Health Tips - Sugar Damage Control

Sugar Damage Control

Unless you have diabetes or some condition that it is essential to exclude sugar, there are those special times that you are going to eat sugar and you know it ahead of time. For example, at a wedding or birthday party or during the holidays.

Let’s look at how to pull it off with the least amount of pancreas and liver shock. Those are the two organs most stressed by processed sugars.

  1. Drink 2 quarts of water the day before and the day of the event. Water is necessary to make the digestive enzymes you will need to digest sugar.
  2. Take 6 Core Level Pancreas (click here to purchase from my Front Desk, or phone 818-808-0899) and 3 Core Level Liver (click here to purchase from my Front Desk) before your event. For a small child, try 2 Pancreas and 1 Liver.
  3. Eat raw food, such as a salad, to add to the digestive enzyme stockpile right before eating the sugar.
  4. Eat a good portion of some type of protein before the sugar, such as fish or turkey or eggs.
  5. The sugar should be the last thing down the hatch.
  6. If you are craving sugar the next day, take 10 or more Vana-Chrome (click here to purchase from my Front Desk) each morning to replace the chromium you lost with the sugar.
  7. If you feel ill or still crave sugar, take ReBalance (click here to purchase from my Front Desk) acidophilus each day until it passes.

Just know that the more you eat of processed sugars, the more work your pancreas and liver has to do. Give them a rest afterward!

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Have fun!

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