Successes - Constipation, Bowel Problems

Constipation, Bowel Problems

I’ve been involved in various naturopathic programs for over 25 years during that time I’ve been unsuccessful in handling the cause of my constipation problem. Several months ago Dr. Pepi started me on a program. Within 5 days my constipation was handled. Needless to say this has been a major win for me.        L.G.


When I first visited Dr. Pepi, I had been severely ill with ulcerative colitis for 19 years.  I had been taking heavy dosages of medication which were no longer effective.  I was in severe pain.  My colon was inflamed, I was bleeding out of my rectum and I had 50 diarrhea visits a day.  My gastroenterologist wanted to remove my colon.  I ran away from him and into Dr. Pepi’s office as my last bit of hope.  4 weeks after my first visit with Dr. Pepi, I was 100% completely cured of ulcerative colitis.  That was 9 months ago.  I have had zero symptoms since.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Pepi!        K.K.


Within 3 weeks of my first visit to Dr. Pepi, I lost 5 pounds.  My constipation is 70% better, gas is almost gone, fatigue is 50% improved and I am sleeping 30% better.  After my first visit with Dr. Pepi, my body felt so different that it was like a whole new body.        E.R.


Dr. Pepi is the best doctor I’ve ever dealt with.  Her solutions are miraculous and her knowledge base is incredible.  Her link between modern and alternative forms of medicine has saved me and my family numerous times.  I can’t thank her enough!

She’s helped my baby son with severe constipation and with fevers.  She’s helped me with pancreatitis through the years.  And every time she’s helped us resolve it with natural, painless solutions.        G.S.


I came to see Dr. Pepi about several conditions. One of them was constipation, which has been a problem for at least 24 years. I also had allergies in full bloom constantly as well as adult acne. By following the program Dr. Pepi gave me, I have twice as much energy as before, my constipation is gone, my skin is almost normal and my allergies are under control!!!        D.F.


With the new technology Dr. Pepi researched and is now utilizing on cancer and parasites, I have made some profound changes in my body. I have eliminated a pre-cancerous condition in my ovaries due to the parasite program. My skin tone is now pink, as opposed to yellowish, after only one liver flush. I now have two regular bowel movements – morning and night – per day. As long as I can remember I had either one bowel movement or diarrhea. This occurred after just two of her liver flushes!

After one session with her new technology, I am absorbing calcium and, even with stress and cigarettes, I am sleeping seven hours a night.

I feel better than ever – even better than before – as I am getting better absorption of Dr. Pepi’s vitamins. Thank you, Doctor, and keep up the research!        J.P.


 Dr. Pepi's seven day colon cleansing has changed my life. I’m feeling and looking younger and lighter. I’m off coffee (something I never thought I could do!). I wake up fresh and full of energy. It was not a difficult fast to maintain and now I look forward to doing it again in a month or so. Thanks, Dr. Pepi for giving me a new life! My colon thanks you too.        R.P.


I’m 37 and I’ve suffered from severe constipation all my life. When Dr. Pepi first mentioned her recommendation for me to go through a seven-day colon cleaning program, I wasn’t at all thrilled. And when she said that it meant fasting for seven days (except for eating lots of vitamins and supplements and drinking lots of water, vegetable juices and cleansing drinks) and getting a colonic every day for the seven days I almost fell off her table. “I’ll change your considerations on food,” she said. Yeah, right. I’ve lived off pizzas and hamburgers all my life and if I go more than three hours without eating, I’m ready to kill somebody. Still, I’d been feeling so badly for so long I actually (eventually) plunged into the program with enthusiasm.

Guess what?!! It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. And when the week was up I felt so good that I went for another week of daily colonics and eating salads everyday. (Forget fasting for the second week!) And now guess what?? I actually have bowel movements daily. Equally as shocking, I crave salads now, NOT pizza and hamburgers!

This is truly a miracle. There’s actually hope now for me to feel good and be healthy the rest of my life. All I have to do is take responsibility for my conditions. Dr. Pepi helped me to do that in a huge way. Thanks.        A.M.


