Successes - Infection, Immune Problems 2

Infection, Immune Problems 2

I am very particular to only see dentists who believe in healing and health.  I was seeing the most competent dentist I could find, who I considered to be a healer.  He was part of a dentist research group that was researching new technologies and breakthroughs in dentistry.

He x-rayed my mouth in an area where I had an abscess.  On the x-ray, he showed me a dime-size infection in my jaw under one of my teeth.  He said it had to be excavated or dug out and was going to refer me out to a specialist to do that.  He said in all his years of dentistry he had never seen an infection like that heal - it had to be excavated.  I told him I would pass on the dental digging.

Instead I had Dr. Pepi treat it.  She spent about 1/2 hour treating it and gave me supplements to take for it.  The abscess in the area disappeared so I knew we were on the right track.  One year later, I had the area x-rayed to see how it was doing.  The infection was gone and the bone had healed up completely!   I have continued to have this area overseen by dental x-rays, but they say there is no longer any problem there.    A dental miracle!!   So much less expensive than the dental surgery planned. . .plus no drugs!        A.J.


"After seeing Dr. Pepi, my son's ear aches stopped in a few days.  He was getting a virus all the time since he was born and it got treated by Dr. Pepi.  Thanks to her, he is not going to need harmful antibiotics anymore.  He is a healthy child thanks to Dr. Pepi."        K.H.


"I was really a mess.  I had gotten 3 different infections in a 4-week period and was feeling a bit hopeless.  I knew Dr. Pepi could handle it, so I went for a visit.  We found different allergies and things I had no idea were happening within my body.  I started on the supplement program she gave me and within a week, I was symptom-free, feeling great and back to my normal self again!

Thank you Dr. Pepi!!"        M.F.


"After I took two different sets of antibiotics, I still had a bad lung infection with bacteria, virus and fungus and lots of coughing that was wearing me out and causing lack of sleep. Dr Pepi worked her magic on me and in about a week the coughing was gone and I could take deep breaths again.

She is a genius!"        B.K.


When I was 18, I had a severe painful infection in the right Eustachian tube (it connects the back of the nose and middle ear).  I was given antibiotics, a special inhaler and Codeine for the severe pain.  I had to do these for several weeks.  A lot of scar tissue was formed and this area has caused me problems on and off for the past 30 years.  It gets clogged with mucus easily, especially if allergies or an infection flares up.   It will become very uncomfortable and I feel like I have to constantly “pop my ear”, like when you’re on an airplane.  It’s generally irritating and can be painful.

Recently it became very inflamed and painful.  The entire right side of my temple, neck & ear area was in pain.  Dr. Pepi did one treatment on this and the pain was dramatically better!  Within a day or two it felt like normal.  She also got my body to start healing the scar tissue, to replace it with healthy tissue.   It was a big relief, it was all done without drugs, and I didn’t miss any work due to being ill.  Thanks!!        N.K.


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