Successes - Mental Difficulties

Mental Difficulties

My little brother (I call him that even though he is 33 years old now) has endured 12 years of heartbreaking agony with mental illness. Diagnosed at age 21 with paranoid schizophrenia, he began years of repeated hospitalizations, irrational violence, ineffective psychotropic medications, uniformed psychiatrists, group homes, legal proceedings, homelessness (in Cleveland winters), delusional thinking, and the hopelessness of watching his peers progressing through life while he languished in terror and confusion.

His medications have included Haldol, Congentin and Risperdal.

I came to know about a specific supplement because of the huge role it played in my own recovery from Multiple Sclerosis. This simple supplement supplied my brain and nervous system with the nutrients needed to restore much of my lost mobility and cognition.

In 1999, a friend informed me that studies were in progress in Canada on the benefits of this supplement with Mental Illness patients with various brain disorders. The supplement was helping to the extent that many were able to gradually wean off medication. Of course I wanted desperately for him [my brother] to try it, but not until November 2001 would he consent.

He began with 1 capsule per day and is now, three months later, up to 3. He craves a higher dosage.

I am thrilled to report that I received a phone call on December 17, 2001 from my brother (from my mother’s house, not from a group home). He said, “Thank you so much for those vitamins you sent. I have a sense of peace for the first time in a long time, and real mental clarity.

I almost burst into tears. My mother was almost beside herself with joy. She said “I’m getting my son back!”

Since that phone call, my mother and sister report that his reasoning, memory, memory/reflection, conversational clarity and calmness are all much improved and he is eager to start re-establishing a functional life.

  He is now able to live at home for 4 out of 7 days per week instead of at the group home all week long.

He is going to continue with the supplement and perhaps one day he can be completely sane and medicine free. S.M.C.


"I am a mother with 2 children living a crazy life in NYC.  I was exhausted, over-stressed, and rundown.

After one visit with Doc Pepi, I have more energy than I have had since I was a child.  I am happy.  I feel alive.

I am thankful to Doctor Pepi for giving me back a clearer outlook on life.”        C.L.


After taking a particular supplement Dr. Pepi recommended, I noticed a tingling sensation on an area of scars I had from a surgery I'd had 20 years ago.  I could tell they were healing on the inside.  I also noticed I was able to think faster.  I scored much higher on an IQ test that months earlier I had trouble getting through and couldn't even finish in the allotted time.        S.M.


When Annie came to see Dr. Pepi she was not able to walk in a straight line.  She complained of a mental fog.  After Dr. Pepi treated her just once, she walked straight and her mind was clear.  WOW!        R.D.


The fuzzy headed-ness is gone! What a win for me. Before I saw Dr. Pepi, I couldn’t retain things at all and I’d get confused for no apparent reason.”         A.C.


Dr. Pepi is a miracle worker. Today when I came in, I felt like an absolute mess. After ½ hour, I feel so much better. I can start thinking straighter again, and at least I have some energy again to start tackling some things, and put some order into my life again. Thank you so much for your patience and all you do and all your staff too!    R.W.


I came to see Dr. Pepi on the advice of a friend. I had complained that I wasn’t feeling well, was very emotional and not feeling in control. I was having difficulty concentrating on my course and was feeling weary. In just 2 weeks, I feel like a new person. I am flying through my coursework. My concentration has improved 75%. I am feeling happier and more joyful and my energy is up by 50%. I have learned more about nutrition and will continue as I know it is making a difference. Thank you Dr. Pepi for all your help! C.S.


I’ve been on Dr. Pepi’s nutritional program on a regular basis for some time now. I have recently added a specific supplement and have noticed increased clarity in my mind and increased alertness. In addition, I have noticed that my female hormones seem to have balanced out.         S.B.


I came to Dr. Pepi with many unresolved health problems: I went to many naturopathic doctors, MD’s, specialists, etc. for the past 3 years. I had my first cranial treatment with Dr. Pepi and when I left her office I felt a resurgence of energy. People who knew me said I looked like I was glowing. My eyes were off alignment by ¼ inch and now are aligned. My cheekbones are higher. I look younger. In the morning I feel like bouncing through my house and I do, without pain. My ability to memorize lines has gone up considerably. My thinking capacity and memory have increased at least 40%. A.M.


After one visit and one month of taking supplements recommended by Dr. Pepi, I felt substantial improvement.  My feelings of fear, mental confusion and anxiety were 50% improved.  My energy level was at least 30% improved.  A great side effect was that an injured jaw became functional again after the treatment.        I.H.


My name is Jerri, I live in Dundee, Oregon and I am about to turn 40 years old. At the end of August my doctor told me that I had MS and that I should go see a specialist. Beside the 7-8 brain lesions that my MRI confirmed, my blood work came back that my pituitary gland and thyroid levels were too low and that I would need to be medicated. I also was experiencing a multitude of symptoms. Including, major fatigue, inability to sleep, numbing of the left side of my face and left arm, my heart was having double heartbeats daily, I would lay on the ground numerous times a day because I could no longer sit up because the fatigue or dizziness would overwhelm me, I was losing my short term as well as long term memory and was having a very hard time just thinking and making decisions, I was experiencing horrific pain in my back and trying anything and everything to numb the physical pain as well as mental pain that I was in. I noticed that my writing was getting very poor, and I was unable to focus, I would have daily panic attacks and was angry and very depressed and has having a very hard time coping with the day-to-day routines.

