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Nerve Problems

Doctor Pepi is a MIRACLE WORKER! Late in October ’87, I started developing strange nervous disorders. Out of the blue, my right side went numb. I had horrible dizziness and nausea. At one point, I had my head down toweling my hair and I blacked out and fell into the closet! I could not walk a straight line at all and wearing high heels was impossible. As if this weren’t strange enough, it got worse. One evening I got up from the floor where I was resting and my entire left leg went DEAD. My left arm pulled up and my hand went into tight uncontrollable movement, much like you’ve seen on someone with cerebral palsy. And my face muscles pulled to the left in a horrible grimace. I could not talk, could not walk and could barely breathe, it was so intense. This lasted about 20 – 30 seconds. It repeated two or three times that weekend and the frequency and severity were getting worse as time went on. I was afraid to drive my car, as it could hit at any time.

The chiropractor I was seeing at the time told me that he couldn’t help me and suggested I see a neurologist and have some tests done. My medical doctor told me it was a calcium/magnesium imbalance and changed my supplements. (It didn’t help.) My uncle who is studying medicine told my parents (who were freaking out) that my condition was caused by one of three things: a tumor, leukemia or mini strokes. Needless to say my parents were in a frenzy.

What did I do? I went to see Dr. Pepi. Under her care, the “attacks” lessened in frequency and severity. Within two or three weeks they had dropped to almost nothing and after eight weeks they were a thing of the past. No CAT scans, no drugs, no brain surgery (really, they might have wanted to!). A very serious, very frightening physical problem was handled simply and quickly, with lots of side benefits like losing fifteen pounds and feeling healthier and more energetic. Thank you, Dr. Pepi! You’re Great! N.F.


"Dr. Pepi is a miracle worker!  I arrived at her office with severe fibromyalgia symptoms, headaches, depression, no energy, overweight, extremely unhappy, hopeless and disempowered.  I had worked with both Eastern and Western medical doctors, used many therapeutic treatments and remedies (approximately 20+) in order to find relief from 4 years of non-stop excruciating pain and discomfort.

In a mere 2 weeks:

- I have gone from being depressed most of the time to happy most of the time.  

- Anxiety and fear levels are virtually non-existent!

- Severe headaches are gone.

- Weight loss of 5 pounds without even trying.

- Energy levels up by 70% and still rising

- Tingling and numbness in feet has improved by 85%.

- A lifelong ravenous addiction to sweets, particularly chocolate and ice cream is completely gone.  In fact, I don't even find sweets of any kind of appeal anymore!  And this was just a fabulous side-effect of her work - I didn't even ask her to help with this!!

This lady knows the human body like I've never seen or experienced before and she is brilliant in her diagnosis and treatments and use of natural supplements.

I recommend seeing her before you spend another dollar on pharmaceuticals or medical treatments.  She works miracles!  She can fix what others can't!"      D.O.             


"After just one visit with Dr Pepi, my numbness and tingling is gone.  I've had it for years 75% of the time.  My muscles also have been less sore."        H.D.


I came to see Dr. Pepi for a problem with my hands.  I had pain, numbness and constant tingling and I was in bad pain at night.  After she saw me she gave me a diet and supplements.  I started doing it and my hands improved 70%.  I don’t have that much pain and I’m able to sleep at night without the numbness.        M.S.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi for symptoms of dizziness, feeling faint, head sensations and some nervous system disorder (tingling, stiffness).

The symptoms have lessened and have I have had some disappear (e.g.: dizziness, blackouts, feeling faint). I have had more energy and can see improvements in overall health and have hope that I can finally handle this condition, although the medical profession claims you can’t. R.D.


Yesterday I had such a bad headache I wanted to crawl under a rock, go unconscious and be oblivious for about 9 years! Instead I had Dr. Pepi treat it. She said it was my meningeal sheath complaining. After a short treatment I felt relived and was able to get a good night’s sleep. Today I have no headache!!   N.K.


I injured myself kickboxing and was a mess—I was dizzy, felt spacey, had pain pretty much everywhere on my upper body, neck, back and head. I felt like I was dying and I had no idea what had happened to me.

Dr. Pepi helped me so much; there are no words of gratitude to say what she did for me in 30 minutes. She understood exactly what had happened with my body and how I damaged my meningeal sheath. Immediately after leaving I felt more alert and my head pain had stopped completely. Each day after my visit I feel better. I am almost 100% back to my feisty self and it’s only been 4 days since she woke my body up again! Thank You, Dr. Pepi!  W.L.T.


My nerves used to be very sensitive and are now feeling stronger and less painful when I bump into things. I can feel my nerves are overall getting stronger since taking the special oils that Dr. Pepi recommended.        T.B.


I have had a chronic spasm in my left shoulder for years. It would wax and wane and periodically pinch a nerve and give me a migraine. So it has been a source of aggravation for some time. One day I noticed that the moment I turned on my computer at work, I instantly got pain in my shoulder. The muscle tightened up like a rock and I got a headache. Dr. Pepi explained the connection between the electromagnetic waves and the effect on the body. It was very hard to understand, but I bought the environmental clock and set it next to my computer and haven’t had a problem since. So, after years of trying to handle the problem chiropractically, nutritionally and spiritually to no avail, the clock did it!         J.S.


