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Foot Problems

After my back injury my right foot and leg suffered from constant cramping and shooting pain. Even driving in the car for more than an hour caused my foot to cramp severely. The orthotic devices have allowed me to drive without pain. In fact, after a 1 year hiatus from jogging I’ve returned to that activity and I don’t suffer any muscle cramping or pain!        W.D.G.


"Dr. Pepi is a miracle worker!  I arrived at her office with severe fibromyalgia symptoms, headaches, depression, no energy, overweight, extremely unhappy, hopeless and disempowered.  I had worked with both Eastern and Western medical doctors, used many therapeutic treatments and remedies (approximately 20+) in order to find relief from 4 years of non-stop excruciating pain and discomfort.

In a mere 2 weeks:

- I have gone from being depressed most of the time to happy most of the time.  

- Anxiety and fear levels are virtually non-existent!

- Severe headaches are gone.

- Weight loss of 5 pounds without even trying.

- Energy levels up by 70% and still rising

- Tingling and numbness in feet has improved by 85%.

- A lifelong ravenous addiction to sweets, particularly chocolate and ice cream is completely gone.  In fact, I don't even find sweets of any kind of appeal anymore!  And this was just a fabulous side-effect of her work - I didn't even ask her to help with this!!

This lady knows the human body like I've never seen or experienced before and she is brilliant in her diagnosis and treatments and use of natural supplements.

I recommend seeing her before you spend another dollar on pharmaceuticals or medical treatments.  She works miracles!  She can fix what others can't!"      D.O.             


For decades, since my teens, I have had a low level condition of athlete's foot.  It wasn't a big deal, but it was always present.  A month or two ago, after making several improvements in my lifestyle and taking the recommended supplements, I noticed it was gone!  Amazing!        S.L. 


I came to Dr. Pepi with a very painful lump on the ball of my foot that caused me to limp whenever I walked. I had had it for weeks. With her amazing technology, she figured out that I was allergic to one of the vitamins that I was taking. I stopped taking it and within a week the lump and the pain were gone! I am a Registered Nurse and I have never seen a better diagnostician than Dr. Pepi…in the medical profession or out!        T.N.


My feet absolutely love these orthotics. I don’t want to walk around without them. What has happened is that the orthotics are completely supporting my feet like they have never seen before. It has taken away a ton of stress off my feet, legs and lower back. Thanks for the correct evaluation and handling. Dr. Pepi is an amazing chiropractor.        J.R.


I had an excruciatingly painful bone spur on my heel. It got to the point where I couldn’t walk much or stand. Dr. Pepi treated me for calcium absorption and within a month I hardly even noticed the spur at all. Now I have to purposely put weight right on the remains of the spur to feel it at all.        J.S.


   My father (85 years old) had a burning sensation on the bottom of his feet and taking steps made it worse and he used a wheelchair. Two days after seeing Dr. Pepi and taking the supplements, the burning sensation was gone and he could walk. He now has much more energy; his mind is clearer and is sleeping well. He is doing much better.        C.H.


I came to Dr. Pepi and had a series of cranial treatments. First, energy levels have leaped up – I’m no longer “wiped out” when I go home from work. Next, my right nostril can breathe (have never been able to do so). Next, my hips have shifted – I swear I’m ½ inch taller, the bunion on my left foot has no more pain and is smaller, I have no lower back pain for the first time in years – and overall I feel much better. Thanks, Dr. Pepi and Staff.        C.M.


I had the worst back pain of my life and Dr. Pepi took a look at my problem and at my physical characteristics and told me what to do. I did it and now my back is 100% better and after I’ve worked 12 ½ hours on my feet I go home pain free. I’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time and now I can relax. Thanks, Dr. Pepi! The orthotics did the trick.        L.M.S.


I have come to you with so many problem areas – some not yet identified – I hardly know where to begin! Bottom line: for the first time I’ve glimpsed a new and reliable system of knowledge for diagnosing and correcting physical problems, even chronic and degenerative problems that most of us have learned to live with and give up on! The orthotics are improving my aching feet and steadying my gait. Your work on food and a host of other allergies, particularly the ability to assimilate vitamin B has brought a new pleasure and joy in daily life and work. Headaches are much better. I could go on and on.        D.R.


