Successes - Liver Problems

Liver Problems

My liver program from Dr. Pepi was a big corner turn. . . The next day I had energy and I felt optimistic. . . In fact my energy went way up, the circles under my eyes dramatically lightened, I had to decrease my supplements I just felt so optimistic and helpful. . . Oh yeah, I lost some more weight immediately afterward also. (Amen).         M.P.


Dr. Pepi’s program for my liver was so easy. . .   Pretty soon the stones were passing.  I felt a lot more relaxed and less stressed right away.  Later that afternoon I went out to do my shopping.  The day after the program one of my daughters said I looked really good and my skin tone was pink instead of yellow.  My co-workers noticed as well.

My husband and I did a program about 7 years ago that was so time and energy consuming we never wanted to do one again.  Dr. Pepi’s program is so easy and the results are immediate.  I feel younger.  All three of my daughters want to do the program.        M.E.


As you recommended Dr Pepi to me originally I thought I let you know a recent success story in her treatments of my problems.

A few months ago I had an attack of jaundice accompanied by a high bilirubin count which indicated a problem with the liver and also that I had gall stones and was told that I would have to have my gall bladder removed.  Instead, I took supplements and ginger drinks as recommended by Dr Pepi. When I went to get tests done recently, my bilirubin level was well down. My cholesterol levels were also down, despite earlier having to go off cholesterol  lowering statin medicine due to its effects on my liver.

Thanks for recommending Dr Pepi. It really worked out fine.        N.G.


After the program for my liver, my body has made a stupendous recovery, thanks to Dr. Pepi’s phenomenal knowledge & ability.

My skin looks completely different, my entire body is dumping fat, but best of all, this physical uplift & recovery has struck off the chains that held down my spirits.

I no longer have gray days where nothing pleases, and I doggedly persist in carrying on with the motions of work, teeth gritted & waiting for the day to end. I now see much better & notice far more of the environment around me.

This correct diagnosis & treatment is changing my entire life! Thank you!        D.G.W.


I had a big win on my liver program from Dr. Pepi. I had nagging lower back pain for 3 weeks before that would not go away. The day after starting the program it disappeared and has never come back! This is great!        A.N.


I initially came to Dr. Pepi to handle a different situation besides weight loss. The truth is that she’s probably given me less that one hour of treatment and we weren’t even intending to handle the weight, but because her treatment is so directed toward total physical health, I lost nearly 20 lbs! Dr. Pepi’s handling of my liver was a key to my success.        M.W.


The program to handle my liver made my body much more pleasant to be in, like I had been wearing a “hair shirt” & took it off. The sleep treatment & vitamins handled sleep problems in 2-3 days that I had had for 8 months or more.        J.S.


Regarding the program to help my liver, I was extremely skeptical at first and even more skeptical after starting it, but when your stomach starts a churning, you realize that good or bad something is happening. Three days after I can say I’m sleeping better and having fewer reactions to the food. I’m ready for more.        V.D.


I have had a problem with my liver for a few years, which caused a problem with my energy level and sleep.  I also had trouble with the heat since coming out to L.A.  I ended up drinking too much water, which depleted me of sodium and minerals.  I ended up with an acute trauma to the liver and the brain and landed in the hospital.  I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for the past week and she has handled my conditions to the point that my liver and brain are stable and healthy.  I have more energy than I have since this began a few years ago!  You are a lifesaver, Dr. Pepi!  Thank you!        A.S.


Yesterday I felt awful – nauseated, like I wanted to throw up. I figured I was coming down with that flu that’s going around. I saw Dr. Pepi and she said that it was just my liver was stressed from detoxifying something I’d had an allergic reaction to. After a very short treatment and some supplements, I felt FINE! And today I still feel great! It’s wonderful to know the real cause of a body problem – and get it handled!        M.E.


I feel like a different person!! I’d been planning on doing Dr. Pepi's program for a few months before I actually decided. The day after I noticed that I could think more clearly than I could in years! I was thrilled; I didn’t have that foggy feeling that I had before it.  I really feel like my brain and body are “new and improved”! Thank you Dr. Pepi!        J.C.


Since I’ve been doing Dr. Pepi's program for my liver, my body is able to absorb all vitamins and even progesterone cream much better.        P.C.


My liver enzymes have returned to normal after a major flare-up last year. I am feeling better and stronger. Although there is still a ways to go, the light at the end of the tunnel is burning stronger and brighter! Thanks, Dr. Pepi, for your continued good care and guidance!        M.E.P.


I’d been trying to lose those “few extra pounds” for several years and just couldn’t seem to break 120 pounds. The ideal weight for my height and frame is around 115 pounds, but no matter how well I ate or stuck to a diet I just couldn’t lose and would even gain weight.

I originally saw Dr. Pepi for other body situations and she put me on a program for my liver. Suddenly those extra pounds came off and I average just about 110 – 115 pounds! What a win! And they’re stably off!        N.K.


Dr. Pepi, you should feel very good about what you do for others. Between the program for my liver and the orthotics, I’m sailing.  With my love and appreciation, H.S.


Dr Pepi had me do a liver program and I felt a lot of pain in my left shoulder and a headache go away. It really made a difference and I can feel the drop of toxins in my body. Thanks.        P.B.


I just finished Dr. Pepi's liver program! I’m dumping out stones, mercury, tar and radioactive materials from various parts of my body. I have been a smoker for 27 years and I know my body is very toxic. I was amazed when I would go to the bathroom and it would smell like someone was tarring a roof! Tar was coming out and is still! This is great; there is hope yet for my poor toxic body! (That is a bit of a joke as my body is strong as a horse despite the abuse I have put it through previously. However, it has been toxic filled and the toxins are coming out!)        L.S.


