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Heart Problems

I came to Dr. Pepi’s today really desperate – it was either her or the emergency hospital. My pulse had been racing steadily for days and I hadn’t slept for longer than 1 hr. at a time for 2 weeks. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Dr. Pepi handled my heart condition in about 5 minutes and I came back to normal, my pulse went down and my heart actually started recovering from surgery I had 1 ½ years ago. Thank you Dr. Pepi for saving my life!        L.L.


I was having a really intense feeling of being unable to breathe with an alarming sensation from my heart, like it was back-flowing or something. Anita saw me as an emergency and within 5 minutes she had handled it. I felt calm and for a few minutes almost sleepy. Since then it hasn’t reoccurred – God knows what was happening, but she made it go away. It was impressive.        V.K.


I have spent one solid year in and out of the hospital six times plus two trips to the emergency room. The diagnosis was congestive heart failure, pneumonia, dehydration, over medication, depletion of potassium. My team of doctors were prepping me for a possible heart transplant. Obviously my condition was not improving. My doctors were treating the problems after the fact with no hope of improvement.

Dr. Pepi is now treating me to move me off eight medications and fully restore all functions in my body. I am simply elated beyond words and my energy is returning big time.        A.M.


I had bad heart palpitations for years after my heart operation, an unpleasant fact of life. After one treatment from Dr. Pepi and some excellent supplements I’m improved by 70%. It’s a Wonderful new world for me!        G.B.


When I started with Dr. Pepi my heart was racing, I had a number of unwanted feelings and pains in my body and I felt like I was headed for a heart attack. My body was in bad shape. It’s now been a long time since I’ve had trouble with my heart. I have more energy and my aches and pains are just about all gone. I feel I’ve added a lot of years to my life. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        J.H.


I have been to various doctors regarding a heart condition and have been told many things, none of which opened and door to handling of the problem. In seeing Dr. Pepi I have been put on a sound nutritional supplement program and she also found things in my environment that stress my heart and was put on a program to remove or reduce my exposure to these things. As a result of the program I have experienced a great decrease in the heart somatics and a general overall increase in energy and wellbeing.        H.S.


Dr. Pepi’s treatments have been great – with the results I needed and some I didn’t even expect, though I was happily surprised:

A few months ago, before being treated by Dr. Pepi, I had trouble getting up in the mornings and would battle with low energy levels which affected my production and income. I would have bone and muscle aches and my facial complexion was dry and flakey. Occasionally I would have pains in my heart and lungs. On top of all that I had back pain and neck stiffness from an auto accident that she is currently treating me for.

Well, my energy level has skyrocketed, my face isn’t flakey or dry anymore and the organ and muscle pains have gone away! I’m also well on my way to recovery from the auto accident injuries. All of this occurred in just 6 – 8 weeks of treatments and following her dietary and supplement instructions. Great results and so much fun! Thanks Dr. Pepi.        K.D.


 I live in Dundee, Oregon and I am about to turn 40 years old. At the end of August my doctor told me that I had MS and that I should go see a specialist. Beside the 7-8 brain lesions that my MRI confirmed, my blood work came back that my pituitary gland and thyroid levels were too low and that I would need to be medicated. I also was experiencing a multitude of symptoms. Including, major fatigue, inability to sleep, numbing of the left side of my face and left arm, my heart was having double heartbeats daily, I would lay on the ground numerous times a day because I could no longer sit up because the fatigue or dizziness would over whelm me, I was losing my short term as well as long term memory and was having a very hard time just thinking and making decisions, I was experiencing horrific pain in my back and trying anything and everything to numb the physical pain as well as mental pain that I was in. I noticed that my writing was getting very poor, and I was unable to focus, I would have daily panic attacks and was angry and very depressed and has having a very hard time coping with the day-to-day routines.

I did go to a specialist here in Portland, first of all he threw most of my file away, because my symptoms didn’t matter to him, he told me that the treatment of MS is to daily inject yourself with this new drug that hits the nervous system, but the side effects are very damaging to other parts of your body. When he looked at my MRI he said yes you have brain lesions, but you are too young to medicate now. I asked what to do in the mean time about all my symptoms and he said that didn’t concern him and offered me no support of guidance.

My primary care doctor had no idea what to do for me either.

I heard about Dr. Pepi though my aunt and at this point thought that nothing could hurt. So I flew down to California and saw her. In a 2-hour appointment she was able to tell me everything that was going on with my body and, trust me, it was a lot. She made me choke down a ton of disgusting supplements and sent me home with  bottles of them and a diet of no carbohydrates.

I noticed some results right away, but by the second day, my face was clearer and my thinking was clearer, day-to-day things got better for me.

