Successes - Neck Pain

Neck Pain

My neck had been giving me hell for months – pain – pain in my head and outrageously hard-as-a-rock muscles in my neck. In only about 10 minutes Dr. Pepi found the cause and treated it. Who would have known it was allergies?!! It really felt like a miracle because my neck resolved with no force. My new nickname for Dr. Pepi is “Wizard”.         S.W.


For the last one and a half years, I have never enjoyed a day without at least moderate pain in my neck and back.  The muscle spasms limited my range of motion so much that I was unable to turn my head and back enough to really check for cars around me.  This is especially dangerous on my motorcycle.

After one week, I can turn my neck and back completely around on my bike to see things behind me....well....ok, I am looking for police and CHP!  Overall, I feel better than I can remember feeling for a long time, and we aren't done yet!  I'm looking forward to a new kind of life.  Surfing will be next!        D.A.


I’ve had Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy. I brought my daughter in yesterday for her 1st. On the way home I was telling her my wins when I realized my neck wasn’t stiff and sore and it hadn’t been for weeks. This has been a chronic problem for years prior and had not responded to standard chiropractic or other treatments. X-rays revealed arthritis. I didn’t realize it had gone away until I talked to my daughter.         A.M.


This healing technology that Dr. Pepi has is like doing miracles on the human body. My neck was fixed very much on the first visit. I walked out of the office feeling different in the neck. Not like when you get it cracked by a chiropractor, but more like it felt lighter and healthier. Thanks a lot.         F.S.


I had bad back, neck and wrist pain that I saw many chiropractors to handle. These symptoms did not improve and I was taking Tylenol to relieve the pain. My last chiropractor had no solid explanation for why my adjustments wouldn’t hold. I decided not to drag it out with her and waste even more money so I went to see Dr. Pepi because I heard from a couple of people that she was really different and got fast results.

Dr. Pepi suggested I make an hour appointment just for my back. She told me that no healing was going on in my back. This was not news to me! After the hour with her, my upper back and neck (this was the most painful part of my spine) sweated for about twenty-four hours. It really felt like something was going on in that area. My back felt relieved, as if someone had finally done what it wanted. After that I did not have to run to anyone to get adjusted just to manage my pain. I saw Dr. Pepi quite a few times for my back after that. It was really easy for me to overdo it (just about anything could stress my weak back). But I knew that when she was working on me it was helping me heal – it wasn’t just some arbitrary thing like other doctors had done.
Some months after my first treatment I started a belly dancing class. While I was there one day I realized I was doing repeated motions with my back that even once a few months ago would have left me in tears and taking Tylenol for days.

I wasted tons of money with other chiropractors and got nothing for it. Dr. Pepi has really different techniques that make traditional chiropractic seem primitive.         M.P.


I came to Dr. Pepi with a pain in the neck and a slightly numb knee. The pain in my neck was very sharp and distracting me in my work. Without adjusting my back Dr. Pepi fixed both problems! She handled the deficiencies in my diet and my body fixed itself.

In fact, by diet changes and supplements when needed, I have handled many aspects of my body that were not optimum. I have a high expectation of optimum as I need lots of energy and stamina.         K.G.


Two years ago I had constant pain in my neck. Frequently, this “constant” pain would turn to sharp pains running down my left arm and across my chest. Two or three fingers would feel tingly, or as though they fell asleep.

Following treatment from Dr. Pepi, the sharp pains and tingly feeling has completely disappeared, and a once a day application of the joint cream that Dr. Pepi recommended had caused all of the “constant” pain to disappear. W.A.C.


I was in a car accident and for a little more than 2 months I was going to another health center for whiplash treatment. Nothing was happening. So I came to Dr. Pepi and within 1 ½ weeks, I was 90% better.  M.S.


I was involved in a car accident this Saturday. I experienced neck, shoulder and lower back pain over the weekend. Dr. Pepi treated me for a damaged disc on Monday and by Tuesday most of the pain was gone. I have remained calm, cool and collected during this ordeal (my car was totaled) so I guess I’m doing very well at handling stress, which was one of my major complaints upon coming here 3 months ago. Not only did Dr. Pepi clear up nagging symptoms from a car accident 6 years ago, she got me through this one in four days.         D.K.