The seven day colon cleanse is the best way to feel better physically. I felt I had more energy. It was the most relaxing process. Afterwards, I could immediately feel food absorb and could truly tell how a certain food made me feel. I HIGHLY recommend this!        B.L.


Having only the time to see Dr. Pepi for about five visits before going to Florida, I gave her about five of the most noticeable physical downfalls.

— Rarely any energy

— Neck pain

— Lower back pain

— Too few bowel movements

— Leaning on eyeglasses for reading.

In about five visits (or two weeks) my energy jumps after arising and until about three PM. My neck pain is gone, my lower back pain is greatly reduced, my bowels are regular and to my surprise, I preferred not using glasses for typing letters very recently. I am glad that Dr. Player recommended Dr. Pepi and also that Dr. Pepi has made a video and written Health Helpers in print. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.        J.R.


Before being treated by Dr. Pepi I suffered a digestive problem which had been diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. Everything I ate gave me terrible abdominal pain and gas buildup. Even when I didn’t eat, the same symptoms would appear. With Dr. Pepi’s therapy through vitamins and nutrition I have been pain free now for two months and all symptoms seem to be dissipating. Two added bonuses are that 1) I was the only person in my entire family to escape the flu after being exposed many times during the holiday season 2) the second bonus, to my great delight is that after experiencing out-of-control weight gain, I have now shed twenty pounds very easily just be being exposed to a more nutritious food program.        V.W.


I did the recommended colon cleanse and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done for my body. We’re talking prehistoric fish and old shoes that came out! I’m a mean clean fighting machine. I’ve got a new body! Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        R. S.


I just completed the seven day colon cleanse. I am thoroughly impressed with the technology of the program. I had a hesitation because of one part of it I thought would be uncomfortable. But much to my surprise, it was a totally comfortable process. I found that if I followed the schedule for drinks and vitamins, I was not tired and was able to work full time at a demanding job. By the end of the cleanse my energy level was up 75%, especially in the evenings! Read the book – it is an education about the body! Do the cleanse! I would recommend it to anyone!        D.S.


Before the seven day colon cleanse my body felt like an object I had to drag or push around. Now it’s alive and responsive to my wishes! No effort!        C.E.


On my first visit with Dr. Pepi I was fascinated by her unusual techniques of treating patients. She gave me vitamins to take to get me more regular. To my surprise, I became regular only after one week of taking it. I was also glad to see that my face began to clear up more! Thank you Dr. Pepi!        L.L.


After doing Dr. Pepi’s “handle the colon” program, I have no attention on my pollution this year. Last year at this time my body was a walking pollution sponge, just sucking in and holding pollution. This year I feel fine and everything is clean, or at least feels clean! Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        V.H.F.


The program Dr. Pepi put me on has been a great success. I had a long term problem with my colon that had a major breakthrough. Also, a problem with my menstruation was handled by the time my next period cam along. It’s great!        R.B.


The techniques and supplements provided here are simply wonderful (i.e.: simple, wonderful, easy to follow, painless and very productive.) Walking from the Doctor’s office to my car after my appointment last week, I felt 19 years old again. Back then I was energetic and clear headed, before I started abusing that privilege by violating the rules to maintaining a healthy body. The troubles I was having are fading. It’s easier to breathe, I sleep sounder and the eliminative system works better. Even my husband has noticed that I look healthy. That’s the way it should be. There’s no reason to feel poorly because these bodies are tough and have the equipment to repair them selves, jut they just need a wee bit of help sometimes – from Dr. Pepi. Thank you, Dr. Pepi! (You are a smart, smart cookie with all natural sweetness – the real thing!)        K.G.


I did a seven day colon cleanse three weeks ago. I feel great! I have incredible energy. I now need six and a half to seven hours sleep per night. I was requiring nine to ten hours per night previously!! Also, my brain has cleared! The fogginess is gone and my concentration has incredibly increased. I’m getting so many things done! Thank you Dr. Pepi! I recommended you to my husband and my girlfriend!        G.W.


