Successes - Menstrual Problems

Menstrual Problems

This was incredible – I actually had a menstrual cycle with no pain/cramps at all. This had never happened before. I also have not had a headache for two weeks. All of this occurred from Dr. Pepi’s handling! Thanks!        S.A.


"I've only been a patient of Dr. Pepi's for a month at this writing.  I am quite amazed because she has been able to do in 3 days what no other doctors could do in 33 years of suffering from heavy and persistent menstrual bleeding, clots, and cramps that would last 3, sometimes up to 4 weeks.  It was non-stop and I felt so depleted.  Various birth control and other various types of medications did not get to the root cause, whilst my body did not respond to other types of alternative medicines.  I'm now every optimistic that we are getting to the root cause of this matter. . .  Thank you Dr. Pepi."        C.W.


I was having a lot of pains in my menstrual area.  After one treatment with Dr. Pepi the pains started going away immediately.  Now after 3 weeks I feel like a new woman.  Thank you for your help Anita.  You are a miracle worker.        K.F.


I used to have PMS to the nth degree! This past time I didn’t even have a headache, didn’t feel like yelling at my husband or killing someone on the road while driving. I just started & that was that. First time in 40+ years! Thanks Anita Pepi for all your help on this.        C.L.


My body is doing very well after seeing Dr. Pepi for the last 3-4 months.  I am eating very well and notice that my body craves eating well.  I feel like I’m on a good routine of taking daily supplements as well.  I have experienced 100% improvement/resolution of PMS headaches!  Thanks Dr. Pepi.        C.H.


I have had unrelenting menstrual cramps all my life. I have tried medical treatments, heavy medications, alternative treatments, you name it, and nothing really helped or took them away. Well….Dr. Pepi treated me for uterine fibroids and I was very strict on the supplements she recommended to handle this. This month, NO CRAMPS!! Truly a miracle!! The first time in 30 years!! Thanks you Dr. Pepi!         T.N.


I started the supplements last week and what a wonderful week I’ve had. I got my period and it was normal length with no cramps. The usual cycle used to be cramps, pain in my head and my period for seven days. That was uncontrollable. This time I didn’t suffer from any PMS either. I’m in awe!! I haven’t felt this good for at least a couple of years. Thanks!!        R.M.


Since I first started on Dr. Pepi’s program, my period pains have disappeared, I don’t feel any discomfort any more and the level of energy does not drop down, which has never happened before.  During the period I usually get really tired have weird body sensations that make me constantly aware of this problem.  Thanks to Dr. Pepi I don’t have that any more.        Y.Y.


I had terrible cramps from PMS, to the point I could not function for 24 hours. Anita in one treatment improved my cramps 90%. Thanks!        J.W. 


 I always get headaches around the start of my period. This month, after several weeks of working with Dr. Pepi with the headache issue as a focus, my period came – and went – no headache!        S.F. 


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for a while now to handle various things including my heart and my weight, but something else changed… I had no menstrual cramps during my last period. I have had severe cramps since I was 10 and tried everything from codeine to Advil and to a very limited benefit. But with the supplements I am taking I have received this in this area we were not even trying to handle! Isn’t that great? Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        D.B.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I had been experiencing severe and prolonged menstrual bleeding and cramps for nearly 2 months. After taking various supplements including Core Level Uterus, the bleeding and cramps have completely stopped! What a relief, to say the least. Thanks so much Dr. Pepi.        B.P.


I’ve been having increasingly more and more trouble with my period over the past 5 or so years, including clotting and cramps that were becoming very painful.

Dr. Pepi started a very thorough treatment of my liver, ensuring it was absorbing each vitamin, mineral and amino acid. It wasn’t processing any of these correctly so she began “reprogramming” my liver.

My first period after handling just the vitamins was noticeably better – less cramps. My second period was so dramatically better I almost couldn’t believe it! I had no large clots and almost no cramps. What a win! I don’t have to plan my life around my period any more!        N.N.


Success is usually measured by accomplishments – the “I did this and that” sort of thing. For me success is being measured on Dr. Pepi’s programs by “I did not”. This month for example:

1) I did not wake up every night of after 3 or 4 hours sleep and stay awake until dawn with insufferable insomnia.

2) I did not have to take pain killers for “that time of the month”.

