Successes - Infection, Immune Problems

Infection, Immune Problems

I came to Dr. Pepi because I was lethargic and couldn’t seem to get rid of my colds. I had been trying antibiotics but they weren’t helping. Dr. Pepi gave me specific immune boosting supplements and treated me. Not only did that heal me, but in the next month, I began playing water polo. The practices were 3 – 4 hours a day during the winter in the outdoor pool at my high school. But while all my teammates began dropping like flies midseason due to various illnesses they contracted due to their weak immune systems, I stayed healthy! Yeah! Thanks Dr. Pepi, you’re wonderful!        N.E.


I had an infection happening in my lungs and sinuses and I took specific supplements on Dr. Pepi’s directions. In minutes I noticed that I didn’t feel as worn out or “sick”. This feeling continued and gradually I didn’t feel sick anymore.        L.S.


Recently I got very sick out of nowhere with a bad fever and really bad cold symptoms one night.  The following day I had terrible back pain.  It hurt so much that I couldn’t sleep and I had to walk and balance my body very slowly when moving.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Pepi and she told me that my kidneys were screaming and had an infection.  She did the treatment necessary to address both the source of my back pain and also my other symptoms.  She instructed me with detail on what to do to help my body get rid of the infections as well.  At the end of the treatment my back pain was 50% better and my body overall felt less stressed.  I followed all of her instructions and in two days my infection was 90% better (yayyy!) and a couple of days after that it was completely gone.  I used NO ANTIBIOTICS and NO PAIN PILLS for the pain or infection.  Not only that but I also lost a couple of pounds too!  My body was very happy and thankful for the treatment and spot-on program to handle this.  Thank you Dr. Pepi!        C.A.


Earlier this year I came down with a virus which at first I assumed was the flu. However, though I appeared to recover from it, I then got it again after a few weeks, appeared to recover, and came down with it a third time. At this point I realized that my usual measures of rest and vitamins etc. were not working. I was very sick at the time and was too exhausted to work or do much of anything.

I went to Dr. Pepi. She told me that I had Epstein Barr Virus. She treated me and recommended I take an immune boosting supplement. I took pretty high doses of it for a short time and started feeling a LOT better – more energy, more cheerful. I started to feel alive again.

Dr. Pepi knew just what my body needed to recover. I didn’t waste any time trying this and trying that. The first thing she recommended was the right thing. Needless to say, I was and am VERY HAPPY with this result.        S.L.


When I came to Dr. Pepi I was not sure that she could really help me to stop getting colds. I had been to many doctors and some nutritionists but the situation wasn’t improving. I would get a cold and then bronchitis would follow. It would last a month each time. And as I was getting over bronchitis, a cold would start and the cycle would repeat itself over and over. It was hopeless.

But fortunately, due to Dr. Pepi’s treatments, instruction and special supplements, this is all part of the past now. I have not gotten bronchitis in 1 ½ years now! I have caught a case of the sniffles once or twice but each time it only lasted a couple of days, instead of weeks like before. This is a miracle! I am very grateful to Dr. Pepi and her techniques!        K.G.


I had a bladder type problem where it hurt when I went to the bathroom. I took the recommended supplements and it totally went away!        B.S.


I came to Dr. Pepi's because I had been sick for 3 weeks.  Dr. Pepi treated me and gave me supplements to take.  A week later, not only was I not sick, but I felt better than I have in a long time.  My skin started to clear up and I have more energy now.  I couldn't be more happy with my results.        R.M.


Dr. Pepi is the best doctor I’ve ever dealt with.  Her solutions are miraculous and her knowledge base is incredible.  Her link between modern and alternative forms of medicine has saved me and my family numerous times.  I can’t thank her enough!

She’s helped my baby son with severe constipation and with fevers.  She’s helped me with pancreatitis through the years.  And every time she’s helped us resolve it with natural, painless solutions.        G.S.


For most people, a cold is a minor inconvenience. Mild discomfort, a day or two of misery and then it’s over. I, on the other hand, have viewed a cold as a threat similar to the eruption of Vesuvius. Due to a chronic asthmatic condition, the innocuous colds have turned into various flues, collapsed lungs and other complications requiring paramedics, ventilators, ICU (intensive care unit) and other upsetting and expensive adventures. Needless to say, at the onset of a cold I’m generally reaching for antibiotics and doubling or tripling my medication. This cycle has been a continuing merry-go-round over the past 10-20 years. I decided that this time I’d see if Dr. Pepi could work her magic. I’d had rave results from her in the past, but had never persisted with treatments when I had a cold. I came in with a sore throat and industrial strength infection and generally bleary outlook. On day two I called seeing no change and I was VERY concerned about not using antibiotics. She urged me back in, gave me a treatment and put me on a high dose of specific supplements. (The 8,000 mg or so of regular vitamin C hadn’t been helping.)

