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I had my first phone consultation with Dr. Pepi only 2 weeks ago. I am a single mother with 3 children; in just two weeks my energy is 400% better! I am sleeping better for the first time in years. My depression is 95% better and I have gotten off all my antianxiety and antidepressant medications! I have also lost 2 dress sizes!!        R.K.


"I was really a mess.  I had gotten 3 different infections in a 4-week period and was feeling a bit hopeless.  I knew Dr. Pepi could handle it, so I went for a visit.  We found different allergies and things I had no idea were happening within my body.  I started on the supplement program she gave me and within a week, I was symptom-free, feeling great and back to my normal self again!

Thank you Dr. Pepi!!"        M.F.


"Dr. Pepi is a miracle worker!  I arrived at her office with severe fibromyalgia symptoms, headaches, depression, no energy, overweight, extremely unhappy, hopeless and disempowered.  I had worked with both Eastern and Western medical doctors, used many therapeutic treatments and remedies (approximately 20+) in order to find relief from 4 years of non-stop excruciating pain and discomfort.

In a mere 2 weeks:

- I have gone from being depressed most of the time to happy most of the time.  

- Anxiety and fear levels are virtually non-existent!

- Severe headaches are gone.

- Weight loss of 5 pounds without even trying.

- Energy levels up by 70% and still rising

- Tingling and numbness in feet has improved by 85%.

- A lifelong ravenous addiction to sweets, particularly chocolate and ice cream is completely gone.  In fact, I don't even find sweets of any kind of appeal anymore!  And this was just a fabulous side-effect of her work - I didn't even ask her to help with this!!

This lady knows the human body like I've never seen or experienced before and she is brilliant in her diagnosis and treatments and use of natural supplements.

I recommend seeing her before you spend another dollar on pharmaceuticals or medical treatments.  She works miracles!  She can fix what others can't!"      D.O.             


I started researching the internet and saw Dr. Pepi and some of the testimonials.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic depression in 2000, and since then it had been getting worst.  I was always depressed, tired, had no energy, and at times was really thinking about just admitting myself into the psych hospital, because I wasn’t sleeping at all.

Well I got to see Dr. Pepi in one week and after taking the supplements she prescribed, I’m now sleeping 8 hrs, have more energy, and I’m happy!  It’s all thanks to the supplements and Dr. Pepi!!  NO PAIN!  Love it.        M.M.


When I came to Dr. Pepi, I was feeling depressed.  I was dispersed and generally had a hair trigger temper as I always felt like everything was in overdrive.  This was not good for home life or business.  Since starting treatments and taking the recommended supplements, I have an amazing feeling of calmness and well being.  I feel happy and my body feels completely different.  This is such a huge change,  I cannot tell you.  It has completely changed my life.  Thank you Dr. Pepi.        S.C.


Before I came to Dr. Pepi I was stressed and mildly depressed, along with dealing with various medical issues.  After my first visit my overall attitude was 80% more positive.  I was no longer anxious or depressed and my medical symptoms were the best they had been in years!  Other medical doctors made me feel hopeless but Dr. Pepi gave that hope back and now I am thriving!        W.W.


When I came here the whole world sucked. I thought I was at the bottom of the world. I was full of allergies. I came here to work on my allergies. Within a few treatments on my allergies, all of a sudden I noticed I was not depressed any more. I was no longer on the verge of tears. I can talk to people without tears coming down my eyes. My allergies are also significantly improving. I am on the way to recovery. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and God bless you.        M.O.


I came to Dr. Pepi in April ’08 for symptoms I was gradually having for several years without realizing it.  I’m in my late forties and it turned out it was a hormonal imbalance.  Actually, Dr. Pepi discovered that my progesterone was severely low and my absorption of essential fatty oils was low.  I was feeling depressed, suicidal and had a low drive and low energy.  I was on the verge of tears regularly but more so before my menstrual cycle.  I also had heavy flows, terrible cramps, and hot flashes.  It’s Oct. ’08 and all those symptoms are gone!  After 2 months of her program, treatment, diet suggestions and supplements, I have begun to feel like a brand new person with great energy and an optimistic attitude toward my health and life!  Thank you Dr. Pepi!        J.S.