I am rarely ever sick and virtually never miss work. But recently I was suddenly struck down with a severe cervical neuropathy.  I was in agony and practically paralyzed.

I went to an orthopedist for X Rays and he ordered an MRI which I didn’t want. It was then that I recalled your vitamin brochure. I ordered 2 of the supplements you recommended. They arrived. I took one pill and a whole series of rapid changes occurred. I took one more the next day and now I am totally fine!  Thanks for the great results.        R.P.


FEAR… was through my body – Tremors in my left hand and left foot – shaky knees – unable to walk straight – many other physical and mental anxieties. Four visits later (2 weeks to ten days perhaps) FEAR IS GONE!!! Tremors, mostly due to stress have cut down. Emotional stress more understood. M.S.


A month and a half ago I was experiencing many “nerve” types of symptoms which were, to be honest, scaring me.  I had situations of twitches, weakness and tingly sensations mainly on my left size.  I started on a program with Dr. Pepi to address this.  Thus far I’ve improved about 50%, where now I have very little twitches, the tingling is practically gone and I’m feeling good.  So, we’ll keep up the program and carry on to see if I can get my body up to 100% again!        J.P.


When I came to see Dr. Pepi in July 1994 I was almost limping with a cramped right foot and leg as a result of sciatic nerve problems. I had been seeing a chiropractor three times a week for two weeks prior to seeing her. Since then I have been to my Olympia chiropractor only once (Aug 31) and consider Dr. Pepi’s treatments to have produced phenomenal results for me. I was striding when walking by the next day after seeing her and still feel wonderful. Thanks.         A.M.L.


It’s such a relief to know that any body problem can be handled by Dr. Pepi. I thought that I would always be an insomniac, nervous and tired all the time. Now I sleep like a baby, have much more energy and don’t worry about being nervous. Dr. Pepi is great! It’s so much fun being cause over my body.         A.L.


One of my complaints when I came to Dr. Pepi was a nervous system problem. My nerves were on edge, I had trouble relaxing and also getting to sleep at night. I have been taking specific oils for much of the past four months and have seen a complete turnaround. I am calm and feel that I am able to think more clearly because of this.         J.C.


In December 2003 I had an MRI done which showed that I had MS. Last year, I started seeing Dr. Anita Pepi, who started me on a program of supplements and lots of veggies, sleep, etc.
In 2005, she recommended I get another MRI, which I did.

Last week I went to my neurologist to get the results of the comparison of the two MRIs. I was waiting in his office for quite some time. My neurologist walked in a bit dazed and sat on the patient’s bed in the room, crossed his legs and looked at the floor. He slowly stated talking in a distinct Harvard accent as if trying to make sense of something. Between a lot of “well…s” and “umm…s” he told me that something “very interesting is happening with your case.” He told me the lesions in my brain are “getting … smaller.” He was still looking totally confused. I asked to see the films, at which point I saw what he was trying to say. On the 2003 MRI I had a handful of very distinct lesions. I pointed to one that was the size of a quarter on the 2003 MRI and asked where that one was on the new MRI. He said, “That’s the thing! They are… disappearing…” I then picked out a cluster of about three or four lesions and looked for those on the new MRI. There now turned into two small dots!

My neurologist was obviously totally shocked as he said it was “medically… not possible with MS”. He explained that with MS the lesions only get bigger or spread, but don’t disappear. At that point he said he agreed with me that he wasn’t going to be starting treatment with me as “you supposedly have MS, but …they’re getting … smaller.”

Anyway, after doing Dr. Pepi’s program, I’ve proved a “medical impossibility,” possible!

Thanks to my parents for finding her on the internet and insisting that I see her regularly, and thanks to Dr. Pepi for her very acurate treatment. You all deserve a total commendation to say the least! Without your persistence, I would still have quite and adventure ahead of me, but now it’s a thing of the past!!        J.M.



       Since receiving treatment from Dr. Pepi, I am feeling a 100% improvement. I have no migraines, which I have had continually for fifteen years. I have much less pinched nerve pain. My health in general is great and I feel good.        B.S.



There have been many  things that have improved such as my back pain or aches, protein absorption, no longer having pinched nerves in the foot area, a kink in my neck is gone, gas problems reduced 75% and basically I feel I have a much better understanding ofnmy body and am more able to differentiate what happening with it. Thanks.   J.W.


Over the past few months I’ve had some problems with my nervous system acting up – arms, legs, etc going numb. I came and saw Dr. Pepi and she gave me something to address the cause of this. I did it for one week and all the symptoms went away completely! She tested me again for what I had and said there was no sign of it. Doing her program has made me much more active physically and able to do my job. Thank you!        J.M.


When Dr. Pepi treated my brain, she had me take a handful of caraway seeds and the effect was huge. It was like I’d just taken a bag off my head and I could now see everything again.        K.K.


Dr. Pepi checked me over and tested me thoroughly and sent me to the Wizard for a brain. My nervous system was shot and I ached all over. I took the recommended Core Level  and a supplement for my brain. I immediately felt better and more clear-headed. I actually felt my cognitive powers returning and my body returned to a normal state. I was so relieved to find the source of the problem and make it vanish. I feel like a new girl. Thanks, Dr. Pepi and staff!         V.M.

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