Successes - Animal's Problems

Animal's Problems

I’ve had amazing success with my dog after putting him on the recommended supplements. He had surgery about a year ago and the hair had never grown back. Within two weeks of taking the supplements his hair grew back. Dr. Pepi advised me to change his diet to five grain cereal. I make a mix of rice, grains and meat and he loves this. His is totally happy and delighted with his new “good” food. His energy level is now above normal, which is a major change. I’m really pleased with the great change in my pet.        F.N.


Yogi (my 14 year old Golden Retriever) was having hip pain to his right side.  He was unable to go through his doggie door,  unable to climb steps without difficulty, and was no longer enjoying his walks through his neighborhood.  After being treated by Dr. Pepi and strictly following the plan, he is now jumping through his doggie door, going up and down stairs, and enjoying his walks.  He thinks he is a puppy again! The other day, he even leaped through the air to get food out of my roommate's hand!   P.S.  His coat is beautiful!        E.M. for Yogi


Pearl was a very sickly stray kitten when I found her. She was starving, skinny, covered with ringworm and parasites, and had a cold that wouldn’t go away.

She is a full grown cat now, no longer starved, but always had a dull coat, runny nose and she was listless and just looked sickly. I have been giving her Dr. Pepi's recommended supplements, and after only one day she looks so much better. She is now fluffy, clean, and bright and looks like a different cat. This is after only one week on supplements.

Also, I have given my other two cats some of the supplements and have noticed them both looking brighter with more energy and glossier coats. That’s a great win for me. The Vet said that Pearl would never get over her “low level virus” or whatever he called it. I think one dose of the supplements handled it.        P.K. for Pearl


I have two cats and they happen to be brothers. Well, Tigger got real sick with a staph infection and ringworm to boot! When I realized that Tigger was not as healthy as he should be, I started both him and his brother on Dr. Pepi's recommended parasite remedy.  I took both my cats to the vet and he was amazed that Roo, Tigger’s brother, hadn’t gotten sick. It is very typical that two cats who are housemates share sicknesses.

So, I have been very impressed with the supplement and use it every day with my two precious cats.        R.H.


Dear Dr. Pepi,

My wart virus you treated is much better. The one on the top of my head is completely gone now so Jay and Jan stopped fussing over it so much! Thanks.        Deogee the Dog


I complained to Dr. Pepi that I couldn’t remember anything, including the next word I’d been about to say. She asked if I had cats, and indeed I do – 2 o f my most intimate friends. She gave me some herbal drops designed to knock out cat parasites in the brain (charming thought). It worked! I put myself, both cats and my husband on the drops and I can now finish sentences, etc.        G.D.


Maestro is a seven year old golden retriever who has been plagued with chronic ear infections. Every six months or so, he goes to the vet for anti-inflammatory medication antibiotics. They have not handled the problem. With one visit to Dr. Pepi we found out that he was allergic to all his medicine and food (with the exception of his anti-flea medication). After one week of the supplements and a change of food, the infection was totally gone and his energy skyrocketed. To say the least we are both grateful to Dr. Pepi.        M.S. for Maestro.


I brought my cat in after four or five days of desperate “no results” from two vets. He was not eating or walking and cried when I picked him up. The Vets had X-rayed and given extra fluids and said that they were doing all they could. I had to realize that, if he pulled though, it would be a long recovery.

Within one visit to Dr. Pepi and some special suppplements, he was bright, energetic, playful and eating more than twice what he ever did. His eyes are bright and his coat looks great. This change visibly occurred within the first visit! So much for a long recovery! Thanks.        D.F for Petie


My friend’s dog came home from the boarding facility and had loose stools and was vomiting. I gave it some of Dr. Pepi's recommended supplements, and immediately it got better and slept the whole day with no problem.        J.W.


I was sick with some diarrhea and I was very aggressive. With the right combination of supplements, I’m dong great. I have a renewed interest in people and I don’t fight any more.        H.M. (the dog)


I was vomiting and had a fever for three days. Also, I had a history of seizures and had one during my illness. I was mopey and couldn’t play because I felt so bad. I came to see Dr. Pepi and got put on a simple treatment that had me keeping down food with no fever within twenty-four hours. I can now play and run with no problem. And I haven’t had any seizures since.        H.M. (the dog)


I brought my dog Lolly Pup to Dr. Pepi when she was in very poor shape. Hot weather, flea allergy and prior upset were her problems. The vet would have given her cortisone and at the age of fifteen it would have given her more body problems fast. Dr. Pepi gave her six or eight vitamins a day and now she’s recovered and active and plays like a puppy. I feel she saved Lolly Pup’s life.        E.G.


When I was very tiny I lost my mommy. I tried to find some food but there was nothing to eat. I got so hungry that I tried to nurse on my brothers and sisters. They did not taste good and there was no milk.

Then a big human came and put me with a different mommy kitty. I tried to eat, but there were so many kittens for one mommy that I had to fight for my food and I was always hungry. So the human tried to feed me with a bottle. But I became very upset whenever she took the bottle away. When she put me to bed with the other kittens I was so hungry and nervous that I would go crazy and try to eat them.

Finally, a different human came and got me along with some other kittens. She was told that we were all wild and crazy and could not be tamed. It made me feel bad to hear that. This human and her friend took me home. They did give me lots of bottles and I got plenty to eat for the first time in my short life. But I would still go crazy and attack the other kittens. I even bit the nice human who was trying to feed me three times on the face and made her bleed. I felt sorry that I did it, but I could not help myself.

I had to be kept separated in a cat carrier and could not get out to play at the same time as the others. I was very lonely.

One of the humans was very smart and she went to Dr. Pepi’s office and got some vitamins and oils. I did not like the taste of the the vitamins, but I did feel much better after the humans gave me a little bit of it all ground up. Now the oil, Well… It tasted so good that I licked my paws and washed my face for an hour afterwards to make sure that I got it all. I felt so much better and for the first time I was calm and was not hungry. I ate my regular meals and felt satisfied and happy.

Now I get my daily dose of supplements and I am the sweetest happiest kitten you ever saw. I get to run and play with the other kittens and at night we all cuddle up together and lick each other. My human friends love to play with me and they have decided to keep me out of all the kittens because I am so darn cute! That means I have a real home!

Thank you Dr. Pepi for making sure that my humans could get these great supplements for me. I think that I am the luckiest kitten in the world!       Barbie Kitten (told to L.R.)


Holly is doing so much better! She came in after a heavy illness and long standing ear infection. She came in, was treated by Dr. Pepi, and was greatly improved within the week. She’s gotten better results with Dr. Pepi for all of her ailments than she has from any other treatments.        H.M. (dog)

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