Successes - Back Problems

Back Problems

I came to Dr. Pepi in excruciating back pain.  I felt like a dying old woman at age 30.  I’d been told by chiropractors the only thing left to do was steroid injections or back surgery and I was freaked out.  After 2 weeks on Dr. Pepi’s supplements I’m feeling so much improved.  I only have a dull ache now in comparison to before.  It’s really like a miracle.        N.T.


Last May I dislocated my wrist and I went to a chiropractor near my home. He reset my wrist and gave me my first Chiropractic adjustment ever. Within hours I was in horrendous pain in my entire back and my wrist popped back out. He saw me for several more weeks and nothing helped. I had to sleep on the floor because with my husband in bed the mattress would tilt and my back couldn’t tolerate it. Sitting was so excruciating, we stopped going to movies or doing anything like that. The pain I had in my neck at times was unreal.

So I went to see two other Chiropractors who put me on some supplements and said I needed to come three times a week. I went for months. They also suggested physical therapy. I was still in pain most of the time. I often had to take Tylenol (which I hate) just to get through the day! 

It was now October and rather than waste even more money with another unknown Chiropractor, I decided to see Dr. Pepi because I had heard from a couple of people that she was really different and got fast results.

  After the hour with her, my upper back and neck (this was the most painful part of my spine) sweated for about twenty-four hours. It really felt like something was going on in the area. My back felt relieved as if someone had finally done what it wanted. After that I did not have to run to anyone to get adjusted just to manage my pain.

I saw Dr. Pepi quite a few times for my back after that.  I took supplements to fix the deficiency she found in my ligaments and supplements to heal the discs. It’s now 13 months after that first chiropractor, and I started a belly dancing class!  While I was there one day I realized I was doing repeated motions with my back that doing even once a few months ago would have left me in tears and taking Tylenol for days.

I wasted tons of money with other Chiropractors and got nothing for it. Dr Pepi has really different techniques that make traditional Chiropractic seem primitive.        M.P.


I am a professional baseball manager, so obviously my body is important to me. I consider the technology Dr. Pepi uses, along with her integrity in administering it, indispensable to my life and athletic career. There is no health science more highly evolved and effective as the one she uses.

As well as routinely flying in for treatment myself, I recently send a disabled pitcher of mine to her. No previous doctor had been able to handle his back pain so that he could pitch. After one visit with Dr. Pepi, he was able to pitch and helped us win the Texas League Championship.        T.I.


Recently I got very sick out of nowhere with a bad fever and really bad cold symptoms one night.  The following day I had terrible back pain.  It hurt so much that I couldn’t sleep and I had to walk and balance my body very slowly when moving.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Pepi and she told me that my kidneys were screaming and had an infection.  She did the treatment necessary to address both the source of my back pain and also my other symptoms.  She instructed me with detail on what to do to help my body get rid of the infections as well.  At the end of the treatment my back pain was 50% better and my body overall felt less stressed.  I followed all of her instructions and in two days my infection was 90% better (yayyy!) and a couple of days after that it was completely gone.  I used NO ANTIBIOTICS and NO PAIN PILLS for the pain or infection.  Not only that but I also lost a couple of pounds too!  My body was very happy and thankful for the treatment and spot-on program to handle this.  Thank you Dr. Pepi!        C.A.


Before coming to Dr. Pepi a month ago I thought I was dying (literally)! Extreme back pain nearly 24/7, no energy and after I ate anything I was unconscious for 1 ½-2 hours. After a fairly busy day, I had to sleep and rest the next day or two to recoup. I had constant stomach pain, elimination problems and crying at the drop of a hat. I hated myself and my body even more.

After seeing Dr. Pepi (St. Pepi to me), the tears stopped markedly in one day. After a couple of weeks, no more crying!! For me this was miraculous! Back pain reduced 80% (also miraculous since I spent over twenty years with chiropractic treatment to handle an injury that started this condition). The pain would bring me to tears. It’s hard to believe how much better I can stand up, get up from bed, get out of my car, walk and in general be mobile in the past few weeks since being on this program. I actually feel more energetic, even after eating. I lost ten pounds and we haven’t even addressed that area yet. I sleep longer at night and wake up more rested. My memory is improving! WOW! Amazing! My production has gone from only what I have to do, to getting things done that I’ve put off for months or years. I’m so happy I broke through all of my reasons why I shouldn’t see Dr. Pepi. She works miracles.        P.B.


 I’ve had major mid-back pain for the last twelve years (I’m not kidding)! I just lived with the pain every morning and by 9 or 10 it would be gone. I’ve had the best care at my disposal as I’m a chiropractic student. It got to the point that I would growl at anyone who tried to adjust the mid-back mainly because it hurt to adjust and it would remain upset for a few days and then return to its old habits. Dr. Pepi has allowed me to wake up pain free for the last few days by correctly spotting my kidneys and adrenals as the offending organs. I’m so excited that I just had to tell you about it.        D.S.


