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Female Problems

Although I eat well, take vitamins and consider my body healthy and robust, I have suffered chronic, severe and disabling PMS headaches for most of my adult life. I’ve been examined and advised by doctors and specialists throughout the country since I was a teenager with no results. I had given up hope long ago of ever living a pain free life, relying on aspirin to make it through those two or three dreadful days a month. I was not optimistic, but I heard that Dr. Pepi’s patients had some success with PMS.

Dr. Pepi offers a unique method of diagnosing and treating her patients. I was asked to curb the intake of one food element, prescribed a potent glandular supplement and received this most unique adjustment. I was not scheduled for more doctor visits. I was told that my treatment was considered permanent.

Weeks later, I find it no less than a miracle to report that I experienced no headaches since my treatment. I have every reason to believe I am permanently cured of this crippling ailment so common to women.        L.D.


"I've only been a patient of Dr. Pepi's for a month at this writing.  I am quite amazed because she has been able to do in 3 days what no other doctors could do in 33 years of suffering from heavy and persistent menstrual bleeding, clots, and cramps that would last 3, sometimes up to 4 weeks.  It was non-stop and I felt so depleted.  Various birth control and other various types of medications did not get to the root cause, whilst my body did not respond to other types of alternative medicines.  I'm now every optimistic that we are getting to the root cause of this matter. . .  Thank you Dr. Pepi."        C.W.


I came to Dr. Pepi in April ’08 for symptoms I was gradually having for several years without realizing it.  I’m in my late forties and it turned out it was a hormonal imbalance.  Actually, Dr. Pepi discovered that my progesterone was severely low and my absorption of essential fatty oils was low.  I was feeling depressed, suicidal and had a low drive and low energy.  I was on the verge of tears regularly but more so before my menstrual cycle.  I also had heavy flows, terrible cramps, and hot flashes.  It’s Oct. ’08 and all those symptoms are gone!  After 2 months of her program, treatment, diet suggestions and supplements, I have begun to feel like a brand new person with great energy and an optimistic attitude toward my health and life!  Thank you Dr. Pepi!        J.S.


"I had two ultrasounds which showed a uterine polyp. So, Dr. Pepi treated me for the polyp. The next ultrasound showed that the polyp was gone! Dr. Pepi has also treated me for other areas with great success."        J.J.


I came in because I'd started getting hot flashes and it was very annoying.  Dr. Pepi put me on specific oil supplements to boost my adrenal glands and within about a week, the hot flashes went away and have not returned.        A.B.R.


I started taking the supplements that Dr. Pepi recommended last week and what a wonderful week I’ve had. I got my period for one day and no cramps. The normal cycle used to be – cramps, pain in my head, and a period for 7 days that was uncontrollable. This cycle I didn’t suffer from any PMS either. I am in awe!! I haven’t felt this good for at least a couple of years. Thanks!!        R.M.


I was having a lot of trouble with hot flashes. Dr. Pepi adjusted me and put me on specific supplements which instantly, totally and completely handle the hot flashes. What a major success!!        D.L.


I went to the gynecologist for a routine test. The doctor found a lump in one breast. It was like a very hard pea-size lump. I called Dr. Pepi right away and she put me on a 2-week program. She said it had helped some people get rid of cysts.

I had to go see a specialist. By the time I got to see that doctor the lump had totally disappeared.        S.L.


I came to Dr. Pepi a week ago suffering from terrible morning sickness. (I am 8 weeks pregnant). It felt like I was on a boat in a storm having sea sickness 24 hours a day with no relief. An hour and a half after leaving Dr. Pepi’s office, having only been worked on by her for fifteen minutes, I started to feel better and continued to improve so that I did not wake up sick once that night. The nausea and sickness has now improved by at least 40% and the sickness that I feel now is completely tolerable.        K.M.C.


I was experiencing migraine headaches each month during my menstrual cycle. They were to a point of being at an 8 or 9 on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the most intense. Dr. Pepi recommended that I take a specific supplement. It not only made me feel bright and alert immediately, within minutes of taking it, but when my menstrual cycles arrived again I found that the headaches had shortened in duration from 4 or 5 days to 1 day, and had lessened in pain intensity from an 8 or 9 where I would sometimes contemplate a trip to the Emergency Room for morphine down to a level of about 2.

When it comes to medicine I always consult Dr. Pepi first, or along with other treatment, and strongly recommend that to anyone I know.        G.T.


I was having a lot of pains in my menstrual area.  After one treatment with Dr. Pepi the pains started going away immediately.  Now after 3 weeks I feel like a new woman.  Thank you for your help Anita.  You are a miracle worker.        K.F.


