Successes - Jaw Problems

Jaw Problems

I came in to see Dr. Pepi as a last resort for my jaw pain. Who would have thought that the pain that I have been dealing with for over 1 year would be almost gone in 1 week! Dr. Pepi was able to diagnose and cure what 3 other doctors couldn’t fix. Thanks!!!        R.H.


I am very particular to only see dentists who believe in healing and health.  I was seeing the most competent dentist I could find, who I considered to be a healer.  He was part of a dentist research group that was researching new technologies and breakthroughs in dentistry.

He x-rayed my mouth in an area where I had an abscess.  On the x-ray, he showed me a dime-size infection in my jaw under one of my teeth.  He said it had to be excavated or dug out and was going to refer me out to a specialist to do that.  He said in all his years of dentistry he had never seen an infection like that heal - it had to be excavated.  I told him I would pass on the dental digging.

Instead I had Dr. Pepi treat it.  She spent about 1/2 hour treating it and gave me supplements to take for it.  The abscess in the area disappeared so I knew we were on the right track.  One year later, I had the area x-rayed to see how it was doing.  The infection was gone and the bone had healed up completely!   I have continued to have this area overseen by dental x-rays, but they say there is no longer any problem there.    A dental miracle!!   So much less expensive than the dental surgery planned. . .plus no drugs!        A.J.


Within the first cranial treatment, my eyes leveled out and it enhanced my appearance. My face is now more symmetrical. I’m an actress so this is important. The second cranial reset my jaw so that I have less trouble with it and I have fewer headaches.        E.M.


D-Day to a new future. Since I have had a lot of dental work I figured the pain in my jaw was related to my teeth. Today Dr. Pepi worked on my left eye because I have been getting flashes in it. As she worked on it all the pain in my right jaw went away. Wonder never ceases at Dr. Pepi’s hands.        L.W.


In February I started seeing Dr. Pepi. Before Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, I had pain down most of the right side of my body, including my right eye and ear, shoulder, collarbone, back, hip and knee. I had TMJ and did not sleep well. I had little energy as I was fighting pain most of the time. Since Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, I’ve had overall improvements with only a few set backs, such as mild, temporary anxiety while readjusting to my new structural position. Over all my TMJ is gone, my right eye no longer has pain and my posture has improved significantly. My sleep has improved greatly, as well as my overall stamina. I notice I stand entirely differently and my mental acuity has improved, too. I still have some periods where I “slip”, but they are easily remedied and I keep improving with each treatment series.        A.M.L.


I had severe muscular pain throughout my body. Then one week ago Dr. Pepi recommended specific oils. She told me to take 60 a day. In one week my pain is 80% less. Also, before that, I had many highs and lows in the course of a day. I have not had any high/low periods at all this week. Also, I have a very bad case of TMJ. Since taking the supplements the pain is my jaw is almost non-existent. I feel better that I have in years.        S.F.


Last night I called Dr. Pepi because Kaylie, my ten-week-old daughter, couldn’t latch onto my breast. (I’m breast-feeding.) Well, she was very distraught to say the least and before long we were both in tears. That’s where Dr. Pepi comes in. I brought the baby down here. Dr. Pepi adjusted her jaw and an hour later she had eaten and was asleep. Thank God for Dr. Pepi!! (Really) J.S. for Kaylie
I can open my jaw all the way and can eat solid food now. Thanks!        E.A.


I came in to see Dr. Pepi because I had lower back pain severe enough to interfere with my normal activities. Both knees had also been intermittently giving me trouble, as was the right hinge joint of my jaw. One visit, some chiropractic adjustment and the correct supplement program, and all pains are GONE by the next day! It’s been two weeks now and everything is just dandy. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        A.F.


I came to see Dr. Pepi on an emergency basis to handle a painful jaw that prevented me from chewing, and thus eating. One treatment completely handled the problem, which was gone in a little over a day. I’m real excited about continuing to be treated for other long-term difficulties and feeling the improvements already.        S.H.


After an accident hitting my chin my jaw and teeth were very painful. Dr. Pepi helped me remarkably by: 1) Suggesting I use no drugs, only ice packs as much as this was not comfortable (day and night) it helped me to confront the pain. 2) I used the recommended supplements to help handle the pain. I used half a dozen of these over the weekend. I had a wonderful nights sleep and got up with no pain at all! I was better able to chew my food. The relief is outstanding.        Y.H.


My jaw was terrible. When I yawned it sounded inside my head like tearing raw chicken wings apart. It also hurt. I did not notice when exactly after treatment things changed. But within two days it was back to normal. Fantastic!        R.T.


I was having low back pain and my right ear was popping whenever I yawned. I went to Dr. Pepi and she changed my diet. When I came back to Dr. Pepi again I noticed that all my lower back pain was gone and all of my ear popping was gone. I am very happy about this.        K.H.


I wish to relate a very amazing thing that happened last week. After spending two days moving my effects to a new home I experienced a very large swelling on the right jaw near the ear. It was the size of a baseball. I came to Dr. Pepi who diagnosed a nutritional deficiency and imbalance. I took the supplements she recommended and the swelling was totally gone within eight hours. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!!        G.B.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi, I was having problems with my jaw. The jaw would pop out of alignment two to three times a day. I developed migraine headaches from this jaw disorder. I went to a dentist and what he did helped only temporarily. After seeing Dr. Pepi and following my diet, I do not get any headaches and my jaw is not popping out of alignment. I feel that my treatment has been beneficial to my body and my state of mind. I recommend her chiropractic treatment to anyone who has a bodily disorder and feels there is no where else to turn.        T.T.


After one visit and one month of taking supplements recommended by Dr. Pepi, I felt substantial improvement.  My feelings of fear, mental confusion and anxiety were 50% improved.  My energy level was at least 30% improved.  A great side effect was that an injured jaw became functional again after the treatment.        I.H.


Some six months ago I hurt myself badly, falling forward on my jaw and ribs. I was unable to open my mouth and eat and was in severe pain for days and weeks. It is amazing what a slip in a puddle can do to you and for what a long time until one is really out of pain and misery. It’ll take pages to describe in detail, but Dr. Pepi’s dedication, excellent expertise, spot on indication of what is wrong, friendliness and superb professionalism as a wonderful chiropractic physician. It is difficult to tell you how long she persisted and helped me, getting my body not only back in shape, but into far better condition! Each touch, each hit with her activator was always spot on! She definitely is a spot on physician and honestly, I have no words to thank her enough.        Y.H.


After Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, I’m still discovering areas of structural stress that get handled by the therapy. Recently, I reduced tightness in my jaw area that had been there as long as I can remember. We also targeted areas along the spine and neck that, when addressed, permanently changed for the better. It’s such a basic adjustment that there are many areas of the body that benefit from doing Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy.        T.L.

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