Six hours later the infection was gone. I continued the supplements dose she had me on, drank water and rested. It is now one week later. I’m stably better and continuing to heal. I DID NOT NEED TO INCREASE MY MEDICATION OR TAKE ANTIBIOTICS! I’m sure that allowing my body to heal itself naturally has increased the strength of my immune system and is an unprecedented accomplishment. Many thanks to the whole crew here and especially to Dr. Pepi’s ability and persistence.        J.L.P.


I am in love with Dr. Pepi's recommended vitamins. I have consistently found them to be superior to all other vitamins and minerals. One of the more important instances of this for me: Early this year, I was feeling very ill and had been feeling that way for months. It wasn’t resolving. I went to see an MD who did a blood test and discovered that my white blood cell count was dangerously low. It was 2.3. White blood cells are the cells that fight infection.

I went to see Dr Pepi and she found my zinc levels were extremely low, which was funny because I had been taking a zinc supplement for a while. She took me off that zinc and put me on a very specific Zinc. I took it every day for a month and I went back in for another blood test. My white blood cell count when up to 6.4!! My doctor was so happy and quite amazed. I felt so much better and was out of risk.        N.M.


Since January of 1990 I had been suffering from Condyloma: a gynecological virus. In July of that same year, I began treatment under supervision of my gynecologist using creams, etc… nothing worked.

About a year from my first date of treatment from my doctor, I began to see Dr. Pepi for this problem. Approximately three months later, after visits to see her and high doses of supplements, I went back for another check up at my gynecologist. He took several biopsies and a pap smear to see what the status was with the Condyloma. The lab tests came back with the results “Remarkable!” – “negative” and no signs of Condyloma whatsoever!!        E.F.


I have had one female problem after another, including vaginitis, cystitis, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, you name it. Also for the past 5 years I had actual pain and dryness with intercourse and not surprisingly, loss of sexual desire.

Dr. Pepi helped me clear up candida, and various long-standing low grade infections. She repaired and boosted my immune system, endocrine system, ovaries, vagina, etc. She increased my estrogen levels as well and had me doing much of the rehabilitation by using easy, natural and painless methods. After a few months of treatments, all is cleared up, including vaginal discomfort. Sexual desire is returning as well!

I feel clean, brand new, and much more enthusiastic toward life in general. Thank you, Dr. Pepi!        M.P.A.


For about 2 years I took my daughter to various MD’s to try to get her extreme fatigue handled, frequent sore throats, re-occurring flu and colds. At first she was given antibiotics which made her feel better for a short time, then worse. No one ever mentioned Epstein Barr Virus until Dr. Pepi. After taking her recommended immune boosters, my daughter has energy again, color, feels good and isn’t getting sore throats, etc! It’s been 6 months now and she’s continuing to feel better.        J.C.


Dr. Pepi discovered my problem as being Epstein Barr Virus which causes chronic fatigue syndrome and a blood test confirmed her diagnosis. With two treatments and her immune boosters, I have regained energy that I thought was gone forever. It really is a whole new world. I eat better, I sleep better, and I have enthusiasm and clearer vision. Apparently I have had this undiagnosed problem for some time. So it is a great thing I discovered Dr. Pepi and her treatments. It has changed my life.        H.A.


My son had candida due to excessive antibiotics for colds, flu, pneumonia, etc. He was on a vicious cycle of get sick, take antibiotics, get well and then sick again as the antibiotics and candida destroyed his immune system. He developed allergies and was a very unhappy 4 years old. In the 4 months that he has been under Dr. Pepi’s care he has been sick 1 time for 1 day only. His coloring, his outlook on life and his temperament have all improved. He’s actually getting over his allergies. He is a changed kid. He also loves Dr. Pepi! Thanks so much.        N.P.


Several years ago I had a stroke in my left eye and became partially blind. Whenever this happens, tiny weak blood vessels take over the area and begin leaking blood into the eye, so my vision got worse. In February laser surgery stopped the bleeding but I still had a large area with no vision in it and the view had a red haze to it.

In July I traveled to L.A. to see Dr. Pepi with what I believed was an unrelated problem. It turns out that the condition of my eye was related to what was wrong with my immune system. My body wasn’t using zinc, an element basic to the immune system as well as retinal health. Dr. Pepi corrected the problem with the body and I began stocking up on her specific type of Zinc.

Within 2 days the red haze was gone. After doing a detoxifying flush that Dr. Pepi gave me, part of my vision returned. On August 24 I realized that the blind spot was now just a slight distortion and that I could see through it. Now remember, this was just a side issue. My immune system has become robust and my energy has returned.

What I really see now is not just the world around me but that there are especially beautiful people in it. Dr. Pepi is extraordinary – believe me.        L.W.


My immune system is 80% better.        J.K.


I have had respiratory ailments/allergies all my life.  I came to see Dr. Pepi to discuss them.  She put me on supplements but also suggested a specific electric sinus flusher which I have used regularly ever since.  I have not had a sinus infection in two years and my last cold was almost two years ago.  Yay.        J.S.


