Successes - Energy Problems

Energy Problems

Dr. Pepi discovered my problem as being Epstein Barr Virus which causes chronic fatigue syndrome and a blood test confirmed her diagnosis. With two treatments and an immune system boost, I have regained energy that I thought was gone forever. It really is a whole new world. I eat better, I sleep better, and I have enthusiasm and clearer vision. Apparently I have had this undiagnosed problem for some time. So it is a great thing I discovered Dr. Pepi and her treatments. It has changed my life.        Sincerely, H.A.


I started researching the internet and saw Dr. Pepi and some of the testimonials.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic depression in 2000, and since then it had been getting worst.  I was always depressed, tired, had no energy, and at times was really thinking about just admitting myself into the psych hospital, because I wasn’t sleeping at all.

Well I got to see Dr. Pepi in one week and after taking the supplements she prescribed, I’m now sleeping 8 hrs, have more energy, and I’m happy!  It’s all thanks to the supplements and Dr. Pepi!!  NO PAIN!  Love it.        M.M.


I was in a state of total exhaustion.  I was dragging and everything was an effort.  Through just one short treatment with supplements, I now have pep, vigor and energy. Yeah!        L.S.


I saw Dr. Pepi last week to fix why I was always so exhausted.  I would wake up feeling like I hadn't slept at all sometimes. 

She put me on specific oils, off dairy and on a lot of veggies, and I now feel totally different--more energetic and I am waking up feeling AWAKE and ready to roll.  Thank you for your help!        J.W.


“I came to see DR. Pepi with no energy, a weight problem and acne. After just 3 weeks, my skin cleared up, my energy has increased enormously and I have lost 5 lbs. I cannot wait to see my results after another three weeks. Thank you so much.”        A.P.


Dr. Pepi has been after me to start eating more raw veggies for a while now. I just “didn’t have time” to shop and I thought I didn’t like vegetables. I never really got much better. I was drinking and smoking and eating fast food. I figured Dr. Pepi would be able to keep my body in shape just with treatments and supplements. She insisted that it would be a lot cheaper to change the diet. Well, Dr. Pepi’s right again. I started eating raw about 3 months ago. I quit alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, and cooked fat and I feel great!!! I can almost keep up with my 16 year old twin boys in energy and sometimes they wear down before I do. I lost about 25 pounds and I’m looking physically like I did 25 years ago (maybe even better). And it is cheaper. It is so great to go to the doctor for a tune-up instead of needing an overhaul every time I’m here. Thanks doc. You’re the best body mechanic around!!!        W.M.


When I started seeing Dr. Pepi, I had several things I wanted handled. I had been extremely tired. That has completely handled. In fact, my schedule is so booked with projects I have to force myself to go to bed at night.        J.W.


Today I ran 5 miles for the first time in 12 years. I am getting into shape faster than I did when I was 12 years younger. The difference is the diet I have learned from Dr. Pepi. I have a lighter energy and more of it. My target was to do 6 miles but that’s easy now, so I’m going for 10. It feels great!        N.W.


When I came in to see Dr. Pepi…I was so fatigued I could barely make it through my day.  Even though I was fatigued, I had trouble sleeping.  I would literally pace the floor unable to calm myself.  I was unable to eat food without my stomach becoming miserable—simply put I was a mess and the effect was that nothing in my life was working.  After 2 weeks I am feeling like a different person!  My stomach problems are 70% better.  I am sleeping through the night, which really makes me smile.  And my fatigue has improved by at least 30%.  The most amazing result for me is that I can relax.  I can’t even remember the last time I felt relaxed.  At first it was quite foreign to me.  I am an actress and now I walk into an audition situation…[much more relaxed.]       C.A.


Before I came to see Dr. Pepi I was always exhausted.  I felt like a walking zombie.  She started me on some supplements and now I have more energy than before.  I wake up when the alarm clock sounds and I can last the day.

I also was experiencing pain in my back and liver that doctors only gave me pain killers and muscles relaxers for.  I am not fond of this type of treatment.  With the supplements from Dr. Pepi I have hardly any pain.  My sleep is more restful because I am not in pain anymore.  Before if I moved at night I had so much pain it would wake me up.  Now nothing wakes me up.        C.A.


Before seeing Dr. Pepi I used to make myself exercise because I knew my body needed the health benefits but my body was so tired all the time I was not able to advance or increase my program at all. It was all I could do just to continue and to maintain the level at which I started. Until today!

After one week of treatment with Dr. Pepi, I couldn’t hold myself back from running on the treadmill this morning because I had so much energy! When my 2 miles were up and the machine started to wind down for the end I was actually disappointed that it was over already instead of my normal exhausted relief that the torture was done! This is great  for me because what I really want is not freedom from disease but health and vigor.        M.W.