3) I did not feel like I was a complete mental and emotional basket case.

4) I did not come home so drained I couldn’t even walk my dog, much less play with him.

5) I did not stay home on the weekend exhausted and emotionally beat because I was too exhausted to enjoy a day off to see my friends or family. I went out and had fun.

All told, this list of “did nots” I did not think would ever be, so never let it be said I did not appreciate Dr. Pepi and her crew. Thank you all. You did not let me down.       K.L.


I suffered from PMS symptoms for about 15 years (and so did everyone else around me – suffer from my PMS!) For my part it was probably the cause of my divorce last year. And then I came to Dr. Pepi. She did a treatment on it once, then put me on the supplements which I have taken everyday now for 5 months. Not one month did I get a migraine, cramping or any of the other things I used to get!         J.C.


I have had severe cramps most of my life and in recent years the pain was severe enough that some days I took 12 Advil just to get through the day.

Several months ago, Dr. Pepi put me on a natural hormone cream that she recommends.  Within 2 months, I went down to only 2 Advil a day.  Then, last month, I took ZERO Advil!  This was amazing.  I had some mild cramps, but thought to myself--Wow, this must be what normal women experience--some mild sensation in the area, but I could totally live my life.  Many thanks.        T.S.


After my first visit with Dr. Pepi I couldn’t believe how fast I got results. We agreed on the changes I needed to make in my diet and supplements I needed to take. The change was almost immediate! No more migraines, the blood sugar crashes are almost gone! The mood swings are so reduced I barely even notice them AND I lost 8 pounds! This is in only four weeks! I’m a happy camper and look forward to even more improvement.        H.F.


After the birth of my second son, twenty years ago, I started having monthly migraines. In recent years their severity has increased. I tried so many things to handle—a strict workout program seemed to be the best. But the migraines persisted.

In January after a two day migraine attack that nearly sent me to the emergency room, I cam to see Dr. Pepi. What can I say? It has been two months since my last migraine and even then the severity decreased by at least 70%. The diet change was hard and I continue to work on my bad habits. But I have so much more energy now, have lost twenty pounds and am able to live life without worrying if I’m going to get another migraine. THIS IS A HUGE WIN!        E.P.


I have had severe menstrual cramps and other accompanying symptoms for years! Dr. Pepi addressed this area for me at my last appointment and boy, did things change! I had a significant drop in the severity of the pain and a significant drop in the length of time the pain lasted – nearly a drop of 50% each! It was remarkable and for the first time in a long time I felt that something could be done about them and I felt hopeful! Thank you Dr. Pepi!        D.B.


I came in for a neck/disc problem. Through use of magnesium for that I found out that it works wonders on menstrual cramping!! First time in years I have not had cramps thank to Dr. Pepi’s supplements.        K.N.


Until Dr. Pepi treated me I got migraines each month with my period. After Dr. Pepi’s treatment, two years have passed with NO migraine!        J.S.


I have been taking birth control pills for years to control my PMS. I have always had sever problem with PMS since I was 9 years old. Since quitting the pills and taking the supplements and seeing Dr. Pepi, I no longer have PMS symptoms at all. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!! P.S. I was clinically diagnosed by the doctors at the Oregon Health Sciences University with PMS.         J.S.


Before treatment with Dr. Pepi I have always had a rough time with Pre-Menstrual Syndrome—Anything from delayed periods, unbearable cramps, unexplained fits of anger and sadness. This was greatly affecting my daily life. After one treatment this problem was handled. In the last three months I’ve hardly even noticed when my period comes on. I am free of these symptoms and I no longer dread that time of the month.         S.M.


I no longer have horrible mass and grief before my periods. It is wonderful. I have had this problem for twenty years. There were months where I wanted to be in bed. Dr. Pepi fixed me up like she has done with so many others that I just expected it to be fixed and it was!!         L.S.


I have had terrible migraines monthly for years. Progesterone cream is supposed to help this, but it wasn’t working at all for me until I got a treatment from Dr. Pepi which handled my body’s compatibility with it. I noticed a dramatic difference after this treatment and am hopeful I can be completely free of these headaches too.         C.B.


When my daughter arrived two months ago, she had had the worst most, agonizing period camps in her entire life, her skin was pale and yellowish and she had flaking eczema on her face.  After only six weeks on the program, her skin is pinkish and there’s life emanating from it and her eczema is remarkably better.  Best of all, her next period was pain free.        L.H.


