Successes - Children's Health Problems

Children's Health Problems

My six year daughter was very allergic to bees and would swell up majorly for days, itch and become very red and a bit lethargic. As my husband was very allergic as well and required medical help when he was stung, we were increasingly worried. I brought Jessy to Dr. Pepi and within one week she was cured. We know this because she happened to get stung a week later and it was the first time she didn’t swell up, get red or itchy!        L.T.


"After seeing Dr. Pepi, my son's ear aches stopped in a few days.  He was getting a virus all the time since he was born and it got treated by Dr. Pepi.  Thanks to her, he is not going to need harmful antibiotics anymore.  He is a healthy child thanks to Dr. Pepi."        K.H.


Lucas is 5 years old and came to Dr. Pepi with asthma. From 6 months old he was having attacks about once a month. He was in need of breathing treatments during these periods and you could hear him wheeze. He was hospitalized two times. Eventually he was put on an inhaler four puffs a day. I brought him to Dr. Pepi because the inhaler changed his mood. After 4 months of supplements and changing his diet, he went off his inhaler. Now after one year he takes only supplements and has not had any trouble breathing.        K.L.


After his first visit with Dr. Pepi, my son started doing better. He started being able to move his body a lot better and talking much more.

No Doctor had been able to do anything for my son (2 years old). They just said his brain was not doing well. My son has never walked or even crawled, he just drags himself around. I think Dr. Pepi can really help my son because he looks a lot better already.”        J.D.


"We have had great success with the program Anita gave us to help our kids sleep more. My kids are 3 years old and 8 months old and both have never been the greatest of sleepers. Following Anita's instructions with the use of two products, they have both become excellent sleepers, who sleep mostly through the night"        B.B.


Thank you so very much for getting rid of Sarah's rash.  She was covered with it.  You were able to handle it and it was gone in 3 days.  Thanks again.        L.S.


My son was feeling terrible for about a week, not himself, cryng off and on.  One trip to Dr. Pepi's and he felt unsickly, became himself, and with Dr. Pepi's remedy, within a few days, became his total self again.  Thank you so much, as usual.        G.S.


“When I first came to Dr. Pepi, my breathing (lungs) would get so bad that…I couldn’t walk up a hill without being out of breath and wheezing. She fixed my lungs up and now I can run up a hill and do a very tough dancing class without a single wheeze or any trouble at all!”        K.N.


I brought my son in to see Dr. Pepi because of severe food allergies—he couldn’t eat corn, dairy, wheat, chocolate and sugar or he would get sick.  Dr. Pepi recommended some vitamins and supplements and he is now able to eat all of those without getting sick!  I didn’t think that would ever happen.        N.D.


“My son, Dylan, (10 years old), used to have dark circles around his eyes and used to look haggard and pale. After only two treatments, his dark circles are gone and his cheeks are rosy. He looks healthy and feels energetic.”        D.S.


“I came to see Doctor Pepi in September because I was lethargic and couldn’t seem to get rid of my colds. Dr. Pepi gave me supplements and not only did that heal me, but the next month, I began playing water polo. While all my teammates began dropping like flies midseason due to various illnesses, I stayed healthy! Yeah! Thanks Dr. Pepi, you’re wonderful!”        N.E.


Dr. Pepi helped with my son’s ear infection.  He has seen MDs and they always gave him antibiotics.  She had him use a specific solution which was great…[it] did something with his ph/acid balance and he was all better.  Thank you.        B.T.


Two weeks ago, we brought our daughter, Timothea (61/2 years old) in to see doctor Pepi for treatment of her asthma condition. Immediately, after the first visit, Timothea has not had to use her inhaler since, not even once. We are grateful for Timothea by not seeing her coughing and wheezing every night. Thanks to Doctor Pepi’s non-intrusive diagnosis and method of treatment which make our family visits to see Dr Pepi a real pleasure.        T.K.P. for Timothea


My son loves to take his Dr. Pepi recommended supplements!  He started doing better and he was happier.  He wakes up every day happier than before.   M.A.


For several weeks my two year old daughter had been very cranky. I knew she needed vitamins but despite my best efforts, I could not get her to take them.

I had heard that Dr. Pepi was able to adjust a person’s taste buds so I brought my daughter in to see Dr. Pepi. Immediately after her visit with the Doctor my daughter took all of her vitamins and has been taking them ever since.

I once again have a happy and singing little girl. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        C.A.


