Successes - Cholesterol Problems

Cholesterol Problems

My husband had the required blood tests done to get life insurance, and it came back his cholesterol was high and so his premium was higher too. He was determined to get it (the premium) down, so he did Dr. Pepi's program and had the tests redone. It showed his cholesterol was significantly lower and so was his premium! He was very happy.        J.S.


About six weeks ago I came in, certain that I was going to die. I had kidney stones hung up for months, high cholesterol, heart skipping beats and a panoply of other conditions including no energy. I was kind of like the walking dead. At 43 I was contemplating my will.

All the original conditions are now handled and I’m digging into long-term chronic issues as a bonus. I feel totally certain that I’m in no danger of anything hitting me and have renewed sense of purpose .        A.L.


As you recommended Dr Pepi to me originally I thought I let you know a recent success story in her treatments of my problems.

A few months ago I had an attack of jaundice accompanied by a high bilirubin count which indicated a problem with the liver and also that I had gall stones and was told that I would have to have my gall bladder removed.  Instead, I took supplements and ginger drinks as recommended by Dr Pepi. When I went to get tests done recently, my bilirubin level was well down. My cholesterol levels were also down, despite earlier having to go off cholesterol  lowering statin medicine due to its effects on my liver.

Thanks for recommending Dr Pepi. It really worked out fine.        N.G.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi my story seemed to be just a few years long, but as the treatment progressed, I realized that some parts had a longer history. Dr. Pepi began treating me two months ago. I came to her after trying several conventional avenues including having to quit a full time job because my body could no longer keep up with my purposes. In spite of all attempts my health was still declining.

Up until my early 50’s I led a dynamic and involved life. Then it fell apart. The symptoms were wildly fluctuating blood pressure, partial blindness, an inability to withstand any stress, loss of stamina and unusual pains. A year earlier I had taken some supplements and got a stay of execution. I entered into Dr. Pepi’s program with full cooperation. She has brought together several disciplines and uses them with a full intent to get her patient well. I have experienced many magical things in my lifetime. Most have been occasional; some have only occurred once, but working with Dr. Pepi is to find out that magic can occur again and again.

By the way, it is work. She works diligently and I follow her instructions diligently. Some of it isn’t fun, but let me tell you, that losing your life is a good deal less fun. I have plans and thanks to Dr. Pepi I am going to get to them.

I am a Medical Technologist for 33 years and know that MD’s rely on laboratory tests as diagnostic aides. My chemistry and hematology results were and are normal except for a high cholesterol (which by the way is on its way down now). Dr. Pepi is able to determine the real problems in my body and then indicate them and correct nearly all of them with a treatment, nutritional advice, nutritional supplements, chiropractic, sound advice and…her magic. When she told me that my major problem was a dysfunctioning endocrine system, I had never even guessed this was the problem. The repair of it has begun. When she indicated that my body didn’t process calcium or magnesium properly I realized that many body problems I had had since childhood were based on t his. She fixed this and my systolic blood pressure dropped 20 points. I am able to put in a 6-hour day at work or doing chores and, better yet, my husband and I just spent two days in San Diego playing tourist and I am ready for more. I have pink cheeks now and my body seems to be redesigning itself inside and out. It is magic. No doubt about it!!!

She is part of my future well being – the story goes on!!

P.S. When I was 15 I decided to become a medical technologist because pathology is the study of disease with the object of handing disease. It actually is a vast amount of information that doesn’t necessarily produce a result. For the first time in my life I have discovered that the FULL complement to good health exists – good nutrition, exercise, preventative medicine, a good MD, Dianetics and Dr. Pepi’s magic.        L.W.


Just had my semi-annual blood test that saw my triglyceride level drop from very high, 241, to 75.   The only change I’ve made was to have Dr. Pepi work on my body’s ability to utilize fat.  I’ve had very high triglycerides for several years, so, this was a GREAT success!  Thanks Dr. Pepi!  L.M.

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