Successes - Fast Results 2

Fast Results 2

I’ve had horribly debilitating headaches for months…headaches that lasted for 24 hours at a time.  With a visit of one hour, Dr. Pepi was able to treat it and my headache was gone.  I felt such a relief and felt so much better.  Thank you Dr. Pepi.        C.R.


"Dr. Pepi is a miracle worker!  I arrived at her office with severe fibromyalgia symptoms, headaches, depression, no energy, overweight, extremely unhappy, hopeless and disempowered.  I had worked with both Eastern and Western medical doctors, used many therapeutic treatments and remedies (approximately 20+) in order to find relief from 4 years of non-stop excruciating pain and discomfort.

In a mere 2 weeks:

- I have gone from being depressed most of the time to happy most of the time.  

- Anxiety and fear levels are virtually non-existent!

- Severe headaches are gone.

- Weight loss of 5 pounds without even trying.

- Energy levels up by 70% and still rising

- Tingling and numbness in feet has improved by 85%.

- A lifelong ravenous addiction to sweets, particularly chocolate and ice cream is completely gone.  In fact, I don't even find sweets of any kind of appeal anymore!  And this was just a fabulous side-effect of her work - I didn't even ask her to help with this!!

This lady knows the human body like I've never seen or experienced before and she is brilliant in her diagnosis and treatments and use of natural supplements.

I recommend seeing her before you spend another dollar on pharmaceuticals or medical treatments.  She works miracles!  She can fix what others can't!"      D.O.             


"I am a mother with 2 children living a crazy life in NYC.  I was exhausted, over-stressed, and rundown.

After one visit with Doc Pepi, I have more energy than I have had since I was a child.  I am happy.  I feel alive.

I am thankful to Doctor Pepi for giving me back a clearer outlook on life.”        C.L.


"After seeing Dr. Pepi, my son's ear aches stopped in a few days.  He was getting a virus all the time since he was born and it got treated by Dr. Pepi.  Thanks to her, he is not going to need harmful antibiotics anymore.  He is a healthy child thanks to Dr. Pepi."        K.H.


"It hasn't even been 24 hours since my initial phone consultation with Dr. Pepi and I already have:

- 25 -30% more energy

- cravings to eat bread diminished by 30%

- my vision is 30% better

Just amazing!  Unbelievable!  It is working! . . . Whatever it is, it's working!"        T.S.


"Alive again!

It takes some work of dedication on the patient's part - the rest is Dr. Pepi's magic.

There are gods who visit Earth on occasion.  I am so glad that Dr. Pepi did."        L.W.


I had been absolutely miserable.  When I saw my car covered with fine, yellow pollen from the trees above, I realized my pollen allergies had flared up with the recent warm and windy weather.  My nose was running so much I had to hold a Kleenex under it or it would drip!  My sinuses were stuffy and ached, I was sneezing, my chest was congested and my nose was starting to get raw from wiping it so much.  It was hard to concentrate, I felt mentally dull and I was getting frequent headaches.  I kept taking breaks at work because I was having sneezing “fits” and blowing my nose so much.

As a teenager, I took prescription drugs and got allergy shots to control my symptoms, but those drugs caused side-effects and more body problems.  I recall having a veeeeeeery scary allergic reaction after an allergy shot.  (Hey, aren’t they supposed to make you feel better?!?)  After 2 days of misery, I scheduled with Dr. Pepi.  In one short visit, she was able to treat exactly the right things and find the right natural remedy.  The sneezing, runny nose and headaches stopped immediately, and I haven’t had it flare back up!  And she did it without drugs!        N.K.


When I first came to see Dr. Pepi, I had adrenal fatigue and sleep apnea.  I’d get about 4 hours of sleep, sometimes interrupted.  During the afternoon I’d run very low on energy.

I saw a couple of doctors.  One was a medical doctor and the other was a sleep specialist.  I tried a machine for the sleep apnea, but I didn’t like it and it didn’t help at all.  I tried taking an adrenal support from the M.D. The sleep specialist said excess weight could cause sleep apnea, so I lost weight, but it didn’t handle it.

After one treatment with Dr. Pepi I slept 5 – 6 hours!  I also felt a lot more energy.  My quality of life has increased drastically – I would recommend anyone to Dr. Pepi!        M.D.


When I was 18, I had a severe painful infection in the right Eustachian tube (it connects the back of the nose and middle ear).  I was given antibiotics, a special inhaler and Codeine for the severe pain.  I had to do these for several weeks.  A lot of scar tissue was formed and this area has caused me problems on and off for the past 30 years.  It gets clogged with mucus easily, especially if allergies or an infection flares up.   It will become very uncomfortable and I feel like I have to constantly “pop my ear”, like when you’re on an airplane.  It’s generally irritating and can be painful.

Recently it became very inflamed and painful.  The entire right side of my temple, neck & ear area was in pain.  Dr. Pepi did one treatment on this and the pain was dramatically better!  Within a day or two it felt like normal.  She also got my body to start healing the scar tissue, to replace it with healthy tissue.   It was a big relief, it was all done without drugs, and I didn’t miss any work due to being ill.  Thanks!!        N.K.


I was in my first trimester and was so ill; it is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t felt that bad before.  It wasn’t just morning sickness and nausea—it was overall sickness 24/7.  I had headaches, stomachaches and could hardly stand up.  The definition of misery!

Dr Pepi treated me for this and within hours I felt 95% better.  It was astounding.  It just turned off!  I highly recommend her for any pregnancy symptoms!        E.L.

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