Successes - Exercise Problems

Exercise Problems

Another problem Dr. Pepi has gotten rid of was an acute pain in the ball of my foot. I couldn’t wear high heels or do anything athletic. After treating me and restricting my diet, the pain is gone and I’m an athlete again. Thanks Anita! You’re great!!        W.F.


Thanks, Dr. Pepi – after only one treatment and after hobbling around with a crippled knee for 3 months. I’m able to play squash again. You’re great!        M.M.


Today I ran 5 miles for the first time in 12 years. I am getting into shape faster than I did when I was 12 years younger. The difference is the diet I have learned from Dr. Pepi. I have a lighter energy and more of it. My target was to do 6 miles but that’s easy now, so I’m going for 10. It feels great!        N.W.


Went walking for hours this weekend – for the first time in 2 years – with no lower back pain!        L.W.


After my back injury, my right foot and leg suffered from constant cramping and shooting pain. Even driving in the car for more than an hour caused my foot to cramp severely. The orthotics (podiatry foot supports) that Dr. Pepi cast for me have allowed me to drive without pain. In fact after 1 year hiatus from jogging, I’ve returned to that activity and I don’t suffer any muscle cramping or pain!        W.G.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I was lethargic and couldn’t seem to get rid of my colds. I had been trying antibiotics but they weren’t helping. Dr. Pepi recommended a specific supplement program and treated me. Not only did that heal me, but in the next month, I began playing water polo. The practices were 3 – 4 hours a day during the winter in the outdoor pool at my high school. But while all my teammates began dropping like flies midseason due to various illnesses they contracted due to their weak immune systems, I stayed healthy! Yeah! Thanks Dr. Pepi, you’re wonderful!        N.E.


Before I saw Dr. Pepi, I was tired a lot and had very low energy level. She put me on specific supplements and after 2 months on and off it, my energy level shot out the roof. I went from exercising once a month to every day. Thanks Dr. Pepi.        J.E.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi, my breathing would get so bad that my chest would sting and I’d be scratching my chest because of how hard I was wheezing. I couldn’t walk up a hill without being out of breath and wheezing. Dr. Pepi got me on a specific supplement and fixed my lungs up and now I can run up a hill and do a very tough dancing class without a single wheeze or any trouble at all!        K.K.


When Dr. Pepi suggested that she cast my orthotics (podiatry foot supports) to help my back, I was skeptical. From the first day of wearing my orthotics, I called them my personal miracle. I can now function as a “normal” person. I can walk holding my son or carrying him on my back, I can stand, run, exercise, etc. . . . Thank you, Dr. Pepi!        W.M.F.


While taking Dr. Pepi's recommended supplements, I had extreme amounts of energy. When I went on a trip to San Francisco I could actually run up and down the streets while my friends would “huff and puff”. Also while my friend (He was very healthy and 14 years younger than me) and I were on a trip, we hiked trails up in the mountains of Big Sur and had a blast while my other friends who were junk food addicts slept in the van. Previous to taking the supplements, I had not experienced this type of energy.        B.S.


Before I came in to see Dr. Pepi, my energy was so low that it was non-existent. After 2 days of taking the recommended supplements, I started running a couple miles every morning at dawn before work. I haven’t had this much energy since I was a little kid. Thank you very much.        J.L.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was feeling constantly fatigued, and I was experiencing headaches and muscle imbalance.  Also quite regularly I had to take my inhaler for my asthma that was being affected by pollens, grasses, and especially cat dander.  These were all troubles in my life that I wanted to reduce or get rid of altogether.  After hearing about Dr. Pepi and all the amazing results she has gotten, I knew I had to try it out.

Not more than a few weeks after I had seen her, I was feeling much better.  For fatigue she gave me some vitamins to take everyday and also some healthier alternatives to my diet.  I am a college athlete, so naturally sports drinks were a must-have, but after learning that they did more damage than giving you energy I immediately stopped.  Along with [cutting out] sports drinks, I also was told to change my diet by adding some more essential “energy” foods.  From these little changes I have seen a drastic increase in my athletic ability and stamina, and have been able to concentrate better.  Also…I have not had one headache since, which is extremely rare.

Also my new diet and alternative foods have helped with my muscle imbalance and asthma.  The muscle imbalance caused my knees, back, legs, and neck to hurt constantly.  After going in for an appointment, Dr. Pepi somehow got my muscles to start working properly again.  Now I seem to be more athletic, with less pain in everyday life.  My asthma has greatly improved since I have seen Dr. Pepi.  During certain times of the year I had to take my inhaler at least every other day, but now, I haven’t taken it since I have been treated.