I feel like a new person. I was still very tired when I first started coming to see Dr. Pepi. I don’t have that problem now! I feel like I could do a Wonder Woman commercial! I have a hard time settling down at night because I still have things I want to do! I have to do to sleep on the clock, rather than when I feel tired. – This is a huge win! My periods, which had become heavy, painful and erratic, are settling down and becoming normal. I actually have more consistent energy than I have had for 30 years (I’m 45) and I’m forgetting what that “bone-tired” feeling is like. This is priceless! Thank you.         M.E.P.


For over 1½ years I have been having problems with overly-long (10 days – 14 days) periods and heavy bleeding. Then I started skipping periods – And then skipping 2 periods. When I would have them, they were overly long and heavy.

The last one was only 7 days (that’s normal for me) and not overly heavy. Wow! That was nice! I don’t feel like I need to rest up afterwards either! Thanks Dr. Pepi.         M.E.P.


I came to Dr. Pepi in April ’08 for symptoms I was gradually having for several years without realizing it.  I’m in my late forties and it turned out it was a hormonal imbalance.  Actually, Dr. Pepi discovered that my progesterone was severely low and my absorption of essential fatty oils was low.  I was feeling depressed, suicidal and had a low drive and low energy.  I was on the verge of tears regularly but more so before my menstrual cycle.  I also had heavy flows, terrible cramps, and hot flashes.  It’s Oct. ’08 and all those symptoms are gone!  After 2 months of her program, treatment, diet suggestions and supplements, I have begun to feel like a brand new person with great energy and an optimistic attitude toward my health and life!  Thank you Dr. Pepi!        J.S.


For years I have suffered extremely bad menstrual cramps. I wouldn’t even get out of bed on the first day and the cramps would continue for 3 days. I tried pain killers, birth control pills and muscle relaxants. Nothing worked. Two months ago I began my treatment with Dr. Pepi and I now no long suffer from these cramps. She has made every day of my life enjoyable again. I thank you.        A.S.


I was surprised to have an easier period after being treated for only three weeks. Over the course of the last five or so years, my periods became more painful – enough to put me in bed. This last time, however I felt like a teenager again. No Pain. This is an unexpected benefit as I thought this effect was due to aging. I’m looking forward to better things. Thank you.         A.P.


I’ve been on the ovary supplements for two months now and am having a much easier time with my periods. My periods have been more than problematic during my lifetime. PS I’ve also lost an inch or so around my hips.         B.B.


I have been on nutrients with Dr. Pepi for about six weeks. This month, rather than the week and ½ of bloating, moodiness and severe cramping that I usually get, I just got my period. Amazing! I usually spend the day before my period crying over anything! This month I was actually surprised to get my period! That hasn’t happened since I was a teenager (I’m 41!) Thank you.         C.E.


One of the things that I am happy to have handled is my menstrual period. A year ago it would happen every 3 or 3 ½ weeks and last about 10 days to two weeks. (Yuk!) Now, it’s every 4 weeks for 6 –7 days. Excellent! No pain! No cramps! No heaving bleeding! Bliss!        M.E.P.


I have has such magnificent improvements occur in my life since starting to see Dr. Pepi that I have to write about them.

I came here because I was so deathly tired all the time. I had no energy for life beyond daily “drudgery”. I could not get restful sleep at night and often had insomnia, lying away for precious hours when I should have been sleeping. I was unable to sleep at night or even to nap during the day. My body ached all the time. I was horribly “massy” – a ton of bricks on my head and shoulders. I was an incredibly short tempered witch with friends and family. After one visit, my sleep improved noticeably. And amazingly enough, as a side benefit I started having painless, light flow, regular (every 28 days) periods for the first time in my life. (I’m 40 years old). Several visits later I stopped getting ill or partially ill regularly, as I had been doing for months.

Then I really started feeling “the power” after my visits, a great body energy that was unfelt before. Now I can sleep at night, have a lot more energy, am harder to upset and my body is repairing itself. I am living life again, instead of dragging my self through it day by hard-to-get-through day. All aspects of my life have improved, as my attention comes off my body. I didn’t believe it was possible before seeing her. No I know better! Thanks!         K.F.