One phone consultation with Dr. Pepi has changed my life. I was having trouble with anxiety and depression, weight and menopausal symptoms. She motivated me and told me what to do and what to take and eat. After 11 days, my anxiety and depression were 95% better, I’d lost 7 lbs and my menopausal symptoms were nearly gone. I could focus more and have more personal motivation. It’s now 4 months later and I’ve done 2 more phone consultations and I’m still doing great – even better!

I think it’s important to have someone who knows the right things to do and take and eat to make your conditions better, and are right for your body. I’ve found that in Dr. Pepi.        N.N.


I went on a tour recently (I’m an actress) to India and the air in New Delhi is so bad, I got full of lead. Horrible toxin. I felt very depressed and low by the time I returned. Eventually it occurred to my very slow wits that I should see Dr. Pepi. Six weeks of “near-suicidal” depression is GONE after ½ hour with Dr. Pepi. A week later, the lead still detoxing in an orderly and controlled manner, and I’m back to living life with optimism and pleasure.        A.F.


I live in Dundee, Oregon and I am about to turn 40 years old. At the end of August my doctor told me that I had MS and that I should go see a specialist. Beside the 7-8 brain lesions that my MRI confirmed, my blood work came back that my pituitary gland and thyroid levels were too low and that I would need to be medicated. I also was experiencing a multitude of symptoms. Including, major fatigue, inability to sleep, numbing of the left side of my face and left arm, my heart was having double heartbeats daily, I would lay on the ground numerous times a day because I could no longer sit up because the fatigue or dizziness would overwhelm me, I was loosing my short term as well as long term memory and was having a very hard time just thinking and making decisions, I was experiencing horrific pain in my back and trying anything and everything to numb the physical pain as well as mental pain that I was in. I noticed that my writing was getting very poor, and I was unable to focus, I would have daily panic attacks and was angry and very depressed and has having a very hard time coping with the day-to-day routines.

I did go to a specialist here in Portland, first of all he threw most of my file away, because my symptoms didn’t matter to him, he told me that the treatment of MS is to daily inject yourself with this new drug that hits the nervous system, but the side effects are very damaging to other parts of your body. When he looked at my MRI he said yes you have brain lesions, but you are too young to medicate now. I asked what to do in the mean time about all my symptoms and he said that didn’t concern him and offered me no support or guidance.

My primary care doctor had no idea what to do for me either.

I heard about Dr. Pepi though my aunt and at this point thought that nothing could hurt. So I flew down to California and saw her. In a 2-hour appointment she was able to tell me everything that was going on with my body; trust me, it was a lot. She made me choke down a ton of disgusting supplements and sent me home with them and a diet of no carbohydrates.

I noticed some results right away, but by the second day, my face was clearer and my thinking was clearer, day-to-day things got better for me.

Today I have lost 50 pounds, my brain is functioning again, I remember and can think, I sleep every night, I don’t have panic attacks and am no longer depressed. It used to hurt my face when I smiled, now I smile all the time. My heart is beating normally, I have had my blood work done again and all levels are now normal. I had another MRI and there are no more lesions. The numbing in my face and arm are about 95% better; the pain in my back is also 95% better. I am now functioning, where before I was not.

I often wonder where I would be now if I had not taken the chance and seen Dr. Pepi. I believe that I may not have reached my 40th birthday.        J.S.


After one week of being on the program, I feel that life has come back to my  body.  I don't get as depressed and sad as I used to and I feel like doing more things with my free time.

I am very hopeful that my condition will improve and hopefully dissappear some day.  Thank you for your help.        E.R.