When my daughter Fiona was first born, she was utterly angelic. She stayed awake for hours without crying and would only fuss briefly if she needed a diaper change or was hungry. She also slept practically through the whole night. At two weeks, though, she suddenly started waking up around 11:00 pm every night and started fussing until 3 or 4 in the morning. No matter what my husband & I did, she wouldn’t stop crying and we were exhausted. Dr. Pepi saw her and immediately said, “This baby’s allergic to something.” We found out she was allergic to lots of the foods I was eating. The gas was keeping her up at night. I cut these foods out of my diet. The next day she slept through the night, waking up only to eat. It’s such a relief!        S.K.


He (my 14 month old son) was much calmer & sleeping a lot better after taking the supplements that Dr. Pepi recommended.        E.N.


Last year my daughter Hanna had a chronic bladder infection. She was given three different antibiotics and a sulfa drug by her pediatrician. None of these worked, so she was sent to the hospital for an ultrasound. This, thank God, was normal. But she still had a bladder infection. Jody Perry recommended that I take her to Dr. Pepi. I did this and Dr. Pepi recommended a specific product which was effective in curing Hanna of her infection. She has had no problem with this since.        C.P. for Hanna 


Within a week of being treated by Dr Pepi and getting a special supplement program from her, his whole attitude changed. He’s always been the one who makes us laugh, but now it’s in a whole new level. He used to cry a lot when I’d try to teach him. Now he doesn’t cry anymore! And his skin color is better. He used to be pale and now he looks rosy.        M.P.


My 6 year old son got a high fever one night so I gave him Tylenol to lower it. It did. He seemed well the next day. However, he got a very intense headache the next night, so I gave him another Tylenol – he was in such pain. For the next 5 days he had daily excruciating headaches. I brought him in to Dr. Pepi, who found he was allergic to Tylenol. She did her magic, he took a few recommended vitamins and voila, not a single headache more.

I got to watch a miracle. It was such a relief not to have my son crying nightly in my arms.        K.F.


My daughter (who is 2 ½ years old) was not able to sleep and fought herself to sleep every night and finally fell asleep around 10:30 pm – 11:00pm every night.

After visiting Dr. Pepi my daughter is able to fall asleep peacefully every night.

Thank you Dr. Pepi, it’s a lot more peaceful in our home.        F.D.


My son was cranky and quite a few things were bothering him one evening and I thought he was low on B-1 so I had him take Dr. Pepi's recommended supplement and a couple hours later he remarked, “I’m unusually happy for no special reason.” I make sure he takes these every day. Thank you Dr Pepi.        F.D.


My son, Ashton (14), had a pretty bad headache one morning. He was treated by Dr. Pepi and took the recommended supplements in her office. We left. He had dinner and 2 hours later after his appointment he said, “My headache’s gone.”        M.S.


This is a success story about Dr. Pepi's immune boosters. My family made it through the winter with no serious days out due to illness. My kids have never made it through a winter without at least one round of antibiotics and often more. The supplements stopped all impending illness right away at first symptoms.        K.F.


I am writing this for my four year old son who’s had consistent ear infections and respiratory infections since the age of 1 ½. Doctors would only prescribe antibiotics but that didn’t solve the problem, it kept coming back!! So I decided no more antibiotics which only gave him yeast infection on top of it!! So I tried homeopathic medicine which was a bit better but still the infections came back almost every 6-8 weeks. I didn’t know what to do any more. Then we heard of Dr. Pepi. My son has only seen her twice and he’s been free of the ugly infections for 5 months!! What a success for my little son not to get sick since we started the immune booster treatments and others by Dr. Pepi. Thanks so much!!        L.P.


My son has had immediate relief from his scratching from his eczema. He has had the condition from birth. Previously he was not able to tolerate any creams on his skin. He was basically scratching himself bloody. This is the first relief since birth.        D.M.


My son had a cough for four months. Then a family member recommended Dr. Pepi. She treated him and gave him some supplements. His cough was gone the next day! Also a special thanks to Dr. Pepi for the advice on a better way to feed them and cook their food!        A.H.