In the two months since I’ve come to see Dr. Pepi I’ve actually experienced a normal period. I had hardly any cramps or bloating and I had a lot more energy!         T.O.


Dr. Pepi is awesome! I have come to Dr. Pepi for other problems which she has successfully treated. This time I had missed my menstrual cycle five consecutive months. I was worried. Blood work and pap smears showed normal. Dr. Pepi helped wake up my reproductive system. Two weeks from the time I asked for her help, I got my period. I will continue to come to Dr. Pepi because the truth is that doctors don’t know everything!         A.G.C.


Since the age of 12 I have suffered terribly from severe menstrual pain. It has interfered with every aspect of my life. I always had to plan around my period, worrying that it would ruin track meets, exams, graduations, job interviews, big presentations, business trips, wedding, etc. Then I met Dr. Pepi this year. She recommended a specific type of oil supplement. I was pleased because it was so much less dangerous that the 800 mg Ibuprofen I had been using in order to function. I am thrilled to say that now my periods are virtually cramp free! It’s a miracle, finally, at age 38!!         S.C.M.


As a wonderful benefit of seeing Dr. Pepi, I am having the first regular (every 28 days) and totally pain free periods I have ever had in my life. I am 41 and started having cycles at 11 years old. It took only a very few visits (2 – 3) to Dr. Pepi to go from irregular (every 3 – 6 weeks) and painful (heavy cramps for two days) and long (3 – 5 days heavy flow) periods to regular, pain free, light, short periods. Incredible!         K.F.


I have just finished having my second consecutive menstrual cycle unaided by drugs. The last cycle that I had without hormone therapy was approximately sixteen years ago. Dr. Pepi is an amazing, wonderful and gentle healer. I always know that, no matter what is wrong, I will get better with her help. Her treatments feel right. And even when going through detoxification symptoms I still feel good. I highly recommend her skills as a healer.         N.W.


I just want to thank you for handling my cramps. I can’t believe that they are finally handled. The cramps were so bad that there were times when I was almost wishing I was dead. That’s how bad they were. I love life, but when I got those cramps, I just didn’t think I would make it. I’ve been cramp-free for almost a year now. It’s incredible. Thank you so, so, so much!         S.A.


I should be getting my period any day and I haven’t had really any PMS symptoms! This is very unusual. Also, the pelvic pain I had been experiencing for the last month is gone. Yay, Dr. Pepi!         B.M.


When I started going to Dr. Pepi, I had not had a menstrual cycle in about nine months. Two weeks after my first treatment, and taking the supplements which she prescribed, I had my first menstrual cycle and have had one each month since. I was also having problems with hypoglycemina and dizziness. Since a treatment on them, I haven’t had any problems feeling faint or dizzy. The best part is that I have an abundance of energy and I don’t have any cravings for sugar or alcohol.         H.D.


A couple of years ago I came to Dr. Pepi for a migraine headache which had persisted for three days – very severe. She recommended a supplement program, treated me twice a week and the next month – no headache.

Since then I have continued taking the supplements and getting treatments and got better and better. I could take less supplements and a fewer treatments. A few months ago I did three liver flushes and forgot to take any supplements and for two months. I have had NO headaches or pain at all since!         N.S.


Before I went to Dr. Pepi I had a terrible lower back ache. I was also late on starting my period. After about a month of taking the supplements that Dr. Pepi gave me, my lower backache dramatically improved. Plus I started my period with no painful symptoms! Thank you Dr. Pepi.         K.N. age 14


My body had started going through some interesting changes about 3 years ago. My menstrual periods began being longer and longer apart. I thought I was going through menopause and I suffered through all the emotional stress and strain alone because I didn’t want to tell anyone. It was a terrible time. Well, about four weeks ago I started my program here with Dr. Pepi. (I haven’t had a period for about a year and a half.) I could feel changes occurring from the first day. Today I started a normal, very healthy period. It’s just fantastic! My body is really getting into balance. It’s getting over being tired, overworked and malnourished. It is feeling great and performing all of its functions. This is just great. And, I feel so much younger!! N.N.


I had a tremendous success in getting my period after seeing Dr. Pepi for six months. It was the first time I had gotten it in four years and whatever she is getting my body fixed up on, it’s working! Thanks loads and I am now waiting for a regular cycle. (Next Step!)        H.E.


