Successes - Diabetes


          I went to Dr. Pepi because I was diagnosed diabetic by a medical doctor and was put on a lot of insulin. My sister told me about Dr. Pepi. So I traveled from Boston to see Dr. Pepi. I was so impressed. Dr. Pepi was so nice. I often feel intimidated by doctors because they rarely ever fill you in and I feel like I don’t know anything. Dr. Pepi keeps you well informed.

One week after seeing Dr. Pepi I had to get off insulin. Today I am off insulin and I am normal. My doctor could not understand how I wasn’t diabetic anymore. (By the way I changed doctors). Also I have lost 27 pounds and I’m still losing. I cannot believe that all this success cost me so little.

Dr. Pepi is the best. I will travel the distance again if needed. Why waste time and money going elsewhere. I know there are chiropractors here but I can’t imagine anyone being better. Thanks, Dr. Pepi – I owe you my health!        Much Love, M.P.


Thanks to Dr. Pepi, I have the loss of 34 lbs to be grateful for! And,  I barely use insulin anymore so here's to my health and may others be so blessed to have her care.        J.L.


I brought my mother to see Dr. Pepi. She is diabetic and on insulin. Dr. Pepi treated her and put her on specific supplements. After one visit and taking teh recommended supplements, her blood sugar went down so much that she had to take less insulin. This happened within a month!        H.R.


I was treated by Dr. Pepi for several things. Primarily I was recently diagnosed with adult onset diabetes. My blood sugar was over 200. After one visit and diet modification my blood sugar is down to an average of 102. This is well within acceptable levels. I am so glad I came!        J.L.


I was diagnosed by a physician as having early diabetes. The uncomfortable symptoms of insomnia and erratic mood swings were affecting me daily. I lost six pounds in less than a week. I was given a diet to follow and told it would be a week or two before my body’s blood sugar and metabolism settled. I was planning to suffer for the next week or two experiencing lack of hope that a faster treatment was possible. I discovered that the majority of the vitamins I was presently taking were not to my benefit. I started the recommended nutrients for my situation and in less than twenty-four hours I had incredible relief. I no longer have the erratic mood swings and I have not missed on night of sleep. I am looking forward to an improved health scene as I follow the recommended diet and nutrients.        M.B.

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