About one year ago my then 2 year 10 month old daughter was having difficulty breathing. She would wheeze about two episodes per month requiring 4 – 5 day treatments of albuterol administered through a nebulizer. Her pediatrician considered the wheezing to be partially triggered by allergies and weather changes. In addition to the albuterol treatments, she was often placed on steroids and was being considered for maintenance doses of Clairton. I was referred to Dr. Pepi by a family friend who had remarkable success handling health problems with her. We have adjusted my daughter’s diet, placed her on a daily regimen of supplements and visited Dr. Pepi regularly. My daughter’s health has improved substantially. She has wheezed only two times since September 30, 1998. Both wheezing episodes were resolved extremely quickly without the use of steroids.        M.C. for Anna


Lindsay has suffered from swollen adenoids with serious sleep problems and we had tried many different treatments with only marginal success. Dr. Pepi’s treatment spotted the true source of the problem and by the second treatment she has improved so much. Thank you very much.        A.N. for Lindsay


My son is a high school varsity basketball player who began having problems with his throat swelling up during games, making it difficult to breathe. This became a real issue and was occurring with greater frequency. We saw an ear-nose-throat specialist who examined him and said nothing was wrong structurally. Neither he nor the pediatrician could imagine what could be wrong. So…we came to see Dr. Pepi. She said he had an infection in his throat and that he was deficient in several nutrients. After one month on his program his throat problem was handled! I was amazed and he is so happy. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        L.D.G. for Ryan


My son Kei started going to Dr. Pepi after he had been kicked out of two different schools. He started going to Dr. Pepi when he started his third school. After only approximately five months of treatment he has changed considerably. His teachers started noticing change and I have had several mothers of children in special education ask me what I had done. Since his current treatment with the supplements that Dr. Pepi recommended my son has become manageable and is able to do things he couldn’t do before, like sleep through the night and stay focused in school. Thank you!        B.S.


My son was getting cranky for no particular reason and we brought him to Dr. Pepi to test for allergies. He didn’t have allergies but he did have some weak glands. Dr. Pepi gave him some supplements and right away he did better and even he (he’s eight) admitted that he felt better when taking them. He’s been doing great since!        D.G.


My daughter was having a very hard time sleeping at night. Sometimes she would be up until midnight with a lot of upset and “I’m scared”. Within days of seeing Dr. Pepi, she was sleeping at bedtime and even originating “I’m tired”. Thank you!        C.G.


My son began seeing Dr. Pepi which severe Turret Syndrome tics. After three months of therapy and supplements his tics are reduced by 50% and getting better.        C.L. for Michael


I had only seen Dr. Pepi for a short time. In the month after I started the vitamins and the change of diet, my asthma almost completely disappeared. I used to use my inhaler on a daily basis. Now I can put it away, I even forget where I put it. That’s because I am no longer worried carrying it around everywhere I go. This has also had the same results for my son, who unfortunately suffers from the same illness. Since Dr. Pepi got him off the sugar and onto these vitamins, he can finally stay away from Doctors and breathing treatments. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        N.W.


Chris has had a history of bad asthma attacks that have caused him to be hospitalized for up to four days when he has an attack. After seeing Dr. Pepi for a total of three sessions his asthma has dramatically improved. He has not been hospitalized since and his diet has made him a lot healthier. Thank Dr. Pepi for making us aware of our solutions.        K.E. for Christian


Kylen was very congested and weak. He’d had something akin to an asthma attack. Dr. Pepi diagnosed that he had injured a disc that affected his lungs in a playground fall a couple of days before, after which he picked himself up and continued playing. He picked up remarkably after his first treatment and after his 2nd one he seemed normal and happy a few hours later. Thank you Dr. Pepi, we love you.        V.D. for Kylen


I feel much better after I took three visits. My throat, my head and my stomach don’t hurt. I am feeling great. I like coming here.        A.N.


I’m really happy that I’m doing good on what I’m doing. I have more energy than before.        J.L.


Before I came and saw Dr. Pepi I was very chubby and heavy. My nose was plugged almost all the time and my knee would hurt whenever I ate even the tiniest bit of sugar. I could not pass my Physical Education requirements, which are a number of tests that I must do in order to graduate from my class. I just recently passed all of them and here are some of my scores: I passed the one mile in six minutes and fifty seconds, I passed the arm hang in 25 seconds and I did 50 sit-ups.

My nose is clear and has been staying that way for several months now. I am also now very slim and am able to do a lot of physical activities that I would never even think of doing, like 50 mile bike trips, 15 mile hikes up the second highest peak in the LA area, and other backpack trips (that’s with all of your camping gear in your back packs).

Anita taught me how to take care of my self and how to handle almost anything I run into in life. She taught me by doing this: whenever I had a problem, she would explain what was happening, what I should do and why I should do it. That really helped a lot because it really made me understand the importance of doing the things she told me to do.