I had started having cramps in the past two years that I had never had before. After seeing Dr. Pepi, taking her recommended supplements and eating grains two times a day, the cramps were reduced by half the first month. The second month they were gone! Since then I have noticed a return of pain only when I deviate from her recommendations. I am 90% true to her prescribed program usually, but you better believe that I snap to 100% when those dreaded days approach and each time I am well rewarded. I consider this to be such a drastic improvement because it had gotten so that 1-3 days per month I lived on the sidelines of life in pain and bewilderment. I really want to thank you, Dr. Pepi. My hat is off to you!         J.R.


My period cramps have improved over 75% since Dr. Pepi has treated me. This weekend I had a guest from out of town and we were going constantly for hours everywhere in the city. I had my period this weekend also! Normally, my first and second day I try to rest and stay at home because I have such bad cramps. But this time I was able to get out and about! It’s great! Thanks, Dr. Pepi! You’re a miracle worker.        L.M.


The program Dr. Pepi put me on has been a great success. I had a long-term problem with my colon that had a major breakthrough. Also, a problem with my menstruation was handled by the time my next period cam along. It’s great!        R.B.


Last month was the first month in many, many months that I did not experience a migraine or any headache during my period. I had gone seven weeks without any sugar (or Honey Vanilla Haagen Daas ice cream) and had cut down on fat. Looks like for now, sugar free is what’s for me.        E.P.


My treatment here has brought about amazing success with irregular menstrual cycles. Previously I had two seventeen day periods. After a few weeks of treatment, my subsequent two periods were five and six days! I’m very thankful that I didn’t have the D&C (surgical procedure) that my OBGYN suggested! T.J.K


Dr. Pepi has treated me for irregular menstrual periods, a condition I have had for about five years. I used to have very short; extremely heavy periods. Now, they are actually normal in length and flow. It has made a big difference in my comfort and health. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!        D.S.


I recently had my first period ever with absolutely no pain whatsoever of any kind. This is the first time that’s happened since I was 14 years old. Since coming to Dr. Pepi about 1 ½ years ago, each month has become more and more bearable as far as the pain level. For the first time, I finally understand what a “normal” period should be like.        S.C.


After only 3 weeks Dr. Pepi has created such a healing phenomenon in my body.  I’ve lost 11 lbs.  I no longer have difficulty sleeping.  My periods are not as painful.  I feel like a completely different person.  My digestive issues and thyroid problems are being resolved as Dr. Pepi continues to work with me.  I am very grateful and appreciative of all the staff.  As a chiropractor myself, I value the dedication Dr. Pepi and her staff demonstrate.        M.M.


Although I eat well, take vitamins and consider my body healthy and robust, I have suffered chronic, severe and disabling PMS headaches for most of my adult life. I’ve been examined and advised by doctors and specialists throughout the country since I was a teenager with no results. I had given up hope long ago of ever living a pain free life, relying on aspirin to make it through those two or three dreadful days a month. I was not optimistic, but I heard that Dr. Pepi’s patients had some success with PMS.

Dr. Pepi offers a unique method of diagnosing and treating her patients – totally alien to anything I’ve experienced. I was asked to curb the intake of one food element, prescribed a potent glandular supplement and received this most unique adjustment/ I was not scheduled for more doctor visits. I was told that my treatment was considered permanent. Weeks later, I find it no less than a miracle to report that I experienced no headaches since my treatment. I have every reason to believe I am permanently cured of this crippling ailment so common to women.        L.D.


I have had irregular periods since I started having them at all. I have tried a lot of remedies for this. My periods have been so messed up that I would only have one or two per year. I got on the Core Level supplement Dr. Pepi recommended, and now, for four months I have been regular. This feels a lot better and I’m sure is much, much healthier for my body.        P.K.


At the age of 37 my menstrual cycles started becoming very irregular, along with hot flashes and dizziness. I went to three doctors to find out what was going on and each one determined that I started menopause early. After two years and many months without a period, I came to Dr. Pepi. After two months of treatment, nutritional supplements and a change of diet, the hot flashes stopped, my periods returned on schedule and the dizziness is gone. Well, here I am almost 40 and feeling GREAT! Thank you.        K.S.


