Successes - Child Study Problems

Child Study Problems

“My son was hyperactive and the worst one in his first grade class. The kindergarten teacher almost kept him over because of his uncontrolled behavior. He has seen Dr. Pepi only once, and has become so manageable in class that the teacher was able to move him up to the top reading group. He also is one of the first children to turn in his math papers and when he does, they are all correct. I recommend this wonderful Doctor to ANYONE who has a child with this problem.”        P.K.


My son was having trouble in school. I was desperate to try anything to help him. I read in Dr. Pepi’s “Healthy Children” brochure about another child who was having similar problems. I knew I had to take him to see her.

Within a week of being treated by Dr Pepi and getting a special supplement program from her, his whole attitude changed. He’s always been the one who makes us laugh, but now it’s in a whole new level. He used to cry a lot when I’d try to teach him. Now he doesn’t cry anymore! And his skin color is better. He used to be pale and now he looks rosy.        M.P.


My son was having difficulty paying attention in his 2nd grade class at school. He had been “unofficially” labeled “ADD” by his teacher.

One visit with Dr. Pepi uncovered three separate ailments, which were all contributing to his inability to concentrate. After just one treatment and getting him on the proper supplements, two weeks later his teacher told me he had made remarkable improvements. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        R.P.


My son Kei started going to Dr. Pepi after he had been kicked out of two different schools. He started going to Dr. Pepi when he started his third school. After only approximately five months of treatment he has changed considerably. His teachers started noticing change and I have had several mothers of children in special education ask me what I had done. Since his current treatment with the recommended supplements, my son has become manageable and is able to do things he couldn’t do before, like sleep through the night and stay focused in school. Thank you!        B.S.


I brought my five year old son expecting some change/improvement on his health. Jordan had been losing weight and he has always been on the pale side. One visit with Dr. Pepi and a change in his diet made a big difference. His teacher no longer complains of him wriggling so much that it distracts the other students. He has a nice rosy color and he eats the foods that he used to hate. He has so much energy and actually enjoys going to the park to play.        A.D.

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