Successes - Low Glandular Function

Low Glandular Function

I came to see Dr. Pepi three weeks ago for a strange horizontal band of pain I was having under my shoulder blades and lower. It felt like my back was breaking in half from the outside, not muscular and structural. Dr. Pepi discovered that it was my adrenal glands (were “fried”) and kidneys. She treated me and gave a supplement program that dissolved the pain within days! I continue supplements and get more rest as she recommended to strengthen my adrenals and kidneys.        J.S.


I had severe fatigue and pain in my side. (Later I found out it was my pancreas) and started immune boosters. The first dose I felt better. I now have been up and about. Dizziness is gone, pain gone, energy is back to normal. Yippee!!        N.H.


My son was getting cranky for no particular reason and we brought him to Dr. Pepi to test for allergies. He didn’t have allergies but he did have some weak glands. Dr. Pepi gave him some supplements and right away he did better and even he (he’s eight) admitted that he felt better when taking them. He’s been doing great since!         D.G.


To whom it may concern: I was having many body problems when I came to see Dr. Pepi six weeks ago. My adrenals were extremely exhausted plus many other problems. My solution was Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy combined with aggressive vitamin dosages and now my adrenals are near to normal. I am much more stable.         A.M.


 A few days ago I was a complete basket case emotionally. I kept crying over the slightest thing.

I tried taking a short walk, having a snack, but nothing seemed to be making any difference at all. I couldn’t even rest because I was so upset and my mind kept chewing over problems.

Dr. Pepi treated me and found my adrenal glands had “crashed”. She treated them to “un-crash” them and make them stronger and had me chew some specific supplements. I completely chilled out! No more grief and I felt tired but relaxed, like I could now sleep. I realized I was hyper before, but thought I’d had a lot of energy. Dr. Pepi’s treatment is AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE!         M.E.


I have had serious hot flashes, which plagued me about every 30-45 minutes. This started two years ago. I went on natural hormone therapy (natural estrogen and progesterone) and it worked well but I was uncomfortable with the idea of Hormone Replacement Therapy, so quit in 6-8 months. I got the hot flashes back for a few months while trying progesterone cream, which didn’t help. I finally came in to Dr. Pepi. She found my ovary and liver had given up. She “super-charged” these and gave me supplements. Immediately the hot flashes lessened. Each day I could feel them continue to lessen. At fourteen days they were totally gone!! Naturally!! Thank you Dr Pepi!!!!         J.R.


Beginning with my first marriage, I had one “female” problem after another; vaginitis, cystitis, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, you name it. The past five years I had actual pain and dryness with intercourse and, not surprisingly, loss of sexual desire.

Dr. Pepi helped me clear up candida and various long-standing low-grade infections, repairing and boosting my immune system, endocrine system, ovaries, vagina, etc. She increased my estrogen level as well and had me doing much of the rehabilitation by using easy, natural, painless methods for handling all infections.

After a few months of treatments, all is cleared up including vaginal discomfort. Sexual desire is returning as well! I feel clean, brand new and much more enthusiastic toward life in general. Thank you Dr. Pepi!         M.P.A.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi my story seemed to be just a few years long, but as the treatment progressed, I realized that some parts had a longer history. Dr. Pepi began treating me two months ago. I came to her after trying several conventional avenues including having to quit a full time job because my body could no longer keep up with my purposes. In spite of all attempts my health was still declining.

Up until my early 50’s I led a dynamic and involved life. Then it fell apart. The symptoms were wildly fluctuating blood pressure, partial blindness, an inability to withstand any stress, loss of stamina and unusual pains. A year earlier I had taken some supplements and got a stay of execution. I entered into Dr. Pepi’s program with full cooperation. She has brought together several disciplines and uses them with a full intent to get her patient well. I have experienced many magical things in my lifetime. Most have been occasional; some have only occurred once, but working with Dr. Pepi is to find out that magic can occur again and again.

By the way, it is work. She works diligently and I follow her instructions diligently. Some of it isn’t fun, but let me tell you, that losing your life is a good deal less fun. I have plans and thanks to Dr. Pepi I am going to get to them.

