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Cosmetic Problems

I have had skin disorders for almost three years now. Every single day my face will have a pimple or two and before these could heal more would start. My skin color wasn’t normal either and scars were populating my face like crazy. It was a bummer to get up in the morning and see there were more pimples to deal with. It seemed like when I was around people, all I could think was that they were looking at my face and the blemishes on it. After many, many doctors and treatments and evaluations of all the things that could have been the source of my problem I found Dr. Pepi. She worked with me for a while and finally spotted that my colon was not doing the cleaning job it should have been doing. She recommended that I do a tissue cleaning program. I did this program for a week and almost immediately after I finished my skin color changed to a more normal one. The scars seemed to be healing faster and every day there were less and less breakouts.

Now, everyday I look forward to looking in the mirror and seeing that my facial skin is doing better that the day before. Now when I’m around people I feel confident and even beautiful. I even got a compliment on my skin. The lady even wanted to know how and with what do I keep my skin so nice. I’m very, very happy about the results I have achieved with Dr. Pepi and would recommend her treatment to everybody that has any body trouble of any kind. She is the most competent Natural (or MD) Doctor I have ever been with. Thank you!!        M.S.


I started eating healthy per Dr. Pepi’s suggestion. The lines around my mouth have decreased. My acne has begun to clear up, and I am calmer and happier. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        S.F. 


Since my first treatment with Dr. Pepi people have been commenting on how great my skin looks. I have noticed it as well. The oils have given my skin a milky smoothness. I used to wear make-up everyday; I no longer have to or want to. I work as a commercial actress and model in advertisements and casting people and photographers have been calling me for roles 10 years younger than I am! That has really boosted my confidence! My overall well-being has improved also!        S.M.


I began to have clumps of hair falling out after dyeing my hair. It may have been an allergic reaction but my hairdresser said he had never seen an allergic reaction like this. However, I told Dr. Pepi that I was worried. She did a treatment and it stopped.        M.J.J.


Within the first cranial treatment, my eyes leveled out and it enhanced my appearance. My face is now more symmetrical. I’m an actress so this is important. The second cranial reset my jaw so that I have less trouble with it and I have fewer headaches.        E.M.


I have been using the special oil that Dr. Pepi recommended on my face for about a year now. I have had plastic surgery on a scar on my right side. It was very pronounced. The oil is helping the scar to fade. Get this… I am 49 and I got asked for a date by two 33 & 32 year old guys! Thank you, Dr. Pepi!        S.Q.


Never in my whole life – never before – have I had fingernails that grew – but now I do – Now I Do!! WOW! Thank you.        M.H.


I have a very bad type of cystic acne, Rosacea. When Dr. Pepi told me to ditch all my acne/face care products, I was very skeptical. Fearing the worst type of breakout, I started using the recommended oils and soap that Dr. Pepi recommended, plus the supplements. I noticed immediate results. My skin cleared within a week and was the softest I had felt it in a long time.        J.B.


In the last six weeks my fingernails have grown very long. Before I started coming back to Dr. Pepi my nails were all short. I unpack boxes and stock store shelves all day and my nails used to break easily. Now they are Strong.        B.S.


I used to have veiny legs, not so much that it was awful, but I was always embarrassed to put on a bathing suit or shorts. Since I have been taking the supplements, that has completely cleared up. My legs have a smooth and even color and I feel very confident now. I look forward to wearing shorts and dresses now and feel better about myself.        S.M.


My hair has grown fuller and longer! I have much more energy and feel lighter and more perceptive of the world – much less spacey and out of it.        K.L.


Dr. Pepi recently got me taking one of her parasite remedies. Within two days the chronic dandruff I’d had for six-eight years was gone. G-O-N-E, gone! I’ve also lost two inches off my waistline in the several weeks I’ve been taking it – without even trying.        T.R.


My hair is growing like a weed, which is exactly the way I want it! Also, I feel much more in control of my body and more alive! Dr. Pepi had been a great inspiration to me.        H.H.


I had small lines around my eyes that were gradually getting worse. After one visit and taking supplements, the lines diminished and the circles under my eyes weren’t as dark either.        W.F.


My hair is growing back. My wife now chases me with a lawn mower. I haven’t had any new growth in years.        D.B.


Being on this program truly is magnificent. It has helped me a lot. My energy level has shot right up. My stomach doesn’t get bloated as it used to. My acne on my face has almost disappeared. I’m feeling great.        L.L. 


I have been taking supplements since mid February. Last weekend I went to a party and one person didn’t even recognize me [because] I looked so good and another said “Wow, you look great! Not to offend you, but the last time I saw you, you looked depressed.” I had not seen him since I started my treatment.        L.A.M.

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