The diet and supplement recommendations were perfect. After about 30 days I felt better than I have in years. I have much more energy. I stopped focusing so much on my body and, as a bonus, I lost ten here-to-fore hard-to-lose pounds. I’m motivated to continue.        A.M.


Since I first started on Dr. Pepi’s program, my period pains have disappeared, I don’t feel any discomfort any more and the level of energy does not drop down, which has never happened before.  During the period I usually get really tired have weird body sensations that make me constantly aware of this problem.  Thanks to Dr. Pepi I don’t have that any more.        Y.Y.


I came here with no energy, a 59 year old body going rapidly down hill. That was last May. Recently I ran upstairs, skipping every other step without ever thinking about it! I got to the top and wasn’t even slightly winded or fatigued. It's great not to focus so much on my body!        J.C.


I came to see Dr. Pepi about several unwanted conditions. One of them was constipation, which has been a problem for at least 24 years. I also had allergies in full bloom constantly as well as adult acne. By following the program Dr. Pepi gave me, I have twice as much energy as before, my constipation is gone, my skin is almost normal and my allergies are under control!!!        D.F.


After just one week on the supplements my energy level increased dramatically and I began to sleep more restfully. Thank you, this is so helpful and I feel I am getting my body back on track.        L.B.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I had a digestive problem that was allowing candida to expand into my intestines and poison me. I had heart burn, no energy and was tired. My doctor had no idea what to do and I was just handling the symptoms not the reason why. Dr Pepi put me on a program to straighten out the mess and within a few days I had renewed strength and energy!

Dr. Pepi’s abilities and knowledge and diagnostic methods allow her to zero in on the real reason for illness and what will handle it. She found out specifically what my body needed. I am very grateful to her and her staff and I’m continuing my program to even better results that I expected.        J.C.


I feel physically better, with more energy every day.  I don't feel tired, and I can do more things.  Thank you Dr. Pepi for helping me to feel better.        B.A.


I have seen Dr. Pepi for one week. Actually only saw her once. I’ve been taking supplements one week.

I guess you don’t know how far you are down until you start coming up. My energy level is up so I can look forward to doing things. I did not even realize how limited my life had become. It has been 12+ years that I have felt this way. To have it turn around in a week is truly fantastic. The skill and professionalism I have been treated with at Dr. Pepi’s office is truly magnificent. I can only get better!!        T.F.


After two visits my energy continues to improve, and my alertness continues to improve. I’m looking forward to more improvements. Kind’a exciting!!        K.G.


After having finished chemotherapy for lymphoma in January, my body was slow to build up my immune system and my energy level. After Dr. Pepi put me on specific supplements, and a treatment to absorb minerals, my body bounced back dramatically. My energy level shot up and I was able to shake off an upper respiratory infection in just three days with vitamin C only.

A year ago I was cautioned not to contract a cold or flu bug as it would likely land me in the hospital with pneumonia. No worries now, mate!!        J.M.


I have been feeling great lately and ready to be active again! I haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager! (I’m 56 years old). This is a big change from when I first came to see Dr. Pepi. Then and for years prior, I had been feeling tired most of the time and would easily get stressed and stay stressed out for several hours and my body would be exhausted and drop off to sleep quickly. Now I have so much energy that I had to stop taking some of the supplements because my body did not want to sleep. Now I have to exercise to use up excess energy so that my body can sleep. What a change!        D.N.


I came in with just about no energy and now have boundless energy! I’m also doing a lot better in lots of other areas and I feel like my body is being repaired. I probably will end up being better than ever.        D.O.


Before I started treatment my energy levels were very low.  I used to feel extremely fatigued and tired all the time.  After taking treatment for 1 month I feel great and my energy levels are much better.  Having an extremely hectic routine, I’m able to carry out my work with lots of energy and I feel a lot more energetic all the time.        R.T.


In just ten days I feel so much better – I have more energy, losing weight, happier!  In only ten days on Dr. Pepi’s program,  I feel 110% better in every aspect of my life!        N.R.


Just a few weeks on this supplement,  and I am feeling much more energetic! People have remarked that I look younger too! I feel much calmer – less keyed up. I am also taking a second supplement and I am experiencing a drop in my appetite which is good because I need to lose weight.        D.N.


My 21 year old daughter has been so chronically exhausted that it’s been ruining her life—and mine! Nothing else we’ve tried for the past eight years has helped. Dr. Pepi diagnosed the exact thing needed to repair her immune system. I have a bright new cheerful daughter! She can now hold a full-time job without complaint. At home she’s cooperative and helpful (who stole my old daughter?!)        N.K.


I had been having troubles with low metabolism and low energy during the day for a number of years. After seeing Dr. Pepi a few times and taking the supplements recommended my energy level came way up until it wasn’t a problem anymore (and I even forgot about it) altogether in a couple of weeks or so.        X.J.


