Successes - Eczema


I have had chronic skin irritation and eczema for many years. I have consulted numerous doctors from many different types of approaches, and no one has been able to find the root of the problem.

Dr. Pepi identified several allergens, as well as an overall liver weakness. In two weeks, my skin had changed tremendously! It feels the best it’s ever felt, and people are commenting on how miraculous a recovery I’ve made.

Dr. Pepi is truly a gifted healer. Her quick, efficient and accurate assessments have greatly improved the quality of my life!        A.M.


I’ve had a skin condition since I was 8 or 10 years old diagnosed as eczema, I was told by medical doctors that it is hereditary and cannot be cured. I’ve had it up until recently when I was treated by Dr. Pepi. While the treatment took a little while, (no time compared to the 3 or 4 decades I suffered from the condition), Dr. Pepi really fixed the skin condition. My skin is normal now. Sometimes I’m amazed by it.        D.S.


I have had eczema since I was three years old. I always thought it was due to suppressed anger and have lived with it virtually my entire life.

After my first visit, I  began taking the recommended supplements. On the fourth day my eczema cleared up entirely, something that hasn’t happened in years. It has now been three weeks. It only flared up one time when I was unable to take the supplements in the morning. I took them at 6:00 PM and by 6:30 the eczema was gone. Yahoo!        K.V.G.


When my daughter arrived two months ago, she had had the worst most, agonizing period camps in her entire life, her skin was pale and yellowish and she had flaking eczema on her face.  After only six weeks on the program, her skin is pinkish and there’s life emanating from it and her eczema is remarkably better.  Best of all, her next period was pain free.        L.H.


I have only been seeing Dr. Pepi for 2 weeks, and my hands, which have suffered with hand eczema or whatever for 2 years, 5 doctors and countless creams, etc… and they are almost completely healed, not to mention I feel better than I have felt in years. More energetic, calm, able to handle my busy life I thought I would just feel OK for the rest of my life. Now after Dr. Pepi I know different! Thank you so much!        Love, N.R.


My son has had immediate relief from his scratching from his eczema. He has had the condition from birth. Previously he was not able to tolerate any creams on his skin. He was basically scratching himself bloody. This is the first relief since birth.        D.M.


I was recently plagued by eczema on my hands. After a couple of treatments and following Dr. Pepi’s directions, it is almost completely gone.        T.B.


Last year I had this terrible eczema around my eyes, arms and neck. Having a father in the medical profession, I was exposed to many drugs, none of which handled the problem. To cut a long story short, I came to Dr. Pepi and she diagnosed a liver problem. It had far too much protein to deal with. I went on a no-protein diet with a few supplements and in ten days my liver improved, the eczema disappeared and I can eat almost anything I want with NO problems.        D.R.


After my first visit to Dr. Pepi, followed by taking my supplements and juice for a few weeks, my eczema totally went away, my intestinal pain also went away and I had much more energy.        P.B.


Jeremy had flaky, itchy skin which has decreased greatly, and also sleep difficulties which have mostly subsided.        J.S.

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