Since I first started on Dr. Pepi’s program, my period pains have disappeared, I don’t feel any discomfort any more and the level of energy does not drop down, which has never happened before.  During the period I usually get really tired have weird body sensations that make me constantly aware of this problem.  Thanks to Dr. Pepi I don’t have that any more.        Y.Y.


Success is usually measured by accomplishments. The “I did this and that” sort of thing. For me success is being measured on Dr. Pepi’s programs by “I did not”. This month for example:

1. I did not wake up every night of after 3 or 4 hours sleep and stay awake until dawn with insufferable insomnia.

2. I did not have to take pain killers for “that time of the month”.

3. I did not feel like I was a complete mental and emotional basket case.

4. I did not come home so drained I couldn’t even walk my dog, much less play with him.

5. I did not stay home on the weekend exhausted and emotionally beat because I was too exhausted to enjoy a day off to see my friends or family. I went out and had fun.

All told, this list of “did nots” I did not think would ever be, so never let it be said I did not appreciate Dr. Pepi and her crew. Thank you all. You did not let me down.        K.L.


I have been taking birth control pills for years to control my PMS. I have always had severe problems with PMS since I was 9 years old. Since quitting the pills and taking the supplements and seeing Dr. Pepi, I no longer have PMS symptoms at all. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!! P.S. I was clinically diagnosed by the doctors at the Oregon Health Sciences University with PMS.        J.S.


I had been suffering with hot flashes for a few years—in fact I felt as if I was going to “implode.”  After a treatment and supplements I am able to ride through very easy and far between hot flashes.        C.H.


When my daughter arrived two months ago, she had had the worst most, agonizing period camps in her entire life, her skin was pale and yellowish and she had flaking eczema on her face.  After only six weeks on the program, her skin is pinkish and there’s life emanating from it and her eczema is remarkably better.  Best of all, her next period was pain free.        L.H.


Before treatment with Dr. Pepi I had always had a rough time with Pre-Menstrual Syndrome—Anything from delayed periods, unbearable cramps, unexplained fits of anger and sadness. This was greatly affecting my daily life. After one treatment this problem was handled. In the last three months I’ve hardly even noticed when my period comes on. I am free of these symptoms and I no longer dread that time of the month.        S.M.


I no longer have horrible mass and grief before my periods. It is wonderful. I have had this problem for twenty years. There were months where I wanted to be in bed. Dr. Pepi fixed me up like she has done with so many others that I just expected it to be fixed and it was!!        L.S.


Beginning with my first marriage, I had one “female” problem after another; vaginitis, cystitis, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, you name it. The past five years I had actual pain and dryness with intercourse and, not surprisingly, loss of sexual desire.

Dr. Pepi helped me clear up candida and various long-standing low-grade infections, repairing and boosting my immune system, endocrine system, ovaries, vagina, etc. She increased my estrogen level as well and had me doing much of the rehabilitation by using easy, natural, painless methods for handling all infections.

After a few months of treatments, all is cleared up including vaginal discomfort. Sexual desire is returning as well! I feel clean, brand new and much more enthusiastic toward life in general. Thank you Dr. Pepi!        M.P.A.


I have been taking a uterus supplement that Dr. Pepi recommended for some time and I notice an amazing difference in my menstrual cycles. Prior, I always had headaches, bloating, emotional distress and very heavy periods. Now I don’t have any of these problems!        A.W.


I was in my first trimester and was so ill; it is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t felt that bad before.  It wasn’t just morning sickness and nausea—it was overall sickness 24/7.  I had headaches, stomachaches and could hardly stand up.  The definition of misery!

Dr Pepi treated me for this and within hours I felt 95% better.  It was astounding.  It just turned off!  I highly recommend her for any pregnancy symptoms!        E.L.


I cannot believe how much better I feel after just one visit. My neck doesn’t hurt any more and my mood swings and bad temper are history. I also feel more feminine than I have felt in years. I feel very calm. This is great! I love this kind of result.        T.V.


I had been trying to get pregnant for two years and after two treatments from Dr. Pepi I was pregnant!! And at that time I really had no business being able to get pregnant because I had 14 fibroid tumors and only one working tube. But her technology is so strong that even with those problems I was able to conceive.        A.G.


In the two months since I’ve come to see Dr. Pepi I’ve actually experienced a normal period. I had hardly any cramps or bloating and I had a lot more energy!        T.O.


