Successes - Overall Program Wins

Overall Program Wins

Thank you Dr. Pepi.  You are a genius with the handling of the body.  Not only do you make the present problem go away (usually, on the same visit I see you on) but you give instructions that, if followed, result in a stronger, more durable body.  Your successes are not only with me but with all the many people I have referred to you over the past few years.  Thanks a lot.        K.G.


I have been in a state of constant pain for over 3 years. In the morning, as I rose out of bed, I could barely walk for the first few minutes because the pain was so intense. It would gradually subside and I was able to move around at a tolerable pain level. My husband had been seeing Dr. Pepi for some time with good results. Within 48 hours of my seeing Dr. Pepi and taking the recommended quantities of specific oils, my pain level dropped by 90% and I was able to get out of bed pain-free. Now, after a few weeks, I have virtually no pain anywhere. It all changed so fast and so easily - I'm amazed.            L.A.F.


Dr. Pepi treated me for my shoes blocking energy flow from the earth and my glasses and power shield becoming charged and OH MY WORD. Within a matter of minutes, I felt like my head got cleaned and cleared up and I had matured ten years!   I had a habit of being "cute", "childish" and immature for something like ten years and it's gone!   I couldn't get rid of it before no matter what I did.  It is comparable to suffering oxygen deprivation for years and then suddenly being relieved of it. You feel goofy and stupid and slow and after the treatment you get a clean, full breath and things are just clear!        J.K.


After one phone consultation with Dr. Pepi my blood pressure went from 165/80 to normal.  My blood sugar, which was diabetic two weeks earlier, is now normal.  I no longer have any gas or bloating -- before I was so swollen but now my stomach is flat!  I'm not dizzy, I don't crave sweets and I've lost 5 pounds.  Since following Dr. Pepi's recommendations, my skin has gotten so rosy that I don't need to wear makeup and my nails, which used to be all one pale color, are pinkish with a white moon.  I feel fantastic - it's like a miracle!"        E.S.


I am amazed at the difference a visit to doctor Pepi can make in a week.  Last week I had a great degree of sinus pain with muscle aches and other things too.  Dr. Pepi dutifully took up each thing with my body and gave me a few supplements.  I am very happy that I feel so great.  I feel truly blessed that I can rely on Dr. Pepi for great service with great results.        J.M.


Anita Pepi saved my life.  When I came to her originally, I was quite ill and the medical doctors did not know what to do.  Had I kept up with their line of treatment, I am sure I would have gotten much sicker.  Anita fixed me up quickly.  I consider her a true healer.        D.D.


Dr. Pepi is the best doctor I’ve ever dealt with.  Her solutions are miraculous and her knowledge base is incredible.  Her link between modern and alternative forms of medicine has saved me and my family numerous times.  I can’t thank her enough!

She’s helped my baby son with severe constipation and with fevers.  She’s helped me with pancreatitis through the years.  And every time she’s helped us resolve it with natural, painless solutions.  G.S.


Wow! This program has enabled me to handle a major problem I’ve had for 20 years! (The improvement is still happening but the reason has been found.)

Dr. Pepi really knows her stuff – she is the first natural care doctor (or any doctor for that matter) that figured this out!

I would heartily recommend her services to anyone. Thanks Doc!        J.K.


A friend had recommended Dr. Pepi to me as an OUTSTANDING chiropractor and nutritionist. And that was even an understatement as I found out on my first visit.

The video is exceptional. I never knew that bones can get dislocated by organ problems. This immediately told me why my earlier chiropractors did not obtain lasting results.

My leg and back pain were solved in a few days.

My energy level came up so tremendously that I got the idea I must have run around like a zombie previously, i.e. not reacting properly and fast, like being in a sleep.

And this is only after my very first visit!!! I am looking forward to a very bright and healthy future! And this is despite being 65 years of age. There are no age limits to feeling young and elastic, mentally and physically. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!        M.G.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi for almost 6 months now, doing several simple but phenomenally life changing procedures. I am not just thoroughly impressed, I realize that if everyone was as good as Dr. Pepi and as conscientious as she is with their own job and production level, there would be no problem with America’s economy, quality of life, or anything else. She is one of those rare people I actually enjoy giving money to!        N.T.A.


Dr. Pepi made my hair get thicker and grow longer recently.  It’s silkier and heavier now, whereas it used to be so limp and weak and never grow.  B.S.


