Successes - Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Thank you Dr. Pepi!  All the medical doctors said my osteoarthritis was “incurable” and I should get my hip replaced with a titanium hip.  I didn’t agree but my hip continued to worsen until I was in such pain on occasion that I’d be crying and dragging my leg because I refused to stop being active.  Thanks to Dr. Pepi my hip never hurts and I can run a bit and take the stairs normally…She literally gave me a lift on life!        J.M.


"About 10 years ago, I had a very sore hip joint which was not healing properly. I was limping very badly for months. Walking was very painful. I visited Dr Pepi and she told me I needed a special supplement. I started taking the supplement and in two days my sore hip was completely healed. It has not bothered me again in any way in 10 years."        C.M.


I came in feeling like a muscle had been pulled in my hip. I was hard to put much weight on it. Dr. Pepi said my protein intake was too high and this had caused the left hip problem. She said cut out all protein for four days. Well, I was “bad” and didn’t. My hip problem remained. I really thought that a bone was out of place and just needed to be popped back into place. After a couple of aerobic classes of pain (due to the hip) I decided, OK, OK, I’ll cut out protein. After one day of no protein, my hip problem had decreased by 50%. After three days it was gone, just from this change in diet! This amazed me and now I have 100% trust in Dr. Pepi!        N.S.


After Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, the sciatica hip condition that was causing discomfort in the back of the legs & in the hip joints improved noticeably. I can sit for much longer & lay in bed without feeling discomfort at this at this point. I did Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy in October & this improvement occurred right away & has remained stable.        M.S.


Dr. Pepi fixed my hip so well that when she asked me about it I said “What hip?” Also my neck was sore for years. After her treatment it was immediately 90% better.        B.F.


It’s a miracle! I came in here a week ago, a depressed, broken down wreck and now I feel like Wonder Woman. My back pain is entirely gone. My energy level is returning and most importantly, my right hip, which hasn’t worked properly in several years, feels just fine. Many thanks for your wonderful therapy and vitamins.        D.K.


I have been seeing chiros for a very long time, over ten years, but none with the fast, stable success of Dr. Pepi. She gets right to the source of the physical problem. I had a problem with my right hip that would not go away until I saw Dr. Pepi. She got me on the right supplements and the problem was gone in one treatment.        T.B.


Since coming to Dr. Pepi I have noticed many improvements because of the complexity of my many physical problems. In about 10 days, Dr. Pepi has been able to stabilize my balance, decrease pain in both hips and lower back, decrease tension in my head, and help my sleeping problems. With her help I know that eventually I will be able to lead a normal life and be pain free! Many thanks, Dr. Pepi – Thank heaven and Dr. Pepi for her cranial therapy!        E.S.


I came in to have my right hip treated. It had been so painful that I had a hard time with it and it bothered me constantly. I even tried stretching with no success. Then I got a treatment. After a week or two I gave it a farewell speech. It’s all gone. How amazing it is!        L.C.


Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve had the most amazing recovery. I had been going to another chiropractor and had had no results with this severe pain I was experiencing in my left hip, knee and foot. The pain was so severe that I could not sleep no matter how much cal-mag (calcium magnesium drink) I drank or how many adjustments I got. Within one visit the pain decreased by 75%. Dr. Pepi did not even work on my hip during the first visit and it felt so much better. To me it’s a bloody miracle!! I never thought I would wear heels again or my tight mini skirts. Thanks!! You are terrific.        K.K.


I came in to Dr. Pepi to help with an overall fatigue situation and a very poor response to stress (I would get major headaches, etc.). Dr. Pepi’s initial program for me included her cranial therapy and two supplements to take. Now I have completed Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy with some amazing results.

First, energy levels have leaped up – I’m no longer “wiped out” when I go home from work. Next, my right nostril can breathe (have never been able to do so). Next, my hips have shifted – I swear I’m ½ inch taller, the bunion on my left foot has no more pain and is smaller, I have no lower back pain for the first time in years – and overall I feel much better. Thanks, Dr. Pepi and Staff.        C.M.


It’s been 6 weeks since Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy and I have 2 really great successes from it. I can breathe so much easier through my nose which is especially noticeable when I’m trying to sleep. Also both of my hips would hurt when trying to sleep, so I’d toss and turn every 5 minutes before Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy. Dr. Pepi said my pelvis rotated some during one of the treatments and since then I don’t get the annoying pain in the hips that kept me tossing and turning or waking up in pain any more. Yeah!        S.M.


For about three months I’ve had pain and stiffness in my hips from sitting too much. It finally got worse until I had shooting pain down the front of my leg to the knee and could hardly get out of a chair or the car.

After Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, it has disappeared. I have strength again in my legs and no pain! When I walk I look my age, not 80 years old. Thanks! Dr. Pepi.        A.D.


After several months of having pain in my right hip area, I had an MRI in January and was diagnosed as having spinal stenosis.