Dr, Pepi has located and is handling my 30 year problem. I have been very, very tired and drowsy for the last thirty or so years. I have been to many, many health care professionals and did not get the situation handled. Dr. Pepi had me do her recommended seven day colon cleaning program. I have done part of the full program and I feel much better. I feel that finally, I am in the process of having my ruing fully handled. My greatest thanks to Dr. Pepi.        R.R.


I feel so lucky to have come across this tissue cleansing through bowel management program. I feel more alert, more clear-minded and lost some weight. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        L.E.


I had just one visit with Dr. Pepi and was treated for my skin conditions.  Well after one visit I was very concerned about giving up my old products to get new products.  However, shortly after taking my supplements and after being treated I noticed immediate improvement in all areas of my body that were giving me trouble.  Not only did my skin look better, but so did my stomach, colon, bad taste in my mouth and a skin rash that I had.  I now know I am on the right track to having a healthy body!  Thanks!        B.V.


Gas pain? No more, thanks to this wonderful tea called “Super Dieter’s Tea”. I never thought I could empty out my colon without someone else doing it for me! (Ha! Ha!) All kidding aside, I can go to the bathroom without fear that the pain will be unbearable. No more pain and to boot, a much flatter stomach. PS. If you want more energy get rid of the waste and you’ll go & go & go.        R.M.


I have greatly improved in my elimination and no longer have swelling of hemorrhoids since visiting Dr. Pepi.        E.N.


It’s a success to find out about Dr. Pepi and to be fortunate enough to be able to get treated by her. For body specifics, a big accomplishment has been controlling constipation. I only recently realized that constipation was a problem and how often one’s bowels should move for optimum health. When I was a kid my mother never spoke about bowels to me. So for some twenty-five or thirty years I’ve always handled this with prunes, bran, etc. But now I think with the supplements and all else Dr. Pepi did, my body is working this area correctly. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        T.H.


After three visits and using the recommended supplements, my headaches have practically ceased (one two weeks ago and one this week compared to one every day before that.) For the last two weeks I’ve had a bowel movement every day. Before it was very erratic. My back has not bothered me for the last five or six days. This is a much nicer way to have a body act.        S.H.


There has been some improvement since I have come to see Dr. Pepi. My constipation is better and I have more energy. All this and more to come. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        M.R.T.


For the past several years I’ve had a lot of attention on my body below the waist. Six months ago I stopped dumping without a push from senna tea (a laxative). My periods have had me feeling sluggish. I’d get bloated.

I came to Dr. Anita Pepi for a diagnosis. I started dumping – once, twice, thrice daily. I came back for a food allergy test. I ate accordingly and stopped getting bloated. Now I am just waiting for my period to show up next week…        A.T.


My body is doing much better after only a week. My colon is functioning well, my digestion is improving. My food intake requirements are reduced and I’ve lost four pounds! The supplements seem quite powerful. This is going to be fun!        A.M.


After my first visit to Dr. Pepi, followed by taking my supplements and juice for a few weeks, my eczema totally went away, my intestinal pain is gone and I have much more energy.        P.B.


I recently completed one of the best remedies for restoring health. It was a tissue cleanse. My difficulty breathing improved. It is now easier to breathe deep breaths. During the cleanse I expelled phlegm and am still continuing to after completion of the cleanse. My legs are getting better. I have an overall feeling of better health and cleanliness inside my body. People have commented that I look brighter! I’m looking forward to doing it again!        K.G.


I came to Dr. Pepi primarily to deal with my life long constipation issues, recent thyroid problem and ongoing sinus trouble.

After one week of treatment, supplements, and diet re-arrangement...I feel great!  I am not as bloated or uncomfortable in my body.  I have more energy.  I'm sleeping well at night.  I breathe more deeply, have less cravings, and I've lost some pounds!  I look forward to improved overall health, over time.        B.B.

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