Today I have lost 50 pounds, my brain is functioning again, I remember and can think, I sleep every night, I don’t have panic attacks and am no longer depressed. It used to hurt my face when I smiled, now I smile all the time. My heart is beating normally, I have had my blood work done again and all levels are now normal. I had another MRI and there are no more lesions. The numbing in my face and arm are about 95% better; the pain in my back is also 95% better. I am now functioning, where before I was not.

I often wonder where I would be now if I had not taken the chance and seen Dr. Pepi. I believe that I may not have reached my 40th birthday.        J.S.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was really sick. I was fainting every day and had really bad heart pains. Now the fainting and heart pains are 100% gone and I’ve gone down 5 dress sizes. This is the best I’ve felt since I first got my thyroid problem!        K.S.


I feel much better in quite a few ways. The chest pains are almost completely gone. I feel much calmer than I was and I feel I can get back to things. I’m also down to my normal weight in just a few weeks – about twenty pounds off. Thanks guys!        W.T.


I’ve been having phenomenal success with Dr. Pepi. I arrived with a heart rate of 120 beats per minute and my muscles locked up in knots so I could hardly walk. I was in constant pain.

After a few short weeks I am much improved and will soon be back to normal. On of the most amazing prescriptions was the addition of raw eggs to my diet. From the first day I noticed dramatic reduction in the muscle pain and I have continued daily improvement.        D.M.


In December of 2000 I went to a bargain doctor complaining of persistent chest pain and pressure with numbness down my left arm and in the area of my heart. My heart skipped beats, I felt lightheaded, very, very tired, was short of breath and at times felt like I would fall over dead. Being as I was only 27 years old and in otherwise apparent good health, that doctor told me that what I was suffering from was Anxiety Disorder, not a heart attack or anything related, and he offered me anti-anxiety psychotropic drugs which I vehemently refused. At my insistence, he did an EKG, which came out normal and showed no signs of heart stress.

I left that office and went straight to an M.D. After listening to my heartbeat, the M.D. told me I have a mitral-valve prolapse (the valve between the two chambers of my heart doesn’t close correctly) which was aggravated by not having slept one week before, after months of poor sleep, mediocre diet and emotional stress. He told me the condition is common in women of my age and slim build; and that to avoid such symptoms in the future, I should eat, sleep and exercise sufficiently. I changed my lifestyle and didn’t have much attention on my heart for many months.

In July of 2001 the chest pains, pressure and numbness returned. Over the course of the next few months, the condition rollercoastered. Some days it didn’t bother me; other days it was so bad I could barely work: I had trouble controlling my left arm, I could barely breathe, I could barely think, I had constant pain and pressure in my chest are. I almost fell over several times. There were nights where I didn’t want to close my eyes because I felt there was a better chance of dying than of waking up in the morning; yet I was usually too exhausted to keep my eyes open. (Exhaustion usually hit me around 7:30 or 8PM.)

Using her unique  treatment, Dr. Pepi detected an auto-immune situation where my body was attacking my heart as if it were a foreign object, along with a blockage in my arteries. She treated my body to stop attacking my heart, and she also treated my body to break down the blockage in my arteries. She recommended specific supplements for my heart as well as raw ginger root to break down the blockage.

She also recommended I see a cardiologist, for the sake of gathering more information. I refused, confident that Dr. Pepi’s diagnosis, treatments and supplement recommendations were exactly right.
They certainly did help, noticeably, yet I continued to rollercoaster (though my dips were nowhere near as low!!)  Dr. Pepi suggested I personally take more responsibility for the situation by taking a look at what I might be doing to precipitate the problem. This went way beyond diet and sleep habits. She referred me to someone who helped me spot exactly what it was that I was doing to myself on an emotional and spiritual level that would cause a body to attack itself. Coincidin with beginning that spiritual handling, my heart symptoms disappeared 99%.

I soon had the urge to exercise again, which I hadn’t for months. I regained the certainty that I wouldn’t accidentally die, I had energy and was soon able to operate again 16-18 hours per day as opposed to 12.

Now, 3 or 4 months after my last set of bad heart symptoms, I’m off many of the supplements I had to take during my condition at its worst, and my body has not relapsed to the condition it was in. I feel and look in much better overall health than I was when I first came to see Dr. Pepi.

Dr. Pepi is my practitioner of choice. No more bargain doctors for me. I’m worth it!!        P.C.


When I came to Dr. Pepi my heart would palpitate when doing some unexpected movement. With the heart supplement I can do anything and hardly be aware of the palpitation of my heart. Thanks Dr. Pepi.        M.H.


Dr. Pepi gave me one treatment and handled several problems I was having for months. She spotted my cigarettes and colloidal minerals were radioactive. It was feeling like heart pains, headaches, diarrhea and burning in the chest. I got her adjustment and quit using those products and all problems stopped. I feel hope that she can resolve my other problems! Thanks!        N.P.