For several weeks my two year old daughter had been very cranky. I knew she needed vitamins but despite my best efforts, I could not get her to take them.

I had heard that Dr. Pepi was able to adjust a person’s taste buds so I brought my daughter in to see Dr. Pepi. Immediately after her visit with the Doctor my daughter took all of her vitamins and has been taking them ever since.

I once again have a happy and singing little girl. Thank you Dr. Pepi.        C.A.


I saw Dr. Pepi for some overall health concerns. After one particular treatment, I felt like I had a whole new body compared to before the treatment. I felt great!        T.N.



I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the excellent professional help I have received from you and your team, in the last four years. Yes it has taken a while, (let alone the amount of core level supplements I chewed…) but I feel like we have taken a huge step toward wellness.

And I owe this success to your expertise as a doctor, all the supplements you gave me, all the visits, all the techniques that you use, and of course, all the caring and good feeling that one gets from coming to your office.

I feel great, my energy is a million years light [light years] away from the energy I had when I first came to see you, and my sleep pattern has also improved almost 100%.

I think you are the best. Thank you very much, and I will see you soon.        C.R.P.


After one week and one treatment I’m feeling great – My attention isn’t being sucked into the body and I have a lot more energy. I feel like my body was given exactly what it needed. It was understood. Thanks.        B.S.


Like many of her patients, I first became aware of Dr. Anita Pepi from a friend with an ailment that had stumped the conventional medical community. He raved and raved about what she had done for him and, like many of her patients, I filed the recommendation away for future reference.

About a year later, I was hit with TMJ (temporal mandibular joint syndrome). My primary care physician quickly wrote a referral for an oral surgeon. Not wanting to go under a knife I decided to pay a visit to Dr. Pepi. Without surgery she was able to treat and eliminate the TMJ. It has bee two years now and I have had no further occurrence of the ailment.

Since then, I have been a firm believer in Dr. Pepi’s knowledge of how the human body works and her ability to use that knowledge to improve health. She has helped with allergies for both my daughter and I. I was having a slight problem with my balance that she corrected with her cranial therapy. She’s helped with pain that I’d had in my knee for years with treatment and manganese supplements.

Due to my professional and family lives, I push my body very hard to “get it all done”. In spite of all the problems I’ve listed above that Dr. Pepi has helped me with, I feel that the most important thing she has done for me is to help me realize the negative effects of my lifestyle and to understand what I need to do to compensate if I just can’t find the time for adequate sleep an proper diet. (Please understand that there is no substitute for consistent good sleep and eating properly.)
My entire family sees Dr. Pepi for fixing and fine-tuning. We are all pleased with the results. I’m just sorry that I waited year to pay her my first visit. How about you?        C.C.


One visit & taking what was recommended turned me around in just 30 days. What can I say! The Doctor knows! Thank you.        S.G.


I have been seeing Dr. Pepi now for about 5 or 6 years and am doing great.  I see her to keep me in shape and handle occasional acute problems.  She has been telling me about the problems created by too much cooked food, not enough veggies, taking caffeine and so on—but I never went “all the way” for some reason.  Well, I did change my diet recently and the effects were “miraculous”—tons of energy, tons of alertness, weight loss, I feel great and my wife tells me I’m good looking.        K.G.


I came to Dr. Pepi 3 months ago with symptoms of metabolism troubles (hyper-active spleen, weight loss and not able to focus).

Within the first two weeks my problem with indigestion was almost gone. During the next couple of months, I gained back my ability to digest food, and the dryness in my throat was completely gone. My Chinese doctor has recently verified that my liver and pancreas have been restored to their balanced functionalities thanks to the accurate method of diagnosis that Dr. Pepi uses and the supplements. I am happy to say that my ability to memorize long speeches has been fully re-gained.

I highly recommend this method of non-intrusive diagnosis and I feel very safe taking the supplements. My heart felt thanks to Dr Pepi and her most helpful staff.        T.K.P.


Coming to Dr. Pepi is so great since my last appt. I am doing great! I can see my body getting better and better.        P.R.


My body feels so structurally stable now that you could set off an earthquake and I wouldn’t topple.        T.K.


This is being written after my first visit to Dr. Pepi. All I can say is that I feel terrific and glad to be on the path to total wellness.        J.V.


After my first visit with Dr. Pepi I felt rejuvenated. I had no concerns about my body, I was a new person. I say this because before I came to her, I was ill, my body in pain, I had to stay in bed for a day just not feeling well. I had these things that would come and go and no one was understanding me on these problems. I came to Dr. Pepi. She nailed it on the first visit!        P.R.