I was having increased hay fever symptoms when I decided I was actually coming down with a cold.  After using a specific nasal irrigator prescribed by Dr. Pepi I never got the cold and the allergy symptoms subsided.  Later, as my 13 year old son was about to leave on a 3 day school trip, he reported that he seemed to be getting a cold and his nose was totally stuffed.  He used the irrigator, said he felt better, and after returning from the trip said he was fine.  My husband then reported a stuffed nose, also used the irrigator and reported that it was “the bomb.”        R.G.


I have felt and seen wonderful results from my treatments with Dr. Pepi and the supplements she recommends.  Her products helped me through a bad cold and congestion…as well as killing bacteria.  Many other issues have been healed and are still being healed by Dr. Pepi by taking specific supplements she prescribes.  Thank you so much for getting me off of steroids and into such better health.  I actually wake up with energy and no fatigue.        M.L.


Ever since I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi, I’ve been feeling an improvement of health. I am an accountant and there are times when my job gets stressful. One of those periods is tax season. In the past, my body would give out on me at the middle or end of a stressful period. I would get a sore throat or a cold. This tax season, I was able to handle long work hours and stress and my body pulled through nicely – no colds. I know it’s the supplements I’ve been taking from Dr. Pepi. My energy has been great and the body is stronger than ever.        M.O.


For the last 4 ½ months, I have been having so many body problems from Multiple Sclerosis type symptoms, to infectious arthritis, heart problems and chronic fatigue. It all started from an unhandled infection. After seeing over 10 doctors and spending thousands of dollars, Dr. Pepi finally got what was “off” in my body and I’ve been improving by leaps and bounds in one week! The key is just to listen to her and take the correct supplements and stay on a diet that she recommends for the body to heal. Thank you Dr. Pepi and all your wonderful support team!        K.K.


I was very low on energy. Sometimes I had to push myself through the day barely making it. It was affecting my life in every way you can imagine. Everyone at home was really worried. Dr. Pepi diagnosed me with Epstein Barr Virus and gave me immune boosters. I had a blood test that confirmed her diagnosis. After 3 weeks of her supplements I feel great again. I actually got my life back! Thank you Dr. Pepi!        E.A.


When I first came here I had ear infections and infections of other sorts. After one month I feel so much better.        E.F.


I had a severe dental infection and was put on a strong antibiotic. I was ill and in a lot of pain and waited a few days for the antibiotic to kick in. It was slowly working. I thought I’d try her immune booster, and took six. By the next morning I felt much better, at least 50% better. It was great. The side effect of the antibiotics was yeast infection. I wish I would have tried the immune booster first.        R.S.S.


I have experienced great improvement in my immune system and have a lot more energy. I am not getting sick constantly and my energy level feels like when I was a kid. This is most awesome.        B.M.


I used to be so chemically & environmentally sensitive that even the slightest smell of a fragrance or chemical gave me a headache & made me ill. Dr. Pepi fount that my pituitary, thyroid and thymus (immune system) glands were all exhausted & she had me take the specific supplements for these glands, as well as treating them and I am definitely less sensitive!        M.N.


Dear Dr Pepi,

I wanted to send you a success story. The change in me has been dramatic in two areas: the first is my stamina. I had thought that I was lazy coming home and lying around all these years now, but I was ill and the body had been taking every opportunity to recover. But all along I had had an infection hiding in my blood that sapped my strength.

You treated my body to attack the infection in the blood and then gave me immune boosters to attack the problem. In about three weeks I found myself cleaning the house! And my stamina has continued. I went from lots of tablets a day down to two and now not even one is needed a day and I haven’t even finished my second bottle.

My second success is my skin. On the body I had numerous moles and scabby places. Some of those have disappeared entirely already and others are disappearing. The scabby places have half flaked off entirely and the rest are following. The itch on my breasts has gone away and the skin looks much better there.

When it comes to healing, you are a miracle worker! Please feel free to publish this.        J.S.


I had a very bad case of candida, a rash on my skin, hay fever and a bladder infection. This was 40 days ago. As of this day, I am feeling much better. My skin looks great. I lost 35 lbs. Also I am eating much better high energy food. No breads or rice.        R.S.


For over 1 ½ years I’ve had a sinus infection that has kept at least one nostril plugged at night making it uncomfortable sleeping & requiring the use of truckloads of Kleenex. I tried antibiotics, vitamins & various other treatments to no avail & despaired of ever handling the condition. Since 2 weeks after Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, my sinuses have been much clearer & I sleep without any plugging up. This is amazing and a terrific win to actually handle this problem.        L.W.


I came in yesterday with a urinary infection I’d had for about two weeks causing a burning sensation on urination. Dr. Pepi treated me for it after our regular cranial therapy treatment & by that evening, the sensation was gone.

I’m so pleased that I can actually come to a health care professional & get nearly instantaneous handling of my physical complaints (which grow fewer by the day thanks to Dr Pepi’s wonderful ministrations.)        L.W.


