Successes - Hyperactivity


It’s been one week since I’ve been on Dr. Pepi's recommended supplements. I feel like I have energy, feel well and almost peaceful. I used to feel eternally wired.

I will continue treatment but from what I have experienced I’m still yet to feel even better. PS Also I can read a book. Before this I could not even sit still to read.        C.N.


I had a big win today. I had a major allergic reaction to some dental work where silver was used as a build up to a crown. I felt frantic, hyper, all wound up and extremely exhausted. Dr. Pepi treated me and desensitized the silver in my tooth. I felt completely relaxed and at ease as a sense of well being came over me. Previously, I felt I had been wrapped around a tree. Her technology never ceases to amaze me. It’s totally incredible. Thanks, Dr. Pepi. You’re tops.        S.H.


My son was hyperactive and the worst one in his first grade class. The kindergarten teacher almost kept him over because of his uncontrolled behavior. His first grade teacher, Mrs. Ginger Head, sent us both to Dr. Anita Pepi. My son has seen her only once. He has become so manageable in class that the teacher was able to move him up to the top reading group. He also is one of the first children to turn in his math papers and when he does they are all correct. I recommend this wonderful doctor to anyone who has a child who has this problem.        P.K. for M.

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