Successes - Colitis, Hemorrhoids

Colitis, Hemorrhoids

When I first visited Dr. Pepi, I had been severely ill with ulcerative colitis for 19 years.  I had been taking heavy dosages of medication which were no longer effective.  I was in severe pain.  My colon was inflamed, I was bleeding out of my rectum and I had 50 diarrhea visits a day.  My gastroenterologist wanted to remove my colon.  I ran away from him and into Dr. Pepi’s office as my last bit of hope.  4 weeks after my first visit with Dr. Pepi, I was 100% completely cured of ulcerative colitis.  That was 9 months ago.  I have had zero symptoms since.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Pepi!        K.K.


I am really impressed and inspired by the results I have received after one treatment with Dr. Pepi. My regular chiropractor, who is highly trained in nutrition, told me that I should see a Proctologist, an MD specialist. Being a nurse, I knew that meant drugs and/or surgery, neither one of which interested me. Having heard successes from others on how especially gifted Dr. Pepi is at diagnosis and getting to the real source of body problems, I decided to go to Dr. Pepi as a last resort. Am I glad I did!

I had acute pain in the colon and rectal bleeding that was quite serious and very distressing to say the least. Through her diagnosis and treatment in the office, changes I made in my diet and taking the recommended supplements I have been pain free and had NO rectal bleeding within 24 hours of beginning treatment.

I am so glad I received Dr. Pepi’s treatment and I am convinced that with her help and direction I will attain the health and vigor that I envision. Thank you for your help, Dr. Pepi.        M.W.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I had the most intensely painful anal fissure.  I had been to doctors and they wanted to perform surgery which I definitely didn’t want!  After 1 visit and a bunch of supplements later, I was totally healed.  No more pain, no surgery.  I will be forever grateful.        M.N.


I had some very painful hemorrhoids which, after a few treatments by Dr. Pepi along with the correct nutrients, completely disappeared!        A.R.


It sounds like I’m exaggerating but after one visit I felt better than I have felt in six years. The following morning after seeing Dr. Pepi, my colon was back to normal after three months of chronic diarrhea. People cannot believe the improvement and I feel great! Thank you, Dr. Pepi!! I also have more energy and I’m finally happy to be alive!        J.S.


Dr. Pepi and her technology have handled so much for me that it’s hard to begin with all the successes. First, I want to validate her for her capacity to care and (equally important) her ability to demonstrate that care and get results: A well and functioning body. She handles my pains, my neck pains, my sinus, my accident pains, my hemorrhoids (terrible social word but if you have them they hurt) and etc. So, thanks Dr. Pepi. You are quite valuable.        L.T.


I have greatly improved in my elimination and no longer have swelling of hemorrhoids since visiting Dr. Pepi.        E.N.


About two weeks ago I was feeling very toxic and uncomfortable. I was retaining water and having a lot of abdominal pain and intestinal upset. Also, normally before my period, I get very cranky, griefy and have a bad headache the first day or two. I had one treatment from Dr. Pepi and immediately began to feel better. I’ve started onto the recommended diet and vitamins and with each day I feel better and more energetic. My diarrhea is gone. I had no emotional roller coaster before my period and no headache! I’m looking forward to getting better and better.        W.C.


The colon is behaving normally again! Such a nice healthy success. In mid August the colon was inflamed, angry and swollen. Since I started on the recommended supplements I have felt better and stronger and the colon is functioning in a normal way. Dr. Pepi understands what my body needs.  I’m very, very pleased and this is after only three treatments.        J.M.


One of the first changes that I noticed was that I stopped having the runs every A.M. Most of the muscle and joint pain and weakness have improved as I continued with the grains and other food supplements. The most significant improvement has been in the area of depression, especially before my period. It’s not gone entirely, but it’s not as intense or as long. My periods are not as heavy these past two months and I have almost no cramps. Since staying away from dairy and yeast breads I don’t feel so bloated or heavy. With the stress that is still present in my life there are significant improvements. I have more energy, stamina; I sleep better and have begun to think more clearly. I’m grateful for this treatment because it deals with all of me so I feel less fragmented.        C.J.


On my first visit with Dr. Pepi, I was fascinated with her unusual techniques of treating people. She gave me very specific vitamins to take to get me more regular. To my surprise, I became regular only after one week of taking them. I was also glad to see that my face began to clear up more. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        L.L.


Dr. Pepi is magnificent. About a year ago I started to develop stomach/intestinal/bowel irritation. I did not know what would cause the irritation but once in a while my abdominal area was in a lot of pain. I felt like someone was just pulling and stretching them out. I would become so bloated that I could not comfortably sit or stand or sleep. Medications usually helped the symptoms (relaxed my digestive system) but would also make me feel like Jell-O (un-functional). Still the problem would come back.

Dr. Pepi found various foods that I was allergic to and helped my body accept these substances. Since her treatment I feel great. I have not had an episode since she cured me. For a person who was previously diagnosed as having “irritable bowel syndrome” I sure am grateful for Dr. Pepi’s treatment.        A.G.E.

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