Successes - Allergies


I had been absolutely miserable.  When I saw my car covered with fine, yellow pollen from the trees above, I realized my pollen allergies had flared up with the recent warm and windy weather.  My nose was running so much I had to hold a Kleenex under it or it would drip!  My sinuses were stuffy and ached, I was sneezing, my chest was congested and my nose was starting to get raw from wiping it so much.  It was hard to concentrate, I felt mentally dull and I was getting frequent headaches.  I kept taking breaks at work because I was having sneezing “fits” and blowing my nose so much.

As a teenager, I took prescription drugs and got allergy shots to control my symptoms, but those drugs caused side-effects and more body problems.  I recall having a veeeeeeery scary allergic reaction after an allergy shot.  (Hey, aren’t they supposed to make you feel better?!?)  After 2 days of misery, I scheduled with Dr. Pepi.  In one short visit, she was able to treat exactly the right things and find the right natural remedy.  The sneezing, runny nose and headaches stopped immediately, and I haven’t had it flare back up!  And she did it without drugs!        N.K.


This past summer I had a trip to Europe planned during which I knew I would not have a lot of control over what I ate. Being that I am allergic my body can’t handle dairy, alcohol or sugar, I had Dr. Pepi treat my body to be able to handle these. She also told me to take certain vitamins when I encounter these types of food.

I was able to have “vinegar chicken”, some wonderful French chocolate thing, AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ABOUT 10 OR 12 YEARS: An ice cream cone in Italy! This was all without any major sinus infection, which is what normally happens when I have any dairy. This stuff works! Thank you Dr. Pepi.        J.H.


I was having increased hay fever symptoms when I decided I was actually coming down with a cold.  After using a specific nasal irrigator prescribed by Dr. Pepi I never got the cold and the allergy symptoms subsided.  Later, as my 13 year old son was about to leave on a 3 day school trip, he reported that he seemed to be getting a cold and his nose was totally stuffed.  He used the irrigator, said he felt better, and after returning from the trip said he was fine.  My husband then reported a stuffed nose, also used the irrigator and reported that it was “the bomb.”        R.G.


I was allergic to dust. I would have a reaction just going into my closet. Dr. Pepi treated my dust allergy and now I can clean closets or under the bed, etc with no sneezing runny nose!        S.M.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for 10 years and she has always handled every ailment or physical problem I had.

A few weeks ago, I started suffering with very strong allergies.  With her treatment, and the recommended handlings, the allergies are completely gone.  Thank you Dr. Pepi.        C.R.P.


Maestro is a seven year old golden retriever who has been plagued with chronic ear infections. Every six months or so, he goes to the vet for anti-inflammatory medication antibiotics. They have not handled the problem. With one visit to Dr. Pepi we found out that he was allergic to all his medicine and food (with the exception of his anti-flea medication). After one week of her recommended supplement and a change of food, the infection was totally gone and his energy skyrocketed. To say the least we are both grateful to Dr. Pepi.        M.S.for Maestro


One night, while sitting at a seminar, I developed an extremely severe headache. I actually felt the back of my head swell out. This headache lasted 5 days. My medical doctor couldn’t isolate what the problem was, even after a $600 CT scan.

In one visit to Dr. Pepi, she isolated it to an allergic reaction to Pepsi soda. Anita creates miracles.        B.M.


I have had respiratory ailments/allergies all my life.  I came to see Dr. Pepi to discuss them.  She put me on supplements but also suggested a specific electric sinus flusher which I have used regularly ever since.  I have not had a sinus infection in two years and my last cold was almost two years ago.  Yay.        J.S.


I brought my son in to see Dr. Pepi because of severe food allergies—he couldn’t eat corn, dairy, wheat, chocolate and sugar or he would get sick.  Dr. Pepi recommended some vitamins and supplements and he is now able to eat all of those without getting sick!  I didn’t think that would ever happen.        N.D.


