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Athlete Health Problems

After seven years of ballet, I went into training for the Olympics on the balance beam. I was 15. A mishap on parallel bars dislocated bones in both wrists then a diving accident at 17 ended my athletic career. When I got out of bed the next morning, my mid and lower back pain dropped me to my knees. Doctors were useless. One told me to stay in bed for a year or my back would never heal. So I simply raised my threshold of pain and became very careful with stooping or bending motions. I’m now 45 years old and the pain build up over the years has reached difficult levels to overcome. I have not and would not use drugs so I felt I would simply have to endure this unending fire in my spine.

Dr. Pepi’s extraordinary technology fixed a disc in my spine, which I didn’t know was damaged. The fire went out! I’m dumfounded. If you have a dicey disk, let her fix it. She CAN!        D.G.W.


My son is a high school varsity basketball player who began having problems with his throat swelling up during games, making it difficult to breathe. This became a real issue and was occurring with greater frequency. We saw an ear-nose-throat specialist who examined him and said nothing was wrong structurally. Neither he nor the pediatrician could imagine what could be wrong. So…we came to see Dr. Pepi. She said he had an infection in his throat and that he was deficient in several nutrients. After one month on his program his throat problem was handled! I was amazed and he is so happy. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        L.D. for R.D.


I am a professional baseball manager, so obviously my body is important to me. I consider the technology Dr. Pepi uses, along with her integrity in administering it, indispensable to my life and athletic career. There is no health science more highly evolved and effective as the one she uses.

As well as routinely flying in for treatment myself, I recently sent a disabled pitcher of mine to her. No previous doctor had been able to handle his back pain so that he could pitch. After one visit with Dr. Pepi, he was able to pitch and helped us win the Texas League Championship.        T.I.


I came in today with extreme back pain. I’ve had back problems off and on ever since I ran the LA Marathon in ’92. I’ve been to several chiropractors and the pain never went totally away. Today, after Dr. Pepi treated and adjusted me, I had no more pain. The pain actually went totally away after she adjusted me! This is a big win for me since I’m an athlete and need my back!!        L.M.


I broke my ankle about a month ago and it really hurt. I went to Dr. Pepi and she gave me all of these vitamins to take. They really worked. Now my ankle is great and I can go on my soccer trip without any worries. The treatment is so great!!        T.W.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was feeling constantly fatigued, and I was experiencing headaches and muscle imbalance.  Also quite regularly I had to take my inhaler for my asthma that was being affected by pollens, grasses, and especially cat dander.  These were all troubles in my life that I wanted to reduce or get rid of altogether.  After hearing about Dr. Pepi and all the amazing results she has gotten, I knew I had to try it out.

Not more than a few weeks after I had seen her, I was feeling much better.  For fatigue she gave me some vitamins to take everyday and also some healthier alternatives to my diet.  I am a college athlete, so naturally sports drinks were a must-have, but after learning that they did more damage than giving you energy I immediately stopped.  Along with [cutting out] sports drinks, I also was told to change my diet by adding some more essential “energy” foods.  From these little changes I have seen a drastic increase in my athletic ability and stamina, and have been able to concentrate better.  Also…I have not had one headache since, which is extremely rare.

Also my new diet and alternative foods have helped with my muscle imbalance and asthma.  The muscle imbalance caused my knees, back, legs, and neck to hurt constantly.  After going in for an appointment, Dr. Pepi somehow got my muscles to start working properly again.  Now I seem to be more athletic, with less pain in everyday life.  My asthma has greatly improved since I have seen Dr. Pepi.  During certain times of the year I had to take my inhaler at least every other day, but now, I haven’t taken it since I have been treated.

In other words I highly recommend everyone to Dr. Pepi, as she has had some amazing results with me and countless other patients.        S.M.


Today I ran five miles for the first time since 1978 or 79. I am getting into shape faster than I did when I was twelve years younger. The difference is the diet that I have learned at this office. I have a lighter energy and more of it. My target was to do six miles but that’s too easy now. So I’m going for ten. It feels great!        N.W.


I am amazed at how well the vitamins work. I ran out of them for several days and completely lost my energy. I had to slow down significantly when I was cycling. Once I started taking them again, it was almost like getting an instant injection of energy into my system. This is great stuff, especially for athletes.        J.R.