A few months ago, before being treated by Dr. Pepi, I had trouble getting up in the mornings and would battle with low energy levels which affected my production and income. I would have bone and muscle aches and my facial complexion was dry and flakey.

Occasionally I would have pains in my heart and lungs. On top of all that I had back pain and neck stiffness from an auto accident that she is currently treating me for.

Well, my energy level has skyrocketed, my face isn’t flakey or dry anymore and the organ and muscle pains have gone away! I’m also well on my way to recovery from the auto accident injuries. All of this occurred in just 6 – 8 weeks of treatments and following her dietary and supplement instructions. Great results and so much fun! Thanks Dr. Pepi.         K.D.


I have had a chronic spasm in my left shoulder for years. It would wax and wane and periodically pinch a nerve and give me a migraine. So it has been a source of aggravation for some time. One day I noticed that the moment I turned on my computer at work, I instantly got pain in my shoulder. The muscle tightened up like a rock and I got a headache. Dr. Pepi explained the connection between the electromagnetic waves and the effect on the body. It was very hard to believe, but I bought the environmental clock and set it next to my computer and haven’t had a problem since. So, after years of trying to handle the problem chiropractically, nutritionally and spiritually to no avail, the clock did it!        J.S.


Pain in neck much better, Sleep better, not so nervous. Even my cat is more relaxed around me now.         L.F.


I recently had a surgery that left muscles and nerves pulling every which way on my shoulders and neck. I was very upset as I though I was permanently damaged from the surgery.

After a series of 4 treatments in a row of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, it was completely handled. The muscles are no longer pulling and I have no attention on the area. “I Love Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy!!!” Thanks Anita.         S.H.


My neck feels much better after seeing Dr. Pepi. I can’t wait to see the results from the other programs we are doing. J.F.


Since I was younger (maybe 10), I had been going to different chiropractors for chronic headaches and neck soreness. While temporary relief occurred, I would still wind up with headaches and neck aches once a week or more.

When I first came to Dr. Anita Pepi’s I was on the 3rd day of a terrible headache. After my first treatment of Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, my headache was already better. After my first series, my headaches were practically completely gone and my neck aches were also almost non-existent! Amazing!!         K.F.


I had for many months a pain in my neck which came as the result of a heavy car crash. I carried the pain (which could range from stiffness to almost complete immobility) for many months. It was further aggravated by another car crash. For a few months it seemed there was nothing that would give me any relief.

Dr. Pepi treated me and also gave me a specific joint cream to use, twice per day. The pain and stiffness disappeared completely in a matter of 3-4 weeks. I now have full mobility in my neck and have not been troubled by any pain or stiffness since.   L.V.


I injured myself kickboxing and was a mess—I was dizzy, felt spacey, had pain pretty much everywhere on my upper body, neck, back and head. I felt like I was dying and I had no idea what had happened to me.

Dr. Pepi helped me so much; there are no words of gratitude to say what she did for me in 30 minutes. She understood exactly what had happened with my body and how I damaged my meningeal sheath. Immediately after leaving I felt more alert and my head pain had stopped completely. Each day after my visit I feel better. I am almost 100% back to my feisty self and it’s only been 4 days since she woke my body up again! Thank You, Dr. Pepi!  W.L.T.


I came in for a neck/disc problem. Through use of specific Core Level supplements for this problem,  I found out that they work wonders on menstrual cramping too!! First time in years I have not had cramps thank to Dr. Pepi’s supplements.        K.N.


After suffering for nearly two years with severe pain in the neck, Dr. Pepi aided me with a treatment, some supplements and cream. And the pain is gone. My love for music has returned and my concentration is 1000 times better. Thank you very much.       H.A.


I came to Dr. Pepi in severe crisis. For over 10 years I’ve had neck and back problems due to a car accident. This particular time it acted up I was carrying a piece of heavy photography equipment over my shoulder and heard something click in my neck. After 3 weeks of my neck feeling it was in a vice grip and simply moving created severe muscle spasms, I was referred to Dr. Pepi. During those 3 weeks I saw my regular chiropractor and neurologist – all agreeing it was time for surgery because none of their techniques relieved the pain. One treatment from Dr. Pepi and I significantly improved without pain. On going visits allowed healing and I’m back to being a photographer in my career. Yeah! J.S.