I also can eat a lot of junky food (I don’t do it very often though) including sugary foods and my body can handle it.

         I want to thank Dr. Pepi because of her I am now a much more able person.        T.B. (age 14)


Well, I had pinworms. Fortunately, Dr. Pepi is my chiropractor, so my Dad got me to her and she gave me a STRICT diet. But as “they” say, no pain no gain. But it still leaves me with one question. Who are “they”? And remember, I HAD them.        J.D.E.


My seven year old daughter, Julianne, has been on a program of Dr. Pepi’s for about nine days. During that time she has come completely off Mc Donald’s food, started eating the five grain recipe happily, is taken her recommended supplement, and has gotten rid of two of the three troubles she had last week. Both she and I are very happy with the result.        C.V. for Julianne


My 6 year old Geoffrey caught a cough and fever. He had the cough for four days and then came to see Dr. Pepi. She treated Geoffrey and when he left the office he wasn’t coughing and didn’t cough again. He was well immediately. Thanks.        M.S.


I can open my jaw all the way and can eat solid food now. Thanks!        E.A.


Tom, my son, was unable to breath through his nose for a very long time. After two weeks of seeing Dr. Pepi his nose cleared up and he’s been ale to breath through his nose since. Thank you!        T.B.


My son has missed at least one day of school per week for many weeks complaining of stomach problems. After one visit with Dr. Pepi there is no more missed school and not one complaint about his stomach. Ya hoo! He’s following her instructions and is DE-BUGGED!!!        B.M. for Clinton


My son had Candida due to excessive antibiotics for colds, flus, pneumonia, etc… he was in a vicious circle of get sick, take antibiotics, get well and then get sick again as the antibiotics and Candida destroyed his immune system. He developed allergies and was a very unhappy four-year-old. In the four months that he has been under Dr. Pepi’s care he has been sick for one day only. His coloring, his outlook on life and his temperament have all improved. He’s actually getting over his allergies and he is a changed kid. He also loves Dr. Pepi!        N.P for Alec


I had a wretched earache. I had a treatment from Dr. Pepi and the next day it was just fine, thanks to Dr. Pepi.        K.W.


Since Dr. Pepi gave me the treatment, I feel Great!        K.W.


My son had a problem with testicle stiffness. He went to see Dr. Pepi who immediately got the correct diagnosis, put him on treatment that worked immediately and caused the problem to be resolved shortly after. My son also changed his diet and started drinking green vegetable drinks every day, which was amazing!         D.S. 


I feel so much better! I even feel a few years younger! My leg and back pain have disappeared, I have more energy and I sleep great!
Also, my daughter is doing great – no more colds! And she does not complain that she is tired all the time. I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Pepi.        J.M.R.


I broke my ankle about a month ago and it really hurt. I went to Dr. Pepi and she gave me all of these vitamins to take. They really worked. Now my ankle is great and I can go on my soccer trip without any worries. The treatment is so great!!        T.W.


Two days ago I brought my four year old daughter to see Dr. Pepi because she had an earache. Immediately after the brief treatment, the earache was gone and hasn’t returned! We successfully avoided the use of antibiotics and the subsequent wear down of the immune system from them. Hooray!        S.H.


Last night I called Dr. Pepi because Kaylie, my ten-week-old daughter, couldn’t latch onto my breast. (I’m breast feeding.) Well, she was very distraught to say the least and before long we were both in tears. That’s where Dr. Pepi comes in. I brought the baby down here. Dr. Pepi adjusted her jaw and an hour later she had eaten and was asleep. Thank God for Dr. Pepi!! (really)        J.S. for Kaylie


I’m glad I’m getting more energy. I feel much better than I used to when I hadn’t come here yet. I am glad I have come.        J.N.


Jimmy is three years old and has had body problems since day one! He’s been to several doctors. Some have said they don’t know, or maybe this or that, or he’ll grow out of it. Jimmy got to the point where he didn’t like going to doctors at all – he was very upset about going. On his first visit with Dr. Pepi, Jimmy got off the table with a smile on his face and stated, “I feel better!”        C.L. for Jimmy


My son was hyperactive and the worst one in his first grade class. The kindergarten teacher almost kept him over because of his uncontrolled behavior. His first grade teacher, Mrs. Ginger, sent us both to Dr. Anita Pepi. Marshall has seen her only once. He has become so manageable in class that the teacher was able to move him up to the top reading group. He also is one of the first children to turn in his math papers and when he does they are all correct. I recommend this wonderful doctor to anyone who has a child who has this problem.        P.K. for Marshall