Since seeing Dr. Pepi, I have a lot more energy and I have, more importantly, the hope and belief that my body can actually get better and that I can actually enjoy living in it. Up to this point, it’s kind of been a pain in the ass! But Dr. Pepi has such a wide knowledge and treats her patients with such care that there could ultimately be nothing but success. There is a lot of caring and concern here. Dr. Pepi is the only practitioner I trust with the health of my body.        D.M.


Dr. Pepi really got my body running so much better with very little effort. Mainly it was proper nutrition that my body could absorb and use! All week I just felt happy – spring in my step, smile on my face, song in my heart – fun!        J.K.


Since I started seeing Dr. Pepi one year ago (approximately) my health has dramatically improved. I sustain improvements for 7-8 months without needing to come in for pain or other problems. I feel very lucky to have a very competent doctor caring for me. Those other guys had me coming in 2-3 times a week. With Dr. Pepi’s care I’m in such good shape I can see her once every six months. So I have more time at my disposal and more energy. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        A.M.


I feel great! Dr. Pepi fixed my adrenals today and I feel hope for the future. This has been a lifelong problem. Thanks.        J.C.M.


I feel like floating after leaving the Dr.’s office!        A.M.


This healing technology that Dr. Pepi has is like doing miracles on the human body. My neck was fixed very much on the first visit. I walked out of the office feeling different in the neck. Not like when you get it cracked by a chiropractor, but more like it felt lighter and healthier. Thanks a lot.        F.S.


Over the years that I have been off and on coming to see Dr. Pepi I have experienced many wins. However, I often dropped out what she recommended I do, especially supplements in between crises. I’ve realized that doing what Dr. Pepi tells me to do makes me feel better, Period. There is nothing else that really works for me in caring for bodily health. So, I’ve kept in my supplements and diet better, per her instructions and of course I feel lots better regularly. What Dr. Pepi does works. Thank You.        K.F.


Yesterday I felt awful – nauseated, like I wanted to throw up. I figured I was coming down with that flu that’s going around. I saw Dr. Pepi and she said that it was just my liver was stressed from detoxifying something I’d had an allergic reaction to. After a very short treatment and Core Level supplements, I felt FINE! And today I still feel great! It’s wonderful to know the real cause of my body problem – and get it handled!        M.E.


After only one visit to Dr. Pepi I feel excellent. She found that many of my body’s organs have been trashed due to a misuse of supplements and other reasons. After the therapy and taking her advised supplements, I could feel changes taking place in the body for the better and they are continuing. She is a miracle worker.        M.F.


I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your making time to call regarding my father’s illness. While my background is in the field of traditional medicine, I have seen and experienced for myself the indisputable benefits of your ability to treat and heal various ailments.
You are blessed with a miraculous gift and those that have had the benefit of your care have been blessed in their receipt of it. I give thanks to my heavenly father for working through you. Thanks again.        D.R.W.


Dr. Pepi has brought my husband and I “back to life”. To celebrate this we bought a house in the Monterey Bay area so we could enjoy the sea life and photography of the sea that we love so much. Love to all the staff!        L.W.


Two months ago I gave birth to my second daughter. Although I understand that second births are often somewhat easier that first births, the difference between the second and the first births was dramatic. The second recovery was so easy I didn’t feel as though I had even given birth after the first few days passed. I had a lot of energy even though getting up several times a night for feedings.

I credit the dramatic difference in the second birth recovery to the treatments and supplements I received from Dr. Pepi.        M.C.


I was almost dead when I walked in here. Now I am alive. Boy, am I alive! I Never felt so alive for the last ten years!         S.L.


Over the past several months my husband has been closely attended by several doctors because of a debilitating undiagnosed disease. Several weeks ago he started seeing Dr. Pepi regularly and is definitely getting well.

I had a realization that the medical profession treats the human body as a form or parts of a form. Dr. Pepi treats the body as if it is a LIFE FORM. Many thanks to Dr. Pepi for using the truth in her practice.        L.W.


After 2 visits with Dr. Pepi:  My headaches are gone, my depression is improved by 90%, my mood swings are gone, and my backaches are 80% less.  I feel great.  I am not tired throughout the day.  I have more positive energy.  I am a better mom and wife thanks to Dr. Pepi and the staff.        D.H.


