Successes - Eye Problems

Eye Problems

About 2 years ago, I came to Dr. Pepi with cataracts affecting my vision. Dr. Pepi said “Oh, that’s no problem. I can fix that.” And she did. Within a very short period of time my cataracts were no longer a problem. And that is something very miraculous because prior to Dr. Pepi, I had consulted various eye doctors and every one of them said this condition can be handled only with an operation. Now, since Dr. Pepi’s handling, I have had various eye exams by various doctors and every single one of them said “you don’t have a problem with your cataracts.”

Due to Dr. Pepi’s handling it changed from “we need to operate” to “there is no problem”. Miracles did occur!        M.G.


"It hasn't even been 24 hours since my initial phone consultation with Dr. Pepi and I already have:

     - 25 -30% more energy

     - cravings to eat bread diminished by 30%

     - my vision is 30% better

Just amazing!  Unbelievable!  It is working! . . . Whatever it is, it's working!"        T.S.


My eye was flashing in the extreme.  It was very scary.  The bright flashing was interrupting my vision and wouldn't stop.  I made an appointment with Dr. Pepi, and she treated me and I did what she told me to do and the flashing was gone in a day or two and has not come back.  I'm so happy about that!!        B.S.


I suddenly turned on a lot of spots in the vision of one eye.  Dr. Pepi treated me once for it and I took the recommended supplements.  Two weeks later, I had a 90% improvement--almost all gone.        S.L.


I came to Dr. Pepi with a big thick pervasive blood clot over the entire side of one eye. Dr. Pepi treated the eye and gave me supplements and advice. Two weeks later not a trace of the problem. Thanks again for another miracle!        N.T.A.


I just got new glasses with “progressive” lenses (3 lenses in one). I was so dizzy trying to adjust and I really needed to wear the glasses for work. Dr. Pepi treated my brain, which was having trouble adjusting, and in less than 15 minutes, I was fine. Thanks to her awesome technology, I didn’t have to suffer for days or a week like the Dr. said I might.        T.N.


My eye started flashing—pretty scary because it usually means something bad is going on with the retina and loss of sight could happen.  After about 1 week to 10 days after seeing Dr. Pepi, the flashing was gone.  I was very relieved!! (To say the least)        B.S.


After the first appointment with Dr. Pepi, there were very noticeable improvements. The supplements alone increased my eye perception for distance. My ear and head circulation was doubled. Thank you, Anita, for being here when I needed it desperately.        D.F.


My right eye has been swollen for a year and swelling has gone down almost 100%. Dr. Anita is spot on and her staff is fabulous. I would recommend her to anyone for anything!        K.F.


I just did a handling on my eye (the retina was detaching) and this is now back to normal thanks to the proper supplements worked out by Dr. Pepi.        G.L.


My eyes were more strained than usual for the past few weeks.  My reading ability was getting worse.  I saw Dr. Pepi and she worked with my body on relaxing and my eyesight got a lot better by the time I left the office.  Very nice.  They don’t feel as stressed now.  Thank you.        K.G.


I came to Dr. Pepi with many unresolved health problems: I went to many naturopathic doctors, MD’s, specialists, etc. for the past 3 years. I had my first cranial treatment with Dr. Pepi and when I left her office I felt a resurgence of energy. People who knew me said I looked like I was glowing. My eyes were off alignment by ¼ inch and now are aligned. My cheekbones are higher. I look younger. In the morning I feel like bouncing through my house and I do, without pain. My ability to memorize lines has gone up considerably. My thinking capacity and memory have increased at least 40%.        A.M.


Within the first cranial treatment, my eyes leveled out and it enhanced my appearance. My face is now more symmetrical. I’m an actress so this is important. The second cranial reset my jaw so that I have less trouble with it and I have fewer headaches.        E.M.