In other words I highly recommend everyone to Dr. Pepi, as she has had some amazing results with me and countless other patients.        S.M.


I’ve been in pain 5-8 years and have seen different kinds of doctors (including homeopathic) and had to pay a lot of money.  Nothing seemed to help me.  Since my first visit w/ Dr. Pepi I had my first relief from pain in the first hour I was here.  All my body was in so much pain—from 0-10 it was 15.  I wasn’t able to work out or do anything.  Now after a few visits, my pain has decreased about 80% and I’m starting to work out again.  Thank you Dr. Pepi.        J.N.


Thank you Dr. Pepi!  All the medical doctors said my osteoarthritis was “incurable” and I should get my hip replaced with a titanium hip.  I didn’t agree but my hip continued to worsen until I was in such pain on occasion that I’d be crying and dragging my leg because I refused to stop being active.  Thanks to Dr. Pepi my hip never hurts and I can run a bit and take the stairs normally…She literally gave me a lift on life!        J.M. 


Before seeing Dr. Pepi I used to make myself exercise because I knew my body needed the health benefits but my body was so tired all the time I was not able to advance or increase my program at all. It was all I could do just to continue and to maintain the level at which I started. Until today!

After one week of treatment with Dr. Pepi, I couldn’t hold myself back from running on the treadmill this morning because I had so much energy! When my 2 miles was up and the machine started to wind down for the end I was actually disappointed that it was over already instead of my normal exhausted relief that the torture was done! This is a big win for me because what I really want is not freedom from disease but health and vigor.        M.W.


I came to Dr. Pepi to get more energy. I have probably doubled it since working with her. The real boost to her treatments, the right supplements for me and the healthier, non allergic diet was ME expending energy to do calisthenics exercises. This investment of my energy gave me a new life! Way, way more energy. Now I can do more to achieve my goals and enjoy life.        M.M.


Last year at this time I could barely walk around the block – one block! Three days ago I walked 10 miles. This was done easily except for slightly pulling a calf muscle towards the end (this is healing very nicely). The first five miles was effortless. The return was pretty easy and took only a few minutes longer. Needless to say, I am very, very pleased.        L.W.


I had an appendectomy in Oct. 2007 and after 3 months returned to work per doctor’s orders.  But soon I had severe abdominal pain in the area where I had the surgery.  Visits to the ER, CT scans, MD’s, nothing showed up!  My pain was extreme and I was taking Tylenol every 4 hours to get through the day and there was no way I could exercise!  Well, Dr. Pepi found scar tissue in the area, and in the muscle, and soon I was completely pain free, and I am pain free to this day!  I have never given Dr. Pepi a body problem that she has failed to resolve!        B.M.


For the first time in a long time I feel great. I have so much energy that I can do my whole aerobics class with no effort. I also don’t crave sweets any more and it’s easy to stay on a good diet.        M.C.


I came to Dr. Pepi in Sep 2009 with lots of problems (health). I was having problems sleeping for only 3 or 4 hrs so I was always tired and moody.

With the treatment of my hormones and the supplements Dr. Pepi had me taking, in a matter of a week I was sleeping 7 to 9 hrs every night and felt more energetic.  I’m more active now, going to the gym 2 to 3 times per week.

I’ve also had a chronic pain in my shoulder for years which was aggravated by an accident I had about 1 ½ yr ago.  [After being treated by Dr. Pepi] I am now able to sleep without pain.  Sometimes [when I went] to the regular chiropractor they handled the pain temporarily but it would come back again.  With Dr. Pepi’s treatments and care I can say my health has improved dramatically.  The point here is to keep doing her treatments, following her advice and the rest falls into place.  Thank you Dr. Pepi for your knowledge and care.        A.M.


For several years, I’ve had difficulty with my ears adjusting to the altitude. This last weekend while going up into the mountains, they adjusted beautifully a number of times with no pain. What a great feeling – due, I’m sure, to the great nutrition and adjustment program started here a mere two weeks ago. In addition, the ache I had been having in my legs over the past year or so, particularly after strenuous exercise, has totally subsided – thanks again to the program here.        W.S.


I came in to this office about a month ago feeling a lot of pain. Up until that time I was very active until the pain became so bad that I had stopped all exercise. I was tired and had just no ambition to do anything. It’s really funny what we take for granted in everyday living – then it comes to an end. I always enjoyed walking but when this was no long fun, I knew that I could no longer go out and walk seven miles three times a week. Now it’s been over a month and I’m feeling great. I’m back to walking and no more complaints of how bad I feel. It’s a good feeling now when people ask you how you are feeling and I can smile and say, “Really good”.        P.R.

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