Successes - Breast Problems

Breast Problems

I went to the gynecologist for a routine test. The doctor found a lump in one breast. It was like a very hard pea-sized lump. I called Dr. Pepi right away and she put me on a 2-week program. She said it had helped some people get rid of cysts.

I went for the usual tests. The doctor wasn’t sure if it was only a cyst or something else. When I went for the tests it had already changed size and shape. I had to go see a specialist. By the time I got to see that doctor the lump had totally disappeared.        S.L.


Well, I’m breast feeding and what happened is that my left breast clogged up and became very hard. Dr. Pepi fixed that. After my visit I could feel the clog breaking down. It now feels normal again. Thank you.        L.L.


When I came to see Dr. Pepi my mammograms were very suspect, never clear and had to be followed up with ultrasound and more tests to determine whether the odd-looking calcified material was cancerous. She suggested I apply a specific cream regularly to the left breast (the messy one) and thought that the following year’s mammogram would surprise the doctors by being clear. I was somewhat skeptical, but the fun of amazing the doctors inspired me to be fairly diligent in applying the cream. Lo and Behold! The next year the mammogram was clear! I wasn’t called back for tests at all! Hooray, Dr. Pepi!        D.R.


Recently I had an Infra-red mammogram. I got a 100%, meaning no hot spots at all. The M.D. said it was the best he’d seen and he’d been doing this for 20 some years. He said I was one in a few hundred that he would give 100% to. I asked if vitamins made a difference. He said, “Definitely!” I want to thank Dr. Pepi for the valuable service she provides. As an aside this type of mammogram was a pleasure, no pain at all. I highly recommend it.        M.H.


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