Dr. Pepi helped with my son’s ear infection.  He has seen MDs and they always gave him antibiotics.  She had him use a specific solution which was great…[it] did something with his ph/acid balance and he was all better.  Thank you.        B.T.


I had a very big win using Dr. Pepi’s recommended immune boosters during the flu season. I started to feel like I was coming down with it after being around many people on Christmas day who had the flu. I immediately took a bunch of immune boosters. By the end of the day all symptoms were gone. This is such a tremendous win for me.        P.C.


I started taking Dr. Pepi’s recommended immune boosters about a month ago. I have to say that my body says this…thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s like drinking fresh water when you’re really thirsty or smelling the earth in the forest after a thunder shower. And the kids got the flu. Previously I would have been sicker and for probably for a month or more – I was queasy only (no fever) for 24 hours! This stuff is great!  Thanks Anita.        M.H.


I have successfully beat “the flu” by taking your immune boosters. I get a cold but it was completely without pain and/or infection. This stuff is great and I highly recommend it.        D.S.


Today I came in with a very painful sore throat. Even breathing was a painful action. I felt very weak also. After a short treatment the pain was almost gone and I felt a bit more energy, enough that I didn’t feel the urge to go to bed anymore.        S.L.


I am writing this for my four year old son who’s had consistent ear infections and respiratory infections since the age of 1 ½. Doctors would only prescribe antibiotics but that didn’t solve the problem, it kept coming back!! So I decided no more antibiotics which only gave him yeast infection on top of it!! So I tried homeopathic medicine which was a bit better but still the infections came back almost every 6-8 weeks. I didn’t know what to do any more. Then we heard of Dr. Pepi. My son has only seen her twice and he’s been free of the ugly infections for 5 months!! What a success for my little son not to get sick since we started the immune booster treatments and others by Dr. Pepi. Thanks so much!!        L.P.


Wowy – Zowwwyyyyy!!!! Hip-Hip-Hooraaaaaay!!! I’ve had an infection for several months – using lots of antibiotics to no result. The infection wouldn’t heal. Just one visit with Dr. Pepi and following recommendations and the infection is practically gone (I have no pain from it any more – it’s healing extremely well!). Dr Pepi is so exact on her diagnosis and recommendations I’ve been referring to her as “source on the body”! Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!        M.H.


When I came to Dr. Pepi a week ago I was in pretty poor shape. I was trying to recover from strep throat and candida. After my visit with the Doctor I felt much better and two days later felt 90% better! I finally had relief.

I am following her program and haven’t missed any work since the initial visit. I am continuing to get better.        S.Q.


I came to see Anita three weeks ago with a multitude of problems ranging from exhaustion swollen lymph nodes, immunity problems, “catching” every flu and infection under the sun, skin problems and upper neck and back pain. A few days ago after just two visits and following the diet she recommended and supplement program, I noticed an extreme increase in my energy. I haven’t been sick since taking the supplements, my skin has cleared up dramatically, lymph nodes have gone down and my back pain is minimal. What a difference from barely being able to do the simplest of tasks in a day. I am now operating at about 75% and getting stronger every day!        E.M.


Dr. Pepi helped me, and continues to help me, to stay in my job. I have Epstein Barr Virus, which can cause a lot of fatigue. I got sick when I started my job and Dr. Pepi handled my body. I was really upset and afraid I couldn’t stay. She handled my body so that I could stay and I can stay. Thank you!        B.M.


I had the flu for a week and it was really bad and kept me down with low energy. The immune boosters helped keep all the major symptoms that come with flu away. I didn’t feel I had to go to the doctor for antibiotics at all!        C.L.


I’m very happy to report some incredible success with my asthma and bronchial spasms. Two weeks ago I was using my inhaler on a daily basis. The past two weeks under a new treatment plan with Dr. Pepi I’ve used my inhaler once. And most importantly, I’ve had a drastic improvement on my bronchial spasms. It’s been 8 months of discomfort breathing on a daily basis and I’ve finally gotten some relief. Thanks again, Dr. Pepi.        Y.A.


On my second visit to Dr. Pepi I told her my canker sores were still persisting. She recommended an immune booster. After 3 days of taking this the canker sores disappeared! I have also noticed that I don’t feel quite so tired all the time. What a great product! Thank you Dr. Pepi – it worked for me!        S.S.


I had severe fatigue and pain in my side. (Later I found out it was my pancreas) and started on immune boosters. The first dose I felt better. I now have been up and about. Dizziness is gone, pain gone, energy is back to normal. Yippee!!        N.H.


After having two babies within a year of each other I was so exhausted I could hardly stand up. This went on for over a year until I began taking immune boosters. After taking them my energy improved dramatically and my income doubled as a result. The deliveries had been such a stress on my body that it couldn’t keep the infections at bay or my Epstein Barr virus under control (virus that causes chronic fatigue syndrome.) Also, my daughter rarely gets infected anymore and when she does it only lasts for a couple of days. The product has dramatically turned my life around.        A.L.