After two weeks of seeing Dr. Pepi for the first time, I feel better, healthier and more energetic. I look forward to continuing and handling everything I came in to handle, especially the weight loss.        E.G.


I had a few areas that were diverting my attention to my body. My wife recommended that I see Dr. Pepi to address these concerns. I had already heard good things about her, so I agreed to give her a try.

Within two weeks I have seen a marked improvement in all these areas, but also had the unexpected added benefit of experiencing more energy when I wake up. This is very cool – quite apart from the knowledge that this is continuing to improve and [my condition] will be totally solved in short order. Thanks Dr. Pepi and staff for your expertise and caring.        R.W.


Since starting my program for a new life towards excellent health, here at Dr. Pepi’s office, I am very pleased to say that even though there have been days when I’ve fallen “off the wagon”, my overall health is 100% better than when I first arrived. I don’t get sick anymore even when others are very ill around me, I’ve gotten rid of tons of mucus from the body and I feel my blood sugar is much better. I’m very thankful for the excellent help I have received.        J.K.


Since I’ve been coming to see Dr. Pepi and have been taking the supplements she has been giving me, not only have I been doing better with the problems that I had come to see her for, but other things in my body that I hadn’t even mentioned to her have started doing better.        Y.P.


I came to Dr. Pepi because I had a digestive problem that was allowing candida to expand into my intestines and poison me. I had heart burn, no energy and was tired. My doctor had no idea what to do and I was just handling the symptoms not the reason why. Dr Pepi put me on a program to straighten out the mess and within a few days I had renewed strength and energy!

Dr. Pepi’s abilities and knowledge and diagnostic methods allow her to zero in on the real reason and what will handle it. She finds out what the body needs. I am very grateful to her and her staff and I’m continuing my program to even better results that I expected.        J.C.


I would pay a million dollars (if I had it) for the treatment I got. I felt better immediately. Like night and day.        S.A.


I can’t say enough about her methods of treatment. They work! I feel great! I’ve been her patient for about fifteen years or longer. She came to Delphi, Oregon when I was there and very ill. She treated me and I was on my feet in an hour! I have never been treated by her that it hasn’t worked, every time 100%! Again my thanks.        M.H.


My name is Robyn and I have been a patient of Dr. Pepi’s on and off for several years now. Whenever I have a problem with a specific area that I need to have fixed, it gets handled.

To be honest, I was seeing another chiropractor at the time and there was something that he just wasn’t fixing for me, so I went to Dr. Pepi for just one visit. I told her what I was trying to fix, she did her thing and amazingly, it got handled.

The other nice thing is that when I talk to her about vitamins (I hate taking them, Yech!), I ask her to give me the most stripped down version of vitamins to take that will give me the solution to the problem I am experiencing and she would and it managed to help!

I have to say that Dr. Pepi is darn effective with her time.        R.H.


I can say without hesitation that Dr. Pepi gets to the root of a physical problem and does not get complacent about a patient’s care. As long as the patient is willing to improve their own health, she is right there, rolling up her sleeves, giving 110%. This community is fortunate to have her.        P.C.


Since coming to see Dr. Pepi and being on her program for a while now, I’ve noticed my skin is great! I’m getting unsolicited comments on how great it looks and how clear my complexion is.
Before I came I used to have pimples around my mouth that wouldn’t heal – it was gross! My neck had a big dark discoloration that was unsightly and I could never figure it out – it wasn’t from the sun. Now my neck is nearly all one uniform color – the same color as the rest of my skin. The program Dr. Pepi puts you on really brings the whole body to total health!        N.W.


I have had two good visits with Dr. Pepi. She has good communication skills and understands what I tell her. All of what she has found and treated makes sense to me and overall I am getting results. I really feel she is helping me get a product in the areas I need and want. Thank you.        J.T.


Dear Dr. Pepi,

Just wanted to let you know that my 21 yr. old stepson is doing GREAT!  He said your 1 hr. treatment and the supplements did more than all his years of treatment, medicine and surgeries at Kaiser.  He asked me to thank you!        K.M.


When I first came to see Dr. Pepi I was in very bad shape, feeling very overwhelmed by my problems and my body was completely stopped.

I started her program, doing what she suggested to me, and within two months I am a new person. I feel a lot better and I have been achieving many goals. As a consequence I am feeling good about myself and things are getting a lot clearer in my life. I thank Dr. Pepi and her crew as well as all the people who, one way or another, have contributed to my improvement, especially God and myself as well as my wife.        J.P.C.