“I came to see Dr. Pepi three weeks ago for a strange horizontal band of pain I was having under my shoulder blades and lower. It felt like my back was breaking in half from the outside, not muscular and structural. Dr. Pepi discovered that it was my adrenal glands (they were “fried”) and kidneys. She treated me and gave a supplement program that dissolved the pain within days! I continue supplements and get more rest as she recommended to strengthen my adrenals and kidneys.”        J.S.


I had a big win on my first liver-cleanse. I had a nagging lower back pain for 3 weeks before that would not go away. The day after doing the liver cleanse, it disappeared and has never come back! This is great! You guys are good!        A.N.


Four years ago I saw Dr. Pepi re: a bad lower back/sacroiliac. I was bent over; walked like an old man. Earlier chiropractors took 1 – 2 weeks of visits to handle the condition. With Dr. Pepi we found out the real reason why. One adjustment and it has not been a problem since. – Unbelievable! Thank you.        W.F.


My car was rear-ended on the freeway. I suffered from severe neck and back pain. It was very painful to stand up straight and when I turned my head, even the slightest bit, it felt like someone was chopping at my neck with Paul Bunyan’s ax. Under Dr. Pepi’s care, I now have absolutely no back or neck pain. Thanks ever so much.        B.M.


Three months ago I had a whiplash accident. I had chiropractic care elsewhere. It was okay, but I still had pain and stiffness. After ONE treatment with Dr. Pepi, my neck relaxed fully and now after the second treatment my back is relaxing.        M.G.


For the last 2 years, I’ve been woken up with extreme lower back pain every morning due to kidney stones. I was ready to have a surgical operation to remove the walnut-size kidney stone. Dr. Pepi made one adjustment and the next morning there was no pain. It feels great to sleep until I want to get up (& no pain). Thanks, Anita.        B.M.


Miracles as usual! After being in pain from inflamed discs in the lower back so severe that I needed assistance getting in and out of bed, I got treated by Dr. Pepi. I was on my feet in two weeks, back to work in three weeks and weight training in four! Thank you so much Anita.        E.H.S.


I’ve had back discomfort and pain for over 10 years. After 1 week on the correct diet and supplements, my back pain is 80% better. This also has handled tiredness that was caused by my back pain. This was an exact right treatment by Dr. Pepi and her office. Thank you.        N.W.


I was involved in a car accident this Saturday. I experienced neck, shoulder and lower back pain over the weekend. Dr. Pepi treated me for a damaged disc on Monday and by Tuesday most of the pain was gone. I have remained calm, cool and collected during this ordeal (my car was totaled) so I guess I’m doing very well at handling stress, which was one of my major complaints upon coming here 3 months ago. Not only did Dr. Pepi clear up nagging symptoms from a car accident 6 years ago, she got me through this one in four days.        D.K.


I brought Olin, my 16 year old son, to Dr. Pepi at Christmas time. He’d hurt his back in a sledding accident several months previously. He was bothered by chronic pain which hampered his participation in sports.

Dr. Pepi fixed his back in one visit as that was all he had time for in L.A. Not only that, but he called 2 months after the treatment to say that he currently holds his school’s record for the fastest 1 ½ mile run – 8 minutes, 9 seconds.        A.T.


Before I came to see Dr. Pepi I was always exhausted.  I felt like a walking zombie.  She started me on some supplements and now I have more energy than before.  I wake up when the alarm clock sounds and I can last the day.
          I also was experiencing pain in my back and liver that doctors only gave me pain killers and muscles relaxers for.  I am not fond of this type of treatment.  With the supplements from Dr. Pepi I have hardly any pain.  My sleep is more restful because I am not in pain anymore.  Before if I moved at night I had so much pain it would wake me up.  Now nothing wakes me up.        C.A.


Dr. Pepi tried to convince me that her cranial therapy would help eliminate my back pain. After one sneeze, a disk that was almost blown, and 3 ½ months of continual improvement (due to standard Dr. Pepi treatments and supplements), my back felt much better until . . . I was in a car accident. It didn’t take long for me to ask for the cranial therapy after that. After the first treatment, I was pretty dazed, a little uncomfortable and sure that I never wanted to do it again. By the fourth treatment, my hearing was better (it was good to begin with!), my breathing was clearer, posture had improved, back pain minimized, energy level up and memory better! It was incredible. I still greatly dislike the process, my friends and colleagues think I’m nuts, but I don’t care – since I feel better and I’m signing up for another round of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy! Thanks Dr. Pepi!        C.D.