I came in under a lot of pressures and unusually fast palpitations of my heart that drained my energy and caused a lot of fear. I had never been here before but was recommended by a friend and came in that same day. Dr. Pepi’s treatment not only handled the immediate situation, but over the next week, my energy increased and I’ve been feeling much better. Thank you Dr.Pepi.        A.P.


About 6 weeks ago I began having chest pains.  I went to the E.R. and was then hospitalized.  I had many tests and drugs and they revealed nothing, so in essence I received no diagnosis—all I learned was that it was “not my heart.”  I was still having symptoms so I came to see Dr. Pepi.  We discovered what was truly wrong with the body and what I had been doing to prompt the symptoms.  Well…not only did I feel better immediately after the appointment, but as I put in the steps of my program my symptoms disappeared altogether!  Let’s just say that I may not always do well by my body, but when I am in real trouble—I come see Dr. Pepi…when I need to get at the root cause of a problem—I come see Dr. Pepi…when I want to feel better—I come see Dr. Pepi!        D.B.


I had a mild heart attack today and did what my cardiologist said: Home, bed and Tylenol. It got somewhat better but wasn’t really a handle. This evening I came to Dr. Pepi’s and she truly helped me. She told me what was going on and then treated me to almost total pain relief! I’m at a good  point and have the right guidelines to prevent this thing from occurring again. Thank you so much.       G.B.


1.  No more heart pounding

2.  Blood Pressure checked every Sunday and is normal at 120/80

3. Generally feeling good



I came to Dr. Pepi with my heart racing, accompanied by anxiety. In a very short time Dr. Pepi found why and handled it. I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time.        J.H.


I was having some bad scary heart symptoms. They are gone.        S.K.


About six weeks ago I came in, certain that I was going to die. I had kidney stones hung up for months, high cholesterol, heart skipping beats and a panoply of other conditions including no energy. I was kind of like the walking dead. At 43 I was contemplating my will. All the original conditions are now handled and I’m digging into long-term-chronicness as a bonus. I feel totally certain that I’m in no danger of anything hitting me and have renewed sense of purpose toward my body.        A.M.


I was getting some heart pains and it had been occurring since December (it’s now April) and they were getting me pretty concerned. The chiropractors in Florida I had seen said it was due to a hiatal hernia. Dr. Pepi gave me a thorough adjustment and some remedies to eat and after two days the pains disappeared. Everything disappeared and my body felt great for weeks after, and still does!        L.S.


Dr. Pepi has given me a nutritional formula that helps me tremendously with my heart condition. She advised 1½ to 2 cups of food per meal. I have been doing it for over a week now and can’t describe the light feeling both in my digestion and my heart! I couldn’t believe that such a change could be possible with just applying this excellent formula. Loss of weight is an extra bonus of it. Thank you, Dr. Pepi, from my heart! (No kidding)        Y.H.


I came to Dr. Pepi and told her that I could hear my heartbeat resounding through my ear. This bothered me. So while I was talking to her about it she was giving me specific supplement tablets to chew. After taking them she asked me how was it now? Actually it had stopped. Amazing! Thanks, Dr. Pepi from your Aussie friend.        P.S.


A year and a half ago I was rushed to the hospital with a heart condition (actually an old thing). There, in addition to a pacemaker, I was given a bunch of drugs. As part of my routine as a patient of Dr. Pepi I brought the drugs in to be checked. It turned out that these drugs was something that my heart really doesn’t need or want per the muscle testing. So I ceased taking them and found I was actually feeling better.

A few days ago, to my amazement, I received some data from “The People’s Doctor” regarding heart medicine. And what do you know, the very drug that the article found to lead to cardiac failure is the one that I let go! Dr. Pepi is with no doubt or reservation, the best doctor I have had in this lifetime.        Y.H.


I’ve seen Dr. Anita Pepi twice now. The first time was a few months ago. The reason was my heart was hurting. I went to a heart specialist and he said to see a chiropractor because sometimes the rib cage gets moved around and may press against it. It wasn’t that. It was the dreaded aluminum poisoning bug that’s buzzing around these days, which made sense because I’d really been getting into beer in cans, plus all the other aluminum stuff out there. Anyway it’s been a few months later and I feel better.        G.K.


I arrived very concerned that I may have another hernia (after an operation two years ago), that something wildly wrong with my heart and my lower back was killing me. After one treatment and the recommended dosages of specific supplements for my condition, I feel about 1,000% better. It was so easily done, for me at least. I had such a dramatic change in such a short period of time. My back doesn’t bother me; my heart beats regularly and whoopee! I don’t have another hernia! This is very good.        J.C.

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