I have seen Dr. Pepi now for 10 months. My initial purpose was to handle a chronic problem (which was handled quickly) and I have seen her for a few acute situations like post-dental work and a case of poison ivy.

This morning I realized that I have had no viral illnesses (colds, flu, etc.) since I have been being treated by Dr. Pepi – All in spite of some family situations that caused me much emotional grief. It sure is nice to be healthy!        L.W.


I am a professional baseball manager, so obviously my body is important to me. I consider the technology Dr. Pepi uses, along with her integrity in administering it, indispensable to my life and athletic career. There is no health science more highly evolved and effective as the one she uses.

As well as routinely flying in for treatment myself, I recently send a disabled pitcher of mine to her. No previous doctor had been able to handle his back pain so that he could pitch. After one visit with Dr. Pepi, he was able to pitch and helped us win the Texas League Championship.        T.I.


I just wanted to finally let you know that the baking soda is so much better for me than any store bought deodorant I could find. Thanks so much.         L.E.


Dr. Pepi saved my life. For the first time in my life I had an illness which debilitated me to the point where I knew what it was like to have an illness which predisposes you to death. I knew what it was like no to want this body any more. Dr. Pepi not only fully rehabilitated my body and helped me to get all my strength back (I’m an athlete) but she did so where the “standard” medical community had no solution. She saved my life and gave me my body back towards a full life of fulfilled and high energy body activity. Thank you very much.        C.S.


I can’t believe the difference in just one short visit. Something I’ve been attempting to handle for years and have spent thousands of dollars trying to “fix” has gone away. I’m beginning to feel like my old self and much more alert! It’s a real miracle, I can’t believe it!        N.O.


I have a lot of energy. I do not get tired so easily. I feel good and I have been thinking better and it is all because of Dr. Pepi. And my warts are going away. Thank you.        A.E.


About 3 ½ months ago I went home to visit my parents and in my mind was the feeling that I might be dying myself. I know my parents are pretty sick and I needed to go see them while they are fairly OK.

Back in California, I started going to Dr. Pepi every two weeks. Today I am definitely going to live. I can think again, which means I can plan the future again. My gums got healthy after one visit. That was just an aside from the main topic.

Right now I’m getting my back handled from a childhood trauma. I just tell Dr. Pepi what I am concerned about and she gets started fixing it. I don’t ever want to go anywhere else.        J.S.


I had never had a satisfactory result from chiropractic services. My husband insisted on my seeing Dr. Pepi. He just knew that she was the right person to cure my poor stomach. I was almost to the point of deciding to die or to live with that really poor condition. Dr. Pepi did the right things for me. My stomach feels a LOT better; I have much more energy so that I can practice my violin for five hours a day! My forehead, which had pimples and scars for years, is very clear and nice. I thank you, Dr. Pepi.        M.J.P.


Dr. Pepi has helped me a lot. I lost ten unwelcome pounds during the past year and have had many other benefits. I depend on her treatments to keep me well whenever I travel to LA, which isn’t as often as I’d like. But still continues good results. More energy and this past year I stopped having colds and the flu I used to have so often.        F.C.


Due to specifics symptoms, Dr. Pepi ordered me to bed for 4 days, much to my chagrin!!  I did, however, follow her orders and to my astonishment, exactly 4 days later, all the symptoms disappeared!!  My question…how did she know??        E.H.


Well, I felt so much better after one hour on the vitamins that Dr. Pepi had me take. Ever since, I have had a feeling of well being that I’ve never noticed with vitamins before. So thank you very much for the great vitamins.        J.C.R.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was feeling pretty bad. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to feel good! But after all my treatments and encouragement, I can say no “I feel Great!!” I would like to say thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.        L.B.E.


I was ready to go to the hospital last weekend and called Dr. Pepi on the phone for her advice. She told me something to try out which was simple. I did it and within a day I felt better and was back to work two days later. Thanks!        T.E.


I feel so much better that it’s unbelievable! My body feels stronger and calmer than it has in a long time. I would not have been able to feel this good without Dr. Pepi’s help. There’s no price you can put on body health. Thanks for helping me get it back again.        M.L.


Cal-Mag did my body no good ‘till Dr. Pepi put “the program” in. Now it’s great stuff!        J.R.S.


Just one word – BRILLIANT! Thank you.        E.H.