Dr. Pepi has literally saved my life. She diagnosed and allergy that has caused my excessive pain all my life that no one has ever spotted before. I was allergic to WATER. That’s right WATER. I would have extreme headaches and fall asleep thirty seconds after drinking any type of water. Through my life I would only drink sodas, coffees, frapacinos, etc. My body was dehydrated due to the lack of water, which caused me to have kidney stones, excessive weight, body cramps, etc. Let me paint a clearer picture of the pain I got from the cramps alone. I could never stretch when I yawned because my arms and fingers would cramp up. I could never take a big bite from a hamburger because my neck muscles would cramp up. Imagine being woken up from a sound sleep because your thighs cramped up. Get the picture?

Now the good news --After Dr. Pepi’s adjustment, I drink two to three quarts of water a day with no side effects. The body cramps are 90-95% gone. I’m dropping off weight without changing any of my routine. I can now take attention off the daily pains. Dr. Pepi has given me back to me. I highly recommend her services to everyone. No one else could have found what she found. Thank you, Anita.        B.M.


Dr. Pepi is magnificent. About a year ago I started to develop stomach/intestinal/bowel irritation. I did not know what would cause the irritation but once in a while my abdominal area was in a lot of pain. I felt like someone was just pulling and stretching them out. I would become so bloated that I could not comfortably sit or stand or sleep. Medications usually helped the symptoms (relaxed my digestive system) but would also make me feel like Jell-o (non-functional). Still the problem would come back.

Dr. Pepi found various foods that I was allergic to and helped my body accept these substances. Since her treatment I feel great. I have not had an episode since she treated me. For a person who was previously diagnosed as having “irritable bowel syndrome” I sure am grateful for Dr. Pepi’s treatment.        A.G.E.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi, I was having problems with my sinuses.  My nose was always stuffy, I had allergy problems, and mucus in my lungs.  But two sessions later, I felt great!  My allergies haven’t bothered me since and I’m not coughing up yucky things any more.  Thanks so much Dr. Pepi!        J.P.


I’ve suffered with allergies my whole life. As a child I received three allergy shots three times per week. In the past year, my allergies have gotten so bad that I stopped going for daily walks with my family. After two visits with Dr. Pepi, my allergies improved so much that I started back on walks with my husband and daughter. After my third visit with Dr. Pepi, I stopped carrying Kleenex everywhere. Thank you, Dr. Pepi. P.S. I am no longer taking allergy medicine!        B.A.


When my daughter Fiona was first born, she was utterly angelic. She stayed awake for hours without crying and would only fuss briefly if she needed a diaper change or was hungry. She also slept practically through the whole night. At two weeks, though, she suddenly started waking up around 11:00 pm every night and started fussing until 3 or 4 in the morning. No matter what my husband & I did, she wouldn’t stop crying and we were exhausted. Dr. Pepi saw her and immediately said, “This baby’s allergic to something.” We found out she was allergic to lots of the foods I was eating. The gas was keeping her up at night. I cut these foods out of my diet. The next day she slept through the night, waking up only to eat. It’s such a relief!        S.K.


I grew up with cats in the house and always enjoyed them. Then I wasn’t around cats for many years. I then had kids and got kittens. Asthma from the kittens started and I saw Dr. Pepi who did her incredible diagnostics and then fixed it in one visit. I’m so glad I didn’t have to tell the kids that the cats have to go.        M.S.


I had a startling experience recently. I was going along feeling perfectly fine as usual, and then in two days I felt so awful I was hoping it was something simple like the flu! It didn’t take Dr. Pepi long to figure out that my body was beginning to reject the MSM I had been taking regularly for six months. The body had absorbed all it needed and had become suddenly overloaded. Simple. She tested me on the MSM and I was now very allergic to it. Dr. Pepi handled it so the MSM would release and leave the body with a liver handling. After the liver handling,  I was fine again. Thanks for the “instant” relief!        A.J.


A year ago I was so chemically sensitive that when I touched new clothes in a store, the chemicals on them would make me itch, break out in hives and my brain  would shut down so that Dr. Pepi had to “jump start” it. Since then, she’s done a lot of treatment getting my body to detoxify harmful chemicals and to deal with various chemicals from clothes. My brain hasn't had trouble any more and I don’t get hives, I just itch. We’re definitely on the right track!        N.K.