When I first started getting treated by Dr. Pepi (last year) she wanted me to eat the five grain formula everyday, especially since I run and workout 4-5 times a week. I would eat grains for one week and then forget for two weeks and so on. It was hard to ever eat them. About two weeks ago I decided to just eat them everyday and WOW! I feel great! My energy is a lot higher and I actually enjoy eating them and don’t want to go a day without them! Thanks Dr. Pepi for insisting I eat them!        L.M.


I always knew that sugar was not good for you. But I loved my deserts – especially cake and cookies. I remember when I met my boyfriend that I’m living with now, Kurt, he said he would somehow get me off sugar! Well, it was easy to do with the help of the vitamins and Dr. Pepi’s constant communication to me. I really had no trouble at all. I feel much better! I used to eat a lot of sugar, especially after working out, or sometimes before, and all of a sudden my energy level would go way up and then later come way down. Now I feel energetic all the time and I don’t feel as tired. Sometimes I even feel as if I have more energy to work out, which I do on a daily basis. This is great! Thanks, Dr. Pepi!! I feel much calmer and not so hyper!        L.M.


I went skiing this weekend for the first time in ten years. Needless to say I was expecting to be sore and gimping around for several days afterward. But instead, I’ve felt great! No soreness whatsoever, even though I was using muscles that I’d forgotten I had. Additionally, while on the slopes, my skiing was better than it’s ever been! I have more energy and stamina than I had ten years ago and I was ten years younger then! Incredible!        S.C.


Last week my back went out and I had trouble moving about. After Dr. Pepi’s treatment I felt significantly better and after only a few days the pain was almost gone. After one week I worked out at the spa and lifted weights. The next day I was a little stiff but the basic problem was handled.

The last time my back went out in the exact same location it took a good month to handle it. My many thanks to Dr. Pepi for her great technology!        R.T.


I had a disc problem last summer which immobilized me for a while. I went to a chiropractor and got adjustments, but it seemed to take forever to heal. I was still seeing signs of it 2½ months later. Several weeks ago I played tennis and stressed the same disc. This time I went to Dr. Pepi. And in a week and a half my back was in better shape than it was last summer in 2½ months! Now we are working on making sure it doesn’t happen again. Those are some results! Thank you.        B.C.


Two years ago I badly pulled ligaments in my leg while skiing. After spending a week on crutches I went to a chiropractor. After two visits I really didn’t notice as much change as I thought there would be. Some months went by and I needed to really confront this problem as skiing season was approaching. I had maybe two visits with Dr. Pepi and I was off skiing and playing tennis. To this day my knee is totally fine!        K.P.


My shoulder had been aching for almost a week. It was a constant, bothering ache that restricted motion and activity. I was losing sleep due to the pain. I injured it in sports. Dr. Pepi adjusted me and I mean to say THAT HANDLED IT FULLY!        K.B.


I brought Olin, my sixteen year old son, to Dr. Pepi at Christmas time. He’d hurt his back in a sledding accident several months previously and was bothered by chronic pain which hampered his participation in sports. Not only did Dr. Pepi fix his back in the single visit that he had time for while here, but he has since called to say that he currently holds the school record for the fastest one and a half mile run: 8 minutes, 9 seconds!        A.T. for Olin


I came to see Doctor Pepi in September because I was lethargic and couldn’t seem to get rid of my colds. Dr. Pepi gave me supplements and not only did that heal me, but the next month, I began playing water polo. While all my teammates began dropping like flies midseason due to various illnesses, I stayed healthy! Yeah! Thanks Dr. Pepi, you’re wonderful!        N.E.


After four decades of super-flexibility, I seemed to have lost it after my pregnancy. I attributed it to the wear and tear on the body from the pregnancy plus the “natural” aging process. After my first in-depth treatment with Dr. Pepi, I experienced an astonishing degree of recovery of the flexibility, which I had assumed was gone forever. It was a lot more than I expected to get out of the treatments – a real bonus.        D.B.


I am a professional baseball player, so obviously my body is important to me. This space does not allow me to elaborate on all the injuries and health needs with which Dr. Pepi has helped me throughout my career. Suffice it to say that I consider the technology she uses along with her integrity in administering it indispensable to my life and athletic career. There is no health science more highly evolved and effective than the one she uses. My thanks to her for her ability to recognize truths.        T.I.

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