I am a Medical Technologist for 33 years and know that MD’s rely on laboratory tests as diagnostic aides. My chemistry and hematology results were and are normal except for a high cholesterol (which by the way is on its way down now). Dr. Pepi is able to determine the real problems in my body and then indicate them and correct nearly all of them with a treatment, nutritional advice, nutritional supplements, chiropractic, sound advice and…her magic. When she told me that my major problem was a dysfunctioning endocrine system, I had never even guessed this was the problem. The repair of it has begun. When she indicated that my body didn’t process calcium or magnesium properly I realized that many body problems I had had since childhood were based on t his. She fixed this and my systolic blood pressure dropped 20 points. I am able to put in a 6-hour day at work or doing chores and, better yet, my husband and I just spent two days in San Diego playing tourist and I am ready for more. I have pink cheeks now and my body seems to be redesigning itself inside and out. It is magic. No doubt about it!!!

She is part of my future well being – the story goes on!!

P.S. When I was 15 I decided to become a medical technologist because pathology is the study of disease with the object of handing disease. It actually is a vast amount of information that doesn’t necessarily produce a result. For the first time in my life I have discovered that the FULL complement to good health exists – good nutrition, exercise, preventative medicine, a good MD, Dianetics and Dr. Pepi’s magic.        L.W.


I have been walking in circles between MDs and Chiropractors and Nutritionists for years while they tried to handle my thyroid. I was diagnosed with Hasimoto’s disease which is an auto-immune dysfunction effecting the thyroid. But despite the fancy name and the fancy treatments I was given, I was still exhausted most of the time. I would be doing fine and then the next day would just be unable to get out of bed. Or I would be working at my desk and suddenly find that I had been unconscious for the last 20 minutes and had not even known it. Yet the doctors found nothing wrong and no reason why the artificial thyroid supplement I was taking did not handle it.
I had begun to believe that there was nothing really wrong with me physically and that it was all in my mind and I was just lazy.

Finally, I came to Dr. Pepi. I had heard that she is the best and can really get results. I heard right. She determined that the thyroid was actually not giving me a problem at present, but that I had such low blood sugar that I was simply going unconscious. Dr. Pepi got me onto some supplements to get my system properly functioning along with a diet to handle the blood sugar problem. It took a while for me to make the needed changes in my life so that I could stay on her program, but she worked with me and I did make the changes. The program kicked in and I am now doing much, much better. I have energy again. This is increasing as time goes on. I have also lost about 8 pounds without being hungry at all!

Dr. Pepi definitely gets results and her results are like magic! L.R.


I’ve had a long history (over 10 years) of extreme low blood sugar symptoms: mental fatigue and fuzziness after eating sometimes to the point of feeling like I wanted to go unconscious. On weekends sometimes I’d lie down after eating and just phase out into an unnatural “nap” for 20-40 minutes and wake up disoriented and odd feeling.

Dr. Pepi has been doing some new work on my pancreas and found major deficiencies. After only 2-3 appointments I have almost no adverse reaction at all to eating. What a change!!         N.K.


I came to Dr. Pepi feeling like I was dying – I mean my digestive system had shut down; thyroid had shut down and had candida in it and my ovaries were screaming for help. After five days of being on Dr. Pepi’s program – yes I said five days – my energy is restored. I feel alive again. I feel like taking on the world again! Thank you, Dr. Pepi.         J.C.


Before I started seeing Dr. Pepi I was seeing my medical doctor who took blood tests and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I had a swollen lump in my throat, my energy was low and my doctor told me I would need to be on drugs every day of my life or else have radiation iodine “therapy”. Since seeing Dr. Pepi my energy level has gone up to almost what it had been (80% better), the lump in my throat has gone way down (80% better) and I know I won’t need to be on drugs, or worse, have surgery! Thanks C.S.


Since I’ve been working on my pituitary glands with supplements and Dr. Pepi, I feel a surge of very dramatic energy. This includes very strong desires to create and develop new ideas, since I know I have the energy to put them into play!! B.S.


