker and nicer. I thought it was the niacin but today I looked in the mirror and saw my face was pink without niacin like when I was younger!        C.G.


I came here with no energy, my 59 year old body going rapidly down hill. That was last May. Recently, I ran upstairs, skipping every other step without ever thinking about it! I got to the top and wasn’t even slightly winded or fatigued. Very Nice Success!        J.C.


Since starting my program with Dr. Pepi, my body is making a complete turnaround. I am 54 years old and have been feeling like I was 70. I have a good view of what old age is and I don’t like it. The basic reality I have about old age is starvation. I have been very good about eating healthy foods for the last 30 years. Eating and using food are two different things.

Dr. Pepi has been correcting my body so that I use the food I eat! My head is getting clearer. My actual brain cells seem clearer. I am feeling like my body is taking on a wholeness that I haven’t experienced in years, maybe never. I have been feeling like doing cart wheels. Now, this I haven’t done since I was 8 or 9 years old. I am not about to try these yet, but give me another month, maybe I will!!!

My overall feeling regarding my health is excitement. I feel like something is being addressed here that has been with me for a very long time.        J.K.


My grandmother suffers from memory impairment. She was very vague and confused when she arrived to live with us late last year. We put her on Dr. Pepi's recommended supplements. She improved markedly. She had more energy, less tendency to nap, took long walks, ate a good diet and was more aware. We ran out of the brain supplement and were out of it for about five days. She became tired and vague and couldn’t even stand up from a sitting position easily. We then got more of the supplement and gave her the regular dose. By this afternoon she was much brighter and that was only a few hours after taking it.        J.P.


I had a super time on the seven day fast. I was not hungry as I anticipated I would be. By the second day I knew that my body would never be the same and that I was moving (body wise) into a completely new condition. I cannot see how anyone who has lived as I did on the modern diet would not benefit from this program. My wife and I did it together and had great fun seeing all the changes occur. We both look about five years younger (about 14 and 15 years old)        J.M.


Since starting on five-grain and the recommended supplements, some of my gray hair is starting to turn dark again. Way cool!         T.R.


It is now four months since I began availing myself of your chiropractic assistance and nutritional guidance. And I am well pleased to report a wonderful feeling of health and well being. My old cravings for the wrong foods have vanished, I have daily exercise back in and no body problems whatsoever. Even my fingernails are noticeably stronger and healthier looking.

To emphasize the up grade in my physical condition, last Saturday night I danced rock & roll fairly non-stop for some hours with no aches or tiredness whatsoever – and I’m not a young guy. I just feel young.         T.S.


I had small lines around my eyes that were gradually getting worse. After one visit and taking supplements, the lines diminished and the circles under my eyes weren’t as dark either.        W.F.


I’ve been on Dr. Pepi’s program for about three months. The results have been nothing short of miraculous! I’ve lost fifteen pounds of weight and am still losing. My headaches, which were two times a week, are gone. My hair, which has been very gray, is turning black again and my energy level, which was low, has picked up a lot as has my production level and emotional level. The world looks much brighter now and my life is becoming fun again. Many thanks, Dr. Pepi, for your healing help and showing the way to a better way to live.        A.N.


I was having a lot of trouble with my arthritis, especially in my ankles and knees. I don’t have that trouble any more and I won’t ever have it again. And if I do, I’ll come back to Dr. Pepi and she will help me to get rid of it again. I have lost weight and now am a size smaller than I was when I started with her. My health is great and I feel really good. It is great to be able to feel so good, as I am seventy and retired and am still working five days a week in an office. I expect to work maybe another four years if my health stays this good.        D.B.L.


          My hair is growing back. My wife now chases me with a lawn mower. I haven’t had any new growth in years.        D.B.


I have been taking the supplements for a few weeks now as part of my nutritional program with Dr. Pepi. Since I have been on them, my skin is really changing for the better. My normally dry flaking arms and legs are smooth and soft. My face is absorbing my face cream, which it did only with great difficulty before. I usually burn easily in the summer. This year I am getting a beautiful tan just walking around and without putting any sort of lotion on my skin to protect it. Some of my wrinkles have smoothed out a bit so that people I know have asked what I am doing that makes me look so much better. I have never in my life has smooth soft skin. Now I have it even in very hot dry weather. This is great!        L.R.

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