After the first visit to Dr. Pepi I felt as if I were walking on air. There was a spring in my step I hadn’t felt for many years – despite the fact I still weighed 280 pounds, and at 5’3”!

The craving for food ceased immediately after Dr. Pepi had me take the proper supplements. After three weeks I had dropped three sizes and carted off two sizes of clothes to a thrift store – totally confident that the weight/size loss is permanent. In addition the back pain I suffered for 39 years (since I was 11) subsided and I was able to physically accomplish tasks at a great rate and with a vengeance. As we continue treatment, I remain grateful to Dr. Pepi’s ability to help and heal.        L.H.


Since my second series of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, I’ve had two incidents of old back injuries from around 25 years ago start healing.

Yesterday I awoke with a screaming pain in my upper back (an old injury from a snap & pop chiropractor). I came in hardly able to walk or move at all. After one treatment by Dr. Pepi I was able to get some sleep & the next day my back is only giving me minor twinges.

Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy is helping my body to realign – and helping old problems to heal. Fantastic!        L.W.


After 1 series of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy I feel much more centered and I’m able to stand up taller, I have felt hunched over for 31 years. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        F.D.


Years! That’s how long the misalignment of the neck & low back has been going on. Sometimes pretty severe & a constant bummer. After Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy the tension in the neck was completely gone and continues to be 80%-90% more relaxed. It wasn’t until over a week after the first treatment that I realized I hadn’t even thought about the low back pain! Can’t recall having any difficulty with it since that 1st treatment.        T.R.


Last time Dr. Pepi treated me, I was pain free the next day. I could not believe it; I felt so good. Now, 2 years + later, my back hurt for the first time.        S.S.


I was slipping my disc about every 3 months, my back was painful most of the time. I was anxious and nervous of very physical activities, in case I put my back out.

The “after” and “before” would make a good photo ad, if you could photograph how I feel. The combination of the nutritional aid and Anita’s adjustments has added up to:

1) A back that doesn’t hurt any more.

2) a feeling of strength structurally

And for evidence of that being actual, I haven’t slipped my disc, even though I’ve done things (naughty me) that would have slipped it in the past. I can’t thank Anita enough!
She’s brilliant!!        V.K.


I came to Dr. Pepi for fertility and for severe low back pain. Due to Dr. Pepi’s treatments and supplements my back pain is almost completely gone and my hormones are now testing normal and I am ovulating. We are continuing to try to get pregnant (I am 45 years). Oh yes, and people say I look better! I think so too.        K.A.


Dr. Pepi, you are heaven sent to me and my family.  After my first visit with you my anxiety attacks are completely gone and I have been experiencing at least 50% relief of my back muscle spasms.  I had been trying for a long time different things but nothing worked.  You are a miracle worker.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!        E.Q.


I came in to Dr. Pepi to help with an overall fatigue situation and stress (I would get major headaches, etc.). Dr. Pepi’s initial program for me included her cranial therapy and two supplements to take. Now I have completed this first series of the cranial therapy with some amazing results.

First, energy levels have leaped up – I’m no longer “wiped out” when I go home from work. Next, my right nostril can breathe (have never been able to do so). Next, my hips have shifted – I swear I’m ½ inch taller, the bunion on my left foot has no more pain and is smaller, I have no lower back pain for the first time in years – and overall I feel much better. Thanks, Dr. Pepi and Staff.        C.M.


After one visit and getting on a program, my energy level is through the roof. My back problems, which have been horrible and chronic, have subsided at least 70 – 80%. Honestly, it took me too damn long to get down here and get treated. I look forward to having more successes to write about very soon.        R.C.


I’ve been taking Dr. Pepi's recommended supplement for my back and neck pain and I know it was very helpful. But just how helpful was made crystal clear the day I was unable to take it and my back returned to its original state. Resuming the supplement I became comfortable again.        S.N.


I finished my 8th visit for cranial therapy and I look like a completely different person! My face has taken on a much better shape and since the treatments my skin has had the best glow! My headaches are totally gone! My sinuses have cleared up! My ears have been kind ‘a muffled and now they aren’t! I have I felt brighter and happier and had a total sense of relief after I completed my treatments! My neck and upper back pains are gone and I can finally sleep comfortably, All Night Long! Thank you!        A.S.


I feel better after five visits with Dr. Pepi. I had two of her cranial therapy adjustments and a lower back pain I’ve had for 12 ½ years is 35% better. My face looks better too! Thanks.        A.G.