Today I started to get some minor congestion and sniffles. I figured it would go away after a good night’s sleep. But that night I couldn’t sleep. I was so achy and uncomfortable and my head hurt. Tuesday it was a full-blown head-cold-pounding headache, lots of mucous and a fever of 101.2 degrees. I felt like lying down and going into a coma for about a week.

I couldn’t be ill – I can’t afford the time off work. So I took lots of Dr. Pepi's recommended immune boosters. Tuesday night I slept like a baby and today I feel almost normal. My temperature is sub-normal now (an indication that the body is on top of the infection) and I’m much less achy. No antibiotics, no aspirin. I love it!        N.K.


My son is a high school varsity basketball player who began having problems with his throat swelling up during games, making it difficult to breathe. This became a real issue and was occurring with greater frequency. We saw an ear-nose-throat specialist who examined him and said nothing was wrong structurally. Neither he nor the pediatrician could imagine what could be wrong. So…we came to see Dr. Pepi. She said he had an infection in his throat and that he was deficient in several nutrients. After one month on his program his throat problem was handled! I was amazed and he is so happy. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        L.D.G. for Ryan


Maestro is a seven year old golden retriever who has been plagued with chronic ear infections. Every six months or so, he goes to the vet for anti-inflammatory medication antibiotics. They have not handled the problem. With one visit to Dr. Pepi we found out that he was allergic to all his medicine and food (with the exception of his anti-flea medication). After one week a specific immune booster and a change of food, the infection was totally gone and his energy skyrocketed. To say the least we are both grateful to Dr. Pepi.        M.S. for Maestro.


After having finished chemotherapy for lymphoma in January, my body was slow to build up my immune system and my energy level. After Dr. Pepi put me on some recommended supplements and gave me a treatment to absorb minerals, my body bounced back dramatically. My energy level shot up and I was able to shake off an upper respiratory infection in just three days with vitamin C only.

A year ago I was cautioned not to contract a cold or flu bug as it would likely land me in the hospital with pneumonia. No worries now, Mate!!        J.M.


Last year I had many problems with my immune system. There were a variety of bacterial and viral infections, colds, a touch of the flu, sinusitis…It was one disaster following another. This year I have none of these at all. A small miracle!        M.S.


My 21 year old daughter has been so chronically exhausted that it’s been ruining her life—and mine! Nothing else we’ve tried for the past eight years has helped. Dr. Pepi diagnosed the exact thing needed to repair her immune system. I have a bright new cheerful daughter! She can now hold a full-time job without complaint. At home she’s cooperative and helpful (who stole my old daughter?!)        N.K.


I have been taking Dr. Pepi's recommended supplement for a month. It is excellent. Before taking this I had infections that wouldn’t heal (paper cuts, nicks, scratches) without antibiotic ointment. Since taking the supplements, my sores, cuts, etc heal within a day or two and I haven’t had a canker sore, which I had every other week before taking the them.        N.K.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was in pain with severe stomach cramps and was very weak. Another Dr. had been treating me to no result and the situation had degenerated until I could not sit up and do my work. Dr. Pepi took less than a minute to isolate an infection in my intestinal tract that had been missed earlier. She located the one nutrient that I was deficient in that would make a difference. I sat right there and took the recommended supplements. In 15 minutes my stomach pain was gone, never to return! Talk about fast relief! Thanks Dr. Pepi.        L.R.


Today was my second visit with Dr. Pepi and my body is doing better with the supplements she prescribed. The special supplements are powerful and effective. I’m feeling more alert while recovering from a kidney infection and have high hope of handling my source of trouble.        T.B.


I had a persistent jock itch probably for a year on and off, and it seemed a lot more stubborn over the last six months. I used a lot of antifungal sprays and the itch would come back after several days.
Dr. Pepi had me take a specific supplement and not only do I have no sugar craving, but the jock itch is gone. What a relief! I also had a hemorrhoid flare up with unbearable pain. Dr. Pepi gave me a supplement that handled it in three days.        A.M.


Two weeks ago I had an infection (tooth related) that swelled up my face and left a lump at the base of my tooth. One hour after Dr. Pepi‘s treatment the lump and all swelling was gone. This amazed even the dentist.        L.W.


I have seen Dr. Pepi now for 10 months. My initial purpose was to handle a chronic problem (which was handled quickly) and I have seen her for a few acute situations like post-dental work and a case of poison ivy.

This morning I realized that I have had no viral illnesses (colds, flu, etc.) since I have been being treated by Dr. Pepi – All in spite of some family situations that caused me much emotional grief. It sure is nice to be healthy!        L.W.


I saw Dr. Pepi for treatment of a sinus infection. For the first time in a long time I could breathe through my nose and this was with a cold!! This lady is awesome, a miracle worker. It is a day later and I can still breathe through my nose, though I sneeze occasionally. The day before I was dying!!        L.S.