Dr. Pepi is awesome! I have come to Dr. Pepi for other problems which she has successfully treated. This time I had missed my menstrual cycle five consecutive months. I was worried. Blood work and pap smears showed normal. Dr. Pepi helped wake up my reproductive system. Two weeks from the time I asked for her help, I got my period. I will continue to come to Dr. Pepi because the truth is that doctors don’t know everything!        A.G.C.


Since the age of 12 I have suffered terribly from severe menstrual pain. It has interfered with every aspect of my life. I always had to plan around my period, worrying that it would ruin track meets, exams, graduations, job interviews, big presentations, business trips, wedding, etc. Then I met Dr. Pepi this year. She prescribed specific oils. I was pleased because it was so much less dangerous that the 800 mg Ibuprofen I had been using in order to function. I am thrilled to say that now my periods are virtually cramp free! It’s a miracle, finally, at age 38!!        S.C.M.


As a wonderful benefit of seeing Dr. Pepi, I am having the first regular (every 28 days) and totally pain free periods I have ever had in my life. I am 41 and started having cycles at 11 years old. It took only a very few visits (2 – 3) to Dr. Pepi to go from irregular (every 3 – 6 weeks) and painful (heavy cramps for two days) and long ( 3 – 5 days heavy flow) periods to regular, pain free, light, short periods. Incredible!        K.F.


I had a severe situation with continual uterine bleeding and I was scared. Dr. Pepi handled it in 48 hours! She just addressed the correct area and it was not a danger any longer.        N.P.


When I came to Dr. Pepi I had night sweats about 2-3 times a week.  I would wake up sweating and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  After just one visit to Dr. Pepi they went away and have not returned.        K.S.


I just want to thank you for handling my cramps. I can’t believe that they are finally handled. The cramps were so bad that there were times when I was almost wishing I was dead. That’s how bad they were. I love life, but when I got those cramps, I just didn’t think I would make it. I’ve been cramp-free for almost a year now. It’s incredible. Than you so, so, so much!        S.A.


I should be getting my period any day and I haven’t had really any PMS symptoms! This is very unusual. Also, the pelvic pain I had been experiencing for the last month is gone. Yeah! Dr. Pepi!        B.M.


When I started going to Dr. Pepi, I had not had a menstrual cycle in about nine months. Two weeks after my first treatment, and taking the supplements which she recommended, I had my first menstrual cycle and have had one each month since. I was also having problems with hypo-glycemia (low blood sugar) and dizziness. Since a treatment on them, I haven’t had any problems feeling faint or dizzy. The best part is that I have an abundance of energy and I don’t have any cravings for sugar or alcohol.        H.D.


My body is doing very well after seeing Dr. Pepi for the last 3-4 months.  I am eating very well and notice that my body craves eating well.  I feel like I’m on a good routine of taking daily supplements as well.  I have experienced 100% improvement/resolution of PMS headaches!  Thanks Dr. Pepi.        C.H.


With the new technology Dr. Pepi researched and is now utilizing on cancer and parasites, I have made some profound changes in my body. I have eliminated a pre-cancerous condition in my ovaries due to the parasite program. My skin tone is now pink, as opposed to yellowish, after only one liver flush. I now have two regular bowel movements – morning and night – per day. As long as I can remember I had either one bowel movement or diarrhea. This win occurred after just two liver flushes!

After one session with her new tech, I am absorbing calcium and, even with stress and cigarettes, I am sleeping seven hours a night.

I feel better than ever – even better than before – as I am getting better absorption of Dr. Pepi’s vitamins. Thank you, Doctor, and keep up the research!        J.R.


I have had a complete change of my body from a minus range to a well, strong, and good feeling body again.  The bleeding which was a liability in many regards is fast approaching my ideal (of none!).        R.W.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for the past three years. At the time I first came to see her I had fibroid tumors and sinus problems. I had great wins with both, but eventually made the decision to have the fibroids removed surgically. I ended up with complications from the surgery and had intestinal trouble and trouble keeping food down. Dr. Pepi came to see me in the hospital. Her treatment and advice helped me so much at a very difficult time.

After I returned home I began to have the same kind of problems again. Dr. Pepi came to my home with even better results. The night before she came and all that day I had been in a lot of pain. I couldn’t keep anything down. The night she came I was able to rest comfortably. Most of the pain was gone. But, best of all, I could keep food down again. Since then I have continued to improve. I do believe there is a place for “traditional” medicine. However, I also know that Dr. Pepi has skill and knowledge that have aided me tremendously in my healing process. I believe that what she does has great value and benefit and I recommend her highly.        J.M.


Well, I’m breast feeding and what happened is that my left breast clogged up and became very hard. Dr. Pepi fixed that. After my visit I could feel the clog breaking down. It now feels normal again. Thank you.        L.L.


