Successes - Migraines


Dr. Pepi is the last doctor I saw after seeing countless doctors for my headaches and migraines.  Only two months following her instructions, my headaches went from twice a week to once a month.  I have never thought any doctor could help me, after seeing so many specialists and trying acupuncture.  Nothing ever worked until I saw Dr. Pepi.  The best part is, she will not prescribe any drugs, therefore no side effects and completely safe.  Dr. Pepi changed my life and I will never waste another penny to see any doctor other than her.        P.T.


I was experiencing migraine headaches each month during my menstrual cycle. They were to a point of being at an 8 or 9 on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the most intense. Dr. Pepi recommended that I take a specific supplement. It not only made me feel bright and alert immediately, within minutes of taking it, but when my menstrual cycles arrived again I found that the headaches had shortened in duration from 4 or 5 days to 1 day, and had lessened in pain intensity from an 8 or 9 where I would sometimes contemplate a trip to the Emergency Room for morphine down to a level of about 2.

When it comes to medicine I always consult Dr. Pepi first, or along with other treatment, and strongly recommend that to anyone I know.  G.T.


I had a migraine.  Dr. Pepi worked on my headache for approximately 2 minutes, and my headache went away.        B.A.


I have had many, many wins working with Dr. Pepi on handling my body. I have had chronic migraines for 14 years and today I can say this problem is history. I started coming to see Dr. Pepi 3 weeks ago and after the first visit I no longer had migraines. Since that time my body is growing stronger and stronger and more stable. Dr. Pepi has handled my problems with proper nutrition and supplements.

She is very valuable to us. I have been searching for someone like her for years and never found anyone who could handle my nutritional problems. She has done it and this is truly amazing to be pain free after 14 years. N.C.


It has been almost one year since I had Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy. Prior to this treatment I was suffering from migraine headaches from 1 to 3 times a week, each lasting 2 or more days. I was barely coping with the situation. After my treatment we noticed a facial change and I could feel a definite difference inside… like “more room to breathe” feeling. Now here it is many months later and I do not get migraines any more. I have had 2 headaches easily manageable, caused by poor eating and stress in the past 11 months. My living HELL is over thanks to Dr Pepi and her techniques!         P.G.G.


Well, 4 days ago I was in very rough shape. I couldn’t walk or sit without pain in my head to some degree; couldn’t drive for more that 10 minutes without needed to lie down to get rid of the pain.

After Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy I am much, much improved!! I can actually get around, shop, take care of some business, etc… This was a real rescue operation. Thanks Anita. As Arnold Schwarzawhatever says – “I’ll be back!” G.B.


I started getting unexplainable migraine-like headaches. Over the 6 weeks, I went to see 6 different doctors, desperately seeking some relief, but nothing helped. I saw an internist, an MD, an allergist, an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, and another MD at an emergency room. At the emergency room, they did a CAT scan and I was diagnosed with a neurological problem and referred to a neurologist. Each doctor prescribed me different types of drugs to take, but nothing helped.

The neurologist said that I needed to go to the Stanford Pain Management Clinic where I’d get an operation to insert something in my neck that would affect my nerves to alleviate the pain. I really didn’t want to do this.

A friend referred me to Dr. Pepi. I live far away from her, so I did a phone consultation. After giving her the information, she cut right to the chase, was able to diagnose over the phone that what I had was a sinus infection, and told me exactly what to do and what to take.
It was a little hard for me to believe, but I did what she said. The headaches disappeared IMMEDIATELY. This is what people call a miracle these days.         H.B.


After my first visit with Dr. Pepi I couldn’t believe how fast I got results. We agreed on the changes I needed to make in my diet and supplements I needed to take. The change was almost immediate! No more migraines, the blood sugar crashes are almost gone! The mood swings are so reduced I barely even notice them AND I lost 8 pounds! This is in only four weeks! I’m a happy camper and look forward to even more improvement. H.F.


Twelve years ago I was kicked on the side of my head which left me with a migraine headache that would not leave.  Over the years I had visited with many doctors with no relief.  After my first one hour visit with Dr. Pepi my migraine headache is no longer present.  I am eternally grateful to Dr. Pepi’s care, compassion and expertise.

P.S. I sent my girlfriend to see Dr. Pepi and when I asked her how it went she said ‘When I grow up I want to be just like Dr. Pepi.’ (she desires to be a chiropractor w/ super skills too?)        C.D.


After the birth of my second son, twenty years ago, I started having monthly migraines. In recent years their severity has increased. I tried so many things to handle—a strict workout program seemed to be the best. But the migraines persisted.

In January after a two day migraine attack that nearly sent me to the emergency room, I cam to see Dr. Pepi. What can I say? It has been two months since my last migraine and even then the severity decreased by at least 70%. The diet change was hard and I continue to work on my bad habits. But I have so much more energy now, have lost twenty pounds and am able to live life without worrying if I’m going to get another migraine. THIS IS A HUGE WIN! E.P.


Until Dr. Pepi treated me I got migraines each month with my period. After Dr. Pepi’s treatment, two years have passed with NO migraine! J.S.


I was suffering from an excruciating migraine headache when I came to see Dr. Pepi.  She treated me and then recommended a specific supplement.  I was coming off of my allergy medication and so it took a couple of days with great results.  I also use the sinus irrigation 2x a day.  It feels great and my sinuses are much better thanks to Dr. Pepi.        J.M.