I started seeing Dr. Pepi again after about two years of backsliding on my diet and other health stuff. After less than a month of getting back in and three or four visits, I’m feeling great (comparatively). I have lots more energy and I feel a lot more balanced physically. Thanks, Doc.        B.M.


I’m a big old choo-choo train big and stout. Chugging up the hill today, I jumped the track and almost came tumbling down. Dr. Pepi put me back on the rails again and now I can sing again, “I think I can, I think I can. Choo! Choo!        G.B.


Last week I had a severe realization regarding the fallibility of my body and decided to obey what Dr. Pepi had been telling me all along. I’m now on a good diet and getting adjustments regularly and feel a world better. Thanks for all your caring and stick-to-ativeness.        G.B.


I was ill so I went to an MD who had all kinds of tests done and found nothing wrong. After only one visit to Dr. Pepi I was 90% better, which I find absolutely remarkable. I don’t think I’ll go to an MD again for a long time.        D.S.


I had a super time on the seven day fast. I was not hungry as I anticipated I would be. By the second day I knew that my body would never be the same and that I was moving (body wise) into a completely new condition. I cannot see how anyone who has lived as I did on the modern diet would not benefit from this program. My wife and I did it together and had great fun seeing all the changed occur. We both look about five years younger (about 14 and 15 years old).        J.M.


I was terrified with a health condition that had been building up for a few months. It was so mysterious and uncomfortable. I was scared to death and miserable.

I came in to see Dr. Pepi (I hate doctors) and she completely defused my fear, spotted the problem quickly and precisely and started me on a simple painless program right there in the office that gave me immediate relief. Overnight I feel miraculously better and am fast mending and happily at cause instead of miserably at effect. Her sane attitude and treatment methods are the best.        N.T.A.


Dr. Pepi’s way of treating my body and its problems is not only unique to me, but for the first time I feel as if my body will be handled and healthy for the first time ever. Thanks.        K.T.


The problem I came to Dr. Pepi for was handled within a week, causing me much relief! I look forward to continuing with the program.        A.C.


Dr. Pepi is good for anyone. She has the ability to discover and handle known or unknown body conditions. Personally I wish there were hundreds of Dr. Pepi’s so we could all have one.        J.L.


Once again, thanks to Dr. Pepi for helping me to overcome a physical dilemma through natural means. Working in conjunction with minimal medical interference (just some tests) it is good to know the rest can be handled through her supplements. The information on how to keep a low fat diet was a good indoctrination so that I can keep myself healthy. Thanks again.        R.T.


Under therapy with Dr. Pepi at her office, my health and physical faculties improved dramatically. In large part this is due to the persistence and commitment of the team. My energy, rest and nervous conditions improved 50 – 100 %. My knowledge and acuity for body and energy maintenance grew during this therapy and has become and invaluable asset.        B.K.


I have been very pleasantly surprised by the total treatment Dr. Pepi has been able to affect on my wounded body. I find that adjustments STAY in. Supplements I take noticeably heal and change what they are supposed to and in all it amounts to “more cluck for the buck”. More help than I’ve had in a very long time and week to week it improves further. Amazing!        C.B.


Dr. Pepi did the first chiropractic treatment I have ever had. I am totally amazed at what effects this has, not only on the immediate wrist problem, but in the whole energetic condition I have found my body in since. Thanks, Dr. Pepi. Your help was and is greatly appreciated.        P.S.


It constantly amazes me how Dr. Pepi's unique technology can so accurately pinpoint my body condition. You did it again! I was so exhausted I had to go to bed in the middle of the day, but after just one visit and following your advice, I feel great. Thanks, Dr. Pepi.        D.D.


This is only my second visit. I’m feeling better than I have in years. First visit I received supplements to strengthen my weak and failing body. I had adjustments the second time. Before this I felt pretty hopeless about my body. But now I KNOW Dr. Pepi will restore me to health! I really feel good.        F.C.


Dr. Pepi, You are to be commended for your superb expertise. I feel 100% better mentally and physically. You’re the Greatest. I will definitely spread the good word about you. Thank you.        C.B.


Last week I was very sick. I got a treatment from Dr. Pepi and after one treatment I felt much, much, much better. This tech is very interesting and it works.        N.Z.


When I first came to see Dr. Pepi, I was having a lot of trouble with my body. I could barely drag myself here. Now I am doing a lot better. I already feel a lot better and my body isn’t distracting me constantly like it was before. Thanks.        J.R.