One day I got a headache like I’ve never experienced. It was so extreme that I could not get up, eat or do anything. I tried everything I could think of to get rid of it. Chiropractic adjustments, cell salts, vitamins, cal-mag and even Tylenol, which I hadn’t touched in many years. This went on for 2 ½ days. I saw Dr. Pepi the next day and she specifically identified the cause in a few minutes. In her words, “Your ovaries are trying to quit,” (at 42?) Yes, it was the beginning of my change, around the same age it happened to my mother. Two visits a week for four weeks and the Core Level supplements turned things around. My ovaries started working again and specific supplements keep me out of trouble every month. Who would think that you could delay your hormone clock? Thank you.        M.S.


After having an adjustment on my abdominal ligaments, I have felt no pain at all! I didn’t know how much it bothered me until the pain was gone. This is really great because I am eight months pregnant and was experiencing worse and worse pain. This has made thing so much easier for me and has eased my mind a lot on the upcoming birth.        C.T.


Two and a half months ago I had severe symptoms of endometriosis, i.e.: painful intercourse, bleeding and rough periods. I have taken the specific Core Level  supplements Dr. Pepi recommended and all symptoms have gone away. It seems that condition has been reversed. I am a very happy camper with a happy husband.        N.N.


After only 3 weeks Dr. Pepi has created such a healing phenomenon in my body.  I’ve lost 11 lbs.  I no longer have difficulty sleeping.  My periods are not as painful.  I feel like a completely different person.  My digestive issues and thyroid problems are being resolved as Dr. Pepi continues to work with me.  I am very grateful and appreciative of all the staff.  As a chiropractor myself, I value the dedication Dr. Pepi and her staff demonstrate.        M.M.


I had been suffering from Condyloma: a gynecological virus. In July of that same year, I began treatment under supervision of my gynecologist using creams, etc… nothing worked.

About a year from my first date of treatment from my doctor, I began to see Dr. Pepi for this problem. Approximately three months later, after visits to see her and high does of supplements, I went back for another check up at my gynecologist. He took several biopsies and a pap smear to see what the status was with the Condyloma. The lab tests came back with the results “Remarkable!” – “negative” and no signs of Condyloma whatsoever!!        E.F.


I had an ovarian cyst, which my gynecologist found with ultrasound. It was very painful and really distracting all of the time. Dr. Pepi treated it and after that I felt it only about 25% of the time and it was much less painful which it did bother me. In another week I’d virtually forgotten about it. Since I’ve been taking the recommended supplements (one month) I have had no menstrual cramps at all.        L.W.


Grab a cup of tea and sit back and relax and please read my recent successes with Dr. Pepi. I came about nine months ago and got a very specific and efficient handling from Dr. Pepi. I achieved my targets and went off on my merry way.

  I came here a few weeks after eye surgery. It was a very minor surgery, painless, I was awake and all that. But the point being there was something non-optimum with my eye that I needed to handle. So I did. Recovery was sore. A couple of months prior to this, I had quit nursing my daughter after thirteen months of nursing her. Shortly after I quit I could feel things shifting gears in regards to my body. I had a nine day period (the first one since I had gotten pregnant with my daughter. I never had periods during the time I nursed my two prior children and I easily started once I quit nursing.) Then about a week later I had this odd two week period. I thought, oh well, in four weeks I’ll be all “regular” and things will be back to normal. Four weeks later, no period. Just bloating and extreme tiredness – I mean tired ALL THE TIME.

  So I go to Dr. Pepi. The day after being at Dr. Pepi’s I felt great, slightly tired but so many little bothersome symptoms in relation to my eye healing were gone. After the second visit to Dr. Pepi I felt OK but felt weird things with my tummy. Now all symptoms are gone. I believe it’s been seven or eight days since my first visit last week.

One day I ate some things that I did not test to do well with at this time. Immediately there was lots of gas, my eye became sore as hell and I felt extreme tiredness. So I went back to what worked and that was sticking with a simple program that Dr. Pepi gave me on diet and chewing those vitamins.

What I feel I want to share is 1) I found it is true to me that what Dr. Pepi does works. 2) The foods I test well and badly on are correct at the time she tests it and if followed, you’ll achieve your goals SOON. 3) Those vitamins and or supplements are incredible and do work. 4) If one pays and drives here and gets tested, etc, why not just follow it if it seems correct and get it over with and enjoy yourself when your body goals you set are achieved. I actually feel that if one just took the vitamins and ate what is in her readable material and understands all the words in it, one can follow it and do a lot better.