My six year daughter was very allergic to bees and would swell up majorly for days, itch and become very red and a bit lethargic. As my husband was very allergic as well and required medical help when he was stung, we were increasingly worried. I brought Jessy to Dr. Pepi and within one week she was cured. We know this because she happened to get stung a week later and it was the first time she didn’t swell up, get red or itchy!        L.T.


I came to Dr. Pepi with a very sore lump on the bottom of my foot. It was painful to walk. Dr. Pepi discovered that I was allergic to one of the vitamins that I’d been taking. I stopped taking that vitamin and within one week the lump was completely gone and so was the soreness.

It is amazing how getting the EXACT right diagnosis and cause of a problem makes treatment so effective. I am a nurse and in the conventional medical world it is not always this way. Thank you!        T.N.


I used to be so chemically & environmentally sensitive that even the slightest smell of a fragrance or chemical gave me a headache & made me ill. Dr. Pepi fount that my pituitary, thyroid and thymus (immune system) glands were all exhausted & she had me take the supplements for these glands, as well as treating them and I am definitely less sensitive!        M.M.


My 6 year old son got a high fever one night so I gave him Tylenol to lower it. It did. He seemed well the next day. However, he got a very intense headache the next night, so I gave him another Tylenol – he was in such pain. For the next 5 days he had daily excruciating headaches. I brought him in to Dr. Pepi, who found he was allergic to Tylenol. She did her magic, he took a few recommended vitamins and voila, not a single headache more.

I got to watch a miracle. It was such a relief not to have my son crying nightly in my arms.        K.F.


I have had chronic skin irritation and eczema for many years. I have consulted numerous doctors from many different types of approaches, and no one has been able to find the root of the problem.

Dr. Pepi identified several allergens, as well as an overall liver weakness. In two weeks, my skin had changed tremendously! It feels the best it’s ever felt, and people are commenting on how miraculous a recovery I’ve made.

Dr. Pepi is truly a gifted healer. Her quick, efficient and accurate assessments have greatly improved the quality of my life!        A.M.


My allergies are much better – no stuffiness/no headaches. My ears ring very little and I have very little pressure in the ears. I have less neck stiffness. I am less dizzy.        M.A.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was feeling constantly fatigued, and I was experiencing headaches and muscle imbalance.  Also quite regularly I had to take my inhaler for my asthma that was being affected by pollens, grasses, and especially cat dander.  These were all troubles in my life that I wanted to reduce or get rid of altogether.  After hearing about Dr. Pepi and all the amazing results she has gotten, I knew I had to try it out.

Not more than a few weeks after I had seen her, I was feeling much better.  For fatigue she gave me some vitamins to take everyday and also some healthier alternatives to my diet.  I am a college athlete, so naturally sports drinks were a must-have, but after learning that they did more damage than giving you energy I immediately stopped.  Along with [cutting out] sports drinks, I also was told to change my diet by adding some more essential “energy” foods.  From these little changes I have seen a drastic increase in my athletic ability and stamina, and have been able to concentrate better.  Also…I have not had one headache since, which is extremely rare.

Also my new diet and alternative foods have helped with my muscle imbalance and asthma.  The muscle imbalance caused my knees, back, legs, and neck to hurt constantly.  After going in for an appointment, Dr. Pepi somehow got my muscles to start working properly again.  Now I seem to be more athletic, with less pain in everyday life.  My asthma has greatly improved since I have seen Dr. Pepi.  During certain times of the year I had to take my inhaler at least every other day, but now, I haven’t taken it since I have been treated.

In other words I highly recommend everyone to Dr. Pepi, as she has had some amazing results with me and countless other patients.        S.M.


  I came to Dr. Pepi with so many problem areas – some not yet identified. . . I hardly knew where to begin! Bottom line: for the first time I’ve glimpsed a new and reliable system of knowledge for diagnosing and correcting physical problems, even chronic and degenerative problems that most of us have learned to live with and give up on! The orthotics (podiatry supports that she cast for my feet) are improving my aching feet and steadying my gait. Your work on food and a host of other allergies, particularly the ability to assimilate vitamin B has brought a new pleasure and joy in daily life and work. Headaches are MUCH better! I could go on and on. . . .        D.R.


