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Dental Problems

I am very particular to only see dentists who believe in healing and health.  I was seeing the most competent dentist I could find, who I considered to be a healer.  He was part of a dentist research group that was researching new technologies and breakthroughs in dentistry.

He x-rayed my mouth in an area where I had an abscess.  On the x-ray, he showed me a dime-size infection in my jaw under one of my teeth.  He said it had to be excavated or dug out and was going to refer me out to a specialist to do that.  He said in all his years of dentistry he had never seen an infection like that heal - it had to be excavated.  I told him I would pass on the dental digging.

Instead I had Dr. Pepi treat it.  She spent about 1/2 hour treating it and gave me supplements to take for it.  The abscess in the area disappeared so I knew we were on the right track.  One year later, I had the area x-rayed to see how it was doing.  The infection was gone and the bone had healed up completely!   I have continued to have this area overseen by dental x-rays, but they say there is no longer any problem there.    A dental miracle!!   So much less expensive than the dental surgery planned. . .plus no drugs!        A.J.


I was scheduled to have gum surgery on 3 sides of my mouth on Aug 23. At the beginning of July Dr. Pepi put me on a program for my gums. I just went to my dentist today. He was amazed. Two areas no longer need surgery and we are continuing to work on the 3rd. At $1,000 per area, Dr. Pepi just saved me $2,000!!! What more can I say.        K.E.


I had a very sensitive and hurting tooth and I could hardly eat on that side of my mouth for many months.  After taking the supplements recommended by Dr. Pepi, one day, my tooth started hurting more and she said it was breaking down scar tissue.  After a few days, all the pain went away and now many months later, the pain is still gone and I can eat practically anything on that side of my mouth and the gum around that tooth is tough and sturdy instead of squishy.        B.S.


Today I finished a lengthy dental treatment. Dr. Pepi did some miraculous things while I was getting this work done. She relieved the pain I had in four different teeth. I feel that the nerves of these teeth are now doing much better than before Dr. Pepi treated me. I have gone to numerous practitioners for help including both dentists and others including two homeopaths, several chiropractors and two nutritionists. Dr. Pepi has achieved results where no one else could. She gets to the physical source of the problem.

I would recommend that anyone who is getting dental work done see Dr. Pepi after each dental appointment. It’s terrific!        S.L.


After an accident hitting my chin, my jaw and my teeth were very painful. One day I used her recommended supplements when I was in agony for hours. (She suggested I use no drugs, only ice packs.) I used several supplements and I had a wonderful night’s sleep. I got up with no pain at all and was almost able to chew. The relief is outstanding!        Y.H.


My dentist said I needed gum surgery because I had several pockets in my gums. I immediately went to Dr. Pepi. After a few treatments & using her recommendations my next dentist appointment was good new all pockets had improved. 3 months later at my next appointment I was told that I no longer needed surgery. Dr. Pepi saved me about $4,000 plus no pain.        D.E.


I recently had a mercury filling replaced and noticed in the ensuing weeks that the tooth was becoming more and more sensitive to any kind of pressure. Biting unexpectedly on something hard was quite painful. Being a veteran of much dental work including two root canals, I experienced more than a little dread with the realization that the tooth was degenerating and would die if I didn’t do something. But what can you do about a dying tooth? Dentists, the “doctors of teeth,” don’t have the technology to handle this problem and would tell you there’s nothing you can do about it.

I mentioned it to Dr. Pepi and she used her unique diagnostic technology to “access” the tooth. She found out that there had been some trauma to the nerve and treated it. It is several weeks later and the tooth is on a healing trend and is much less sensitive! There’s no pain from it at all.

No other health care professional would have even known where to start to fix such a problem; they would have said it was impossible.

Thank you for saving my tooth.        N.K.


I had a severe dental infection and was put on a strong antibiotic. I was ill and in a lot of pain and waited a few days for the antibiotic to kick in. It was slowly working. I thought I’d try the supplement Dr. Pepi recommended and took six. By the next morning I felt much better, at least 50% better. It was great.

The side effect of the antibiotics was yeast infection. I wish I would have tried Dr. Pepi's supplement first.        R.S.S.


Two weeks ago I had an infection (tooth related) that swelled up my face and left a lump at the base of my tooth. One hour after Dr. Pepi‘s treatment the lump and all swelling was gone. This amazed even the dentist. (Me Too!)        L.W.


I was very toxic with mercury and my mouth kept having trouble and I couldn’t get rid of Candida. At Dr. Pepi’s instruction I finally got rid of all my silver fillings. Then she treated my body to detoxify the mercury. Mercury makes you feel exhausted when it’s in your system, but thanks to the treatments, Dr. Pepi’s other supplements, I was able to move the mercury out quickly (several weeks) and the Candida is gone.        M.F.


In the ideal universe, Dr. Pepi is a prime requirement for the well being of the populace of that universe. Just listen to Dr. Pepi, use her services, follow her dietary suggestions and pass the information on. Dr. Pepi would love to have a healthy populace. She is doing it one person at a time and I am one of them. She changed what I thought was a hopeless dental situation into a positive one in one visit.        L.W.