I had an ovarian cyst, which my gynecologist found with ultrasound. It was very painful and really distracting all of the time. Dr. Pepi treated it and after that I felt it only about 25% of the time and it was much less painful which it did bother me. In another week I’d virtually forgotten about it. Since I’ve been taking the recommended supplements (one month) I have had no menstrual cramps at all.        L.W.


Every time I would get my period, I would have cramps and become nauseated until I started taking the vitamins from Dr. Pepi’s office. I’ve gotten used to chewing the recommended Core Level supplements every day! They really do work.        R.H.


Grab a cup of tea and sit back and relax and please read my recent successes with Dr. Pepi. I came about nine months ago and got  very efficient diagnosis and treatment from Dr. Pepi. I achieved my targets and went off on my merry way.

Last week I decided I needed some help in achieving some new targets but this time different ones. I came here a few weeks after eye surgery. It was a very minor surgery, painless, I was awake and all that. But the point being there was something non-optimum with my eye that I needed to handle. So I did. A couple of months prior to this I had quit nursing my daughter after thirteen months of nursing her. Shortly after I quit I could feel things shifting gears in regards to the body. I had a nine day period (the first one since I had gotten pregnant with my daughter. I never had periods during the time I nursed my two prior children and I easily started once I quit nursing.) Then about a week later I had this odd two week period. I thought, oh well, in four weeks I’ll be all “regular” and things will be back to normal. Four weeks later, no period. Just bloating and extreme tiredness – I mean tired ALL THE TIME.

OK – now back to the surgery – over all this tiredness – I never quit!!

So I go to Dr. Pepi. The day after being at Dr. Pepi’s I felt great, lightly tire but so many little bothersome symptoms in relation to my eye healing were gone. After the second visit to Dr. Pepi I felt OK but felt weird things with my tummy. Now all symptoms are gone. I believe it’s been seven or eight days since my first visit last week.

One day I ate some things that I did not test to do well with at this time. Immediately there was lots of gas, my eye became sore as hell and I felt extreme tiredness. So I went back to what worked and that was sticking with a simple program that Dr. Pepi gave me on diet and chewing those green vitamins.

What I feel I want to share is 1) I found it is true to me that what Dr. Pepi does works. 2) The foods I test well and badly on are correct at the time she tests it and if followed, you’ll achieve your goals SOON. 3) Those vitamins and or supplements are incredible and do work. 4) If one pays and drives here and gets tested, etc, why not just follow it if it seems correct and get it over with and enjoy yourself when the body goals you set are achieved. I actually feel that if one just took the vitamins and ate what is in her readable material and understands all the words in it, one can follow it and do a lot better.

Dr. Pepi is one doctor or nutritionist that I find easy to work with and who truly helps one in this area. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        T.T.


Since I began menstruating at the age of thirteen, my monthly periods have been associated with pain (mostly severe cramps). I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for five months and this is the first month that I haven’t felt like ripping my uterus out by its roots during “my time of the month”. I have also been able to lose twenty pounds since coming to Dr. Pepi which I have never been able to lose before. I’ve tried many diets and exercise programs, but the problem was my thyroid, which Dr. Pepi is helping me fix.        S.C.


I had joint problems for about six years. I went to see all kinds of doctors in the US and Europe and not one could really help me. Until I discovered Dr. Pepi! It’s like a miracle! She changed my life in six months! After only two sessions, I could walk, exercise and live a normal life like everyone else after two sessions Also, She took away the cramps that I had in my first two days of my period. She is amazing and I cannot thank her enough for what she did for me. For me she is a MAGICIAN!        J.R.


I have been suffering with a bad headache that came once a month with my period. This month, June, is the first time in about two years with absolutely no headache. Also, no cramps. If you have ever experienced the discomforts that accompany many women during their period, you can appreciate the fantastic glee to have it come and go barely even noticed. I attribute this to the recommended Core Level supplements and the care and treatments from Dr. Pepi! Thank you.        T.M.


I started the recommended supplement program last week and what a wonderful week I’ve had. I got my period and it was normal length with no cramps. The usual cycle used to be cramps, pain in my head and my period for seven days. That was uncontrollable. This time I didn’t suffer from any PMS either. I’m in awe!! I haven’t felt this good for at least a couple of years. Thanks!!        R.M.