Dr. Pepi has only been working with me for two weeks and already I am sleeping better. I had such a bad reaction to MEL-T that I thought I was going to die. Dr. Pepi fixed me up real fast. She has me taking potassium. It is working great. I’m sleeping comfortably every night, all night. Thanks a million!        E.L.


A few weeks ago, I had a terrible reaction to something I ate, and my skin reacted with a horrible itchy rash all over my face and neck. Dr. Pepi was able to pinpoint exactly which food it was and performed a procedure to help speed up my body’s process to remove it from my body. Thank you so much!        J.M.


After 1 week of supplements, all cuts and scrapes have started healing at an unbelievable rate. Sinuses are very clear. Allergies are barely noticeable. The wart on my hand is almost gone.        L.G.


After getting treated for the inability to absorb vitamin C, I could eat oranges and other citrus fruits. I had not been able to eat them before without feeling bad afterwards.        L.T.


I came to Dr. Pepi one week ago. When I came to her we discovered I was allergic to niacin. Although I’d had allergic reactions in taking niacin before (even small amounts like 25mg) I never realized that I was having an allergic reaction. So anyway, we discovered it. Dr. Pepi did some things with my body and now, I’ve been taking niacin for a week, with no allergic reaction at all but just a regular niacin flush!!!         M.W.


I had a lot of attention on my body related with an allergy for few years and after the excellent treatment & nutritional supplements recommended by Dr. Pepi, I finally feel this “condition” is getting handled. I feel a tremendous improvement.        A.E.


Since the first time I saw Dr. Pepi, I have been a firm believer in her knowledge of how the human body works and her ability to use that knowledge to improve health. She has helped with allergies for both my daughter and I. I was having a slight problem with my balance that she corrected with her cranial therapy. She’s helped with pain that I’d had in my knee for years with treatment and supplements.

Due to my professional and family life, I push my body very hard to “get it all done”. In spite of all the problems I’ve listed above that Dr. Pepi has helped me with, I feel that the most important thing she has done for me is to help me realize the negative effects of my lifestyle and to understand what I need to do to compensate if I just can’t find the time for adequate sleep an proper diet. (Please understand that there is no substitute for consistent good sleep and eating properly.)

My entire family sees Dr. Pepi for fixing and fine-tuning. We are all pleased with the results. I’m just sorry that I waited year to pay her my first visit. How about you?        C.C.


I had a very bad case of candida, a rash on my skin, hay fever and a bladder infection. This was 40 days ago. As of this day, I am feeling much better. My skin looks great. I lost 35 lbs. Also I am eating much better high energy food. No breads or rice.        R.S.


I’ve had a lot of allergies and been very sensitive to many things over the years, including vitamins. Dr. Pepi introduced me to the Core Level supplements, and I’ll never use anything else again!

These are the most effective supplements I’ve every used. After using almost exclusively Core Levels for the past 8 years, I think I’ve gotten spoiled. If I have a certain body problem, such as exhaustion because my glands are stressed, I know that there is a supplement that will handle it every time (and that Dr. Pepi will know exactly which onel!)

Before the Core Levels, I never had a real solution, and I spent a lot of my time being tired and exhausted and feeling awful. I didn’t even know there WAS a solution. Now I spend much more of my life feeling better, having fewer reactions and have more energy!        N.K.


Regarding the liver handling, I was extremely skeptical at first and even more skeptical after starting the Epson salt, but when your stomach starts a churning, you realize that good or bad something is happening. Three days after I can say I’m sleeping better and having less reactions to the food. I’m ready for another.        V.D.


When I came to Dr. Pepi I was suffering with a skin rash that was itching like crazy. It had turned on as a result of eating soy. Dr. Pepi put me on supplements and gave me an adjustment. All the itching and the rash disappeared after just a few days!        A.W.


It’s been 6 weeks since I received Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy and I have 2 really stable wins from it. I can breathe so much easier through my nose which is especially noticeable when I’m trying to sleep. Also both of my hips would hurt when trying to sleep, so I’d toss and turn every 5 minutes before the cranial therapy. Dr. Pepi said my pelvis rotated some during one of the treatments and since then I don’t get the annoying pain in the hips that kept me tossing and turning or waking up in pain any more. Yeah!        S.M.