I came to see Anita three weeks ago with a multitude of problems ranging from exhaustion to swollen lymph nodes, immunity problems, “catching” every flu and infection under the sun, skin problems and upper neck and back pain. A few days ago after just two visits and following the diet she recommended for me and supplement program, I noticed an extreme increase in my energy. I haven’t been sick since taking the supplements, my skin has cleared up dramatically, lymph nodes have gone down and my back pain is minimal. What a difference from barely being able to do the simplest of tasks in a day. I am now operating at about 75% and getting stronger every day!        E.M.


I have scoliosis (my spine is abnormally curved sideways) and have been getting Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy to help this for about 6 months. Not only has the pain in my back gone away and my breathing (lungs) gotten better, but I’m also ¾ of an inch taller!        K.K.


With just the 4 cranial therapy treatments I have already noticed the following improvements:

1) My ability to breath through my nose has increased a lot. I used to only breathe through my mouth because I felt I didn’t get enough air.

2) As a singer, I’ve noticed a big change in the volume and resonation of my voice. Last night I was amazed at the sound I was generating.

3) I’ve always has sacrum problems and now I don’t have nightly discomfort that keeps me awake. It is a 99% improvement! And this was after the first treatment – day one!
This stuff is very cool!!!        N.M.


I injured myself kickboxing and was a mess—I was dizzy, felt spacey, had pain pretty much everywhere on my upper body, neck, back and head. I felt like I was dying and I had no idea what had happened to me.

Dr. Pepi helped me so much; there are no words of gratitude to say what she did for me in 30 minutes. She understood exactly what had happened with my body and how I damaged my meningeal sheath (the thick covering around my spinal cord). Immediately after leaving I felt more alert and my head pain had stopped completely. Each day after my visit I feel better. I am almost 100% back to my feisty self and it’s only been 4 days since she woke my body up again! Thank You, Dr. Pepi!        W.L.T.


I had the worst back pain of my life and Dr. Pepi took a look at my problem and at my physical characteristics and told me what to do. I did it and now my back is 100% better and after I’ve worked 12 ½ hours on my feet I go home pain free. I’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time and now I can relax. Thanks, Dr. Pepi! The orthotics did the trick.        L.M.S.


Wow! I came to Dr. Pepi to get help with my insomnia and Lo and Behold! She, through her remarkable touch, seems to have cured a back problem with my lower back that I’ve had for years and which I thought was permanent. Boy am I surprised and happy. Now my back doesn’t hurt every time I stand up for more than five minutes!!!        S.W.


When Dr. Pepi suggested I get fitted with orthotics to help my back I was skeptical. From the first day of wearing my orthotics I called them my personal miracle. I can now function as a normal person. I can walk holding my son or carrying him on my back. I can stand, bend, run, exercise, etc… Thank you, Dr. Pepi!        W.M.F.


It’s been over a year since I saw Dr.Pepi and moved back to Texas from LA. This week I saw a chiropractor (for the first time in five years) that I used to go to a lot before seeing Dr. Pepi. She was really amazed at how much straighter my back is now and wanted to know how it happened. She remembered the hump that I had before. I told her about Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy and she was impressed and thinking maybe she should see about getting trained to do it.

I was seeing this chiropractor because my neck was really out and causing lots of headaches. I recalled that this was an area we didn’t address much with the cranial therapy, so now I’m thinking of saving up my $$ to make a trip to LA for Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy for my neck!        S.M.


After my back injury my right foot and leg suffered from constant cramping and shooting pain. Even driving in the car for more than an hour caused my foot to cramp severely. The orthotic devices have allowed me to drive without pain. In fact, after a 1 year hiatus from jogging I’ve returned to that activity and I don’t suffer any muscle cramping or pain!        W.D.


Before coming to Dr. Pepi's office, I was suffering from low back pains. I tried everything in the book to stop the pain. The first thing Dr. Pepi recommended was getting some rest while taking specific supplements. What a difference 5 days of rest can make. The rest also gave me a chance to really become more in tune with my body and discover what it needs to function properly. Thank you, Dr. Pepi, for initiating the discovery.        M.W.


 I’ve had a sacrum problem since an injury six years ago. After three other doctors working on it and nothing getting resolved, I was very frustrated and thought I would have to go through the pain the rest of my life.

Wow! What a relief. After seeing Dr. Pepi several times I now see I can be pain free and won’t have to live with it. I also had a wrist problem that just got worse with my last doctor but with Dr. Pepi it’s improving too. Thanks Dr. Pepi for finding the cause and fixing that.        J.L.M.


About 3 ½ months ago I went home to visit my parents and in my mind was the feeling that I might be dying myself. I know my parents are pretty sick and I needed to go see them while they are fairly OK.

Back in California, I started going to Dr. Pepi every two weeks. Today I am definitely going to live. I can think again, which means I can plan the future again. My gums got healthy after one visit. That was just an aside from the main topic.