Until I reached age 75 I enjoyed good health, would walk two miles a day five days a week and only went to the doctor once a year for a physical checkup. During the next three years I went to two orthopedic surgeons and three neurosurgeons and all except one talked about operating. Not a one suggested exercising. Because I was no longer able to walk I started doing exercises morning and night and discovered that it helped. But I was still unable to maintain my balance and walk straight because of the pain. As each day went on I couldn’t wait to finish my chores so that I could sit down. Also, in the last year I was gradually losing weight even though I ate well and had a good appetite.

Then on February 25, I went to see Dr. Pepi. The first thing she did was fit my feet for orthotics, and now I am able to maintain my balance and walk much better. She also recommended taking essential nutrients for the formation and repair of cartilage, ligaments and discs, along with a special multi vitamin. I am also happy to say she found the cause of my weight loss problem. I take a capsule before I eat which enables the nutrients in the food to enter into my blood. I am able to eat many foods that did not agree with me because the capsule also contains a digestive enzyme. The severe pain in my right hip is much better and I no longer have pain in the calf of my right leg when I drive my car.        H.C.


Last Monday night I came in with my whole left side like a pretzel. Everything hurt – my arm, my hips, my lower back, and my knee. Ten minutes later I was fine. It just all went away and hasn’t come back. Truly amazing.        L.W.


I came to Dr. Pepi about six months ago. My hips had been frequently going out because of some untrue information I'd gotten from a couple other doctors and a heel lift that I was subsequently wearing. Dr. Pepi actually diagnosed the problem and recommended that I not wear the lift. And I haven’t had a problem since.        S.P.


I have been having trouble with my right hip area and leg for several years. I went to a nutritionist, was tested, had computer treatment, etc. but to no avail. The pain would go away and then come back again. My kidneys were affected too. After about on and a half months of being treated by Dr. Pepi, I had no pain. I started seeing Dr. Pepi in July or August. I became more aware of my body, its needs with nutrition, allergies, sleep. My kidneys needed help. They were the cause of my hip area hurting as well. Now, it’s just a matter of helping them with proper diet. In doing this diet along with treatments, I don’t experience the pain and discomfort I used to. I feel younger!!        L.Q.


When I first came in to the clinic in June I had a problem with my right hip which had been diagnosed as arthritis. If I walked for more than a few blocks the hip would start to hurt. It would also hurt if I sat in the lotus position or rotated my right foot outward.

A few months after I started seeing Dr. Pepi she was led to treat my right hip through treating something else. She found that a ligament in that hip had become partially pulled off the bone. She did some deep (painful) manipulation of the ligament. I was free of pain in that hip for about six months. The pain recurred and she treated it. The pain has not recurred again in several months.

When I first started coming into the clinic I had chronic mid thoracic aches. I would get a backache almost every evening. My back would also be sore when I woke up each morning, but the pain would go away as I began to move about. I had been getting these backaches for five years even though I had been adjusted by other chiropractors. I had also started getting neck aches in the evening several days a week. Since I started treatment with Dr. Pepi, the mid thoracic backaches have decreased in frequency and now I get them only occasionally. The neck aches increased in frequency after I started treatment to almost daily. But, then they diminished to zero to three times a week. I attribute these changes to treatment by Dr. Pepi and to changes that I have made in my diet due to her recommendations.        S.D.


After getting on Dr. Pepi’s program and seeing her only one time, a situation I had of pain in my hip joints has improved significantly. I had stopped exercising because it hurt and the body was not getting better. Now it is seldom a problem, and when it is, it’s when I’ve gone off the program. Before it hurt to get up off the couch!        K.B.


Dr. Anita Pepi is some kind of wizard or magician. I had a sore hip, so sore that I could hardly get out of bed. I saw her the first time and she told me what my options were, i.e.: change my diet or possibly replace my hip with a metal rod. The latter did not appeal to me at all. She gave me some food supplements and a diet of mostly whole grains. The very next day I noticed a little change for the better. The second day it was completely gone. A neighbor asked me “how is your hip”, and I did a dance for her. When I told others of my miracle they couldn’t believe it. Dr. Pepi has also resolved another recurring problem of mine, one I have had for twenty years. All this within thirty days or so.        B.L.


I’ve been to Dr. Pepi only three times and I’ve seen some big changes starting to take place. I’ve lost seven pounds without trying, a chronic knee problem has gone and a chronic hip problem has gone by about 80%. I had asthma turn on really hard while cleaning out some toxins, this has gone now. I’ve had asthma off and on all my life and I feel that it is a problem in toxicity. For the first time I feel I’m on a program that can take me all the way in “cleaning up the problem: of by body. And I feel like I finally feel sure about what I’m supposed to eat for my body. I used to be very confused about what I should eat.        B.W.


I came to Dr. Pepi for a bad lower back. This problem has existed for twenty-seven years. My right hip and leg hurt and felt tight most of the time. After one treatment my back felt better than it has in literally years! The pain was gone, the leg felt lose and normal and I was just amazed! I am now ready to bow before Dr. Pepi and worship her as the magical Goddess she is! All kidding aside, thanks, Dr. Pepi, for the magnificent job done.        P.F.

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