From my first two appointments with Dr. Pepi, my digestion and my sleep have improved tremendously! Instead of not being able to fall asleep until after midnight, I now naturally get sleepy around 10:00 PM! It feels great! My sleep is deeper too. I am also assimilating my food better now. Dr. Pepi also put me on a supplement program to help remove the excess mercury in my body.

A few weeks ago I had a terrible reaction to something I ate and my skin reacted with a horrible itchy rash all over my face and neck. I brought in everything I had eaten over the past weekend and Dr. Pepi was able to pinpoint exactly which food it was and performed a procedure to help speed up my body’s process to remove it from my body. Thank You So Much!        J.M.


My 17 year old son, Jason, who loves sports, especially skateboards and basketball, started having severe knee pain. Dr. Pepi’s treatments and putting him on specific supplements that reallly worked, his knees feel 100% better. Last week they hurt for 2 days and it turned out that he has a milk allergy and he was detoxing milk in those old injuries. He stopped the dairy products and his knees are fine again.        S.M. for Jason. 


I got MUCH better after Dr. Pepi treated me for a dizziness I could not get rid of. I was spinning (literally) every time my head would change a level. She found out I was allergic to a B vitamin that I was taking and totally fixed it! Thanks Dr. Pepi!! You never cease to do wonders!        C.D.


I was fearful that I may have scratched my eye from a particle splashed into it. It turns out that I was just having an allergic reaction which was handled rapidly.        T.K.


Because I drive between 200—600 miles per week, my body was becoming tired and stressed from all the car exhaust and smog. Dr. Pepi convinced me to get an air filter for my car after she discovered that I am allergic to the fumes. What a difference! As I drive, I’m breathing such fresh air! Just like the fresh air in Dr. Pepi’s office. Thanks a million.        S.M.C.


When I came here the whole world sucked. I thought I was at the bottom of the world. I was full of allergies. I came here to work on my allergies. Within a few treatments on my allergies, all of a sudden I noticed I was not depressed any more. I was no longer on the verge of tears. I can talk to people without tears coming down my eyes. My allergies are also significantly improving. I am on the way to recovering. Thank you.        M.O.


I used to be allergic to some vegetables and didn’t eat them as much as was healthful. Now I digest them very well and like them and can eat as many as I want with no bad effects, only good ones. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.        K.G.


I came to see Dr. Pepi about several non-optimum conditions. One of them was constipation, which has been a problem for at least 24 years. I also had allergies in full bloom constantly as well as adult acne. By following the program Dr. Pepi gave me, I have twice as much energy as before, my constipation is gone, my skin is almost normal and my allergies are under control!!!        D.F.


In the last few years my allergies had been worsening until last year when it had become pretty much a year-round phenomena. After seeing Dr. Pepi, my allergic reactions have decreased to the point where I rarely think of them and when they do appear, they are very slight and short lived. I expect they’ll be totally gone in the near future.        J.S.


I came to Dr. Pepi to handle allergies. After seeing her, I don’t sense that I have any allergies any more!        J.R.


Ever since I had an old mercury filling replaced, I’ve felt like I was dying. I was so exhausted that I looked like death. It felt like the skin on my face was going to droop right off from lack of energy to hang on! I had headaches, woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep again and was generally very cranky.

I figured I was just detoxifying mercury from the old filling and decided to “push through” it. Until the headaches were so bad and I was so mentally confused that I knew I had to have Dr. Pepi check it out. I had had an allergic reaction to the Novacaine! I never would have guessed!

After only a short treatment I felt much calmer. That night I did wake up, but was able to fall right back to sleep again. And the next morning I felt like a normal person again.        N.K.


Last Friday I had a horrible reaction in my intestines – bloating and very bad gas. Dr. Pepi located the source of the problem – the intestines had an allergic reaction to vinegar! She treated them and made them more able to handle vinegar. My entire body relaxed during the treatment and I haven’t had trouble with the intestines since then. Oh – and I resumed normal bowel operation which was a big relief.        N.K.