Right now I’m getting my back handled from a childhood trauma. I just tell Dr. Pepi what I have my attention on and she gets started with treatment. I don’t ever want to go anywhere else.        J.S.


I want to say that one of the most debilitating events of my recent life was when I bent down to pick up a shoe and threw my back out. This led to excruciating pain, crawling around and using crutches. Anita saw me right away and my symptoms became progressively better for about two weeks. Then I had a relapse due to poor diet and using my back incorrectly. She recommended specific supplements and it was amazing, but the back pain went away. A couple days later, I stopped taking it (against doctor’s orders) and the pain returned. Taking it again the pain left and has not returned.  Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        G.B.


Well, the other day I had such severe low back pain and leg weakness that I had to lift up my leg with my hands to put on the emergency brake in the car or to try to cross my legs. It hurt constantly and severely. After one adjustment this is 75 – 80% better!! Good work!!        S.K.


I have started a few weeks ago on a program from Dr. Pepi and I have had very good improvements on a back problem that I have had for the last two years. The problem is basically gone. The same for my problem with energy level that is constantly bettering.        J.L.


Hi! Happy New Year!! Since my treatments started (last month) here are the improvements:

1. Coffee – 4 cups to 1 cup per day.

2. Sugar – 50% down.

3. Wine – 75% down.

4. Beer – 50% down.

5. Prostrate – 75% improved.

6. Back pain – 85% improved.

7. Sleeping – 50% better.

Wow! Thanks, Dr. Pepi!!        C.P.


After one treatment on my back I went home and in less than 24 hours all of the pain was gone and I could move my arm.        D.P.


To Whom it may concern: Because two of my sons had experienced dramatic improvements in their health after being treated by Dr. Anita Pepi, I began traveling to Los Angeles to see her myself.

Since 1993 she has helped me with several problems, two being most important. I am amazed and delighted at the results.

1. When we first met, I relied on an inhaler to help control my asthma. Her treatments have helped so much that I no longer experience severe breathing stress; it has been more than a year since I last used the inhaler. Asthma symptoms are approximately 50% LESS than three years ago.

2. In June of 1994 I went to her because of strong pain in the lower back, cramping and discomfort clear down to my right foot. This had continued for several months. Frequent visits to a chiropractor in Olympia did not help. I could not walk normally, but limped into her office. She worked with me for two hours. The relief was immediate and I was able to walk out comfortably.

There has been only one recurrence in June 1996. As soon as I felt some pain, I made an appointment with Dr. Pepi to prevent anything becoming serious. At this time I am completely pain-free. Back symptoms are 95% LESS than in 1994.

I can most emphatically recommend Dr. Pepi’s expert care.        A.M.L.


My feet absolutely love these orthotics. I don’t want to walk around without them. What has happened is that the orthotics are completely supporting my feet like they have never seen before. It has taken away a ton of stress off my feet, legs and lower back. Thanks for the correct evaluation and handling. Dr. Pepi is an amazing chiropractor.        J.R.


One week ago I came in with a long term sore back. After seeing Dr. Pepi, it’s almost totally gone. Thanks.        R.T.


I’m having great success getting my body back in healthful shape after going through a severe emotional shock. The supplements and treatments from Dr. Pepi have gotten me almost completely back to normal in one week! And this is from not being able to eat or sleep and having a lot of back pain. Thanks Dr. Pepi        N.N.


I came back for a visit a few months ago due to upper neck and general back problems. Dr. Pepi recommended specific supplements. My back was perfect in less than a week. It didn’t take her a moment to find out what the problem was. A genius!!        B.C.


About three months after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, I started having severe lower back problems. I was in a lot of pain and found it difficult just to roll over in bed. I saw Dr. Pepi twice and it was completely handled! I have had no trouble since and it’s been four months. Thank you very much, Dr. Pepi!        W.L.


Back in September of last year, I managed to get into a very bad disc problem. It was bad enough that I couldn’t be up and around for more than fifteen minutes at a time, and was out of work for over a month.

I finally came to see Dr. Pepi who, among other things, put me on a vitamin regimen of regular vitamin supplements. Within one week I was up and around. And within two weeks I was back to work.       B.B.


These treatments have done more to align and relax my entire spine than any other single thing I’ve ever done!        T.R.


Dr Pepi has helped me a lot over the past two years. Energy up, stronger, bad back much, much improved. Though I only can see her a couple of visits a year, her treatments and supplements have helped save my life.        F.C.


I had quite an amazing recovery on the Body Programming. Chronic back pain, all over my back practically, disappeared after only on treatment. Thank you Dr. Pepi. I feel much better.        J.H.


