Successes - Nausea Caused by Pregnancy

Nausea Caused by Pregnancy

I came to Dr. Pepi a week ago suffering from terrible morning sickness. (I am 8 weeks pregnant). It felt like I was on a boat in a storm having seasickness 24 hours a day with no relief. An hour and a half after leaving Dr. Pepi’s office, having only been worked on by her for fifteen minutes, I started to feel better and continued to improve so that I did not wake up sick once that night. The nausea and sickness has now improved by at least 40% and the sickness that I feel now is completely tolerable.         K.C.


I was suffering from continual nausea in my first trimester. I got one adjustment and one supplement to take and it went away! I didn’t have any more morning sickness!! In general I really like going to Dr. Pepi, as opposed to going to other chiropractors) because she doesn’t just play ball with your bones (i.e.: shove them back into place and then they pop out a few hours later so you have to keep going back forever to keep putting the bones back into place). Instead, Dr. Pepi finds out what is causing the problem and treats the cause. This then results in: A) less visits and B) Actual, lasting results. I recommend Dr. Pepi to everyone.       S.W.


I was in my first trimester and was so ill; it is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t felt that bad before.  It wasn’t just morning sickness and nausea—it was overall sickness 24/7.  I had headaches, stomachaches and could hardly stand up.  The definition of misery!

Dr Pepi treated me for this and within hours I felt 95% better.  It was astounding.  It just turned off!  I highly recommend her for any pregnancy symptoms!        E.L.

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