I got a viral flu all my co-workers had been passing back and forth for two months in one of those sealed sky-scrapers (sick environment) on 13 December. I relapsed twice in January, started the liver flushes I needed in February and just got decked again with another viral flu released from either liver or gall bladder. Four viral infections in three months, tells me my immune system is overwhelmed.

Out sick once again, I trundled my wretched carcass to Dr. Pepi’s office, where she treated my liver to start killing viruses instead of ignoring them. I could feel the effects her treatment instantaneously as the “running wild” sensation in the body of marauding viruses just stopped.  What a relief!        D.G.W.


I had a sore throat that hurt extremely bad for two weeks. I thought it was a cold or something and would go away soon if I took enough vitamin C. It would get less painful, then would come back and hurt really bad, so much I could hardly swallow. I cam to Dr. Pepi and she treated me. In less than a few minutes after her treatment my pain was all gone and it has not come back. One would ask “why did I wait so long to come to Dr. Pepi”.        B.S.


I have been getting one cold after another and medical doctors were of no help. Dr. Pepi recommended specific supplements and within 24 hours I observed immediate improvement. I have been getting more stable and feel healthier and more energetic each day. It’s great to get a natural handling to the illnesses and preventative future exposures. Key to this, by the way, was the treatment she did!        D.F.


Dr. Pepi has helped me a lot. I was getting sick all the time with colds. It seemed like every few days. Now I haven’t been sick for months.

I also had some terrible headaches. It seemed like it always hurt. Now I hardly have any headaches and when I do they are very light. I feel much better.        D.F.


I’ve had weak lungs all my life and every year tend to get bronchitis and/or pneumonia, which is always difficult to get rid of. After getting lung treatments and immune system supplements in the past year, this condition has been handled. I got a minor head cold which didn’t go into my lungs for the first time in my life. This is a major problem which has been solved!        J.S.


I was very sick with an infection in my lungs. Dr. Pepi worked her magic and, in combination with the supplements she recommended, I’m better than “back to normal” because now I know about eating better and using my body’s reserves to improve conditions.        L.E.


I feel much better after I took three visits. My throat, my head and my stomach don’t hurt. I am feeling great. I like coming here.        A.N.


Last year my daughter, Hanna had a chronic bladder infection. She was given three different antibiotics and one sulfa drug by her pediatrician. None of these worked, so she was sent to a hospital for an ultrasound. This, thank God, was normal. But she still had a bladder infection. My friend recommended I take her to Dr. Pepi. I did this and Dr. Pepi got us on a specific supplement which was effective in curing Hanna of her infection. She has had no problem with this since.        C.P.


I had a bad bout of laryngitis and bronchitis. Dr. Pepi gave me lung supplements and an adjustment. I was really thrilled to get over my condition in only two days. Usually it takes several weeks (with antibiotics). As a singer and voice teacher, this was a great thing!        E.B.


In December I visited Dr. Pepi after missing four days of work and after being told during a medical exam and tests that all was normal. I was in pain and was convinced that I was going fast. Dr. Pepi told me in the first ten minutes of the visit that I had a bacterial infection, parasites and candida. I started treatment and after a period I had to do diagnostic lab tests to completely handle the parasites. The lab test proved Dr. Pepi’s initial diagnosis of candida, parasites and bacteria. I was quite impressed and relieved that it is being handled now.        M.C.


Before being treated by Dr. Pepi I suffered a digestive problem which had been diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. Everything I ate gave me terrible abdominal pain and gas buildup. Even when I didn’t eat, the same symptoms would appear. With Dr. Pepi’s therapy through vitamins and nutrition I have been pain free now for two months and all symptoms seem to be dissipating. Two added bonuses are that 1) I was the only person in my entire family to escape the flu after being exposed many times during the holiday season 2) the second bonus, to my great delight is that after experiencing out-of-control weight gain, I have now shed twenty pounds very easily just be being exposed to a more nutritious food program.        V.W.


I came to see Dr. Pepi about being sick for six days and missing four days of work. I had earlier had tests done by a medical physician and was told that everything was normal. However, my body didn’t feel normal. I felt really yucky. After one visit with Dr. Pepi I was able to go back to work the following day and enjoy the holidays with my family. I had been battling fatigue for months as well as a bacterial infection which didn’t handle with antibiotics. I have had no attention on my body this week which has been wonderful. Thanks, Dr. Pepi. My family thanks you too!        M.B.


Dr. Pepi did some unexpected things to cure my cold,  and it worked! She also gave me some very specific immune boosting supplements. I know that by continuing this regimen all week I’ll get well soon. I have such faith in Dr. Pepi. She always knows what to do. As for the healing and building up regimen begun five months ago, I’m so much stronger and better than I was before. Now, with the new supplements added, I won’t be catching all these germs every time I come to LA. Thanks again for so much effective treatment and help. I’ve never had the thought with other doctors that I will get better.        F.C.