After two weeks of taking nutrients recommended by Dr. Pepi, I feel so much more energetic and interested in doing things. I am very happy with the treatment she is giving me!        C.E.


I came to Dr. Pepi in September because I was lethargic and couldn’t seem to get rid of my colds. I had been trying antibiotics but they weren’t helping. Dr. Pepi gave me a specific immune booster and specific muliple vitamin. Not only did that heal me but in November (the next month) I began playing water polo. The practices were 3-4 hours a day during the winter in the outdoor pool at my high school. But while all my team mates began dropping like flies midseason due to various illnesses they had contracted due to their weak immune systems, I stayed healthy! Yeah! Thanks Dr. Pepi, you’re wonderful!        N.E.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi now for about 5 or 6 years and am doing great.  I see her to keep me in shape and handle occasional acute problems.  She has been telling me about the problems created by too much cooked food, not enough veggies, taking caffeine and so on—but I never went “all the way” for some reason.  Well, I did change my diet recently and the effects were “miraculous”—tons of energy, tons of alertness, weight loss, I feel great and my wife tells me I’m good looking.        K.G.


I feel like a new person. I was still very tired when I first started coming to see Dr. Pepi. I don’t have that problem now! I feel like I could do a Wonder Woman commercial! I have a hard time settling down at night because I still have things I want to do! I have to do to sleep on the clock, rather than when I feel tired. – This is a great thing!  I actually have more consistent energy than I have had for 30 years (I’m 45) and I’m forgetting what that “bone-tired” feeling is like. This is priceless! Thank you.        M.E.P.


I went from a state of total exhaustion where I was dragging and everything was an effort to pep and vigor and energy just through one short treatment and specifically recommended supplements. Yeah!        L.S.


 The vitamins Dr. Pepi recommends are great. I’d been off them for two months (too busy to come down and get them) and my energy level has fallen off. I came in today and got plenty of vitamins – and more supplements so I’m ready to blast up to a new high in energy.        G.N.


When I started treatment 2 months ago I was a mess.  Depressed, anxious ALL the time, couldn’t sleep and had terrible gas and bloating.  In addition I had no energy through out the day, my eyes constantly burned and I didn’t feel like being with people.  After two months of treatment all my symptoms have dramatically improved to the point where I feel I have my life back again!        J.C.


I felt 90-100% improvement after only one visit! One treatment and one week of following the diet and supplement plan and I was convinced that this would be a new lease on life for me! Best of all my energy level soared – I experienced zero hunger or food cravings. I’m 51 and have been dieting successfully and unsuccessfully for more than 40 of those (my first diet pills at 13, every diet on the planet, fat camps as a kid – you name it!) I’m also a professional ghost writer who has “written” celebrity health diet books and edited three books on weight loss from prominent nutritionists. Believe me I know this works!        L.P.


Before I saw Dr. Pepi I was tired a lot and had very low energy level. Dr. Pepi put me on specific supplements and after two months on and off it my energy level shot out the roof. I went from exercising once a month to every day. Thanks Dr. Pepi.        J.E.


I came to Dr. Pepi in Sep 2009 with lots of problems (health). I was having problems sleeping for only 3 or 4 hrs so I was always tired and moody.

With the treatment of my hormones and the supplements Dr. Pepi had me taking, in a matter of a week I was sleeping 7 to 9 hrs every night and felt more energetic.  I’m more active now, going to the gym 2 to 3 times per week.

I’ve also had a chronic pain in my shoulder for years which was aggravated by an accident I had about 1 ½ yr ago.  [After being treated by Dr. Pepi] I am now able to sleep without pain.  Sometimes [when I went] to the regular chiropractor they handled the pain temporarily but it would come back again.  With Dr. Pepi’s treatments and care I can say my health has improved dramatically.  The point here is to keep doing her treatments, following her advice and the rest falls into place.  Thank you Dr. Pepi for your knowledge and care.        A.M.


After treatment last week with Dr. Pepi, all of a sudden I couldn’t smoke my usual 10 – 15 cigarettes a day and my energy level increased dramatically. Yesterday I walked 8 miles and enjoyed every minute. This went from no activity at all to lots of activity. Now I can hardly smoke 1 cigarette a day. It's great, eh?        B.S.


Dr Pepi treated my body last week. Afterward, I slept so well and had a noticeable resurgence of energy.        N.L.


The  vitamins are effective! I’ve had fatigue problems for 30 years and since taking the supplements Dr. Pepi recommended, my energy level and feeling of well being have increased 95%. My outlook on life is brighter and more positive because I have the physical wherewithal to do what I want to do. I’m not constantly fighting against the severe problem of not enough energy.        C.L.