I came to Dr. Pepi for treatment of a persistent lower back problem and sciatica, which was resistive to prior treatment from other chiropractors. Dr. Pepi’s treatment handled that problem completely in about four weeks of one visit each week. The treatments were entirely non-invasive and spectacularly successful. Of course the treatments didn’t just handle the back problem, but to finally handle the underlying problem which was a tantamount reason for the back problem to begin with. My recommendation: If you’ve got a body problem, see Dr. Pepi first – you won’t need any other treatment.        C.P.G.


In five days, my painful back condition improved by 60% and I feel confident that her treatment will take the healing process much further along. It’s much more fun to have a body without so much discomfort. Dr. Pepi’s multi-dimensional approach, attention to detail and her craftsman-like approach to her professional skills make for a very potent combination toward health improvement. Much Aloha from a Maui Guy!        A.M.


I’m dong so much better now. I’m not in so much pain. I am not uncomfortable any more. My cold is doing well, not so much coughing. This is the history of my back and cold.        J.K.


I am very pleased with the results of the program that Dr. Pepi had me do. I had a bad back pain that went away over night after a lot of Gallstones were passed. I feel much better. Thank you.        J.B.


I came here with several problems: neck and lower back pain, metabolism and sleep problems. The pains are gone – The metabolism and sleep are handled! Many thanks.        B.T.


I’d like to thank Dr. Pepi for her honesty. I had severe back pains. After just one appointment and within two days of that, my pain had reduced 95%. After seven days my body feels 105% incredible. I’m running seven miles every morning. But you must follow her instructions and take what she gives you. I didn’t think my back would move again! I would also like to thank her heart therapy. She’s amazing! I would like to thank Dr.Pepi and give her a great hug!        M.S.


Dr. Pepi cured my back pains in one go. I had a muscle spasm. She cured it. I was in agony for days and after one visit I walked out feeling great!        J.W.


My lower back had been in extreme pain to the extent that I could barely get out of bed or up off the couch. After one treatment I experienced about 85% relief and have had no attention on my back problems for most of the past week.        T.B.


WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I had chronic pain in my whole back such that it would keep me awake every night. Also, I was fatigued during the day. This had been going on for weeks – nearing months. I saw Dr. Pepi ONE TIME and my fatigue vanished. My back pain decreased incredibly. I thought I was in for week and weeks of serious back work. If I can get these results in just one visit, I can only rejoice in where my health will be after another few!! Thank, Thanks, Thanks a ton. I’LL BE BACK!!        A.C.


I came in the 3rd week of March almost crawling. I was unable to walk right and unable to sleep at night due to being in very intense pain in my lower back. By March 27 my pain completely went away and I can walk correctly again.        R.H.


Before I went to Dr. Pepi I had a terrible lower backache. I was also late on starting my period. After about a month of taking the supplements that Dr. Pepi gave me, my lower backache dramatically improved. Plus I started my period with no painful symptoms! Thank you Dr. Pepi.        K. age 14


Having only the time to see Dr. Pepi for about five visits before going out of town, I gave her about five of the most noticeable physical downfalls.

1) rarely any energy

2) neck pain

3) lower back pain

4) too few bowel movements

5) leaning on eyeglasses for reading.

In about five visits (or two weeks) my energy jumps after arising and until about three PM. My neck pain is gone, my lower back pain is greatly reduced, my bowels are regular and to my surprise, I preferred not using glasses for typing letters very recently. I am glad that someone recommended Dr. Pepi to me. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.        J.R.


Well, what can I say? My lower back went out on Sunday night. I received an adjustment from Dr. Pepi on Monday night and on Tuesday I was working with only minor discomfort. Before her adjustment I was hunched over and in a lot of pain. I was scheduled for another appointment one week later and I thought that maybe any residual pain could then be handled. The pain was already gone before the appointment.

About seven years ago when I first had the same back problem it took one and a half months for the pain to disappear using traditional chiropractic techniques. You’re a miracle worker, Dr. Pepi. Thanks for all your help.        Love, R.T.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was feeling constantly fatigued, and I was experiencing headaches and muscle imbalance.  Also quite regularly I had to take my inhaler for my asthma that was being affected by pollens, grasses, and especially cat dander.  These were all troubles in my life that I wanted to reduce or get rid of altogether.  After hearing about Dr. Pepi and all the amazing results she has gotten, I knew I had to try it out.

Not more than a few weeks after I had seen her, I was feeling much better.  For fatigue she gave me some vitamins to take everyday and also some healthier alternatives to my diet.  I am a college athlete, so naturally sports drinks were a must-have, but after learning that they did more damage than giving you energy I immediately stopped.  Along with [cutting out] sports drinks, I also was told to change my diet by adding some more essential “energy” foods.  From these little changes I have seen a drastic increase in my athletic ability and stamina, and have been able to concentrate better.  Also…I have not had one headache since, which is extremely rare.

