Successes - Circulatory Problems

Circulatory Problems

I had Dr. Pepi work on my teeth and gums because they were extremely sensitive and I was really concerned about my gum recession. I have a really hard time just getting a cleaning even though my dentist is very gentle and caring.

Immediately after Dr. Pepi worked on my teeth I felt a lot more flow and circulation there. I just felt better about my teeth and gums in general after that.

Recently I went for a cleaning. While the dentist was scraping at my teeth it seemed to me like it wasn’t as bad as last time. When the hygienist did the polishing she really noticed how well I was doing. The last time I did a lot of squirming and squealing. She accidentally squirted the most sensitive parts of my mouth with cold water and it wasn’t that bad. This is very good.        M.P.


I did a Dr. Pepi recommended cleanse. I had several problems with my skin that cleared up and I feel a lot better. My circulation has really improved and my hands and feet are warm again. I couldn’t believe the stuff I got rid of, but I am really glad that I am rid of it. I am glad I did it.        M.L.T.


After the first appointment with Dr. Pepi, there were very noticeable improvements. The supplements alone increased my eye perception for distance. My ear and head circulation was doubled. Thank you Anita for your being in this space and time when I needed it desperately.        D.F.


I came to Dr. Pepi with auto immune problems, chemical and food sensitivities, and a low energy level.

I’ve been sick for almost 20 years.  In the last 3 years I’ve spent about $10,000.00 with no results (this is above what insurance covered).  I saw 2 naturopaths, a holistic chiropractor, a couple of medical doctors and an energy medical nurse.  I’ve also tried using a sauna, essential oils, many brands of supplements (that I wasn’t absorbing!), and a special cushion for circulation.  Nothing was really giving me results.

I did a phone consultation with Dr. Pepi and by following some of her recommendations I already started feeling a little bit better.  She recommended that I see her in person, so I flew out to L.A. from Illinois.

Since getting treatment in person, I feel very cheerful, I’m younger looking and happier!  My sensitivities are 20% better so far, and so is my energy.  My absorption is also improved.

I wish I’d known about Dr. Pepi before!  She educated me so much on things that were going on with my body that make sense about why what I was trying hadn’t been effective.  I could have saved so much money if I’d known about her in the first place!        H.D.

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