I have a lot of energy. I do not get tired so easily. I feel good and I have been thinking better and it is all because of Dr. Pepi. Thank you.        A.E.


I came to Dr. Pepi feeling like I was dying – I mean my digestive system had shut down; thyroid had shut down and had candida in it and my ovaries were screaming for help. After five days of being on Dr. Pepi’s program – yes I said five days – my energy is restored. I feel alive again. I feel like taking on the world again! Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        J.C.


I have has such magnificent improvements occur in my life since starting to see Dr. Pepi that I have to write about them.

I came here because I was so deathly tired all the time. I had no energy for life beyond daily “drudgery”. I could not get restful sleep at night and often had insomnia, lying away for precious hours when I should have been sleeping. I was unable to sleep at night or even to nap during the day. My body ached all the time. I felt like I had a ton of bricks on my head and shoulders. I was an incredibly short tempered witch with friends and family. After one visit, my sleep improved noticeably.  Several visits later I stopped getting ill or partially ill regularly, as I had been doing for months.

Then I really started feeling “the power” after my visits, a great body energy that was unfelt before. Now I can sleep at night, have a lot more energy, am harder to upset and my body is repairing itself. I am living life again, instead of dragging my self through it day by hard-to-get-through day. All aspects of my life have improved. I didn’t believe it was possible before seeing her. Now I know better! Thanks!        K.F.


When I came to Dr. Pepi my body was… “Tired” is the only word. My energy was down. I needed naps during the day and life had lost a good deal of its luster. Now I’m FULL of energy, have virtually no low points and my desire and ability to do things is greatly increased.  Thank you, Dr. Pepi!        P.M.


Before starting on the supplements my state of well being was low and did not feel well. In just a few days after taking the supplements, I noticed immediate improvement. My energy level had increased, I was able to think more clearly and I felt motivated to face my busy schedule of work. I’m grateful to Dr. Pepi and am making the vitamins a part of my life.        T.A. 


In less than four days since my first visit, my energy is up very much and I don’t have the junk food cravings. My headache of 25 years or so is gone as well. I feel hopeful at least that I will actually feel the way I always expected “normal” would feel like.        T.L.


Dr. Pepi did the right things for me. My stomach feels a LOT better; I have much more energy so that I can practice my violin for five hours a day! My forehead, which had pimples and scars for years, is very clear and nice. I thank you, Dr. Pepi.        M.J.P.


I’ve had an excellent change in increased energy, better sleep and waking up refreshed since working with Dr. Pepi. Actually the change is quite remarkable! I have been suggesting to my friends to see her and I do to you as well.        G.F.


While taking the recommended supplements I had extreme amounts of energy. When I went on a trip to San Francisco I could actually run up and down the streets while my friends would “huff and puff”. Also, while my friend and I were on a trip (he was very healthy and 14 years younger that me) we hiked trails up in the mountains of Big Sur and had a blast while my other friends (who were junk food addicts) slept in the van. Previous to taking the supplements, I had not experienced this type of energy.        B.S.


Since I’ve been working on my pituitary glands with supplements and Dr. Pepi, I feel a surge of very dramatic energy. This includes a very strong desires to create and new ideas, since I know I have the energy to put them into play!!        B.S.


Doing the liver flushes has helped me a lot with increased energy. It has helped me lose weight with no effort at all, and my skin has gotten better. It tastes real yucky, but it sure does work!        H.H.


Dr. Pepi has helped me a lot. I lost ten unwelcome pounds during the past year and have had many other benefits. I depend on her treatments to keep me well whenever I travel to LA, which isn’t as often as I’d like. But still continues good results. More energy and this past year I stopped having colds and the flu I used to have so often.        F.C.


I just survived a very grueling tax season (I work in an accounting office) and I was amazed at the energy level I was able to maintain. I attribute this to having seen Dr. Pepi. She made some adjustment to my body and gave me some very good advice which I followed. Thank you very much.        P.C.


Four months ago when I first came to Dr. Pepi, my energy was so low that I was irritable. Now my energy has increased at least by three times more than it was before. I am more productive and feel better.        M.M.


Since I was twenty years old I’ve had insomnia on and off. About five years ago it became very severe. I could only sleep two or three hours a night. I was exhausted and a nervous wreck. The supplement that Dr. Pepi recommended helped change that unbearable condition. I built up my body and was able to sleep and I sleep like a baby most of the time now.        A.M.


I am amazed at how well the supplements that Dr. Pepi recommended work. I ran out of them for several days and completely lost my energy. I had to slow down significantly when I was cycling. Once I started taking them again, it was almost like getting an instant injection of energy into my system. This is great stuff, especially for athletes.        J.R.