I have reached a new plateau in my life. My body is more responsive and under control. I have more energy and better relaxation and I sleep more relaxed. I take no booze but do have good nutrition (diet and supplements). My attitude toward life has changed thanks to Dr. Pepi.        R.N.


Last week I saw Dr. Pepi. When I arrived I was in great pain. When I left there I was in practically none and thereafter I’ve done better and better. I always feel that there is hope for better health when I come here for treatment! I also appreciate the absence of a general feeling that I get when visiting most health practitioners, doctors and such, which is that they are always in a rush and I usually feel “answer hunger”. I don’t experience this with Dr. Pepi! I appreciate all the above very much.        L.H.


Dr. Pepi has been able to 1) locate the sources of several physical difficulties that on one else could figure out, 2) Handle the sources of the problem so that the symptoms resolved, 3) Inform me of the nutrition and health practices needed to maintain my improved condition and 4) Recognize when I no longer needed treatment.        S.L.


A month ago I was treated by Dr. Pepi for two weeks. When I got home I found I was able to function much better than I did before the treatments – providing I didn’t take any nutrients. I was also able to take less medication during the past two weeks. I might be getting better.        H.L.


I just came back from a vacation in the redwoods and San Francisco and I have never had so much energy during a vacation. Usually it’s a lot of driving and sitting and eating. This time I hiked and jogged and ran and really had a blast. I attribute this to the fact that Dr. Pepi has been working on me and my body is just getting better and better!!!        B.S.


The techniques and supplements provided here are simply wonderful (i.e.: simple, wonderful, easy to follow, painless and very productive.) Walking from the Doctor’s office to my car after my appointment last week, I felt 19 years old again. Back then I was energetic and clear headed, before I started abusing that privilege by violating the rules to maintaining a healthy body.

The troubles I was having are fading. It’s easier to breathe, I sleep sounder and the eliminative system works better. Even my husband has noticed that I look healthy. That’s the way it should be.

There’s no reason to feel poorly because these bodies are tough and have the equipment to repair them selves, jut they just need a wee bit of help sometimes – from Dr. Pepi. Thank you, Dr. Pepi. You are a smart, smart cookie with all natural sweetness – the real thing!        K.G.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Pepi for a year and I’ve never felt better in my life. It’s so reassuring to know that any body problem can be handled easily and naturally by Dr. Pepi. Thank you.        A.M.


I had some pretty acute symptoms that were rather alarming and somewhat painful. Along with this I had some very long-standing chronic body problems. These are now all handled! I feel lighter, brighter and just feel great – All Symptoms Handled!        A.S.


My health and general well being has improved 200% since I have been seeing Dr. Pepi. I have gradually gained more energy and comfort in my daily routine and don’t get tired as easily or as often. I also don’t get sick nearly as often or for very long.        M.K.


I noticed an immediate improvement after taking the supplements. I had a lot more energy and my body was definitely more alive. I went through a detoxification period and went through that to a much better and more stable level of health.        K.P.


I was very tired and unwell when I first came to Dr. Pepi. I am picky about health professionals and I am relieved to say that I found one who knows her stuff. It’s only been one month and a couple of weeks, but I feel SO much better and I’m rested and able to exercise. Her certainty and ability to thoroughly address my physical problems is something I like to tell other about. There IS someone who knows what to do with your body!        K.T.


When I first came to Dr. Pepi I was feeling pretty bad. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to feel good! But after all my treatments and encouragement, I can say now, “I feel great!” I would like to say thank you, Dr. Pepi and staff.        L.B.E.


I had been having trouble with chest pain for over a year, and simple adjustments wouldn’t handle it.  I saw Dr. Pepi, who located the problem right away as being an inflammation of the liver.  Within a month the problem was handled completely, and I didn’t have to get adjustments all the time.        M.B.


I was ready to go to the hospital last weekend and called Dr. Pepi on the phone for her advice. She told me something to try out which was simple. I did and within a day, I felt better and was back to work two days later.        T.G.


After my first visit and treatment with Dr. Pepi, I began to feel like I had finally found the long sought after body health technology that really works. My physical ailments are rapidly changing for the better. I love the prescribed diet changes and my body has very good reactions to the foods it consumes now. I love being off sweets and fruits, because I feel much better without them!        T.S.


I have reached a level of physical well being that I have not experienced before in this lifetime. My awareness is steadily rising as I climb out of the iron cage of pain. Dr. Pepi is the first fully competent body fixer that I have ever met. She is phenomenally able at this, her chosen profession. I must have done something really good to deserve finding her.        D.G.W.