Also my new diet and alternative foods have helped with my muscle imbalance and asthma.  The muscle imbalance caused my knees, back, legs, and neck to hurt constantly.  After going in for an appointment, Dr. Pepi somehow got my muscles to start working properly again.  Now I seem to be more athletic, with less pain in everyday life.  My asthma has greatly improved since I have seen Dr. Pepi.  During certain times of the year I had to take my inhaler at least every other day, but now, I haven’t taken it since I have been treated.

In other words I highly recommend everyone to Dr. Pepi, as she has had some amazing results with me and countless other patients.        S.M.


I have had back problems for most of my life. Since seeing Dr. Pepi I have gotten a great deal of relief. Actually my back is not hurting at all right now. Thanks.        E.E.


This is to thank you for helping me recover from the lower back pain which had made my life miserable for several months. I cannot only credit your treatment with helping to solve my back problem, but also for giving me the means to realize better health overall, through a good diet and beneficial vitamin supplements.

I consider myself to be a healthy person and have neither time nor inclination to indulge in unnecessary doctor’s visits. I was happy, therefore, to find your treatment effective and reasonably quick.        E.R.B.


When I came to Dr. Pepi I had been in pain for two months and it was worsening. The chiropractor I had been seeing was trying to prepare me for an extended disability as my damaged disc was not repairing. So, I was rather depressed, scared and a bit crazy from having been in pain for so long when I turned up at Dr. Pepi’s door.

The type of treatment I have received here was different from what I had experienced at other chiropractors, but I was most impressed by the strong feeling I got from the doctor and her staff that all was under control and that they were able to handle anything that was needed in treating my injury. This is very reassuring when you’re in a weakened state and in fact I soon came to realize that just about every factor that could have a bearing on my back problem was being evaluated and taken into consideration in my treatment plan.

Within a couple of days I was our of pain and had a routine in place for diet, supplements, chiropractic adjustments and some retraining about how to move, bend and do daily activities that has allowed me to progress steadily to recovery. With the regimen in place I returned to work after five weeks in Dr.’s care. So I would recommend the doctor to anyone with either a long-range or immediate health problem.        C.J.B.


Last week I received from Dr. Pepi what I have to call a “Total Treatment”! Every one of my body’s chronic stiff spots – neck, back, low back, ankle – completely released as a result of the treatment she gave me and the nutritional follow up she advised. That is the first time this body has experienced that! It’s great!!        T.R.


I went to Dr. Pepi as my back was very painful. I had had it for six months and was not able to move easily. Dr. Pepi did a proper observation as to the physical problem and put me on vitamins and grains. This resolved my back pain 100%. Also my energy level has increased beyond what I even hoped for – I also now do weight lifting each night after work as I have more energy. I’ve referred a few people so far. Thanks for your help.        N.S.


Since your treatment of my back on May 14, I have not had a recurrence of the lower back pain! Thank you. (I have continued doing the back exercises prescribed by the chiropractor in Olympia. They are much easier now.)        A.M.L.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi for almost a year on a regular basis having come to her with a severe back pain. The back pain was basically handled within two months but I’ve continued my visits for the general improvement of my health and especially my energy level. I have seen steady improvement in both energy level and well being. This last week I have felt healthier and had more energy than I have had in over fifteen years. Thanks, Doc.        B.M.


I came in today with extreme back pain. I’ve had back problems off and on ever since I ran the LA Marathon in ’92. I’ve been to several chiropractors and the pain never went totally away. Today, after Dr. Pepi treated and adjusted me, I had no more pain. The pain actually went totally away after she adjusted me! This is a big win for me since I’m an athlete and need my back!!        L.M.


I had what looked like seizures for over four years and it was getting worse. I had my brain checked, etc. I came to Dr. Pepi and she found out that it was due to a pinch in my spinal cord that occurred when I had an Epidural for my child!! She has been treating me for several years and once she discovered this, my seizures diminished immensely. I have not had one seizure in almost one year and no drugs to help handle this. She really knows her stuff and can apply it!  I’m walking, smiling proof! Thanks, Dr. Pepi. You’re Great!!        N. N.


After my visit with Dr. Pepi today I feel “released” from my back situation. I thought about my lower back alot because it was painful, which caused me to be irritated and unhappy. After Dr. Pepi’s treatment I feel more like me, instead of my back. Thanks.        V.H.F.


I had a tremendous back pain that I thought would be with me forever! Dr. Pepi has treated me twice (two years ago and just recently) with no pain and I’m active. Had I followed my instructions the first time I probably wouldn’t have had to come back. Other chiropractors I’d been to don’t seem to be in the same league as Dr. Pepi.        M.C.