Dr. Pepi’s egg drink really helps my body a heck of a lot!  When I get up in the morning, I normally feel very weak and I don’t want to do much of anything except sit around and maybe watch some T.V.  When I drink Dr. Pepi’s egg drink, I feel so much better!  I really notice the difference if I forget to drink it.        M.A.


I have felt and seen wonderful results from my treatments with Dr. Pepi and the supplements she recommends.  Her products helped me through a bad cold and congestion…as well as killing bacteria.  Many other issues have been healed and are still being healed by Dr. Pepi by taking specific supplements she prescribes.  Thank you so much for getting me off of steroids and into such better health.  I actually wake up with energy and no fatigue.        M.L.


I came in for more energy and overall better health. Both were handled that day and have been stable ever since (except when I failed to follow instructions once on the supplement amounts when doing an all nighter).        B.H.


Dr Pepi has helped me a lot over the past two years. Energy up, stronger, bad back much, much improved. Though I only can see her a couple of visits a year, her treatments and supplements have helped save my life.        F.C.


My hair has grown fully and longer! I have much more energy and feel lighter and more perceptive of the world – much less spacey and out of it.        K.L.


Since doing Dr. Pepi’s program, I’ve had to cut back on my vitamin and weight loss herbs. If I don’t I’m so jazzed that I can’t sleep! I feel much better than before. It’s much, much better!        K.B.


When I first came to see Dr. Pepi I was barely able to drag my body around. I had no energy and everything was an effort. After just a few days of seeing her and doing her program, my energy level shot way up. I’ve tried a lot of things, vitamins, minerals, different diets and other chiropractors all with little or no results. So, to have my energy level shoot up at least 50% after just one visit, really is remarkable and a life saver.        D.G.


I went through chemotherapy almost two years ago and since have been experiencing some difficulties.  After one visit with Dr. Pepi,  I was totally in shock with the before and after difference. My energy level has boomed big time. I catch myself zooming in the morning, dancing around. Thank you, Dr. Pepi, for being a person with whom I could handle my body. She’s not a butcher, she’s a true body healer.        D.S.


Dr. Pepi is fantastic at handling body complaints.  I came in last month not doing well and she put me on the exact supplements needed to handle this specific condition.  I have more energy, sleep great, and handle stress much better.  Coming to Dr. Pepi really indicates my body loves the care given it and so do I.  Thanks!        K.F.


In just one week I have an amazing amount of energy. I had felt nervous in my stomach almost constantly before and that is gone within days. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        A.G.


Last week I came to Dr. Pepi because my neck was giving me a lot of pain and I’d lost 50% of its mobility. After her analysis she recommended a variety of vitamin supplements. I was a bit skeptical – not having received an adjustment.

After just two days my neck pain was almost 50% better. By our next visit it had recovered 70% and my energy and mood was up.  I was very impressed that she seeks the roots of our concerns and I trust my health is improving and will continue to improve as time goes by. Thanks!        D.L.


The best way to describe my body prior to Dr. Pepi’s program is “always tired.” A friend once told me “Girl, you were born tired.” How right! But now, after Dr. Pepi’s program, I have incredible energy!! I don’t have to eat constantly or to drink coffee to get enough energy or to get through the day. I am completely impressed and recommend this to everyone.        D.S.


When I came to Dr. Pepi it was not because of an energy shortage. I knew that I had one, but never thought about it. Nonetheless, she discovered it, and in spite of the fact that I am far from the best patient, Handled it. Got an energy problem? Don’t go to Texaco, go to Pepi.        M.K.


I’m really happy that I’m doing good on what I’m doing. I have more energy than before.        J.L.


I feel real good and am doing great quitting smoking, having energy, losing weight, being fit and healthy and getting rid of other undesirable things. All of these since I started coming here last year. Thank you very much.        D.L.


Since Dr. Pepi has started treating me and giving me advice on nutrition and supplements, my energy level has come up 30%. I no longer get a late afternoon slump and my energy level remains consistently higher throughout the day.        J.M.


Compared to last November I feel great. I have much more energy, sleep 5 – 8 hours straight and have an abundant sex drive. Overall I am 80 – 90% better. Thanks.        L.T.


When I first started getting treated by Dr. Pepi (last year) she wanted me to eat the five grain formula everyday, especially since I run and workout 4-5 times a week. I would eat grains for one week and then forget for two weeks and so on. It was hard to ever eat them. About two weeks ago I decided to just eat them everyday and WOW! I feel great! My energy is a lot higher and I actually enjoy eating them and don’t want to go a day without them! Thanks Dr. Pepi for insisting I eat them!        L.M.


I came in here a few weeks ago really stressed out. My schedule had been so hectic that I wasn’t getting enough rest. Dr. Pepi treated me and I felt much better and this was in just one treatment! She also recommended specific supplements to help keep me going. These are amazing and my energy has increased greatly! Thanks, Dr. Pepi for doing what you know how to do best – fixing my body!!        L.M.


WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I had chronic pain in my whole back such that it would keep me awake every night. Also, I was fatigued during the day. This had been going on for weeks – nearing months. I saw Dr. Pepi ONE TIME and my fatigue vanished. My back pain decreased incredibly. I thought I was in for weeks and weeks of serious back work. If I can get these results in just one visit, I can only rejoice in where my health will be after another few!! Thank, Thanks, Thanks a ton. I’LL BE BACK!!        A.C.


My grandmother suffers from memory impairment. She was very vague and confused when she arrived to live with us late last year. We put her on supplements for her brain on the advice of Dr. Pepi. She improved markedly. She had more energy, less tendency to nap, took long walks, ate a good diet and was more aware. We ran out of the supplements for the brain and were out of them for about five days. She became tired and vague and couldn’t even stand up from a sitting position easily. We then got more of the supplements and gave her the regular dose. By this afternoon she was much brighter and that was only a few hours after taking it.        J.P.


I’m still not sure what’s in those bad tasting vitamins but the result has been nothing less than miraculous! The way I feel now compared to a week ago is unbelievable. I have energy for the first time in years. Dr. Pepi has motivated me to stop drinking, smoking, et al., so that also has a lot to do with my improvement. I’, now ready to take on the world instead of just watching it go by. Thank you, thank you!        B.C.


Having only the time to see Dr. Pepi for about five visits before going to Florida, I gave her about five of the most noticeable physical downfalls.

1) rarely any energy

2) neck pain

3) lower back pain

4) too few bowel movements

5) depending on eyeglasses for reading.

In about five visits (or two weeks) my energy jumps after arising and until about three PM. My neck pain is gone, my lower back pain is greatly reduced, my bowels are regular and to my surprise, I preferred not using glasses for typing letters very recently. I am glad that Dr. Player recommended Dr. Pepi. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.        J.R.


Since I have started treatment I feel absolutely great! My body problems seemed to have disappeared. I have learned also, not to focus on my body as it makes me feel worse. I have also discovered that clearing up candida will probably clear up ills I’ve had almost all my life. It’s great knowing that I can easily handle my ills and maybe prevent them from occurring again. Just weeks ago I was feeling sick, depressed and suicidal. I had no energy and no hope. Today I have none of these feelings. I have energy. I’m not depressed and I know I’ll just keep getting better.        M.A.


I came to Dr. Pepi in April ’08 for symptoms I was gradually having for several years without realizing it.  I’m in my late forties and it turned out it was a hormonal imbalance.  Actually, Dr. Pepi discovered that my progesterone was severely low and my absorption of essential fatty oils was low.  I was feeling depressed, suicidal and had a low drive and low energy.  I was on the verge of tears regularly but more so before my menstrual cycle.  I also had heavy flows, terrible cramps, and hot flashes.  It’s Oct. ’08 and all those symptoms are gone!  After 2 months of her program, treatment, diet suggestions and supplements, I have begun to feel like a brand new person with great energy and an optimistic attitude toward my health and life!  Thank you Dr. Pepi!        J.S.


Dr. Pepi has been helping me with my energy level. It’s been so low for so many years that I was beginning to think that I would just “always be tired”. Well, yesterday and today I realized (late in the day) that I was just whizzing along feeling great and had to stop myself for a minute and think, “did I have a cup of coffee or something? How come I feel so good and have all this energy?” Well, I hadn’t had any coffee, but I used to drink coffee so I could feel this way!! Dr. Pepi, you hit it right on the head. I feel better than I have in ten years.        D.D.


My body had started going through some interesting changes about 3 years ago. My menstrual periods began being longer and longer apart. I thought I was going through menopause and I suffered through all the emotional stress and strain alone because I didn’t want to tell anyone. It was a terrible time. Well, about four weeks ago I started my program here with Dr. Pepi. (I haven’t had a period for about a year and a half.) I could feel changes occurring from the first day. Today I started a normal, very healthy period. It’s just fantastic! My body is really getting into balance. It’s getting over being tired, overworked and malnourished. It is feeling great and performing all of its functions. This is just great. And, I feel so much younger!!        A.A.


Under therapy with Dr. Pepi, my health and physical faculties improved dramatically. In large part this is due to the persistence and commitment of the team. My energy, rest and nervous conditions improved 50 – 100 %. My knowledge and acuity for body and energy maintenance grew during this therapy and has become and invaluable asset.        B.K.