Dr. Pepi fixed my hip so well that when she asked me about it I said “What hip?” Also my neck was sore for years. After her treatment it was immediately 90% better.  B.F.


I cannot believe how much better I feel after just one visit. My neck doesn’t hurt any more and my mood swings and bad temper are history. I also feel more feminine than I have felt in years. I feel very calm. This is great! I love this kind of result.        T.V.


As stylish as I think the cervical collar is not, I have to say, the amount of pain it relieved and the speed with which it helped my neck repair, was invaluable. I have no more pain at all! It actually worked so well that I’m thinking of starting a fashion trend with cervical collars. Thank you for your loving care.       M.N.


I am rarely ever sick and virtually never miss work. But recently I was suddenly struck down with a severe cervical neuropathy.  I was in agony and practically paralyzed.

I went to an orthopedist for X Rays and he ordered an MRI which I didn’t want. It was then that I recalled your vitamin brochure. I ordered 2 of the vitamins that you recommended. They arrived, I took one pill and a whole series of rapid changes occurred. I took one more the next day and now I am totally fine!
Thanks for the great product.     R.P.


I came back of a visit a few months ago due to upper neck and general back problems. Dr. Pepi recommended a very specific supplement. My back was perfect in less than a week. It didn’t take her a moment to realize what the problem was. A genius!!        B.C.


I’ve had a couple of chronic conditions that Dr. Pepi has handled. I had this chronic pain in my left shoulder and reduced neck mobility that seems to almost totally gone. I had it for a long time. Also, I had a chronic dizziness that I would wake up with. That’s gone too. Thanks, Dr. Pepi!         J.H.


Last week I came to Dr. Pepi because my neck was giving me a lot of pain and I’d lost 50% of its mobility. After her analysis she prescribed a variety of vitamin supplements. I was a bit skeptical – not having received an adjustment.

After just two days my neck pain was almost 50% better. By our next visit it had recovered 70% and my energy and mood was up. After seeing her I was very impressed that she seeks the roots of our concerns and I trust my health is improving and will continue to improve as time goes by. Thanks!         D.L.


This was an absolutely wonderful experience! I hurt my neck in a car accident and decided to try a chiropractor (I’d never been to one before). My neck healed very quickly. I found some great vitamins (something I’d been looking for for a long time). I started eating a lot better. Now I’m 100% better!! Thanks, Dr. Pepi!! I WILL BE BACK .       J.T.


I came here with several problems: neck and lower back pain, metabolism and sleep problems. The pains are gone – The metabolism and sleep are handled! Many thanks.        B.T.


Having only the time to see Dr. Pepi for about five visits before going to Florida, I gave her about five of the most noticeable physical downfalls.

1) rarely any energy

2) neck pain

3) lower back pain

4) too few bowel movements

5) leaning on eyeglasses for reading.

In about five visits (or two weeks) my energy jumps after arising and until about three PM. My neck pain is gone, my lower back pain is greatly reduced, my bowels are regular and to my surprise, I preferred not using glasses for typing letters very recently. I am glad that Dr. Player recommended Dr. Pepi and also that Dr. Pepi has made a video and written health tips in print. Thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.         J.R.


A day ago I came into Dr. Pepi’s office with back pain, neck pain, leg pain and nausea. She told me that I was not eating correctly and so I started to eat what she told me to and by the next day they (the pains) were all gone.        T.B.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was feeling constantly fatigued, and I was experiencing headaches and muscle imbalance.  Also quite regularly I had to take my inhaler for my asthma that was being affected by pollens, grasses, and especially cat dander.  These were all troubles in my life that I wanted to reduce or get rid of altogether.  After hearing about Dr. Pepi and all the amazing results she has gotten, I knew I had to try it out.

