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Memory Problems

I complained to Dr. Pepi that I couldn’t remember anything, including the next word I’d been about to say. She asked if I had cats, and indeed I do – 2 o f my most intimate friends. She gave me some herbal drops designed to knock out cat parasites in the brain (charming thought). It worked! I put myself, both cats and my husband on the drops and I can now finish sentences, etc.       G.D.


My grandmother suffers from memory impairment. She was very vague and confused when she arrived to live with us late last year. We put her on a general health supplement and a supplement to help the brain on the advice of Dr. Pepi. She improved markedly. She had more energy, fewer tendencies to nap, took long walks, ate a good diet and was more aware. We ran out of the supplement for the brain and were out of it for about five days. She became tired and vague and couldn’t even stand up from a sitting position easily. We then got more of the supplement and gave her the regular dose. By this afternoon she was much brighter and that was only a few hours after taking it.         J.P.


The fuzzy-headedness is gone! What a win for me. I thought that I was losing my marbles because I couldn’t retain things at all and I’d get confused for no apparent reason. It’s no fun to have candida inside your head. And, Dr. Pepi helped me get rid of it!    A.C.


My ability to sleep has greatly improved. Since following some of the recommendations by Dr. Pepi I have noticed definite improvement in my alertness & memory & halted a downward slide. J.S.


My name is Jerri, I live in Dundee, Oregon and I am about to turn 40 years old. At the end of August my doctor told me that I had MS and that I should go see a specialist. Beside the 7-8 brain lesions that my MRI confirmed, my blood work came back that my pituitary gland and thyroid levels were too low and that I would need to be medicated. I also was experiencing a multitude of symptoms. Including, major fatigue, inability to sleep, numbing of the left side of my face and left arm, my heart was having double heartbeats daily, I would lay on the ground numerous times a day because I could no longer sit up because the fatigue or dizziness would overwhelm me, I was losing my short term as well as long term memory and was having a very hard time just thinking and making decisions, I was experiencing horrific pain in my back and trying anything and everything to numb the physical pain as well as mental pain that I was in. I noticed that my writing was getting very poor, and I was unable to focus, I would have daily panic attacks and was angry and very depressed and has having a very hard time coping with the day-to-day routines.

I did go to a specialist here in Portland, first of all he threw most of my file away, because my symptoms didn’t matter to him, he told me that the treatment of MS is to daily inject yourself with this new drug that hits the nervous system, but the side effects are very damaging to other parts of your body. When he looked at my MRI he said yes you have brain lesions, but you are too young to medicate now. I asked what to do in the mean time about all my symptoms and he said that didn’t concern him and offered me no support or guidance.

My primary care doctor had no idea what to do for me either.

I heard about Dr. Pepi though my aunt and at this point thought that nothing could hurt. So I flew down to California and saw her. In a 2-hour appointment she was able to tell me everything that was going on with my body and, trust me, it was a lot. She made me choke down a ton of disgusting supplements and sent me home with bottles and bottles of them and a diet of no carbohydrates.

I noticed some results right away. By the second day, my face was clearer and my thinking was clearer, day-to-day things got better for me.

Today I have lost 50 pounds, my brain is functioning again, I remember and can think, I sleep every night, I don’t have panic attacks and am no longer depressed. It used to hurt my face when I smiled, now I smile all the time. My heart is beating normally, I have had my blood work done again and all levels are now normal. I had another MRI and there are no more lesions. The numbing in my face and arm are about 95% better; the pain in my back is also 95% better. I am now functioning, where before I was not.

I often wonder where I would be now if I had not taken the chance and seen Dr. Pepi. I believe that I may not have reached my 40th birthday.        J.S.


I came to Dr. Pepi 3 months ago with symptoms of metabolism troubles (hyper-active spleen, weight loss and not able to focus). Within the first two weeks my problem with indigestion was almost gone. During the next couple of months, I gained back my ability to digest food, and the dryness in my throat was completely gone. My Chinese doctor has recently verified that my liver and pancreas have been restored to their balanced functionalities thanks to the accurate method of diagnosis that Dr. Pepi used and the supplements, I am happy to say that my ability to memorize long speeches has been fully re-gained. I highly recommend this method of non-intrusive diagnosis and I feel very safe taking the supplements. My heart felt thanks to Dr Pepi and her most helpful staff.         T.K.P.


When I would use my cell phone (which was 15 min a day) I would come to work spinning and “out of it” and very forgetful. Ever since I’ve been off my cell, which has been about 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve been SO alert. I remember things that I would pick up in a conversation even if I wasn’t concentrating on what was said, I’ll just recall it. My awareness has improved tremendously. I don’t feel like such an airhead any more.         U.N.


I came to Dr. Pepi with many unresolved health problems. I had been pursuing remedies for my ills for the past 3 years. I went to many naturopathic doctors, MDs, specialists, etc…

I did Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy reluctantly & when I left this office I felt a resurgence of energy. People who knew me said I looked like I was glowing. My eyes were off alignment by 1/4” & now are aligned. My cheekbones are higher. I look younger. In the morning I feel like bouncing through my house & do so without pain. My ability to memorize lines has gone up considerably. My thinking capacity & memory have increased at least 40%.         A.M.


After receiving the cranial treatments my body is much more stable. I’m thinking more clearly, sleeping very soundly, breathing more easily and my face has changed it shape – Definitely a good action.         N.L.


I have been fighting candida for at least 14 years. 14 years! And I never could really get rid of it – it would always come back and cause body problems, brain fog especially. And whenever I went onto candida-killing supplements the brain fog would get really bad and interfere with my being able to operate. The other day I followed Dr. Pepi's instructions and had NO brain fog. When Dr. Pepi checked it out, the brain came up as not having any more candida! N.K.


(This is from a 75-year-old Oregon woman who has never been in to see Dr. Pepi. She received a phone consultation and followed Dr. Pepi’s instructions.)

HOORAY!!! I am starting to get more sleep. How nice it is. I did start chewing up the pills. Could be that it helped. My memory is starting to get better. I am starting to finish my projects and that is good. Now these may not seem like very big wins, but to me they are. This is something I haven’t had for a long time. You guys are the best. M.A.


I was suffering badly from candida. I knew of the condition’s existence, but I didn’t realize how horribly it was affecting my life. I was on this downward spiral of caffeine, sugar, nicotine and a few street drugs as well as moderate alcohol consumption. At 23, I was destined for some major health problems. I’d lost my voice, my memory, my confidence and basically my ability to function properly. Through diet changes, supplements and courses I’m on the road to health. I feel a thousand times better. It’s as if I’m getting my life back again. Even though I’ve got a good six months to go on the program, the progress I’ve made in the last two months has been remarkable. Thanks. Dr. Pepi!         R.M.


I feel great! Having just completed a very difficult initial ten-day candida diet detox, I must say that I feel 100% better. Chocolate, fruit, bread and diary products (cheese) have been a staple all my life. So to give them up has been not only physically but emotionally devastating. The first ten days my kidneys and back hurt. I was spacey, headaches and muscle aches. After that period I feel much calmer and harmonious, much clearer minded and my memory and complexion are much better. M.P.


After my first treatment with Dr. Pepi, I experienced a significant improvement in my well-being. My energy level increased tremendously as well as clarity in my thinking and remembering. Also my period became normalized.         B.M.

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