I’m glad I’m getting more energy. I feel much better than I used to when I hadn’t come here yet. I am glad I came.        J.V. (age 7)


I have had a problem with my liver for a few years, which caused a problem with my energy level and sleep.  I also had trouble with the heat since coming out to L.A.  I ended up drinking too much water, which depleted me of sodium and minerals.  I ended up with an acute trauma to the liver and the brain and landed in the hospital.  I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for the past week and she has handled my conditions to the point that my liver and brain are stable and healthy.  I have more energy than I have since this began a few years ago!  You are a lifesaver, Dr. Pepi!  Thank you!        A.S.


It used to be that when I would take any kind of airline trip I could count on being wiped out for a week after I got back. Now, thanks to the magic of Dr. Pepi, I can effortlessly take my business trips. She has handled the reason why I was having trouble, so I can be and am in full control over how I feel!        T.B.


I don’t have any more headaches.

I don’t have a loose bladder; it’s getting better.

My hair doesn’t fall out that much any more.

I’m getting more energy.

My leg joint doesn’t hurt when I walk in the mornings.

I sleep better now.        E.A.


I came in here four months ago so sick that I could hardly stand up. The body was shot, having to sleep five or six times a day! I couldn’t work and could barely do anything. Now I’m working full time again and feel like a new person!!! This is a major win, minus ten to plus seven on the body scale!        S.K.


Being on this program truly is magnificent. It helped me a lot. My energy level has shot right up. My stomach doesn’t get bloated and it used to and the acne on my face has almost disappeared. I’m feeling great.        L.L.


Dr. Pepi helped me so much with something that hit me with a fever of 104 degrees. (Toxic Shock Syndrome). I had had slight symptoms of it before, but this was the worst. I thought I was going to have to go into the hospital because it was so severe. I came to Dr. Pepi instead and within 24 hours I was 150% better. Literally, I had no trace or symptom of being ill. My body had been in the worst pain imaginable and Dr. Pepi worked a miracle for me. Thanks.        K.K.


Dr. Pepi has given me a new lease on life. I feel healthier and more alive than I have in the last five years after seeing Dr. Pepi for one month.

As an indication of how much I’ve improved, this past weekend, due to a spontaneous trip, I was only able to sleep for six hours. Normally I would have been exhausted for at least one to two weeks after such an adventure. However, due to Dr. Pepi’s help, within a couple of days I feel great again. Additionally my concentration has also improved by 60%. In short she has become my savior. I can never thank her enough!        M.T.


Things that have improved since my treatments with Dr. Pepi:
        - Clearer sinuses
        - Lower temper
        - More energy
        - Easier time with family
        - Clarity of mind


I just wanted to thank you for your help and let you know how amazed I am at the effectiveness of the vitamins that you have given me.

I have gone back and forth to Russia from LA four times in the last year and a half and each of the first three times I was utter and completely exhausted upon my trip home, taking a couple of weeks to recuperate from the jet lag, time warp and toxic environment of Moscow. I have just returned from my fourth trip. Because, I believe, of the high levels of radiation in the Moscow environment I began to feel ill within twenty-four hours after the exhausting trip as usual. However, I began taking some of your recommended vitamins that I brought with me and almost immediately began to feel better. Within a day or two I had no symptoms of the exhaustion and illness. And upon my return to LA, it took me only three or four days to feel back to normal.

I am certain that it was the vitamins, as this was the only difference in my regular schedule and diet there. In addition to that, the treatment that you gave me a few days later has boosted my energy level even more and I feel great. Thanks so much for all your help and your GREAT tech!        B.W.


It sounds like I’m exaggerating but after one visit I felt better than I have felt in six years. The following morning after seeing Dr. Pepi, my colon was back to normal after three months of chronic diarrhea. People cannot believe the improvement and I feel great! Thank you, Dr. Pepi!! I also have more energy and I’m finally happy to be alive!        J.S.


[I’m doing] so much better…energy better, body more “active”/alive.        K.L.


I just completed the seven day colon cleanse. I am thoroughly impressed with the technology of the program. I had hesitated to start because of the colema part of it, but much to my surprise, it was a totally comfortable process. I found that if I followed the schedule for drinks and vitamins, I was not tired and was able to work full time at a demanding job. By the end of the cleanse, my energy level was up 75% especially in the evenings! Read the book – it is an education about the body! Do the cleanse! I would recommend it to anyone!        D.S.


I found that, with doing the grains and vitamins, I went from needing eight hours of sleep to six hour a night. I have an incredibly high amount of energy.        N.S.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for over three months. Over the past five years I have battled severe Candida and had had all the horrible symptoms that accompany disease. I have tried so many other therapies and programs with very little success, but with Dr. Pepi’s program, I have seen great improvement in my condition for the first time in many years. I am beginning to feel like a human being with energy, hope and joy. The past five years have been such a struggle, but now with Dr. Pepi’s treatments and super-duper vitamins, and diet, I will regain my health and hope in life. It is nothing short of a miracle!        S.S.