I have done Dr. Pepi's program for my liver and  I feel better and better.  I felt just plain… euphoric is the only way I can describe it.  I look forward to it each time.        B.S.


Doing the program for my liver has helped me a lot with increased energy. It has helped me lose weight with no effort at all, and my skin has gotten better. It tastes real yucky, but it sure does work!        H.H.


My calcium levels were soaring and blood tests pointed to a growth in my parathyroid gland.  When scans did not reveal a growth and my blood calcium stayed high, I came to Dr. Pepi.  She discovered stony material in my parathyroid.  Dr. Pepi treated me, and with the help of supplements and a liver program, the stony material is reduced, my calcium levels are reduced and I feel better.        S.M.


I just did my liver program, with astounding and miraculous results. I removed a huge amount of garbage from my system and my body feels much improved already. Dr. Pepi has actually helped me to become in charge of my body and its health, dispelling all medical false information, mystery, anxiety and stark terror at the same time. I am in control at last. Thank you, Dr. Pepi!        N.Y.A.


After my liver program, my poor abused body again responded so heroically, it must have been waiting for me to come to my senses and save it! I have had such amazing fast results. I realize that if I keep doing these simple and inexpensive treatments and eat sensibly, I am very likely facing a future of glowing good health with no heart attacks, strokes nor even cholesterol problems, allergies, indigestion or weight gain. It feels great to be getting younger instead of older.        N.T.A.


Big Success! My shoulder has been hurting me for months. I did a liver program and the pain is gone!! It’s a real speedy program, too. It only took one day. Thanks Dr. Pepi.        R.S.


After being introduced to Dr. Anita Pepi, I began an improved viewpoint towards health and nutritional food. I’ve also done a liver program and discharged over 2000 gallstones from the liver. This has enhanced my physical well being greatly.

I also want to mention the benefits of the supplemental vitamins as to being very efficient in restoring body vitality after eating something that wasn’t good (something you knew you shouldn’t have eaten). The supplements that I took gave noticeable relief within 30-60 minutes.

I thank Dr. Pepi for her wonderful knowledge and the effective way she treats individuals.        P.A.


I had been having trouble with chest pain for over a year, and simple adjustments wouldn’t handle it.  I saw Dr. Pepi, who located the problem right away as being an inflammation of the liver.  Within a month the problem was handled completely, and I didn’t have to get adjustments all the time.        M.B.


With the new technology Dr. Pepi researched and is now utilizing on cancer and parasites, I have made some profound changes in my body.

1. I have eliminated a pre-cancerous condition in my ovaries due to the parasite program.

2. My skin tone is now pink, as opposed to yellowish, after beginning her liver program.

3. I now have two regular bowel movements – morning and night – per day. As long as I can remember I had either one bowel movement or diarrhea. This win occurred after a short liver program!

4. After one session with her technology, I am absorbing calcium and, even with stress and cigarettes, I am sleeping seven hours a night.

I feel better than ever – even better than before – as I am getting better absorption of Dr. Pepi’s vitamins. Thank you, Doctor, and keep up the research!        J.R.


The liver program was simple to do, short and gave excellent results. Thanks a lot for the help!        R.Z.


Before I came to see Dr. Pepi I was always exhausted.  I felt like a walking zombie.  She started me on some supplements and now I have more energy than before.  I wake up when the alarm clock sounds and I can last the day.
          I also was experiencing pain in my back and liver that doctors only gave me pain killers and muscles relaxers for.  I am not fond of this type of treatment.  With the supplements from Dr. Pepi I have hardly any pain.  My sleep is more restful because I am not in pain anymore.  Before if I moved at night I had so much pain it would wake me up.  Now nothing wakes me up.        C.A.


Hey! So, I’ve been doing Dr. Pepi's liver program and I feel better – Like I don’t feel sick anymore! I just feel like a healthy person now!        E.S.


Dr. Pepi’s program has helped my body to get much healthier! Some back pains I had are gone now, my liver is healthier and happier and I generally have more of a feeling of physical well being!        J.H.


I have seen eight or ten chiropractors over as many years trying to handle a continuing and ever-worsening back problem. When the pain finally reached the point where I had trouble even getting out of bed, I came to Dr. Pepi. She determined that the pain was not a back problem but a liver problem, which included early signs of cancer, candida and organ enlargement. After seeing her one to two hours a week for six months and closely following her diet recommendations, I think the problem is handled. The only pain I have now is when my body changes it detox pattern, such as a heavier flow of detoxifying or a new poison coming out. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!!        L.M.


My candida hereditary tendency has been placed in perspective and the candida has not been active for a year. I am following a macrobiotic diet in about 60-65% of the items I consume. I have taken no medications for one and a half years and have successfully licked my addiction to cheese and various other fats. My energy level is improved and my confidence is stronger. My liver and gallbladder have made significant recovery from previous habits in eating and antibiotic intake. Headaches, which were daily, are now rare and minor. My former indigestion and flatulence is now negligible.        L.H.


I have very few liver stress ailments anymore. My chest pains and back pains are all gone. I am moving closer to a complete macrobiotic diet. I have arrested candida and generally feel quite energized. I have developed within myself the courage to mold and shape my own job. I feel confident and happy to be alive.

I have become less self-righteous and demanding in reference to my eating. I no longer expect others to eat as I do, although my heart still aches when I see people eating non-food. I have greatly compiled my eating and enjoy it. I also am growing organic food for others to eat. I have started a new business: The Grain of Wheat Foods.        M.K.


My husband, Dan, had the required blood tests done to get life insurance. It came back his cholesterol was high and so his premium was higher too. He was determined to get it (the premium) down, so he did a program from Dr. Pepi for his liver and had the tests re-done. It showed his liver function was better and his cholesterol was significantly lower and so was his premium! He was very happy!        J.S.

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