Successes - Ear and Hearing Problems

Ear and Hearing Problems

I had temporarily lost the hearing in my right ear. Upon visiting Dr. Pepi it was completely and miraculously restored within days. Just another miracle.        T.I.


"After seeing Dr. Pepi, my son's ear aches stopped in a few days.  He was getting a virus all the time since he was born and it got treated by Dr. Pepi.  Thanks to her, he is not going to need harmful antibiotics anymore.  He is a healthy child thanks to Dr. Pepi."        K.H.


When I was 18, I had a severe painful infection in the right Eustachian tube (it connects the back of the nose and middle ear).  I was given antibiotics, a special inhaler and Codeine for the severe pain.  I had to do these for several weeks.  A lot of scar tissue was formed and this area has caused me problems on and off for the past 30 years.  It gets clogged with mucus easily, especially if allergies or an infection flares up.   It will become very uncomfortable and I feel like I have to constantly “pop my ear”, like when you’re on an airplane.  It’s generally irritating and can be painful.

Recently it became very inflamed and painful.  The entire right side of my temple, neck & ear area was in pain.  Dr. Pepi did one treatment on this and the pain was dramatically better!  Within a day or two it felt like normal.  She also got my body to start healing the scar tissue, to replace it with healthy tissue.   It was a big relief, it was all done without drugs, and I didn’t miss any work due to being ill.  Thanks!!        N.K.


Two days ago I brought my four year old daughter to see Dr. Pepi because she had an earache. Immediately after the brief treatment, the earache was gone and hasn’t returned! We successfully avoided the use of antibiotics and the subsequent wear down of the immune system from them. Hooray!        S.H.


Dr. Pepi helped with my son’s ear infection.  He has seen MDs and they always gave him antibiotics.  She had him use a specific solution which was great…[it] did something with his ph/acid balance and he was all better.  Thank you.        B.T.


Our two year old daughter has had continuous ear infections since a very early age. One appointment with Dr. Pepi and a change in her eating habits have totally handled the ear problems. Additionally, she is no longer a “sugar baby” and as a result is much calmer and more fun to be with. She sleeps better, is happier and eats 100% better than she used to. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        B.H.


I just received my first adjustment (of 4) of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy yesterday. I’m getting them to help with chronic sinus pressure and to help make my body more stable to dance. But something very surprising happened and was handled in my first adjustment. When I was 6 or 7 years old I was diagnosed as deaf in one ear due to an ear infection I’d had. So I never did anything about it and was half deaf all these years. After the first cranial therapy, I could hear perfectly in my “deaf” ear, too!!        J.C.


Dr. Pepi tried to convince me that her cranial therapy would help eliminate my back pain. After one sneeze, a disk was almost blown. Three and 1/2 months of continual improvement (due to standard Dr. Pepi treatments and many supplements), my back felt much better until . . . I was in a car accident. It didn’t take long for me to ask for the cranial therapy after that. After the first treatment, I was pretty dazed, a little uncomfortable and sure that I never wanted to do it again. By the fourth treatment, my hearing was better (it was good to begin with!), my breathing was clearer, posture had improved, back pain minimized, energy level up and memory better! It was incredible. I still greatly dislike the process, my friends and colleagues think I’m nuts, but I don’t care – since I feel better and I’m signing up for another round of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy! Thanks Dr. Pepi!        C.D.


I’ve had a very stressful situation in my personal life for the past 2 years and hadn’t been able to get to LA to see Anita for 9 months.

I began the 1st of 4 sessions and was calmer, more relaxed & ready to sleep (have been having trouble).

At the end of my 4 sessions (3 of them included Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy), I am more calm & relaxed, sleeping fine, plenty of good energy (rather than the stressed, hyper kind) my eyesight is clearer (I’m 62 & use reading glasses sometimes) I’m optimistic about the family situation, & though the problems there still need to be met & solved, I’m no longer feeling overwhelmed. Of course we can deal with them. The pain in my toe is gone; the pain in my chest is gone. My hearing is sharper. The post nasal thing is gone. Not bad, huh!?        A.F.


I have tried so many things and finally got some positive results with Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy. Although I have a ways to go, after the first cranial therapy, some of my hearing returned in my left ear. Amazing! I’m feeling more calm and relaxed. Better sleep and so far, according to my wife, I haven’t snored since my treatments. I’m looking forward to working with Dr. Pepi until I’m healed.        T.F.