I went to Dr. Pepi as my back was very painful. I had had it for six months and was not able to move easily. Dr. Pepi did a proper observation as to the physical problem and put me on vitamins and grains. This resolved my back pain 100%. Also my energy level has increased beyond what I even hoped for – I also now do weight lifting each night after work as I have more energy. I’ve referred a few people so far. Thanks for your help.        N.S.


I have reached a new plateau in my life. My body is more responsive and under control. I have more energy and better relaxation and I sleep more relaxed. I take no booze but do have good nutrition (diet and supplements). My attitude toward life has changed thanks to Dr. Pepi.        F.N.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi for almost a year on a regular basis having come to her with a severe back pain. The back pain was basically handled within two months but I’ve continued my visits for the general improvement of my health and especially my energy level. I have seen steady improvement in both energy level and well being. This last week I have felt healthier and had more energy than I have had in over fifteen years. Thanks, Doc.        B.M.


I am amazed how the treatment I received from Dr. Pepi helps me a lot…It’s amazing, I used to [need more] sleep…but now my energy level has changed dramatically, thanks to the treatment and vitamins from the best doctor.        F.H.


I’ve had a tremendous increase in energy since working with Dr. Pepi. Also I got pregnant, which I’d been trying to do for years! I had other benefits of getting rid of some discomforts I had when I came in. They went away so completely that I forgot I had had them!        A.M.


I just came back from a vacation in the redwoods and San Francisco and I have never had so much energy during a vacation. Usually it’s a lot of driving and sitting and eating. This time I hiked and jogged and ran and really had a blast. I attribute this to the fact that Dr. Pepi has been working on my and my body is just getting better and better!!!        B.S.


The techniques and supplements provided here are simply wonderful (i.e.: simple, wonderful, easy to follow, painless and very productive.) Walking from the Doctor’s office to my car after my appointment last week, I felt 19 years old again. Back then I was energetic and clear headed, before I started abusing that privilege by violating the rules to maintaining a healthy body. The troubles I was having are fading. It’s easier to breathe, I sleep sounder and the elimination system works better. Even my husband has noticed that I look healthy. That’s the way it should be. There’s no reason to feel poorly because these bodies are tough and have the equipment to repair them selves, jut they just need a wee bit of help sometimes – from Dr. Pepi. Thank you, Dr. Pepi! (You are a smart, smart cookie with all natural sweetness – the real thing!)        K.G.


In the past three months of treatment with Dr. Pepi, I have noticed a remarkable change in my overall health. I have lost close to twenty pounds, have had no incidence of a prior chronic kidney problem and notice a tremendous increase in energy. Following Dr. Pepi’s dietary suggestions and taking the recommended supplements has made all the difference to me.        J.C.


It’s such a relief to know that any body problem can be handled by Dr. Pepi. I thought that I would always be an insomniac, nervous and tired all the time. Now I sleep like a baby, have much more energy and don’t worry about being nervous. Dr. Pepi is great! It’s so much fun being cause over my body.        A.M.


When Dr. Pepi started treating me I was in very bad shape physically as well as mentally and had given up hope. I couldn’t exercise because my body was in pain and had no energy. My concentration was down to 10% and I couldn’t think straight.

Dr. Pepi diagnosed Candida. She started treating me with adjustments, vitamins and suggested a diet change. I started eating grains, stopped eating sugar (including fruit). After a couple of weeks I totally lost cravings for sweets. I am exercising regularly, my focus and concentration has improved 80%. I am very energetic, don’t have colds any more and am having tremendous fun. On top of it all, I am losing weight. Thank you, Dr. Pepi, for your support, tremendous patience and incredible treatment technique. I am very happy.        E.S.A.


I did a seven day colon cleanse three weeks ago. I feel great! I have incredible energy. I now need six and a half to seven hours sleep per night. I was requiring nine to ten hours per night previously!! Also, my brain has cleared! The fogginess is gone and my concentration has incredibly increased. I’m getting so many things done! Thank you Dr. Pepi! I recommended you to my husband and my girlfriend!         G.W.


I noticed an immediate improvement after taking the supplements. I had a lot more energy and my body was definitely more alive. I went through a detoxification period and worked through that to a much better and more stable level of health.        K.P.


It is now four months since I began availing myself of your chiropractic assistance and nutritional guidance. And I am well pleased to report a wonderful feeling of health and well being. My old cravings for the wrong foods have vanished, I have daily exercise back in and no body problems whatsoever. Even my fingernails are noticeably stronger and healthier looking.

To emphasize the up grade in my physical condition, last Saturday night I danced rock & roll fairly non-stop for some hours with no aches or tiredness whatsoever – and I’m not a young guy. I just feel young.        T.S.


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