My car was rear ended on the freeway. I suffered from severe neck and back pain. It was very painful to stand up straight and when I turned my head, even the slightest bit, it felt like someone was chopping at my neck with Paul Bunyon’s Axe. Under Dr. Pepi’s care I now have absolutely no back or neck pain. Thanks ever so much.        B.M.


I came here to Dr. Pepi’s last week and I had a pain in my lower back. She did not know this. However, she insisted I use a wedge cushion as per her it helps put the spine in a more natural and less stressful position. Anyhow, the long and short of it is that the pain totally dissipated.        G.S.


When I came to Dr. Pepi I had horrible headaches and very bad lower back pain. After one month I’m almost all better. A.K.


I have had some type of back problem for at least one third of my life. Lately, since around August of 1990, I started having severe pain in my left hip. I have had chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy for the past year and a half with not much success. I have also been treated by our family doctor many times for any ache or pain related to my back. Since my arrival to LA, December 11, I have visited Dr. Pepi on four occasions. She changed my diet and put me on supplements. Most of my problems are now diminishing and my back is in a healing process. Dr. Pepi took me off all the drugs and I feel just wonderful. Hopefully, if I do as I am told, I should be free from pain from 100% down to at least 10% or possibly no pain at all. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        J.D.


I received some treatment on my lower back. It really made a major difference and my back was immediately and completely handled. Thanks, Dr. Pepi and staff.        G.C.


Three months ago I had an accident and suffered whiplash. I had chiropractic care elsewhere. It was OK, but I had pain and stiffness. After ONE treatment with Dr. Pepi, my neck relaxed fully. And now, after the second treatment my back is relaxing.        M.G.


After years of back pain and other body problems, as well as treatments by other chiropractors, naturopaths, etc., I have been coming to Dr. Pepi for six weeks. My back pain is gone! I suddenly realized one day that I wasn’t living with constant pain and discomfort! I am amazed! Dr. Pepi’s tech really works! Thanks!        D.S.


After my first visit to Dr. Pepi, my back injury that two other chiropractors couldn’t handle is 80% handled and I got rid of a cold. Thanks. Dr. Pepi. My co-workers are asking for your cards.        L.P.


Last week my back went out and I had trouble moving about. After Dr. Pepi’s treatment I felt significantly better and after only a few days the pain was almost gone. After one week I worked out at the spa and lifted weights. The next day I was a little stiff but the basic problem was handled.

The last time my back went out in the exact same location it took a good month to handle it. My many thanks to Dr. Pepi for her great technology!        R.T.


After suffering a back injury that left me getting around on all fours, Dr. Pepi had me up and walking in a day!        L.L.


I feel so much better! I even feel a few years younger! My leg and back pain have disappeared, I have more energy and I sleep great!

Also, my daughter is doing great – no more colds! And she does not complain that she is tired all the time. I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Pepi.        J.M.R.


Dr. Pepi has helped me tremendously. I had a pain in my lower back that I was not able to get rid of. In one visit the back pain was taken care of. I have not had any other pain. I feel better and have more energy. I am pleased to have a nutritional program that is well balanced and supplements that work.        A.L.W.


I came to Dr. Pepi with a low stamina situation, back pain and headaches which occurred unexpectedly. My stamina has increased. Chronic back pain has left and headaches disappeared. Her techology is great and it brings about a change if followed.        I.S.


Last Monday night I came in with my whole left side like a pretzel. Everything hurt – my arm, my hips, my lower back, and my knee. Ten minutes later I was fine. It just all went away and hasn’t come back. Truly amazing.        L.W.


I went walking for hours this weekend for the first time in two years with no lower back pain.        L.W.


I came in to see Dr. Pepi because I had lower back pain severe enough to interfere with my normal activities. Both knees had also been intermittently giving me trouble as was the right hinge joint of my jaw. One visit, some chiropractic adjustment and correction and the recommended supplement added to my program and all pains are GONE by the next day! It’s been two weeks now and everything is just dandy. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        A.F.


I had a disc problem last summer which immobilized me for a while. I went to a chiropractor and got adjustments, but it seemed to take forever to heal. I was still seeing signs of it 2½ months later. Several weeks ago I played tennis and stressed the same disc. This time I went to Dr. Pepi. And in a week and a half my back was in better shape than it was last summer in 2½ months! Now we are working on making sure it doesn’t happen again. Those are some results! Thank you.        B.C.


A day ago I came into Dr. Pepi’s office with back pain, neck pain, leg pain and nausea. She told me I was not eating correctly and so I started to eat what she told me to and by the next day they [the pains] were all gone.        T.B.

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