I recently began having menstrual periods after about a year of nursing my daughter. The periods were irregular though, which was not normal for me. I saw Dr. Pepi twice and during the following week I got my period, which, when I checked the calendar, was exactly on schedule at twenty-eight days. I also found that I had minimal cramps compared to earlier periods and I also had a lot more energy than usual, all thanks to the supplements and Dr. Pepi’s care.        M.G.


I’ve always had cramps the day before my period and bad cramps the first day of my period. I’ve never really thought about this changing, but after being under Dr. Pepi’s care I had cramps for only two hours today. This is a great side benefit!        J.C.


All my life I have experienced excruciating menstrual cramps. This last period I experienced only some minor discomfort. It was the easiest menstrual period I have gone through in over twenty years! (I used to spend up to five days in bed with pain and nausea!) This is very, very important to me as it is a condition I have tried in the past to handle in every conceivable way, both physically and spiritually, and which wasted big chunks of my life. Thank you, Dr. Pepi! You know how much!        V.D.


My body has been doing much better. In fact, I had no aches, pains or sensations these past two weeks. Also, I had no monthly cramps. That is incredible!! I hardly knew my organs were there. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.        L.H.


Finally a win, well, actually two wins, one from a month ago and one now. After seeing Dr. Pepi for three months I now do not suffer any more from pre-menstrual headaches or stomach aches. And my skin, which for the past year has been constantly breaking out with red spots like measles, well, it’s clear – I mean clear and radiant. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        A.M.


About two weeks ago I was feeling very toxic and uncomfortable. I was retaining water and having a lot of abdominal pain and intestinal upset. Also, normally before my period, I get very cranky, griefy and have a bad headache the first day or two. I had one treatment from Dr. Pepi and immediately began to feel better. I’ve started onto the recommended diet and vitamins and with each day I feel better and more energetic. My diarrhea is gone. I had no emotional roller coaster before my period and no headache! I’m looking forward to getting better and better.        W.C.


I have had an extremely difficult time with my menstrual period since I was eleven years old. Before seeing Dr. Pepi, I had resorted to taking Advil (an over-the-counter pain medication) to help alleviate the pain. This went on for about five years. After having tried every other way, short of surgery, to handle my condition without success, I felt that I had no other recourse. Since seeing Dr. Pepi I have stopped taking Advil (for about five months) and have been detoxifying quite heavily most of the time. Now, I’m feeling very well and best of all my menstrual period is about 75% better – an astonishing win for me. I’m now looking forward to 100%! Thank you, Dr. Pepi. V.D.


What can I say? No cramps, first time ever. I do feel better. I’m a healthier person now. I don’t eat off lead plates and I don’t use aluminum anything. I’m hooked on Dr. Pepi. And can I tell you the recommended Core Level supplements took my lower back pain almost away. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        A.H.


After my first treatment with Dr. Pepi, I experienced a significant improvement in my well-being. My energy level increased tremendously as well as clarity in my thinking and remembering. Also my period became normalized.        B.M.


Last week I had severe menstrual cramps, so severe in fact that from 4:30 pm to 3:30 am I lay in bed unable to sleep or do anything else. Finally at 3:30 am, I remembered I had Core Level Magnesium tablets and chewed up five of them at once. Within ten minutes my cramps ceased and within twenty minutes I fell asleep. What a relief! Thanks!        L.W.


The most significant improvement has been in the area of depression, especially before my period. It’s not gone entirely, but it’s not as intense or as long. My periods are not as heavy these past two months and I have almost no cramps. Since staying away from dairy and yeast breads I don’t feel so bloated or heavy. With the stress that is still present in my life there are significant improvements. I have more energy, stamina, I sleep better and have begun to think more clearly. I’m grateful for this treatment because it deals with all of me so I feel less fragmented.       C.J.


I should be getting my period any day and I haven’t had really any PMS symptoms! This is very unusual. Also, the pelvic pain I had been experiencing for the last month is gone. Yay, Dr. Pepi!         N.N.


I have been taking the recommended supplements that Dr. Pepi recommended for some time and I notice an amazing difference in my menstrual cycles. Prior, I always had headaches, bloating, emotional distress and very heavy periods. Now I don’t have any of these problems!         A.W.


My periods no longer stink.  I have no more aches and pains, I no longer have my eye irritations, and I have overall more energy.        E.F.

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