Successes - Fibromyalgia


 I have been in a state of constant pain for over 3 years. In the morning, as I rose out of bed, I could barely walk for the first few minutes because the pain was so intense. It would gradually subside and I was able to move around at a tolerable pain level. My husband had been seeing Dr. Pepi for some time with good results. Within 48 hours of my seeing Dr. Pepi and taking the recommended quantities of certain supplements, my pain level dropped by 90% and I was able to get out of bed pain-free. Now, after a few weeks, I have virtually no pain anywhere. It all changed so fast and so easily - I'm amazed.        L.A.F


"Dr. Pepi is a miracle worker!  I arrived at her office with severe fibromyalgia symptoms, headaches, depression, no energy, overweight, extremely unhappy, hopeless and disempowered.  I had worked with both Eastern and Western medical doctors, used many therapeutic treatments and remedies (approximately 20+) in order to find relief from 4 years of non-stop excruciating pain and discomfort.

In a mere 2 weeks:

- I have gone from being depressed most of the time to happy most of the time.  

- Anxiety and fear levels are virtually non-existent!

- Severe headaches are gone.

- Weight loss of 5 pounds without even trying.

- Energy levels up by 70% and still rising

- Tingling and numbness in feet has improved by 85%.

- A lifelong ravenous addiction to sweets, particularly chocolate and ice cream is completely gone.  In fact, I don't even find sweets of any kind of appeal anymore!  And this was just a fabulous side-effect of her work - I didn't even ask her to help with this!!

This lady knows the human body like I've never seen or experienced before and she is brilliant in her diagnosis and treatments and use of natural supplements.

I recommend seeing her before you spend another dollar on pharmaceuticals or medical treatments.  She works miracles!  She can fix what others can't!"      D.O.             


I have been (thank goodness) feeling much better since doing what Dr. Pepi recommended. I can walk almost without any aches & the hot flashes have diminished to practically nothing. The swellings also are only a slight trace once in a while. This is in a few short weeks. I had been to 5 other local doctors/chiropractors and spent over $1,000 on no results – and no answers – so you can imagine my utter relief!         B.R.


I was waking up every morning feeling like and old person.  My back was hurting, my neck and shoulders were tight.  I started taking the recommended supplements and within a few days, all of that was gone.  I now wake up every morning and feel young!  Also, my whole mood and temperament was mellowed.  I feel so much more relaxed and at ease and generally happy during my day.  Things that happen that would have really stressed me before, now, don't phase me.

Also, a funny win, my piano playing has greatly improved.  I find I have more dexterity in my fingers and am playing with an ease I never had before.  The supplements are amazing!  Thanks Anita!        D.H.


I started researching the internet and saw Dr. Pepi and some of the testimonials.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic depression in 2000, and since then it had been getting worst.  I was always depressed, tired, had no energy, and at times was really thinking about just admitting myself into the psych hospital, because I wasn’t sleeping at all.

Well I got to see Dr. Pepi in one week and after taking the supplements she prescribed, I’m now sleeping 8 hrs, have more energy, and I’m happy!  It’s all thanks to the supplements and Dr. Pepi!!  NO PAIN!  Love it.        M.M.


I had severe muscular pain throughout my body.  Then 1 week ago, Dr. Pepi gave me some supplements.  She recommended the exact amount of supplements to take per day.  In 1 week, my pain is 80% less!  Also, before the supplements, I had many highs and lows in the course of a day.  I have not had any high/low periods at all this week.  Also, I have a very bad case of TMJ.  Since taking the  supplements, the pain in my jaws is almost non-existent.  I feel better than I have in years!        S. F.


I have had MAJOR success with Dr. Pepi's treatment.

She fully took care of painful fibromyalgia in both upper arms which kept me awake at night and in constant pain.  This is now GONE after three months of treatment.

I am very grateful to Dr. Pepi for her help and her caring.        B.K.


Thank you Dr. Pepi.  I have had some very undesirable symptoms go away.  I was experiencing burning, itching and various fibromyalgia-type symptoms.  They are all gone and I have a much better overall sense of well being.        J.M.

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