My 8 year old son had been having a series of minor illnesses. Over the last several months it seemed as though he was sick every other week. Twice he had inflamed tonsils, a couple bouts of stomachache, sore throats, and an earache. This time I knew it wasn’t the solution to try another course of antibiotics. After seeing Dr. Pepi once and getting him on specific supplements, and he is doing much better!! The Candida diagnosis made sense also.        K.B. for Hans


Our two-year-old daughter has had continuous ear infections since a very early age. One appointment with Dr. Pepi and a change in her eating habits have totally handled the ear problems. Additionally, she is no longer a “sugar baby” and as a result is much calmer and more fun to be with. She sleeps better, is happier and eats 100% better than she used to. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        B.H.


I brought my daughter (4 years old) to Dr. Pepi to deal with her chronic yeast infections and a chronic cough she has had for a year. Both turned out to be due to allergies. By eliminating the offending foods from her diet, she has been free of symptoms ever since. Very welcome relief. Besides, Julie loves coming here and thinks all those finger-foldings are more fun than gymnastics.        E.B.H for Julie


I brought my almost three-year-old daughter, Emma, in Friday night. She has had a chronic cough for the last two months and most recently developed fever, sore throat, stiff neck and stomachache. Dr. Pepi tested Emma and treated her. She felt much better after we left and two days later she was well.

Dr. Pepi handled Emma with lots of caring and did not talk about the problems in front of her, which I was pleased about. Also, Emma really likes her.        W.C.


Dr. Pepi is the best doctor I’ve ever dealt with.  Her solutions are miraculous and her knowledge base is incredible.  Her link between modern and alternative forms of medicine has saved me and my family numerous times.  I can’t thank her enough!

She’s helped my baby son with severe constipation and with fevers.  She’s helped me with pancreatitis through the years.  And every time she’s helped us resolve it with natural, painless solutions.        G.S.


I lost a lot of weight. I felt really great and I’d like to do it again.        H.C.


I am twelve years old and I’ve been on diets for about half of my life. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi, I’ve lost eighteen pounds and kept it off. I fractured my thumb playing volleyball and Dr. Pepi is helping me heal it.        M.W.


It’s been around four months that we’ve been coming to see Dr. Pepi. My daughter was always angry and moody. Now she is happier, much less moody and she is energetic. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        I.T.


I wish I could bring Sasha here every week. Sasha is four years old. Dr. Pepi and her staff know kids so well. Sasha is noticeably calmer at the end of her appointment. Before, almost anything would trigger her into howls or tears. Thanks so much, Doc and staff.        P.C. for Sasha


Since my mom (Dr. Pepi) treated my eye I haven’t felt anything. Before that it felt like it was stinging. Last night I felt like I was going to throw up. Today, after my mom treated me I haven’t felt like I wanted to throw up at all!        E.R.L.


I had my first phone consultation with Dr. Pepi only two weeks ago and already, so much has changed. I am a single mother with three children. I have a lot of stress in my life. I wanted help with weight, depression and anxiety. In just two weeks my energy is 400% better! I am sleeping better for the first time in years. My depression is 95% better and I have gotten off all my anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications! I have also lost two dress sizes!!

During my phone consultation, Dr. Pepi also made recommendations for my children. My 19 month old was not sleeping through the night. After giving him supplements that Dr. Pepi recommended, he has been sleeping well ever since. Two of my children have asthma problems and needed daily breathing treatments. There has been a 60% decrease in one child’s need for treatments and the other’s treatment need has decreased 75%.
I highly recommend Dr. Pepi!! I’ve only had three phone consultations. I can’t believe I’ve gotten such great results without even seeing the doctor. Dr. Pepi, you’re awesome!!        R.K.


Andy was irritable and eating (wanting) an unhealthy diet from when he was a baby. I brought him to Dr. Pepi. After being on the program for a few days his disposition and mood went way up. A few weeks into the program he started wanting healthy food again. Now, he’s a healthy boy and I feel very good as a mom.        M.H. for Andy


I brought my son in for a rash which had suddenly appeared around his lips. I took him to see Dr. Pepi and within 3 days the rash was totally gone – after one treatment!        C.E.


I came to Dr. Pepi’s because I had been sick for three weeks. Dr. Pepi treated me and gave me supplements to take. A week later I felt better than I have in a long time. My skin started to clear up and I have more energy now. I couldn’t be more happy with the results.        R.M.

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