I brought my 84 year old Dad in to see Dr. Pepi. He has always been very health conscious and he is in great shape for his age. Bet he has been having trouble with his hearing and his equilibrium for about 6 years. He came to Dr. Pepi mostly out of curiosity and a general interest in staying health. When Dr. Pepi said she could heal or cure his equilibrium and help his bearing and memory with her cranial therapy he was very interested and went for the 4 treatments.

He was pretty pleased with the results right after they were finished but he was not really ready to admit he was better 100%. But I noticed major change in him from the second treatment. He looks younger. By that I mean his carriage is that of a younger man. He is shed of that old person slump – and his walking is younger too. No more of that old person shuffle-stumble in his walk – now its just clickety-click. I also noticed his hearing was better because I tested it by carrying on a conversation with him and then going into another room without raising my voice. He didn’t even notice it – but his hearing is improved.

But the real test came when my Dad returned to Denver. My sister picked him up at the airport and after studying him for some time she asked him what was different about him. Did he lose weight? No—well, he just looks younger. My sister had no idea he as receiving this treatment but she sure saw the results. I’ve thought for sometime that my Dad could live into the 100’s. With Dr. Pepi’s care, now I’m sure of it.        D.M.


I finished up with my series of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy a couple of weeks ago. After the first one I regained my hearing in the ear I’d been deaf in since childhood! I originally wanted to do the procedure to help me with handling the constant sinus pressure I’d always had and frequent sinus headaches. Which it did – the pressure is gone! Also, my eyes (which are green) lost all of their brown specks and are only green now. (Dr. says less toxicity showing!) I am not needing, or even able to take, all the supplements I used to. It’s down to about ¼! I have more energy than I used to, breathe clearer & easier and my balance and stability are better as well. That’s all!! Thanks!        J.C.


I am writing this for my four year old son who’s had consistent ear infections and respiratory infections since the age of 1 ½. Doctors would only prescribe antibiotics but that didn’t solve the problem, it kept coming back!! So I decided no more antibiotics which only gave him yeast infection on top of it!! So I tried homeopathic medicine which was a bit better but still the infections came back almost every 6-8 weeks. I didn’t know what to do any more. Then we heard of Dr. Pepi. My son has only seen her twice and he’s been free of the ugly infections for 5 months!! What a success for my little son not to get sick since we started the immune booster treatments and others by Dr. Pepi. Thanks so much!!        L.P.


I finished my 8th adjustment of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy and I look like a completely different person! My face has taken on a much better shape and since the treatments my skin has had the best glow! My headaches are totally gone! My sinuses have cleared up! My ears have been kind of muffled and now they aren’t! I have I felt brighter and happier and had a total sense of relief after I completed my treatments! My neck and upper back pains are gone and I can finally sleep comfortably, All Night Long! Thank you!        A.S.


For several years, I’ve had difficulty with my ears adjusting to the altitude. This last weekend while going up into the mountains, they adjusted beautifully a number of times with no pain. What a great feeling – due, I’m sure to the great nutrition and adjustment program started here a mere two weeks ago. In addition, the ache I had been having in my legs over the past year or so, particularly after strenuous exercise, has totally subsided – thanks again to the program here.        W.S.


I was taking some antibiotics for an ear infection. I came in and didn’t get to see the doctor, but bought some supplements. I noticed, within twenty-four hours, a great difference in my energy level and I stopped craving junk food and food late at night. Also, when I took the supplements in the AM I noticed that I came to life. The ear started to act up and I took extra supplements, and this handled it. My body definitely responded immediately to them.        J.P.


• Allergies much better – no stuffiness/no headaches.

• Ears ring very little.

• Very little pressure in ears.

• Less neck stiffness.

• 7% less dizzy.        M.A.


I was having low back pain and my right ear was popping when ever I yawned. I went to Dr. Pepi and she changed my diet. When I came back to Dr. Pepi again I noticed that all my lower back pain was gone and all of my ear popping was gone. I am very happy about this.        K.H.


I am twenty years old and love music. I attend a lot of musical shows and listen to music very loud. Well, after a while my ears started to ring a very annoying high pitched sound. One time on my way to the doctor’s office I was listening to my new music as “normal” and when I got out of the car my ears were buzzing! Dr. Pepi treated them and told me to turn down the music. Well, I did just that and the ringing has completely vanished! I am so happy because it will keep my hearing stable into old age! Thank you all at Dr. Pepi’s office!        A.A.

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