Successes - Hormone Problems

Hormone Problems

I came to Dr. Pepi in April ’08 for symptoms I was gradually having for several years without realizing it.  I’m in my late forties and it turned out it was a hormonal imbalance.  Actually, Dr. Pepi discovered that my progesterone was severely low and my absorption of essential fatty oils was low.  I was feeling depressed, suicidal and had a low drive and low energy.  I was on the verge of tears regularly but more so before my menstrual cycle.  I also had heavy flows, terrible cramps, and hot flashes.  It’s Oct. ’08 and all those symptoms are gone!  After 2 months of her program, treatment, diet suggestions and supplements, I have begun to feel like a brand new person with great energy and an optimistic attitude toward my health and life!  Thank you Dr. Pepi!        J.S.


I have had serious hot flashes which plagued me about every 30 - 45 minutes. I went on natural hormone therapy (natural estrogen and progesterone) and it worked well but I was uncomfortable with the idea of HRT so quit in 6 – 8 months. I got the hot flashes back for a few months while trying a progesterone cream which didn’t help.

I finally came in to see Dr. Pepi. She found my ovary and liver had given up. She “supercharged” these and gave me supplements. Immediately the hot flashes lessened. Each day I could feel them continue to lessen. At 14 days they were totally gone!! Naturally!!! Thank you, Dr. Pepi!!!        J.R.


I came in because I'd started getting hot flashes and it was very annoying.  Dr. Pepi put me on some specific oils to boost my adrenal glands and within about a week, the hot flashes went away and have not returned.        A.B.R.


I came to Dr. Pepi in Sep 2009 with lots of problems (health). I was having problems sleeping for only 3 or 4 hrs so I was always tired and moody.

With the treatment of my hormones and the supplements Dr. Pepi had me taking, in a matter of a week I was sleeping 7 to 9 hrs every night and felt more energetic.  I’m more active now, going to the gym 2 to 3 times per week.

I’ve also had a chronic pain in my shoulder for years which was aggravated by an accident I had about 1 ½ yr ago.  [After being treated by Dr. Pepi] I am now able to sleep without pain.  Sometimes [when I went] to the regular chiropractor they handled the pain temporarily but it would come back again.  With Dr. Pepi’s treatments and care I can say my health has improved dramatically.  The point here is to keep doing her treatments, following her advice and the rest falls into place.  Thank you Dr. Pepi for your knowledge and care.        A.M.


Dr. Pepi suggested that I begin using a supplement to correct an overly acidic condition of my body. To my great delight, another frustrating condition has drastically improved.

I have been struggling with hormonal difficulties my entire adult life and last year it worsened to the point of causing chronic insomnia and a severe itchy skin rash. I had gotten limited improvement over the past few months but nothing remarkable or sustained.

During the week that I started the supplement, neither hormonal symptom occurred, though it was the usual time for it. In fact, both conditions have improved by 90% ever since I started using the drops one month ago.

Balancing the pH level in my body seems to have helped balance even more than that. What a relief!        S.C.


I had been suffering with hot flashes for a few years—in fact I felt as if I was going to “implode.”  After a treatment and supplements I am able to ride through very easy and far between hot flashes.        C.H.


I’ve been on Dr. Pepi’s nutritional program on a regular basis for some time now. I have recently added recommended oils and have noticed increased clarity in my mind and increased alertness. In addition, I have noticed that my female hormones seem to have balanced out.        S.B.


I came to Dr. Pepi for fertility and for severe low back pain. Due to Dr. Pepi’s treatments and supplements, my back pain is almost completely gone and my hormones are now testing normally and I am ovulating. (I am 45 years old.) Oh yes, and people say I look better! I think so too.        K.A.


I had been having terrible hot flashes and sweating at night. After two weeks of supplements from Dr. Pepi I have no more problems.        K.E.

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