Over the last 7 months I have had extensive dental work. After each session with the dentist I have come to Dr. Pepi to assist my recovery. To be frank, I could easily have lost my desire to handle the dental problem but with Dr. Pepi as an ally I felt better and better as the procedures continued and my health in general has improved as well. If you need dental work, get on board with Dr. Pepi.        L.W.


I had Dr. Pepi work on my teeth and gums because they were extremely sensitive and I was really concerned about my gum recession. I have a really hard time just getting a cleaning even though my dentist is very gentle and caring.

Immediately after Dr. Pepi worked on my teeth I felt a lot more  circulation there. I just felt better about my teeth and gums in general after that.

       Recently I went for a cleaning. While the dentist was scraping at my teeth it seemed to me like it wasn’t as bad as last time. When the hygienist did the polishing she really noticed how well I was doing. The last time I did a lot of squirming and squealing. She accidentally squirted the most sensitive parts of my mouth with cold water and it wasn’t that bad. This is very good.        M.P.


Chronic illness and hopeless feelings go hand in hand.

A dentist told me the only solution to a tooth problem was to remove two teeth. Dr. Pepi adjusted my body to accept (rather than reject) my teeth and she instructed me on the supplements and food that would correct my immune system.

Seven months later my teeth are where they belong – in my mouth. If you are looking for hope—visit Dr. Pepi.        L.W.


Ever since I had an old mercury filling replaced last week I’ve felt like I was dying. I was so exhausted that I looked like death. It felt like the skin on my face was going to droop right off from lack of energy to hang on! I had headaches, woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep again and was generally very cranky.

I figured I was just detoxifying mercury from the old filling and decided to just go through it. Until the headaches were so bad and I was so mentally confused that I knew I had to have Dr. Pepi check it out. I had had an allergic reaction to the Novocain! I never would have guessed!

After only a short treatment I felt much calmer. That night I did wake up, but was able to fall right back to sleep again. And the next morning I felt like a normal person again.        N.K.


I had a tooth that was bothering me with pain and a feeling of infection. The pain migrated into my head and sinus area. Dr. Pepi treated the tooth directly and it feels totally handled! No more pain  and I'm not focused on it. Thanks.        S.Z.


I had a treatment from Dr. Pepi regarding my tooth and heart. I was healed when I walked out. I could not recognize the world! It was so clear and sharp! The treatment had a great effect on my eyes too. Thanks so much, Dr. Pepi.        Y.H.


I had had two teeth “prepared” for a bridge and was in pain until Dr. Pepi treated the area. And within a few hours – no earache, reduced gum bruise and the swollen gland in my throat much improved! Simply amazing!        M.G.


I have suffered for many years from bad gums – painful, bleeding, etc. I needed gum work, had had an operation. Since I have been seeing Dr. Pepi I have felt better in that area too. Today I saw my dentist for gum cleaning. I was told “your gums are totally out of danger. They are in a good condition.” This is something that I haven’t heard for who knows how many years! With great appreciation to Dr. Pepi and her dedicated staff.        Y.H.


I had all four of my wisdom teeth out in October and one of them got infected a couple of months later. It is totally handled and I didn’t have to take antibiotics to do it!! Fantastic!!        C.P.


I came to see Dr. Pepi with very sore gums and a lot of pain in my mouth because I have had a lot of dental work done. At present, I have handled almost all of this so that I have hardly any pain and my gums are much healthier. I can also chew very easily, which is a major improvement. Dr. Pepi is an artist.        D.M.


I had some major – and I mean MAJOR dental work done. It was a very traumatic experience for me and my body. I had to be totally put out for two eleven hour days. This resulted in my body being pumped full of drugs and toxins. My body was very ticked off.

When I first came to see Dr. Pepi on this, I couldn’t even chew simple foods because it hurt so much. Also, I had constant pain in my mouth that came in and out all day long. My body wanted to just get rid of my entire head.

Now I feel extremely well. I don’t have the pain in my mouth and I hardly ever experience any odd sensations. I can chew anything I want to eat. I feel very healthy and my mind is not bombarded with painful thoughts. I have more energy and my outlook on the future has seriously improved. Dr. Pepi is the best I have ever known, and I’ve been to a lot of healers. Her technology is laser sharp. I trust my body to her completely.        D.M.


My 21-year-old son, Jason, was told last year by a dentist that he his teeth had extremely weak root structure & he had to have a bunch of fillings. I remembered that Dr. Pepi used to recommend a special supplement for teeth and so I purchased some for him. This last dental appointment, he didn't have any cavities, but his brother, Deke and I did. I finally realized that the main difference was that Jason was taking the supplement but Deke & I weren't so now we're taking it too. I was having more & more problems with my teeth until I started taking it, but now at my last appointment I had no more cavities. Now I'm not too concerned about his Deke's next appointment. Thanks!        S.M.

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