I’ve experienced a number of symptoms gone and my body is doing much better after seeing Dr. Pepi. But when she woke up the sleeping pituitary gland, WOW! As she said it is like the Executive Director (CEO) of the body. It improved my energy. I could think more thoughts with less effort and I felt “fluid” and “tranquil.” It seemed to give purpose and direction to all the other organs that were looking for orders from above. R.G.


At my first appointment with Dr. Pepi, she addressed the communication structure simply between brain and glands and overall body function. Within 24 hours of her administered “adjustment,” a general health supplement and a glandular supplement, I could actually perceive a rehabilitated communication line from brain to body. This was an unexpected relief of great magnitude since I’d been consuming great attention of suppressing grief due to failed commands to body and function. That in itself is miraculous.

Since then I’ve faithfully taken the supplements and all functions, hair growth (including greatly diminished hair loss), metabolism, weight loss and stabilization ad infinitum are noticeably improved. Thank you!         M.B.


About three years ago I went to a clinic that specialized in nutrition. My blood-work came back and it was alarming how out of balance my body was. My progesterone level was so out of range that it almost didn’t register. For a year and a half I went on very stringent diet and showed up at the clinic one to two times per week for vitamin/mineral IVs. I also was prescribed natural progesterone.

Despite all of my efforts, and theirs, my blood levels did not change. The normal range for progesterone is 2.5 to 28. I could never get about 1.1. After working with Dr. Pepi for a few months it went up to 18.7 – and that wasn’t even the main area that I was working on. H.L.


After getting a year of Dr. Pepi I felt 100 times better but still bogged. After a session working with the lymph glands, I felt another 100 times better. It was great!         K.K.


Since I began menstruating at the age of thirteen, my monthly periods have been associated with pain (mostly severe cramps). I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for five months and this is the first month that I haven’t felt like ripping my uterus out by its roots during “my time of the month”. I have also been able to loose twenty pounds since coming to Dr. Pepi which I have never been able to loose before. I’ve tried many diets and exercise programs, but the problem was my thyroid, which Dr. Pepi is helping me fix.         S.C.


I’ve had major mid-back pain for the last twelve years (I’m not kidding)! I just lived with the pain every morning and by 9 or 10 it would be gone. I’ve had the best care at my disposal as I’m a chiropractic student. It got to the point that I would growl at anyone who tried to adjust the mid-back mainly because it hurt to adjust and it would remain upset for a few days and then return to its old habits. Dr. Pepi has allowed me to wake up pain free for the last few days by correctly spotting my kidneys and adrenals as the offending organs. I’m so excited that I just had to tell you about it. D.S.


I’ve wanted to lose weight for three years now. I’ve tried every kind of diet with no luck. After seeing Dr. Pepi recently, I had a big shift in my body. My pituitary gland is cleansing itself. Because of this my appetite has changed. I’m no longer hungry all the time. I lost six pounds in four days. I feel great!         J.R.


I have a history of good stamina and energy. But, two weeks ago I saw Dr. Pepi for exhaustion and insomnia. Dr. Pepi saw that my adrenals were shot. She said “Your body is starving.” I was given supplements to take daily A.M. and P.M., I was told to stay away from coffee and alcohol, a change in diet was advised composed of a variety of nuts, raw foods, some chicken and salmon. Another critical factor in my healing was to have all my silver/mercury fillings replaced with a non-toxic filling. A clinic in Tijuana was suggested. I immediately drove to Tijuana where the dentist worked quickly, skillfully and economically.

I know that the removal of that toxic mercury was a major component in my healing so quickly. Two weeks have passed. I am now sleeping – the insomnia is gone. My physical energy is returning and I feel alive again. Thank you, Dr. Pepi, and thanks also to your marvelous staff.         L.L.


Dr. Pepi changed my life with her adrenal find on me. Did I say she changed my life? Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough: She changed my life! Maybe I should repeat that again: DR. PEPI CHANGED MY LIFE!  D.V.

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