I came in for the first time. I felt overwhelmed, anxious, depressed. I could not “get out of my head”. After 40 minutes with Dr. Pepi I was smiling, laughing and felt like a new person.        L.M.


Success is usually measured by accomplishments. The “I did this and that” sort of thing. For me success is being measured on Dr. Pepi’s programs by “I did not”. This month for example:

1) I did not wake up every night of after 3 or 4 hours sleep and stay awake until dawn with insufferable insomnia.

2) I did not have to take pain killers for “that time of the month”.

3) I did not feel like I was a complete mental and emotional basket case.

4) I did not come home so drained I couldn’t even walk my dog, much less play with him.

5) I did not stay home on the weekend exhausted and emotionally beat because I was too exhausted to enjoy a day off to see my friends or family. I went out and had fun.

All told, this list of “did nots” I did not think would ever be, so never let it be said I did not appreciate Dr. Pepi and her crew. Thank you all. You did not let me down.        K.L.


After 16 of Dr. Pepi's special liver flushes, my body has made a stupendous recovery, thanks to Dr. Pepi’s phenomenal knowledge & ability.

My skin looks completely different, my entire body is dumping fat, but best of all, this physical uplift & recovery has struck off the chains that held down my spirits.

I no longer have gray days where nothing pleases, and I doggedly persist in carrying on with the motions of work, teeth gritted & waiting for the day to end. I now see much better & notice far more of the environment around me.

This correct diagnosis & treatment is changing my entire life! Thank you!        D.G.W.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was totally exhausted and had been for a long time due to serious illness and long term fatigue. I have now seen Dr. Pepi twice and can say my energy is at least 50% improved in such a way that I no longer feel “exhausted” so to speak, and any depression I felt because of the condition is fast disappearing. My progress has been astonishing for me and I am continuing with the treatment from Dr. Pepi.        L.V.


When I started treatment 2 months ago I was a mess.  Depressed, anxious ALL the time, couldn’t sleep and had terrible gas and bloating.  In addition I had no energy through out the day, my eyes constantly burned and I didn’t feel like being with people.  After two months of treatment all my symptoms have dramatically improved to the point where I feel I have my life back again!        J.C.


For a very long time I have had trouble with energy (the lack of it) and getting depressed. This always led to my having trouble doing things quickly and without getting distracted, which would lead to more trouble and so on and so forth. I have been taking vitamins for only three or four days and my energy has shot through the roof. I am happy as I have been on achieving my goals (even happier) and really want to produce! I am Awake and Moving Fast!! THANKS DR. PEPI!!!        K.K.


I came to Dr. Pepi after finding out that I had MS. My energy was very low and I was very depressed. After seeing Dr. Pepi and following her instructions I feel a lot better. I have energy now that I haven’t had in years. The depression has slowed down and I have more good days than bad now. I went to my Neuro doctor a month after seeing Dr. Pepi and he was amazed at the difference in my since the last time he saw me. She’s wonderful!! Just give her a chance!! Thank you Dr. Pepi for giving me back hope and my life too!!        S.L.


My little brother (I call him that even though he is 33 years old now) has endured 12 years of heartbreaking agony with mental illness. Diagnosed at age 21 with paranoid schizophrenia, he began years of repeated hospitalizations, irrational violence, ineffective psychotropic medications, uniformed psychiatrists, group homes, legal proceedings, homelessness (in Cleveland winters), delusional thinking, and the hopelessness of watching his peers progressing through life while he languished in terror and confusion.

His medications have included Haldol, Congentin and Risperdal.

I came to know about special oils because of the huge role it played in my own recovery from Multiple Sclerosis. This simple oil supplement supplied my brain and nervous system with the nutrients needed to restore much of my lost mobility and cognition.

In 1999, a friend informed me that studies were in progress in Canada on the benefits of oils with Mental Illness patients with various brain disorders. These were helping to the extent that many were able to gradually wean off medication. Of course I wanted desperately for him [my brother] to try it, but not until November 2001 would he consent.