Before starting to see Dr. Pepi for treatments, I had pain down most of the right side of my body, including my right eye and ear, shoulder, collarbone, back, hip and knee. I had trouble with my jaw and did not sleep well. I had little energy as I was fighting pain most of the time. Overall, my jaw trouble is gone, my right eye no longer has pain, and my posture has improved significantly. My sleep has improved greatly, as well as my overall stamina. I notice I stand entirely differently and my mental acuity has improved too. I keep improving with each treatment series.        A.D.


Dr. Pepi discovered my problem as being Epstein Barr Virus which causes chronic fatigue syndrome and a blood test confirmed her diagnosis. With two treatments and a supplement, I have regained energy that I thought was gone forever. It really is a whole new world. I eat better, I sleep better, and I have enthusiasm and clearer vision. . It has changed my life.        Sincerely, H.A.


Several years ago I had a stroke in my left eye and became partially blind. Whenever this happens, tiny weak blood vessels take over the area and begin leaking blood into the eye, so my vision got worse. In February laser surgery stopped the bleeding but I still had a large area with no vision in it and the view had a red haze to it.

In July I traveled to L.A. to see Dr. Pepi with what I believed was an unrelated problem. As it turned out that the condition of my eye was related to what was wrong with my immune system. My body wasn’t using zinc, an element basic to the immune system as well as retinal health (part of the eye). Dr. Pepi treated it and I began stocking up on her special Zinc supplement. Within 2 days the red haze was gone. After doing a detoxifying program that Dr. Pepi gave me, part of my vision returned. On August 24 I realized that the blind spot was now just a slight distortion and that I could see through it. Now remember, this was just a side issue. My immune system has become robust and my energy has returned.

What I really see now is not just the world around me but that there are especially beautiful people in it. Dr. Pepi is extraordinary – believe me.        L.W.


When I went into Dr. Pepi’s office, I could hardly see and barely read. I have Multiple Sclerosis and my eyes kept blurring in and out. Dr. Pepi is a genius! Now I can see much better. It’s a miracle!        J.W.


When I started treatment 2 months ago I was a mess.  Depressed, anxious ALL the time, couldn’t sleep and had terrible gas and bloating.  In addition I had no energy through out the day, my eyes constantly burned and I didn’t feel like being with people.  After two months of treatment all my symptoms have dramatically improved to the point where I feel I have my life back again!        J.C.


After my first visit, it’s fantastic. After one month of the program, my sleeping is 80% better, my digestive system has improved 75%, and my energy level is 80% better. The aches and pains in my neck, shoulders, and lower back are almost gone. The most amazing of all is my eyesight which has almost completely cleared after taking the recommended supplements.


I look and feel years younger and have hardly any symptoms going through menopause. I can’t wait to tell everyone about these fabulous results. Dr. Anita Mary Pepi is my best ally.        M.O.


I am totally amazed by the results I have had in just my first 3 days.

First of all I have read at least 5 diet books; I have tried to follow at least 10 different diets all to no avail. Dr. Pepi treated me and immediately found I was deficient in certain nutrients. My first day after being on the nutrients and the diet that Dr. Pepi recommended I felt 10 times better. Now, 3 days later, I have already lost weight. I feel great, and even my vision improved. Thank you.        L.S.


Dare to ask Dr. Pepi to help you. Three years ago I lost part of my vision. Three weeks ago I asked Dr. Pepi to help. Now I sing this song every day:

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound,

That saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now am found.

Was blind but now I see        With much love, L.W.


I've had a very stressful situation in my personal life for the past 2 years. I hadn’t been able to get to LA to see Dr. Pepi  for 9 months. I Began the 1st of 4 sessions, was calmer, more relaxed & ready to sleep (have been having trouble). 

        At the end of my 4 sessions 3 of them with NCR treatments, I am more calm & relaxed, sleeping fine, plenty of good energy (rather than the stressed, hyper kind) my eyesight is clearer (I’m 62 & use reading glasses sometimes) I’m optimistic about the family situation, & though the problems there still need to be met & solved, I’m no longer feeling overwhelmed. The pain in my toe is gone; the pain in my chest is gone. My hearing is sharper. The postnasal thing is gone. Not bad, huh!?        A.F.


