Successes - Cancer


About a year ago my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Because he’s elderly the doctor felt he was not a good candidate for surgery. He was put on a regimen of estrogen to reduce the tumor. The hormones caused him to have hot flashes. I suggested that he start taking a supplement recommended by Dr. Pepi. After a year of treatment, his PSA levels have returned to normal and he feels better than he has in years. My dad has done so well on the supplement that Dr. Pepi recommended that his doctor is now prescribing it for all of his prostate cancer patients.        S.M.


I have been coming to Dr. Pepi for over a decade, and have seen my health improve. In May of 1997, I came down with cancer. I feel that if it was not for Dr. Pepi, I would not have beat cancer. Dr. Pepi has improved my life.        N.N.


I came in with a plethora of problems (colon tumor, slight stroke) and got straightened out and on what I know is the correct path to a complete handle.  Dr. Pepi is spot-on and terrific.        R.P.

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