Dr. Pepi has been great at increasing my energy level, regulating my diet and has made me more aware of how to boost and supplement the main organs of my body. I feel in general, more vitality on a very consistent level.        D.Z.


I highly recommend Dr. Pepi for nutritional and chiropractic help. Her help has been of tremendous benefit to me and my daughter. She has handled conditions for me with nutrition and her therapy that other doctors told me I’d have to have operations for. I thoroughly appreciate everything she as done for me.        B.W.


At last I’m in a situation where I’m getting help in bringing my body up to complete good health! I’m feeling very positive about being able to do many of the things I’ve wanted to do physically.        D.L.


This is just an update on my progress to date on your program. I have managed to lower my intake (not cut out entirely) of coffee, tea, milk, sugar, fruit juice and other dead and/or poisonous food. This has given me a lift. But the most positive change has come in taking the nutrients that you recommended. They’re great! I feel much more energetic and brighter. I am looking forward to coming to see you in a couple of weeks to get the food allergy test.        G.B.


Yesterday I studied all day and then decided to do some yard work in the evening. Today I worked all day and did more yard work in the evening. I would say my energy level is improving! Actually I have been doing better since my first visit with you and now I feel better than I have for a long time.

A point I thought you might be interested in – since high school and through my adult life my height has been 5’ 11 ¾”. Recently I’ve had a few people ask me “are you getting taller?” So, I measured my height. It was 6’ ¼”. I’m not sure when this increase is height may have occurred since it has been some time since I measured it, but I thought it was worth passing on to you. Also, I’ve gained a few pounds that do not appear to be fat and I know for a fact that I am physically stronger. A little less objectively, my sense of physical well being is higher and I seem to be using less effort to operate my body. Thank again.        C.E.


Since seeing Dr. Pepi, my body is showing improvement in general energy level. Also, a long term sinus difficulty is beginning to clear up. I haven’t experienced side-effects or unpleasant pains as a result of treatments. The supplements noticeably improve my body’s energy level.        S.H.


I came in tonight very discouraged and frustrated, particularly about the many headaches I’d been having. Then when Dr. Pepi explained the cause of the headaches – that my body was getting better and working to clean itself out and that’s what was causing the headaches – I felt such relief! I can almost have getting a headache now because it’s (in this case) a good sign.        E.P.


After 1 week of following Dr. Pepi’s instructions my metabolism problem was handled...Thank you.  Your help has been effective and well received.        D.W.


My win is that my body is doing much better than the previous couple of months. The progression toward better physical well being is occurring. Thanks.        P.P.


So, Dr. Pepi, you just gave me the right indication regarding my body, which caused it to do much better in such a little time. It’s very safe and sane here. I’m glad I found you.        V.Z.


I have been to five different doctors to handle my problem and Dr. Pepi is the only one who gave me hope and produced a result without drugs or stress. The results were very fast also. I found it very surprising.        M.W.


Two weeks ago today, was the first time that I saw Dr. Pepi and my body is feeling completely different and wonderful! I came here feeling sick, tired and in a state of pain. But, thanks to a few corrections, a new diet (that’s not always easy to follow) and the supplements, I’m feeling human again. With patience and time I know I’ll only get better and getter. Life looks a little brighter!        M.K.


I feel so much better. I don’t think I’ve felt this good for approximately ten years. This is the first time I’ve felt this big and this noticeable of a difference from any doctor. I could go on and on but in short, I’m very happy about the difference!! Jazzed!!        M.P.


Thank you, Dr. Pepi!! It’s great to find someone who knows it is possible to heal someone without using drugs or antibiotics. With you, it doesn’t just feel better, I know it is better. The problem is handled not just covered up and I feel great! Thanks again!        M.B.


Last week I came to Dr. Pepi’s feeling half dead. Now I feel great. Dr. Pepi does it again.        M.C.


On the very first appointment here there were very noticeable improvements. The vitamins alone brought an increase of eye perception at a distance. My ear circulation and head circulation were at least doubled. My doubts are gone. I really did have great doubts as it all makes good sense. Thank you, Dr. Pepi, for being in this space and time when I needed it desperately. Truly.        D.F.


I am a professional baseball player, so obviously my body is important to me. This space does not allow me to elaborate on all the injuries and health needs with which Dr. Pepi has helped me throughout my career. Suffice it to say that I consider the technology she uses along


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