Successes - Gallbladder Stones

Gallbladder Stones

I went to Cedars Sinai Emergency Room and they discovered that I had gall bladder stones. I called my regular doctor and he proposed surgery which frightened me. So I called Dr. Pepi for an appointment. When I saw her, she promised to get rid of those stones and she delivered. I don’t have any more problems and in addition I have learned with her to be in control of my body. I thank you from saving me from surgery and from the excruciating pain my gall stones made me go through. I always will recommend her to anybody that suffers.        R.V.


WOW!!! I feel way much better after my gall bladder flush. I feel more energy, thinner, brighter, and cleaner. My skin even looks different. I can’t wait to keep having these wins with my body. Thanks a lot.        N.W.


Dr. Pepi’s liver flush was so easy.  I got up early, took one of the drinks, went back to bed.  Got up a little later, took the other drink, went back to bed and slept for an hour or so.  Pretty soon the stones were passing.  I felt a lot more relaxed and less stressed right away.  Later that afternoon I went out to do my shopping.  The day after the liver flush one of my daughters said I looked really good and my skin tone was pink instead of yellow.  My co-workers noticed as well.

My husband and I did a liver flush about 7 years ago that was so time and energy consuming we never wanted to do one again.  Dr. Pepi’s liver flush is so easy and the results are immediate.  I feel younger.  All three of my daughters are coming over for a liver flush party.        M.E.


As you recommended Dr Pepi to me originally I thought I let you know a recent success story in her treatments of my problems.

A few months ago I had an attack of jaundice accompanied by a high bilirubin count which indicated a problem with the liver and also that I had gall stones and was told that I would have to have my gall bladder removed.  Instead, I took supplements and ginger drinks as recommended by Dr Pepi. When I went to get tests done recently, my bilirubin level was well down. My cholesterol levels were also down, despite earlier having to go off cholesterol  lowering statin medicine due to its effects on my liver.
Thanks for recommending Dr Pepi. It really worked out fine.        N.G.


My friend had been having gallbladder attacks and went to an M.D. She was told she’d need surgery. I told her NO WAY. I gave her the liver flush data, she did it and she felt very good…
No surgery!! I saved her gallbladder and her sanity. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        C.L.

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