 Dr. Pepi's special immune vitamins brings me comfort & functionality in 48 hours when I have conjunctivitis (pink eye). A little pink but no pain, no light sensitivity, no blurry vision, no pain when lying down, it’s the best. Next to miraculous! It’s excellent for any kind of “bug” too.        S.N.


I was having a problem with my right eye.  Dr. Pepi found the supplements that would correct the problem.  Since I started taking them, it's doing a lot better.        S.L.


For about eight years I have been having head pain and eyeball pain and pressure. I have seen doctors all over and they could never give me anything for my problem. But all this was ended when I made my first visit to Dr. Pepi, my first visit in only about 5.

I now feel 80% better and I’m working toward 100% with only a few more visits. What can I say? She is the greatest.        J.G.


I was fearful that I may have scratched my eye from a particle splashed into it. It turns out that I was just having an allergic reaction, which was handled rapidly.        T.K.


I was having trouble using my new glasses (which were a lesser prescription that my previous pair) and Dr. Pepi found that my eyes weren’t computing with the new prescription, treated them so they would, and I’ve had no problems since!        T.B.


I went to an eye doctor who told me I need a minor surgery to handle the dryness of my eyes. My left eye was also bothering me. It felt like something was stuck in it. I went to Dr. Pepi and after she treated my eyes I no longer had the bothersome symptoms I had had before I went to the eye doctor.        D.S.


Dr. Pepi did some work on my eyes as they were getting “hazy” and this was scaring the pee out of me! Shortly after her handling, my eyes went through a brief period of intense itching, blurriness, etc. After this (and as I look at it now) my eyesight appears to be less blurry, which is a very nice win. I’m thankful to Dr. Pepi for what she’s done so far and hopeful for the future. (There’s still more treatment to do.)        H.B.


With Dr. Pepi’s treatment and suggestions, my borderline glaucoma has reduced to normal levels of pressure in my eyes. My eyes really look different now. They are smaller and feel better. I have a lot less attention on my eyes now.        M.T.


My periods no longer stink.  I have no more aches and pains, I no longer have my eye irritations, and I have overall more energy.        E.F.


Two years ago I had a detached retina. I was told by the surgeon that I would recover part of my vision and that maximum improvement would occur during the first year following surgery. Dr. Pepi has been treating me for the past eighteen months. Two weeks ago an eye exam revealed that my eyesight has continued to improve well past the one year mark. I can now read one line smaller on the eye chart and that has occurred in the last month! Thank you, Dr. Pepi, for your excellent treatment.        E.E.


I’ve been here only twice so far and have had remarkable results so far. I’ve lost weight which was “impossible” up to now, cleared up some cysts, improved my vision a little bit, my eye color is changing toward what it was when I was younger and the muddiness in my eyes is clearing. I feel straighter. I smell better. And this is just the beginning. I’m so thankful for this help!        A.T.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I had several things that I wanted handled. I had an infection in my eye, which was giving me a lot of discomfort and creating an upset due to its progressed condition. I had been on steroids to try and correct it, which was actually making it worse. Each time I would try and go off of the steroids, my eye would flare up again. Since working with Dr. Pepi, I’ve successfully been taken off the steroids and it seems to be under control. It still needs work, but at least I’m off the steroids and have a definite program to help build it back up. Thanks.        J.W.


Since Dr. Pepi treated my eye I haven’t felt anything. Before that it felt like it was stinging. Last night I felt like I was going to throw up. Today, after Dr. Pepi treated me I haven’t felt like I wanted to throw up at all!        E.L.


I just got the Omega Juicer about two weeks ago and I am blown away! It is so easy and quick. It’s even faster than making a salad. But the best part is the juice. After only a few days I can tell the difference physically. I’m losing weight, my eyes are clearing up and my energy level is up. I’m amazed! Thanks, Dr. Pepi for recommending both juicing and the Omega juicer.        B.M.

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