When I first came to see Dr. Pepi, I was allergic to almost everything. I was diagnosed with asthma and coughed every night and most days. After Dr. Pepi’s program, my asthma was gone. I don’t cough any more. I really can’t remember the last time I had a coughing fit – when before they happened so often that I thought it was “normal”. Hurrah, Dr. Pepi!        D.S.


My sinus and allergy symptoms have disappeared. This has really been a problem for ten years – GONE. I have more energy.        H.T.


I have always beaten myself up emotionally over my drinking coffee and no one else ever took me seriously on this. I have always considered it bad for me physically, but somehow could not stop.

Dr. Pepi’s body program changed something that has been unchanged for twenty years and more. First of all she didn’t insist I stop – she worked over my body’s ability to absorb it better – so I could drink caffeine without allergic reactions. This was a major reversal for me – not to fight it but win with it. What has happened is the compulsion has all but disappeared.        M.T.


I have had low energy, night sweats and out-of-control cravings for starch and salt. Dr. Pepi de-sensitized me for many foods (bread, dairy, sugar, etc) as well as various chemicals (mercury, cleaning products, etc.) The next day I had no more bizarre cravings and the night-sweats went away. I eat much less now and get more energy out of the food I eat. The results are remarkable!        K.L.


I had a bad pain in my foot for four – five days that had been aggravated by walking a lot. Dr. Pepi, in one treatment, actually blew the pain. I have had one twinge in my leg afterwards and just tingling in my toes but no pain! This is great!        L.S.


I’ve really been enjoying taking calcium and magnesium and living without cramps in my feet. For years I have not been able to take any supplement that contained magnesium without having all sorts of symptoms including eye infections and mouth sores that would not heal. It’s great to be able to use the supplements now.        K.B.


I began to have clumps of hair falling out after dyeing my hair. It may have been an allergic reaction but my hairdresser said he had never seen an allergic reaction like this. However, I told Dr. Pepi that I was worried. She did a treatment and it stopped.        M.J.J.


Dr. Pepi saved me for the second time!!! (The first time was last year).

I was doing well for a long time but then slowly, imperceptibly slowly, I was feeling worse and worse. My body was turning into wood. I got a low gradient exercise video and tried aerobics 3-4 times a week. But my body was still stiff all over. My neck was particularly painful off and on. I couldn’t lift my head when I was lying down without propping it up. One time I woke up in the middle of the night with the joints in my arms aching. All the while I’m trying to exercise to loosening things up. And my diet was getting more and more perfect! Still nothing.

So I called Dr. Pepi.

Within a few minutes she had discovered that I am allergic to the blue-green algae that I had been diligently taking daily for three months! I had been poisoning my body while making all these efforts to keep it fit! She also suggested that I take another type of vitamin and suggested I take more of one that I was already taking. The next morning I woke up feeling like new. The following day I felt positively energetic! My whole life has changed since I saw Dr. Pepi.

I thank our so-so-so much, Dr. Pepi! You’re my hero! I’ve given several of my friends and acquaintances your name too. It’s nice to have a body that works with you and not against you to get what you want done. Thanks again, Dr. Pepi. You’re tops.        J.P.R.


For years I had an allergic reaction that would come at certain times of the year like hay fever. It was not fun. One of my goals in seeing Dr. Pepi was to handle this. And what do you know? It got handled! I’ve been free of the allergy for over a year and a half! What great freedom. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        K.W.


- Skin color has gotten better
- Nose bleeds have stopped
- The rashes have improved by 90 to 95%
- He has not had a fever (this month no fever)
- The stools are still the color of peanut butter but are a little better
- The allergies have completely gotten 90 to 95% better


Today I came in all stressed out from handling lots of things and people. Recently my dad died. I was feeling headachy and had had some allergic reaction to some soap I had just bought and put out in my dressing room. So I had a few things going on. After being treated by Dr. Pepi I felt relieved, more relaxed and much freer. Somehow all the things that were stressing my body out were “gone” and all seemed fine. I feel like a new woman!!        L.H.


