Successes - Cell Phone, Computer, Radiation

Cell Phone, Computer, Radiation

         I used to get dizzy and could feel a “buzz” from my cell phone when it was up to my ear. I put a Ladybug on and it all got better. Then one day I lost the ladybug and didn’t notice until I got headaches every time I used my cell phone. They stopped when I put the Ladybug back on. Lately I could feel heat and buzzing from my cell phone again, so I put a second Ladybug on the phone and those symptoms vanished. They really do work!        T.N.


My frequent headaches are almost non-existent since putting your Lady Bug on my cell phone! Thank you!        C.W.


After applying the “ladybug” to my cell phone I no longer had a red and irritated ear. Now, I’m able to use my phone longer with less fatigue! Thanks.        M.H.


It’s been great using the lady bug for the cell phone. I had been getting head aches. Not any more. There really is something to this. Thank you.        P.R.


I love my cell phone “lady bug”. Before I could feel the bad vibes going into my head when I used the cell, and I spent time pushing them out – but now my cell phone is friendly!        G.D.


Since I put a ladybug on my cell phone I am amazed at the difference I feel now using my phone. Prior to the ladybug I used to experience a heating up of my ear, headaches, dizziness and nausea to the point where I felt so bad that I would have to excuse myself to get off the phone. I never realized that it was all from my phone. All these symptoms are symptoms of radiation. Thank goodness I am no longer radiating my brain! I am proud to say I am a “Z” ladybug user!        J.K.


I just put the “Lady Bug” on my cell phone. When I used the phone before, I could actually feel pain or radiation going into my ear. It would give me immediate headaches. I can actually feel an obvious difference. It’s hardly noticeable any more. It’s really good because I always have attention on it when I use the phone but it’s now no problem.        J.L.


I have had a chronic spasm in my left shoulder for years. It would wax and wane and periodically pinch a nerve and give me a migraine. So it has been a source of aggravation for some time. One day I noticed that the moment I turned on my computer at work, I instantly got pain in my shoulder. The muscle tightened up like a rock and I got a headache. Dr. Pepi explained the connection between the electromagnetic waves and the effect on the body. It was very hard to imagine, but I got the recommended solution and haven’t had a problem since. So, after years of trying to handle the problem chiropractically, nutritionally and spiritually to no avail, this did it!  Thank you Dr. Pepi!      J.S.


           I was having a mental fogginess and kind of tiredness that was not due to lack of sleep. After one day on my supplement and use of the great Ladybug for my phone, I was 100% better. Thank you very much.        A.N.


         When I would use my cell phone (which was 15 min a day) I would come to work spinning and “out of it” and very forgetful. Ever since I’ve been off my cell, which has been about 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve been SO alert. I remember things that I would pick up in a conversation even if I wasn’t concentrating on what was said, I’ll just recall it. My awareness has improved tremendously. I don’t feel like such an air head any more.        N.W.

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