I am thrilled to report that I received a phone call on December 17, 2001 from my brother (from my mother’s house, not from a group home). He said, “Thank you so much for those vitamins you sent. I have a sense of peace for the first time in a long time, and real mental clarity.

I almost burst into tears. My mother was almost beside herself with joy. She said “I’m getting my son back!”

Since that phone call, my mother and sister report that his reasoning, memory, memory/reflection, conversational clarity and calmness are all much improved and he is eager to start re-establishing a functional life.

He is now able to live at home for 4 out of 7 days per week instead of at the group home all week long.

He is going to continue with the oils and perhaps one day he can be completely sane and medicine free.        S.M.C.


I came in with severe anxiety and mild depression. After one visit and use of vitamins I felt some improvement in both areas. I ran out of the vitamins due to missing my next appointment. For about four days I had severe anxiety again. I didn’t realize the connection until my next appointment. The days of anxiety were the days of no vitamins. I got back on the vitamins and my anxiety is at least 60% better and I’m feeling some peace and even joy for the first time in a long time. I’m amazed at the results and feel hope again.        R.D.


Since I have started treatment I feel absolutely great! My body symptoms seemed to have disappeared. I have learned also, not to focus on my body as it makes me feel worse. I have also discovered that clearing up Candida will probably clear up ills I’ve had almost all my life. It’s great knowing that I can easily handle my ills and maybe prevent them from occurring again. Just weeks ago I was feeling sick, depressed and suicidal. I had no energy and no hope. Today I have none of these feelings. I have energy. I’m not depressed and I know I’ll just keep getting better.        M.A.


It’s a miracle! I came in here a week ago, a depressed, broken down wreck and now I feel like Wonder Woman. My back pain is entirely gone. My energy level is returning and most importantly, my right hip, which hasn’t worked properly in several years, fells just fine. Many thanks for your wonderful therapy and vitamins.        D.K.


A few weeks ago I went to see Dr. Pepi with symptoms of depression and fatigue, which she diagnosed as a thyroid problem. Her treatment gave me quick relief. Then I had a pain in my left ankle (I assume that I twisted it) but Dr. Pepi said this was also caused from the thyroid. One treatment rectified it and I have no more problems. God bless you, Dr. Pepi.        H.R.


Thanks a lot Dr. Pepi. I have No more depression and a whole lot more energy. The improvement has been remarkable.        M.W.


Since I started seeing Dr. Pepi, the most significant improvement has been in the area of depression, especially before my period. It’s not gone entirely, but it’s not as intense or as long. My periods are not as heavy these past two months and I have almost no cramps. Since staying away from dairy and yeast breads I don’t feel so bloated or heavy. With the stress that is still present in my life there are significant improvements. I have more energy and stamina; I sleep better and have begun to think more clearly. I’m grateful for this treatment because it deals with all of me so I feel less fragmented.        C.J.


I came to Dr. Pepi feeling really low and grumpy in mood. I also felt like my body was numb with a lack of energy. Since then, I feel a lot happier and energetic and am once again enjoying my day. Thank you.        J.C.


When I came into see Dr. Pepi I felt very depressed and was just worrying about everything. There had been a major change in the weather (we were having a heat wave) that had me exhausted. Between that and the other stress factors in my life I felt confused about whether my depression was just an upset, something physically wrong or if I was just a cry baby.

Dr. Pepi checked me and found that I was very low on potassium and B-1. She gave me specific supplements for this and within a few minutes I felt quite bright and happy. I could not remember what I had been all depressed about.
Thanks, Dr. Pepi!!        L.R.


When I first came to see Dr. Pepi, I was feeling tired, sluggish and slightly depressed. I also had hit a wall when it came to trying to get some weight off. I had tried everything from South Beach, Atkins to Weight Watchers to even Herbal Life. Nothing was working. Within the first week of treatment, my overall feeling of well being improved by at least 70% and I lost 8 pounds. I can se such a difference and I feel great.        B.B.

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