I had a big win today. I had a major allergic reaction to some dental work where silver was used as a build up to a crown. I felt frantic, hyper, all wound up and extremely exhausted. Dr. Pepi treated me and desensitized the silver in my tooth. I felt completely relaxed and at ease as a sense of well being came over me. Previously, I felt I had been wrapped around a tree. This technology never ceases to amaze me. It’s totally incredible. Thanks, Dr. Pepi. You’re tops.        S.H.


I started feeling very out of it at about 1 PM today and it continued into the evening getting worse to where I was feeling like I was coming down with something. I also had a migraine starting. After getting treated by Dr. Pepi, the feeling went away and the tiredness and feeling of coming down with something left. It was discovered that I was having a severe allergic reaction to decaf coffee.        J.L.


My son had Candida due to excessive antibiotics for colds, flues, pneumonia, etc… he was in a vicious circle of get sick, take antibiotics, get well and then get sick again as the antibiotics and Candida destroyed his immune system. He developed allergies and was a very unhappy four-year-old. In the four months that he has been under Dr. Pepi’s care he has been sick for one day only. His coloring, his outlook on life and his temperament have all improved. He’s actually getting over his allergies and he is a changed kid. He also loves Dr. Pepi!        N.P. for Alec


Before seeing Dr. Pepi I would have a sneezing frenzy at least twice a week which was usually followed immediately by asthma. In the six weeks since beginning here I haven’t had one allergy or asthma attack!! Yip-Yip Yippee!!!        L.P.


I was suffering from an excruciating migraine headache when I came to see Dr. Pepi.  She treated me and then recommended a specific supplement.  I was coming off of my allergy medication and so it took a couple of days with great results.  I also use the sinus irrigation 2x a day.  It feels great and my sinuses are much better thanks to Dr. Pepi.        J.M.


I originally came to see Dr. Pepi mainly because I’ve had a problem with my sinuses off and on for a couple of years. Now that I’ve done the allergy testing and muscle testing (along with a change in my diet) my nose has really cleared up. I don’t have a clogged nose or the mucus which I used to get. I’ve been very happy with the results I’ve gotten and am looking forward to more. Thank you, Dr. Pepi!        D.M.


I brought my daughter (4 years old) to Dr. Pepi to deal with her chronic yeast infections and a chronic cough she has had for a year. Both turned out to be due to allergies. By eliminating the offending foods from her diet, she has been free of symptoms ever since. Very welcome relief. Besides, Julie loves coming here.        E.B.H.for J.H.


In 1980 I got off all sugars on a special homeopathic program. Since that time I started having headaches whenever I ate sugar. About three years ago they had grown into massive three-day-migraine-torture headaches. This was not from eating candy bars, but from eating something like salad dressing. I could not find out how to handle it. The headaches had grown into a complete almost daily problem as every time I ate I worried that I would get one of these headaches. After seeing Dr. Pepi, she indicated that I am totally allergic to fruit, which I usually ate a lot of. So far it has been three weeks and I’ve had no headaches! This is a win.        T.B.


I just wanted to personally thank Dr. Pepi for helping me. For eight years (and four years solid) I have been trying to find a road map through this jungle called my body and the allergies it has. I knew I was allergic to sugars, but even though I stopped eating them, for four years I have had very severe migraine headaches. I can’t say that they are all gone, as I have just started your program. But I can say that I feel a tremendous peace and happiness just knowing exactly what I was eating that was incorrect for me. I now have a map! So, thank you for your help.        T.B.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for about one and a half months. I trusted my instincts that told me she was the only legitimate doctor/chiropractor around. This was my chance to look at and handle areas in my body that were actually causing me to be unwell. 

 When I saw her, she was so patient with me that it allowed me to find the ability to look at what was wrong with my body (mainly candida) and changing my diet drastically was a cinch!  My eyes started getting brighter; my energy came up and finally my body was keeping up with me!! I have started going to a health club and exercising, which I had never wanted to do! I get so much more done now, and I have found it easy to leave the junky stuff that was affecting me very adversely.

  Eating the right things, taking the right supplements, exercising and suddenly the being can soar. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.        M.C.


This diet is great. I have learned the importance of a proper diet. I have epilepsy and can’t have fruits or sugars. I just can’t grab for something easy to eat. My body has been doing well with no problems concerning the epilepsy, Yea! I found out that I was allergic to dairy products and also the medicine I was taking for the epilepsy. I used to have a great deal of dairy products which were not helping at all. Dr. Anita Pepi is great!        A.G.


