Successes - Dizziness


When I came to Dr. Pepi I was such a wreck, my head ached and I was very dizzy when I would turn or lay down. After taking her advice and the supplements for 2 weeks I am no longer dizzy and my headaches are reduced to minimal. Thank you!!        M.D.


I came in to see Dr. Pepi after I began to frequently get uncomfortable chest sensations that sometimes made me dizzy. I was having this occur up to 10 times a day. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi, this problem has improved by at least 70%. It is quite a relief. Thank you.        E.B.


When I first began seeing Dr. Pepi I was in sorry shape. I had chronic exhaustion, dizziness, digestive trouble and was feeling very low physically and mentally. After a good deal of treatment and supplements I am doing very much better. I have more energy and need less sleep, the dizziness is almost gone, my digestive problems are almost gone, and my body feels looser and more relaxed. I even lost 10 lbs of extra weight. I look & feel younger and more alive.        L.F.


In the middle of my second series of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy adjustments, I found that suddenly the whole world seemed clearer, crisper and I felt connected to my surroundings. I realize I have been slightly dizzy for many years and now I’m not generally dizzy at all. My thinking is now direct and focused! This is a hugely important gain for me. Thanks Dr. Pepi.        D.R.


I have tried so many things and finally got some positive results with Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy. Although I have a ways to go, after the first cranial therapy, some of my hearing returned in my left ear. Amazing! I’m feeling more calm and relaxed. Better sleep and so far, according to my wife, I haven’t snored since my treatments. My dizziness and eye problems haven’t gotten better yet, but I’m looking forward to working with Dr. Pepi until I’m healed.        T.F.


I was having some vertigo every day for a couple weeks.  Dr. Pepi’s treatment and nutritional recommendation helped me with this—it stopped less than a week after I saw her.        S.L.


I brought my 84 year old Dad in to see Dr. Pepi. He has always been very health conscious and he is in great shape for his age. Bet he has been having trouble with his hearing and his equilibrium for about 6 years. He came to Dr. Pepi mostly out of curiosity and a general interest in staying healthy. When Dr. Pepi said she could heal or cure his equilibrium and help his bearing and memory with her cranial therapy, he was very interested and went for the 4 treatments.

He was pretty pleased with the results right after they were finished but he was not really ready to admit he was better 100%. But I noticed major change in him from the second treatment. He looks younger. By that I mean his carriage is that of a younger man. He is shed of that old person slump – and his walking is younger too. No more of that old person shuffle-stumble in his walk – now its just clickety-click. I also noticed his hearing was better because I tested it by carrying on a conversation with him and then going into another room without raising my voice. He didn’t even notice it – but his hearing is improved.

But the real test came when my Dad returned to Denver. My sister picked him up at the airport and after studying him for some time she asked him what was different about him. Did he lose weight? No—well, he just looks younger. My sister had no idea he as receiving this treatment but she sure saw the results. I’ve thought for sometime that my Dad could live into the 100’s. With Dr. Pepi’s care, now I’m sure of it.        N.U.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi for symptoms of dizziness, feeling faint, head sensations and some nervous system disorder (tingling, stiffness).

The symptoms have lessened and have I have had some disappear (dizziness, blackouts, feeling faint). I have had more energy and can see improvements in overall health and have hope that I can terminatedly handle this! (Which the medical profession claims you can’t…)        R.D.


I’m only in my second week of treatment and I have improvement in all targeted areas of treatment. My energy has increased 80%. My digestion has increased 100%. And the vertigo that I was experiencing is GONE! Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        J.B.


In one month’s time, my headaches and vertigo have disappeared.  So have my panic attacks, that were happening daily and which were quite debilitating.  Dr. Pepi and her supplements are amazing!  Than you for helping me get through life!!        M.M.


I got MUCH better after Dr. Pepi treated me for a dizziness I could not get rid of. I was spinning (literally) every time my head would change a level. She found out I was allergic to a B vitamin that I was taking and totally fixed it! Thanks Dr. Pepi!! You never cease to do wonders!        C.D.