Dr. Pepi, you should feel very good about what you do for others. Between the liver handling and the orthotics, I’m sailing. With my love and appreciation.        H.S.


After several months of having pain in my right hip area, I had an MRI in January and was diagnosed as having spinal stenosis.

Until I reached age 75 I enjoyed good health, would walk two miles a day five days a week and only went to the doctor once a year for a physical checkup. During the next three years I went to two orthopedic surgeons and three neurosurgeons and all except one talked about operating. Not a one suggested exercising. Because I was no longer able to walk I started doing exercises morning and night and discovered that it helped. But I was still unable to maintain my balance and walk straight because of the pain. As each day went on I couldn’t wait to finish my chores so that I could sit down. Also, in the last year I was gradually losing weight even though I ate well and had a good appetite.

Then on February 25 I went to see Dr. Pepi. The first thing she did was fit my feet for orthotics, and now I am able to maintain my balance and walk much better. She also recommended taking essential nutrients for the formation and repair of cartilage, ligaments and discs, along with her special multi vitamin. I am also happy to say she found my weight loss problem. I take a capsule before I eat which enables the nutrients in the food to enter into my blood. I am able to eat many foods that did not agree with me because the capsule also contains a digestive enzyme. The severe pain in my right hip is much better and I no longer have pain in the calf of my right leg when I drive my car.        H.C.


I had a bad pain in my foot for 4-5 days that had been aggravated by walking a lot. Dr. Pepi, in one treatment, actually got rid of the pain. I have had one twinge in my leg afterwards and just tingling in my toes but no pain! This is great!        L.S.


I had started getting swelling and pain in a joint on my big toe. I had some treatment on my body absorbing calcium and two weeks later the pain and swelling were gone. I like it!        B.P.


I’ve really been enjoying taking Core Level minerals and living without cramps in my feet. For years I have not been able to take any supplement that contained magnesium without having all sorts of symptoms including eye infections and mouth sores that would not heal. It’s great to be able to use the supplements now.        K.B.


Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve had the most amazing recovery. I had been going to another chiropractor and had had no results with this severe pain I was experiencing in my left hip, knee and foot. The pain was so severe that I could not sleep no matter how much cal-mag (calcium magnesium) I drank or how many adjustments I got. Within one visit the pain decreased by 75%. Dr. Pepi did not even work on my hip during the first visit and it felt so much better. To me it’s a bloody miracle!! I never thought I would wear heels again or my tight mini skirts. Thanks!! You are terrific.        K.K.


I began having a tingling sensation in my feet which eventually led to total numbness. I was extremely uncomfortable and scary. I came to Dr. Pepi and she prescribed the correct supplements and treatment which turned a three week trauma into a one week cure. I am still handling other effects of what my body is handling, but no more fear. This is replaced by confidence in my health program.        T.M.


I broke my ankle about a month ago and it really hurt. I went to Dr. Pepi and she gave me all of these vitamins to take. They really worked. Now my ankle is great and I can go on my soccer trip without any worries. The treatment is so great!!        T.W.


I have seen improvement in my brain functions, neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, knees and feet!!        M.A.


For at least five years I have had extremely itchy legs even though there was no rash or apparent reason for them to itch so badly. They were so bad that I would wake up scratching my legs until they bled.

Since getting treatments from Dr. Pepi, my legs have completely stopped itching. It is so amazing to me how this method works.

Another problem she has gotten rid of was an acute pain in the ball of my foot. I couldn’t wear high heels or do anything athletic. After Dr. Pepi treated me and restricted my diet on fruit, the pain is gone and I’m an athlete again. Thanks, Dr. Pepi! You’re great!!        W.F.


I came in today with pain in my right foot – I couldn’t walk at all. After Dr. Pepi’s treatment I was able to walk and run like never before! Thank you, Dr. Pepi for helping me!        B.K.


My feet hurt a lot, whether standing, sitting or laying down. For two months, I could barely walk. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to work if it kept up. I wrapped and soaked and nothing brought relief. Then I came to see Dr. Pepi and I got a treatment for my lower back. It took about twenty minutes. The pain is gone! She found the source of it!        J.S.


One visit and hypoglycemia of 20 years is better. Also, the foot inserts handled chronic foot pain. While I used to request foot rubs nightly, now I’m not interested.        V.H.

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