For the past several years I’ve had a lot of attention on my lower body. Six months ago I stopped having bowel movements without a push from senna tea (a laxative). My periods have had me feeling sluggish. I’d get bloated.

I came to Dr. Anita Pepi for a diagnosis. I started having bowel movements once, twice, thrice daily. I came back for a food allergy test. I ate accordingly and stopped getting bloated. Now I am just waiting for my period to show up next week…        A.T.


After having been on the program for several weeks, I have been able to eat dinner in the evening without going directly to sleep. That’s great!        T.R.


Since being treated by Dr. Anita Pepi a few times, dizziness that had plagued me is gone. A big win! I also feel much stronger, have clearer thinking ability and a general feeling of well being.

Another win, after being on Dr. Pepi’s program for a couple of months or so, she did a repeat allergy testing and I am sensitive or allergic to only about one tenth of the foods I was allergic to originally. Thank you, Dr. Pepi. I have profound confidence in you.        H.L.


We did it again! I’m breathing better than I have in five and a half years! I thought that this chronic bronchitis was due to LA smog, cigarettes, anything. But then in one day, twenty-three and a half hours, the phlegm cleared out. I stopped drinking cream and Dr. Pepi fixed my lungs! It feels so much better.        J.M.


I came to Dr. Anita Pepi suffering from a lot of vague aches and pains and knowing that I was not dealing well with food. After being tested and removing all allergic foods from my diet, adding the supplements Dr. Pepi recommended I totally got rid of all the physical discomforts found and I handled a major situation in my life. I feel like my whole personality fell back into shape. I saw Dr. Pepi again after a week and most of my allergies were gone. I definitely consider taking care of my body a key to unraveling a lot of the  trauma I was experiencing.        M.T.


My back went out so badly that to alleviate the pain I took Motrin. Soon I was in the kind of excruciating pain comparable to the last stages of childbirth but without the relief one experiences between contractions. Fifteen minutes with Dr. Pepi alleviated the condition about 80%. It was extraordinary! I went from being literally paralyzed with pain to being able to get up and walk. Dr. Pepi discovered what exacerbated the condition when I experienced an allergic reaction to the pain killer and she handled it. Thanks, Dr. Pepi. I love you.        V.D.


When I came to see Dr. Pepi, I had been told by conventional doctors that I had cervical cancer, even without seeing test results. I came to Dr. Pepi very sick. I had no energy and was in severe pain. I had pains that would go down my arms and legs and a consistent pain in my abdominal area and sides.

Initially, she did some testing and found that I had no cancer, though she recommended we wait on the test results from my conventional doctor. She then went on to discover that I was allergic to the foods that I was consuming. She put me on some vitamins and said I would have to stick to a strict diet until my energy and body was back to normal.

Well, a couple of weeks later, I feel GREAT! I have had no pain since my last visit to Dr. Pepi and I have an incredible amount of energy. I have changed my diet to fit my blood type and it turns out that I am losing weight as well. With all this success, I have had to find new interests and hobbies for myself to release this energy that I never thought I could have. Thank you, Dr. Pepi. P.S. Along with my newfound energy, I also received excellent service from the entire staff at Dr. Pepi’s office.        H.P.


In the last few years my allergies had been worsening until last year when it had become pretty much a year-round phenomenon. After seeing Dr. Pepi, my allergic reactions have decreased to the point where I rarely think of them – and when they do appear, they are very slight and short lived. I expect they’ll be totally gone in the near future.        J.S.


On Dr. Pepi’s program we had an immediate improvement in energy level and lessening of allergy symptom, 50% at least.        E.R.


I finished Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy a week ago. I use to have constant sinus pressure that turned frequently into sinus headaches and hay fever. Since then I have no sinus pressure, have had not headaches and no sign of any hay fever symptoms or any other symptoms for that matter! I just feel great and like I am continuing to improve all-over! I used to always have brown spots in the green of my eyes too. This week I noticed the brown is gone and they’re all green now! Also I only need 1/3 of the supplements!        J.C.

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