I would like to thank Dr. Pepi for her latest miracle. I had a swollen gland for weeks which wasn’t responding to Penicillin and I was starting to get worried. Anyway, after one visit it totally cleared up.        P.C.


My 6 year old Geoffrey caught a cough and fever. He had the cough for four days and then came to see Dr. Pepi. She treated Geoffrey and when he left the office he wasn’t coughing and didn’t cough again. He was well immediately. Thanks.        M.S.


Last week I was fighting a very bad head cold and cough which pulled me out of work. I came in to see Dr. Pepi. After twenty minutes and some supplements I felt much better. In fact I was able to sit through an evening performance of the Phantom of the Opera without coughing or sneezing. Thanks.        K.S.


I have had the most marvelous success with my health since coming to Dr. Pepi. But the most amazing result was when I had an ear infection and intense itching. I went to my doctor who prescribed a drug to inhale. On my husband’s suggestion, I waited to see Dr. Pepi the next evening. Dr. Pepi treated me and while she was doing the treatment the itching completely stopped and the earache improved. A couple of days later it was gone without any drugs! Now that’s a successful treatment.        H.T.


I had some pretty uncomfortable flu-like symptoms that came on suddenly. In the past this would have laid me up for a week. So I saw Dr. Pepi for a treatment and within twelve hours the symptoms were gone. And I mean really gone! I was again alert and energetic just like nothing at all had happened.        C.E.


When I came to see Dr. Pepi about two weeks ago, I had had a bad cough (bronchitis) for about two months. I kept thinking it would go away on its own. Anyway, after one treatment I was 95% better and within two days, I was completely better. It was rather miraculous, so I wanted to write a note of appreciation.        P.C.


I just filled out a new health questionnaire after having received treatments for some time. I’m happy to see that some of my chronic problems have completely disappeared. In particular, my disposition to constant (and I mean constant) viruses and low energy/weakness. I no longer feel like a sick person! I have great confidence that my remaining body problems will also get handled in turn. Also, I forgot to say that when I started with Dr. Pepi, I was on a high dosage of thyroid hormone. Dr. Pepi was successful in getting my thyroid improved to a point where I do not seem to need these supplemental hormones any longer.        L.W.


I had a rotten cold -- very bad! I was given supplements recommended by Dr. Pepi and they were sooo… good. It cleared up my head cold so I could sleep. My cold was gone in 1 ½ days so that I was able to have so much fun on my vacation.        B.S.


Two days ago I brought my four-year-old daughter to see Dr. Pepi because she had an earache. Immediately after the brief treatment, the earache was gone and hasn’t returned! We successfully avoided the use of antibiotics and the subsequent wear down of the immune system from them. Hooray!        S.H.


I had a very, very big win after seeing Dr. Pepi ONCE. After my first visit I had to leave on a long trip, but during that trip I was improving from the appointment as well as the supplements I took. I had been to many health practitioners before this and spent lots of money too. But Dr. Pepi handled the problem and it no longer is occurring although it had been going on for years.

If you’re wondering what I was suffering from, I’ll tell you since you’ve read this far. I had continuous colds. I kept catching colds that turned into bronchitis and lasted for weeks! As one left another started! But, that’ history now! Thank you, Dr. Pepi. You’ve done it again!        K.G.


My 8-year-old son had been having a series of minor illnesses. Over the last several months it seemed as though he was sick every other week. Twice he had inflamed tonsils, a couple bouts of stomachache, sore throats, and an ear ache. This time I knew it wasn’t the solution to try another course of antibiotics. After seeing Dr. Pepi once and getting him on the recommended supplements he is doing much better!! The candida diagnosis made sense.       K.B. for Hans


I got a very nasty cough about two months after giving birth. I was extremely mucousy and dreaded going to a lung specialist as MD’s just said it was a virus and to up my vitamin C and sleep. The lung doctor (specialist) gave me his evaluation, which I didn’t agree with and so I decided to go see Dr. Pepi after many referrals. So I made my appointment.

I saw her and went on only two recommended supplements and I requested her vitamin C supplement, so that made three supplements altogether. I was also suggested to omit three specific foods and two categories of foods for the time being. So, I followed as she said and I made immediate improvement from day one with the cough and mucous I had had for four weeks prior. It’s now about three months later and I have had no problem at all. I was all-better in about three weeks. I want to add that I suggested to my husband to try the supplements. Well for four or five years he’s had to use nose sprays one to ten times a day and he was told by a doctor (a nose specialist) that he needed an operation to correct his nose drainage. He has had this situation since he was a kid. Now he takes the supplements from Dr. Pepi every morning and he uses the nose spray maybe once every three to five days and then just one spay. He really is amazed by the fine quality of the supplements and he’s not even been to see Dr. Pepi.

I would recommend Dr. Pepi for a quick solution. I got from her exactly the result that I wanted.        T.T.