I injured myself kickboxing and was a mess—I was dizzy, felt spacey, had pain pretty much everywhere on my upper body, neck, back and head. I felt like I was dying and I had no idea what had happened to me.

Dr. Pepi helped me so much; there are no words of gratitude to say what she did for me in 30 minutes. She understood exactly what had happened with my body and how I damaged my meningeal sheath (the tough covering over my spinal cord). Immediately after leaving I felt more alert and my head pain had stopped completely. Each day after my visit I feel better. I am almost 100% back to my feisty self and it’s only been 4 days since she woke my body up again! Thank You, Dr. Pepi!        W. L.T.


Since I put a ladybug on my cell phone I am amazed at the difference I feel now using my phone. Prior to the ladybug I used to experience a heating up of my phone ear, headaches, dizziness and nausea to the point where I felt so bad that I would have to excuse myself to get off the phone. I never realized that it was all from my phone. All these symptoms are symptoms of radiation. Thank goodness I am no longer radiating my brain! I am proud to say I am a “Z” ladybug user!        J.K.


I have been living with dizziness and numbness for six months. After seeing Dr. Pepi once, it was all gone! With the proper diet I now feel five years younger and full of energy. I also don’t need to eat as much food, which is great! Thanks to Dr. Pepi.        S.M.


I had a dizziness that started and lasted about three – four weeks. I went to Dr. Pepi and between her treatments and supplements she eliminated the dizziness in one – two weeks. This was a very uncomfortable sensation and I was very happy to have it handled. Well done.        C.P.


When I started going to Dr. Pepi, I had not had a menstrual cycle in about nine months. Two weeks after my first treatment, and taking the supplements which she prescribed, I had my first menstrual cycle and have had one each month since. I was also having problems with hypo-glycemina and dizziness. Since a treatment on them, I haven’t had any problems feeling faint or dizzy. The best part is that I have an abundance of energy and I don’t have any cravings for sugar or alcohol.        H.D.


This is the second time I have come to Dr. Pepi. This time I was really sick with dizziness, night sweats, insomnia, etc. I thought there was something very wrong. I came here and the next day the symptoms were GONE! I’m impressed! Great Job, thanks Dr. Pepi.        W.S.


I have had dizziness and digestive problems for five to six years now. Going to Dr. Pepi has been great! The problems have diminished dramatically. I’m standing her after a session feeling fine and knowing I will be feeling better as the day goes on. Thank you!!!        K.K.


In May of ’88 I began to have a series of annoying problems. I was continuously dizzy and tired. Dr. Pepi told me that I had Candida. I was worried at first but I took her advice and now I am practically free of all symptoms. I feel a lot better and I am a lot more productive in life. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        R.S.


For over two years I have been suffering with severe headaches, neck pains, dizziness and a feeling of general weakness in my thighs and legs. I have gone to several doctors and have taken various kinds of medications which have not worked. I decided to seek other treatment and was told about Dr. Pepi by my daughter. After going to Dr. Pepi and following her treatment I noticed a great improvement in the way I was feeling and how I looked in less than one week. It has been about six weeks now since I first saw her, and I feel like a new person. Thank you, Dr. Pepi for giving me a new lease on life! Please continue to help others like myself.        D.M.C.


After one visit I noticed phenomenal result. The dizziness that I have had for at least two months diminished to quite a great extent. I also have a lot more energy. I feel really good. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        R.S.


Since being treated by Dr. Anita Pepi a few times, dizziness that had plagued me is gone. A big win! I also feel much stronger, have clearer thinking ability and a general feeling of well being.

Another win, after being on Dr. Pepi’s program for a couple of months or so, she did a repeat allergy testing and I am sensitive or allergic to only about one tenth of the foods I was allergic to originally. Thank you, Dr. Pepi. I have profound confidence in you.        H.L.


I’ve had a couple of chronic conditions that Dr. Pepi has handled. I had this chronic pain in my left shoulder and reduced neck mobility that seems to almost totally gone. I had it for a long time. Also, I had a chronic dizziness that I would wake up with. That’s gone too. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        J.H.

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