I have had terrible migraines monthly for years. Progesterone cream is supposed to help this, but it wasn’t working at all for me until I got a treatment from Dr. Pepi which handled my body’s compatibility with it. I noticed a dramatic difference after this treatment and am hopeful I can be completely free of these headaches soon.         C.B.


A couple of years ago I came to Dr. Pepi for a migraine headache which had persisted for three days – very severe. She gave me specific supplements and treated me twice a week and the next month – no headache.

Since then I have continued taking the supplements and getting treatments and got better and better. I could take less supplements and a fewer treatments. A few months ago I did three liver flushes and forgot the supplements for two months. I have had NO headaches or pain at all since! M.S.


I came in having had migraines about one per month, continual heartburn, ringing in my ears and other problems. I haven’t had a migraine in over a month – not even a blind spot (the precursor to migraines). The heartburn was gone within one week and the ringing in my ears is down by half and almost unnoticeable now. I also dropped a layer of fat off my belly and I’m sleeping like a baby. Thank you, Dr. Pepi. At last! H.Q.


I came in with a migraine that I’d had for twenty-four hours and Dr. Pepi handled it in twenty minutes! What a relief! I was in so much pain that I was on the verge of taking drugs for it. I’m glad that I could come here and handle it instead. P.K.


I started feeling very out of it at about 1 PM today and it continued into the evening getting worse to where I was feeling like I was coming down with something. I also had a migraine starting. After getting treated by Dr. Pepi, the bad feeling went away and the tiredness and feeling of coming down with something left. It was discovered that I was having a severe allergic reaction to decaf coffee.  J.L.


I had five days of headaches and hot flashes when my October period came. This was an unusual surprise pain for me. It turned out that my change had begun. I was in intense pain and mostly in bed for three days. I took pain killers for the first time in twelve years. They didn’t work. I have now had four weeks of treatment from Dr. Pepi and this month I had only a slight minor headache. Thanks! Who would believe that that could be fixed?    M.S.


I was rudely awakened by a violent migraine during the night. I spent from 4AM until 8AM trying various methods to handle the pain. I tried ice packs, massage, physical assists, vitamin C and vitamin B1. I tried to sleep, then walked around the block and then watched a movie. Nothing worked. I came into the office carried by my wonderful, patient and very sleepy husband. In ten minutes with Dr. Pepi, the headache was history. We both love you very much! Thanks, Dr. Pepi, to you and your work. Please continue.         L.H.


Since receiving treatment from Dr. Pepi, I am feeling a 100% improvement. I have no migraines, which I have had continually for fifteen years. I have much less pinched nerve pain. My health in general is great and I feel good.         B.S.


In 1980 I got off all sugars on a special homeopathic program. Since that time I started having headaches whenever I ate sugar. About three years ago they had grown into massive three-day-migraine-torture headaches. This was not from eating candy bars, but from eating something like salad dressing. I could not find out what the total handling was. The headaches had grown into a complete almost daily problem as every time I ate I worried that it would get one of these headaches. After seeing Dr. Pepi, she told me that I am totally allergic to fruit, which I usually ate a lot of. So far it has been three weeks and I’ve had no headaches! This is a win. T.B.


Dear Dr. Pepi, I just wanted to personally thank you for helping me. For eight years (and four years solid) I have been trying to find a road map through this jungle called my body and the allergies it has. I knew I was allergic to sugars, but even though I stopped eating them, for four years I have had very severe migraine headaches. I can’t say that they are all gone, as I have just started your program. But I can say that I feel a tremendous peace and happiness just knowing exactly what I was eating that was incorrect for me. I now have a map! So, thank you for your help.  T.B.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi, I was having problems with my jaw. The jaw would pop out of alignment two to three times a day. I developed migraine headaches from this jaw disorder. I went to a dentist and what he did helped only temporarily. After seeing Dr. Pepi and following my diet, I do not get any headaches and my jaw is not popping out of alignment. I feel that my treatment has been beneficial to my body and my state of mind. I recommend chiropractic treatment to anyone who has a bodily disorder and feels there is nowhere else to turn.         T.T.


I’ve gone two weeks with no headaches and only minor neck discomfort. This is a major success as previously I’ve had weeks where 25% of my time was spent with various degrees of pain. My headaches were very, very severe and sometimes lasted for two days. They were ruining  my life.  N.N.


I’ve only been with Dr. Anita Pepi for a month and the improvement is steady. Plus I am regaining some of my energy and overall I am doing much better physically. And this certainly helps my morale!   J.E.


I’ve had very bad migraines for almost a year. After going to Dr. Pepi for two weeks I haven’t gotten a migraine since. J.B.


I have had a chronic spasm in my left shoulder for years. It would wax and wane and periodically pinch a nerve and give me a migraine. So it has been a source of aggravation for some time. One day I noticed that the moment I turned on my computer at work, I instantly got pain in my shoulder. The muscle tightened up like a rock and I got a headache. Dr. Pepi explained the connection between the electromagnetic waves and the effect on the body. It was very hard to think with, but I bought the environmental clock and set it next to my computer and haven’t had a problem since. So, after years of trying to handle the problem chiropractically, nutritionally and spiritually to no avail, the clock did it!   J.S.

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