Not more than a few weeks after I had seen her, I was feeling much better.  For fatigue she gave me some vitamins to take everyday and also some healthier alternatives to my diet.  I am a college athlete, so naturally sports drinks were a must-have, but after learning that they did more damage than giving you energy I immediately stopped.  Along with [cutting out] sports drinks, I also was told to change my diet by adding some more essential “energy” foods.  From these little changes I have seen a drastic increase in my athletic ability and stamina, and have been able to concentrate better.  Also…I have not had one headache since, which is extremely rare.

Also my new diet and alternative foods have helped with my muscle imbalance and asthma.  The muscle imbalance caused my knees, back, legs, and neck to hurt constantly.  After going in for an appointment, Dr. Pepi somehow got my muscles to start working properly again.  Now I seem to be more athletic, with less pain in everyday life.  My asthma has greatly improved since I have seen Dr. Pepi.  During certain times of the year I had to take my inhaler at least every other day, but now, I haven’t taken it since I have been treated.

In other words I highly recommend everyone to Dr. Pepi, as she has had some amazing results with me and countless other patients.        S.M.


Last week I received from Dr. Pepi what I have to call a “Total Treatment”! Every one of my body’s chronic stiff spots – neck, back, low back, ankle – completely released as a result of the treatment she gave me and the nutritional follow up she advised. That is the first time this body has experienced that! It’s great!!        T.R.


My neck used to really hurt after spending several hours on the computer working. This week after working more than I ever have on the computer, my neck hardly hurts at all. This is after being treated by Dr. Pepi on a regular basis for all my body problems. It’s a major win for me and a surprise because I never expected it to go away!!!         B.S.


My car was rear ended on the freeway. I suffered from severe neck and back pain. It was very painful to stand up straight and when I turned my head, even the slightest bit, it felt like someone was chopping at my neck with Paul Bunyon’s Axe. Under Dr. Pepi’s care I now have absolutely no back or neck pain. Thanks ever so much. B.M.


Three months ago I had an accident and suffered whiplash. I had chiropractic care elsewhere. It was OK, but I had pain and stiffness. After ONE treatment with Dr. Pepi, my neck relaxed fully. And now, after the second treatment my back is relaxing.       M.G.


My 2 ½ year old and chunky son jumped on my lap with both hands around my neck. The jerk caused a disc to go out and I was in pain, couldn’t lift anything, couldn’t swallow, couldn’t turn my head, etc, etc. Dr. Pepi did a light touch and each day afterwards I have felt better and better. It’s all fine now – so fast and simple! Great! M.S.


Dr. Pepi and her technology have handled so much for me that it’s hard to begin with all the successes. First, I want to validate her for her capacity to care and (equally important) her ability to demonstrate that care and get a result: A well and functioning body. She handles my pains, my neck pains, my sinus, my accident pains, my hemorrhoids (terrible social word but if you have them they hurt) and etc. So, thanks Dr. Pepi. You are quite valuable.    L.T.


I was really surprised to feel improvement in my neck on my first exam without any cracking or popping. My neck had more motion and less pain and stiffness. Interesting! I hope it continues! D.S.


In July I suffered an injury to my neck while at work. It was covered by Worker’s Comp. The injury was tricky as, only four months earlier; I had had another injury, also to my neck. For that earlier one, I had had seven weeks of three times a week physical therapy and had taken lots of Motrin. But, Dr. Pepi treated my neck for about four weeks and, of course I took no medications. It now appears to be fine. In fact she took care of remnants of the first injury as well, which had not yet fully healed.         L.W.


For over two years I have been suffering with severe headaches, neck pains, dizziness and a feeling of general weakness in my thighs and legs. I have gone to several doctors and have taken various kinds of medications which have not worked. I decided to seek other treatment and was told about Dr. Pepi by my daughter who got Dr. Pepi’s name from a patient of Dr. Pepi’s. After going to Dr. Pepi and following her treatment I noticed a great improvement in the way I was feeling and how I looked in less than one week. It has been about six weeks now since I first saw her, and I feel like a new person. Thank you, Dr. Pepi for giving me a new lease on life! Please continue to help others like myself. D.M.C.


I’ve had a lot of wins since coming to Dr. Pepi. I came for a sleep problem originally. Instead of sleeping five hours a night, I now sleep six and a half to seven and a half hours a night. My energy level is way up and my back and neck bother me only occasionally, instead of all the time. And the headaches that I’ve been plagued with since junior high school are much less frequent and less severe!        P.C.