Dr. Pepi is one doctor or nutritionist that I find easy to work with and who truly helps one in this area. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        T.T.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I have cysts on my ovaries. The MD that I saw said that if the pain got any worse he would remove the cysts and maybe the ovary, which he didn’t really want to do. It got to the point where I hurt really badly. He had given me pain pills for the ovary. He also gave me a phone number to talk to a doctor who handles the operation for cysts.

So, I went to Dr. Pepi. Since I’ve been seeing her, I’m off pain pills. Instead I’m taking vitamins and eating better. I’ve been doing 90% better than at first and when I do have pain; she knows how to handle what is wrong. If I went off my diet, etc., she knows how to handle what’s going on.        K.M.


When I came to see Dr. Pepi my mammograms were very suspect, never clear and had to be followed up with ultrasound and more tests to determine whether the odd-looking calcified material was cancerous. She suggested I apply progesterone cream regularly to the left breast (the messy one) and thought that the following year’s mammogram would surprise the doctors by being clear. I was somewhat skeptical, but the fun of amazing the doctors inspired me to be fairly diligent in applying the cream. Lo and Behold! The next year the mammogram was clear! I wasn’t called back for tests at all! Hooray, Dr. Pepi!        D.R.


I was two weeks overdue at the end of my pregnancy. I felt fine, but I really wanted the baby to come out. I called Dr. Pepi and she came over to my house. She looked at me and said, “OK, Let’s have a baby!” She treated me for a while and gave me lots of supplements that my body needed. By the time she left I was feeling mild cramps. One and a half days later my baby was born. It was easy and fun and very incredible. All my love and thanks.        S.S.


Two months ago my manager wanted me to go on disability to handle my medical problems. I have candida and would get PMS very badly, including headaches that would knock me out. Dr. Pepi recommended that I not go on disability, and I have not missed a day of work since then. My headaches are gone and almost all my PMS symptoms too. In fact, Dr. Pepi had to remind me today that I used to get headaches! **Dr. PEPI HANDLES YOUR BODY –TRY HER!!        J.M.B.


I came to see Dr. Pepi give a presentation of her methods at the request of my sister and a good friend, both of whom are patients of Dr. Pepi. The techniques and philosophy she spoke of and demonstrated just seemed so sensible and correct that I decided to, at least, come in for an initial exam. I might add that I did have a specific complaint of discomfort in what I thought was my lower stomach or thereabouts. (It’s amazing how little we know about our bodies and where everything is located!) It was related to times of stress and tension and was just kind of a constant nagging discomfort always in the same area.

In the initial exam, Dr. Pepi found that my uterus was a weak area and gave me some supplements to take. I also found that I had candida. I decided to make another appointment in a week to be tested for food allergies to give this all a fair trial. What I was absolutely amazed at was how great I felt during the week between that initial exam and my second visit! It was the first time in months that I hadn’t had daily discomfort in that area.

I now have my food allergies and I’m really looking forward to getting on a program that is going to build me up. I think what I like the most about this program and Dr. Pepi’s methods is the great respect it shows for our bodies own natural abilities to take care of itself. I’m sure I will learn to aid in this process through Dr. Pepi’s skill and knowledge.        C.F.


When I came to see Dr. Pepi, I had been told by conventional doctors that I had cervical cancer, even without seeing test results. I came to Dr. Pepi very sick. I had no energy and was in severe pain. I had pains that would go down my arms and legs and a consistent pain in my abdominal area and sides.

Initially, she did some testing and found that I had no cancer, though she recommended we wait on the test results from my conventional doctor. She then went on to discover that I was allergic to the foods that I was consuming. She put me on some vitamins and said I would have to stick to a strict diet until my energy and body was back to normal.

Well, a couple of weeks later, I feel GREAT! I have had no pain since my last visit to Dr. Pepi and I have an incredible amount of energy. I have changed my diet to fit my blood type and it turns out that I am losing weight as well. With all this success, I have had to find new interests and hobbies for myself to release this energy that I never thought I could have. Thank you, Dr. Pepi. P.S. Along with my newfound energy, I also received excellent service from the entire staff at Dr. Pepi’s office.        H.P.


Two months ago I gave birth to my second daughter. Although I understand that second births are often somewhat easier that first births, the difference between the second and the first births was dramatic. The second recovery was so easy I didn’t feel as though I had even given birth after the first few days passed. I had a lot of energy even though getting up several times a night for feedings.

I credit the dramatic difference in the second birth recovery to the treatments and supplements I received from Dr. Pepi.        M.C.


My periods no longer stink.  I have no more aches and pains, I no longer have my eye irritations, and I have overall more energy.        E.F.

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