I did go to a specialist here in Portland, first of all he threw most of my file away, because my symptoms didn’t matter to him, he told me that the treatment of MS is to daily inject yourself with this new drug that hits the nervous system, but the side effects are very damaging to other parts of your body. When he looked at my MRI he said yes you have brain lesions, but you are too young to medicate now. I asked what to do in the mean time about all my symptoms and he said that didn’t concern him and offered me no support of guidance.

My primary care doctor had no idea what to do for me either.

I heard about Dr. Pepi though my aunt and at this point thought that nothing could hurt. So I flew down to California and saw her. In a 2-hour appointment she was able to tell me everything that was going on with my body, and trust me, it was a lot. She made me choke down a don of disgusting supplements and sent me home with bottles and bottles of them and a diet of no carbohydrates.

I noticed some results right away. By the second day, my face was clearer and my thinking was clearer, day-to-day things got better for me.

Today I have lost 50 pounds, my brain is functioning again, I remember and can think, I sleep every night, I don’t have panic attacks and am no longer depressed. It used to hurt my face when I smiled, now I smile all the time. My heart is beating normally, I have had my blood work done again and all levels are now normal. I had another MRI and there are no more lesions. The numbing in my face and arm are about 95% better; the pain in my back is also 95% better. I am now functioning, where before I was not.

I often wonder where I would be now if I had not taken the chance and seen Dr. Pepi. I believe that I may not have reached my 40th birthday.  J.S.


After only one week of being on a specific recommended supplement I had amazing results. I suffer from depression, fatigue, anxiety and all my stress seems to go to my shoulders which are constantly stiff. By my second visit I noticed the following improvements: My mind was more clear, I could focus better, my mood swings had almost gone away completely, I was better able to deal with these stressful situations and look at things more rationally, I had great energy – I felt like someone had given me a jump start, my anxiety disappeared, my shoulders felt loose and relaxed, my skin texture and color improved, I used do get so cold it was painful… not anymore.   L.M.


My mental energy has gone from 20% present to 80% present within days of starting a specific supplement. It’s excellent to want again.         S.N.


My son Kei started going to Dr. Pepi after he had been kicked out of two different schools. He started going to Dr. Pepi when he started his third school. After only approximately five months of treatment he has changed considerably. His teachers started noticing change and I have had several mothers of children in special education ask me what I had done. Since his current treatment with specific supplements, my son has become manageable and is able to do things he couldn’t do before, like sleep through the night and stay focused in school. Thank you!       B.S.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was feeling constantly fatigued, and I was experiencing headaches and muscle imbalance.  Also quite regularly I had to take my inhaler for my asthma that was being affected by pollens, grasses, and especially cat dander.  These were all troubles in my life that I wanted to reduce or get rid of altogether.  After hearing about Dr. Pepi and all the amazing results she has gotten, I knew I had to try it out.

Not more than a few weeks after I had seen her, I was feeling much better.  For fatigue she gave me some vitamins to take everyday and also some healthier alternatives to my diet.  I am a college athlete, so naturally sports drinks were a must-have, but after learning that they did more damage than giving you energy I immediately stopped.  Along with [cutting out] sports drinks, I also was told to change my diet by adding some more essential “energy” foods.  From these little changes I have seen a drastic increase in my athletic ability and stamina, and have been able to concentrate better.  Also…I have not had one headache since, which is extremely rare.

Also my new diet and alternative foods have helped with my muscle imbalance and asthma.  The muscle imbalance caused my knees, back, legs, and neck to hurt constantly.  After going in for an appointment, Dr. Pepi somehow got my muscles to start working properly again.  Now I seem to be more athletic, with less pain in everyday life.  My asthma has greatly improved since I have seen Dr. Pepi.  During certain times of the year I had to take my inhaler at least every other day, but now, I haven’t taken it since I have been treated.

In other words I highly recommend everyone to Dr. Pepi, as she has had some amazing results with me and countless other patients.        S.M.


Truly, I have had sleep problems all of my life…specifically, not being able to quiet my mind at all.  After 2 days of taking a specific supplement prescribed by Dr. Pepi, I have been having a wonderful response of getting sleepy by 9:30 pm!  What a magnificent thing!  Thank you so much!        J.M.


Things that have improved since my treatments with Dr. Pepi:
        - Clearer sinuses
        - Lower temper
        - More energy
        - Easier time with family
        - Clarity of mind


I’ve had a long history (over 10 years) of extreme low blood sugar symptoms: mental fatigue and fuzziness after eating sometimes to the point of feeling like I wanted to go unconscious. On weekends sometimes I’d lie down after eating and just phase out into an unnatural “nap” for 20-40 minutes and wake up disoriented and odd feeling.

Dr. Pepi has been doing some new work on my pancreas and found major deficiencies. After only 2-3 appointments I have almost no adverse reaction at all to eating. What a change!! N.K.


About 3 ½ months ago I went home to visit my parents and in my mind was the feeling that I might be dying myself. I know my parents are pretty sick and I needed to go see them while they are fairly OK.

Back in California, I started going to Dr. Pepi every two weeks. Today I am definitely going to live. I can think again, which means I can plan the future again. My gums got healthy after one visit. That was just an aside from the main topic.

Right now I’m getting my back handled from a childhood trauma. I just tell Dr. Pepi what I have my attention on and she gets started handling. I don’t ever want to go anywhere else. J.S.


FEAR… was through my body – Tremors in my left hand and left foot – shaky knees – unable to walk straight – many other physical and mental anxieties. Four visits later (2 weeks to ten days perhaps) FEAR IS GONE!!! Tremors, mostly due to stress have cut down. Emotional stress more understood.   M.S.

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