I have seen improvement in my brain functions, neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, knees and feet!!         M.A.


Dr. Pepi is a body magician. Last week I came in and I was hurting all over my back, neck and side. I was having nausea daily. I had more symptoms than I can remember. Afterwards (that’s after one visit) I felt so good and have steadily gotten better so that this week I even exercised twice already. This is something that I couldn’t even conceive of doing for the past several weeks. My symptoms have nearly all disappeared and my energy is increased.          Z.S.


Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi, my neck has remained in place. This is a fantastic win because, for years I’ve had neck aches and headaches. I feel like I have a new neck – relaxed and straight! And no headaches! Thanks!         B.K.


I’ve had tremendous wins after one week on this program. The first few days I went through all kinds of detoxifying in my body and I felt horrible. On the morning of the 4th day I woke up and felt wonderful! My headache was even gone and most of all my neck pain was gone. I’ve had neck pain for about one and a half years and have spent a lot of time with other chiropractors trying to alleviate this problem. However, nothing else worked. And now after one week on this program, it is handled. I know things are going to get better and better for me.         J.R.


After being on Dr. Pepi’s program for a couple of weeks, it’s the first time that my neck hasn’t gone out on me for over a week. That’s amazing. It’s usually a chronic daily problem for me. It hasn’t bothered me a bit and I have more energy than I’ve had in years. Something is really changing in my system and I love it. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.         S.H.


I’ve been getting treatments from Dr. Anita Pepi since October ’86. At that time I had several things that I wanted handled. I had an infection in my eye which was giving me a lot of discomfort and it upset me due to its progressed condition. I had been on steroids to try and correct it, which was actually making it worse. Each time I would try and go off of the steroids, my eye would flare up again. Since working with Dr. Pepi, I’ve successfully been taken off the steroids and it seems to be under control. It still needs work, but at least I’m off the steroids and have a definite program to help build it back up.

Also, I had been extremely tired and lacking in energy. That has been completely handled. In fact, my schedule is so booked with so much that I have to force myself to go to bed at night.

There have been many other things that have improved such as my back pain or aches, protein absorption, no longer having pinched nerves in the foot area, a kink in my neck is gone, gas problems reduced 75% and basically I  am more able to differentiate what is happening with my body. Thanks.        J.W.


I am a professional singer. I’ve had a few problems with my neck and shoulders which of course affected my voice to a degree. When I was put on Dr. Pepi’s vitamins and the program she gave me including the treatments, my voice got so strong! I could control things I hadn’t been able to control in a long time and my range came back. But mostly I was amazed at the control I had.  I tell you it was great. I was able to create the effects I wanted to and easily. A.A.


I saw Dr. Pepi one time. She alleviated a horrible pain in the neck and arm. It’s gone. My fingers used to get really numb and now they’re much better. Thank you.         A.H.


It’s miraculous! My neck is doing so great, I can’t believe it. I’m thrilled!        R.S.


After Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy, I’m still discovering areas of structural stress that get handled by the cranial therapy. Recently, I reduced tightness in my jaw area that had been there as long as I can remember. We also targeted areas along the spine and neck that, when addressed, permanently changed for the better. It’s such a basic adjustment that there are many areas of the body that benefit from doing Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy.         T.L.


I’ve been using a pillow which Dr. Pepi makes available to her clients and public. It maintains the natural curve of the neck and provides full support for the area. I was worried that it would be uncomfortable to use since it wasn’t soft and fluffy. However, I quickly realized that it was going to feel better than any pillow I’ve used over the past years. It felt so natural and it helped me sleep soundly on my back. I’d recommend this pillow to anyone as it comfortable and also helps maintain the natural curve of your neck and spine. Thank you, Dr. Pepi.         T.K.


I have been receiving Dr. Pepi’s cranial therapy and after my sixth treatment the results were amazing. I have almost always had some kind of pain in my neck or head and it was completely gone! My sleep has increased by at least 2 times! Also, I have had a somewhat painful time with my sinus areas. They had felt clogged for a couple weeks, until this treatment was done. No more neck pains, headaches or sinus problems!!         A.S.


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