After forty years of lung difficulties and severe and ongoing asthma attacks, I finally have relief that is real. After one treatment by Dr. Pepi and her very accurate testing of exactly what my body needed in the way of supplements, I began to breathe normally. I had returned to steroids for a week just before this treatment and had been using an inhalant regularly. Within four days I was off both of them with almost no side effects. I have tried everything to handle this and other problems with minimal and temporary success. There is a techology for treating bodies and this is it! Thanks for the relief!        J.M.


I came to Dr. Pepi with a very painful right kidney and bladder. Apparently, I had an infection. She adjusted me and gave me some drink and upped my vitamins. The next day I could walk around without pain and actually spent twelve hours on a film set with 90% of the pain and infection dissipated. Also, I was able to go without food without getting hypoglycemic and feeling faint. Thanks, so much.        L.S.


I came in Monday to see Dr. Pepi as I had been in great pain for two days with a fever and headache. I left the office after my appointment and notice ten to fifteen minutes later that the headache was less and it continued to get less. An hour later and I had no headache. That evening I had no pain and no fever and I’ve been fine since. It’s so wonderful knowing that there’s actually a technology that works to handle my body!! Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        L.H.


I was taking some antibiotics for an ear infection. I came in and didn’t get to see the doctor, but bought some of the Core Level Health Reserve. I noticed, within twenty-four hours, a great difference in my energy level and I stopped craving junk food and food late at night. Also, when I took the supplements in the AM I noticed that I came to life. The ear started to act up and I took extra Core Level Health Reserve and this handled it. My body definitely responded immediately to them.        J.P.


I had pneumonia when I came to Dr. Pepi and I was in very bad shape. With the treatment and supplements I was very quickly back on my feet and feeling much improved. I really appreciate the help. Thanks, Dr. Pepi and staff.        B.W.


I brought my almost three year old daughter, Emma, in Friday night. She has had a chronic cough for the last two months and most recently developed fever, sore throat, stiff neck and stomachache. Dr. Pepi tested Emma and treated her. She felt much better after we left and two days later she was well.

Dr. Pepi handled Emma with much care and did not talk about her body problems in front of her, which I was pleased about. Also, Emma really likes her.        W.C.


Earlier this week I woke up in the morning with the start of a nasty cold sore. Ordinarily, this would have blossomed into a raw spot on my lip that took a week to hit its worst and then up to a month to heal. Well, it happened that I had an appointment with Dr. Pepi that night. She found its cause and gave me an adjustment. And the next morning it was better! It never got worse and is healing very fast. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        N.F.


I originally was experiencing a continual reoccurrence of an infection which lead to antibiotics. This was very uncomfortable for me and distracting and exhausting. This would occur almost each month or a couple of times per month.

Fortunately I was told about her technology and its success rate. And when I met Dr. Pepi I began immediately being treated and getting results. Since then I have not taken any antibiotics and am able to continue with the activities I had to give up before. This is the only technology that has worked for me. The condition was not improving for over a year and is now tremendously improved. Thank you for the great results.        S.G.


Jimmy is three years old and has had body problems since day one. He’s been to several doctors. Some have said that they “don’t know” or maybe this or that or “he’ll out grow it. Jimmy got to the point where he didn’t like going to doctors at all (he was very upset about going). On his first visit with Dr. Pepi, Jimmy got off the table with a smile on his face and stated “I feel better!” Next time he had several sores on his tongue for a few days. He couldn’t eat and was miserable. We came in and Dr. Pepi handled his tongue. Jimmy was very impressed and told everyone in the reception area “my tongue is better!” Yesterday, Jimmy was very ill with a stomachache. We went to another doctor after emergency found nothing wrong. Jimmy was still throwing up when we came to Dr. Pepi. She treated him. Again, Jimmy was happy and smiling and ready to play after his adjustment. Today he is fine and eating. Dr. Anita Pepi knows what she’s doing. This really works! I’ve got a three year old walking proof!        C.L.


When I came to see Dr. Pepi about two weeks ago, I had had a bad cough (bronchitis) for about two months. I kept thinking that it would go away on its own. Anyway, after one treatment, I was 95% better and within two days I was completely better. It was rather miraculous. So I wanted to write a note of appreciation.        P.C.


I had jock itch for a long time. It is finally going away which is a big relief.        J.S.


- Skin color has gotten better
- Nose bleeds have stopped
- The rashes have improved by 90 to 95%
- He has not had a fever (this month no fever)
- The stools are still the color of peanut butter but are a little better
- The allergies have completely gotten 90 to 95% better


This past summer I had a trip to Europe planned during which I knew I would not have a lot of control over what I ate. Being that I am allergic my body can’t handle dairy, alcohol or sugar, I had Dr. Pepi treat my body to be able to handle these. She also told me to take special supplements when I encounter these types of food.

I was able to have “vinegar chicken”, some wonderful French chocolate thing, AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ABOUT 10 OR 12 YEARS: An ice cream cone in Italy! This was all without any major sinus infection, which is what normally happens when I have any dairy. This stuff works! Thank you Dr.


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